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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How to Power Text - Here's the Power Texting AT&T Instructions That Helped Kris Allen Win American Idol

Power texting is hot in the news right now because AT&T admitted to giving Kris Allen fans the knowledge of "how to power text" and power texting instructions to use on phones. So I researched "how to power text" and found a blog called Kris ALLENation that indeed provided instructions to AT&T users of how to power text 3,000 to 5,000 votes in two hours -- but they say other American Idol contestants' fans had been power texting already anyway.

So I think Kris Allen was destined to win American Idol.

And I think power texters better have unlimited calling plans!

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jon and Kate Plus 8 Blog - Here's Jon and Kate Plus 8 Blog Information Below... Including Kate's Blog, Aunt Jodi's Blog and Julie Gosselin's Blog...

jon and kate blogPeople are hungry for all things Jon & Kate Plus 8 right, looking for their official blogs.

Here's Kate's blog on TLC's website -- I don't think Jon has a blog anywhere, and is running away from anymore exposure right now.

As for Aunt Jodi, whom I haven't seen yet but was apparently on earlier episodes before allegedly being banished, is said to contribute to this blog.

Aunt Jodi's sister, Julie, allegedly writes this blog called Truth Breeds Hatred.

So it's very interesting to see what's coming out about the Gosselins on the "unofficial blogs" that say they are telling it like it is.

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Twitter TV Show, Whoopi Fan Heart Attack Making the News on The View

Twitter is all abuzz today because supposedly there's some kind of Twitter TV show coming out where it would help the everyday Joe catch celebrities out and about and tweet about what they're doing -- kinda like a TMZ TV for Twitter.

But the Twitter folks say that there's no official TV show yet. I'll bet you we'll see one in the future.

And Whoopi's mad at Twitter because...

...a man had a semi-heart attack or something in Las Vegas when Whoopi filled in for the late great Dani Gans, and stopped her show right about on time to attend to the man.

I think and hope the man was okay, because he pulled down his oxygen mask and said to Whoopi, "You're funny."

But Whoops says it was tweeted on Twitter as if she'd beat the man up or something.

Yes, false reporting is no good. On Twitter or otherwise.

Red Bull Cocaine - Red Bull Cocaine Contents Found in Trace Amounts in Germany... That's Coke, the Drug, Not the Soda...

Trace amounts of cocaine found in Red Bull in Germany...

If you feel a little zip after drinking a Red Bull, cocaine might be running around your brain.

That's the report today I shockingly just read on HuffPo, saying that trace amounts of cocaine were found in Red Bull energy drinks, and that six German states have told retailers to stop selling Red Bull because of the cocaine found therein.

My husband and I used to drink Red Bull -- and I know people like mixing Red Bull with vodka and such, but how did cocaine get in Red Bull?

Reminds me of when Coca-Cola was first invented and it did contain cocaine, but no longer. Red Bull should take it's cue, if it not totally done now with this controversy.


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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Check Linkteria.be? Dynasales.de? DON'T Check Dynasale Linkteria New Facebook Scam Links

Today's new Facebook phising scam must be asking Facebook users to check links leading to these sites:

dynasale.be,dynasale, dynasales.de, dynasales.biz, www.dynasale.be, .be
linkteria.be,linkteria, check linkteria.be, www.linkteria.be, linkteria be, .be

Don't do it!

Any emails you get claiming to be from Facebook -- just automatically assume their phishing scams or hoaxes and go type Facebook.com directly in your URL bar instead.

These emails asking to check a website link are only designed to steal your password.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Save Earl Petition on Twitter... Where's the Save "The Game" Petition?

When "Save Earl" popped up as a hot trending Twitter topic, I investigated and found out that Ethan Suplee, who plays Randy on My Name Is Earl, is supporting the "Save Earl" petition to save the canceled show -- ergo, is job.

Cool beans and all -- though I've only watched My Name is Earl a few times -- if the "Save Earl" campaign works. It would be an interesting use of Twitter technology to see if it can Save Earl.

Sign the petition to save The Game on CW here...

Can The Game on CW be saved, too? Ironically, the below video of the stars of The Game on the CW are talking about rumors of its cancellation -- unfortunately the show has been indeed cancelled now. So I guess us The Game fans should follow the steps in the video to save The Game

BestSpace.com Down Before BestSpace.com Goes Up?

Something called BestSpace.com launched -- advertised as a new online community from the maker of MySpace.com -- so I went to check out BestSpace.com and I can't even get on BestSpace.com because BestSpace.com is down right now.

Well, BestSpace.com is really down...

...more accurately, so many people are trying to hit BestSpace.com right now that their "best space" servers obviously can't handle the traffic load.

I can't even get to the cache of BestSpace.com right now.

Oh well, better up those resources on the BestSpace.com sites to match the MySpace.com rack space, people.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Areps.at FaceBook Scam - Areps, www.areps.at, areps.org, check areps.at, .at

If it's Thursday, it must be time for a new FaceBook scam. FaceBook users have been receiving emails to check any of these sites via a link that YOU SHOULDN'T CLICK ON BECAUSE IT'S A PHISHING SCAM:

areps.at,areps, www.areps.at, areps.org, check areps.at, .at

People who've been scammed by the aresp.at and other links have gotten their Facebook passwords and login stolen, I've read.

Always just go to Facebook.com directly -- type that into your URL bar correctly, and don't click on Facebook links in emails.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Free WordPress and Blogger Magazine Themes for 2009 - Plus Good WordPress SEO Tricks

Today is my day to play around with WordPress themes -- trying different ones on for size and SEO and blogability.

Smashing Magazine put up a great post featuring 100 WordPress Free Themes for 2009 (and some of those have a Blogger counterpart -- see BloggerTricks.com).

So while I play around with the "Skyye News Theme by Nathan Rice" pictured in this post, I'm also seeing how other people are using that very theme now to figure out how they get their pics uploaded on the home page like that.

For one of my sites, I've tricked out the Master Plan free WordPress theme with some SEO tips like wrapping your titles in H1 tags and such. (Nathan Rice has a great post up on how to do that, making your titles on WordPress themes more SEO friendly.)

He also has a big general post about how to make Wordpress more SEO friendly overall; it's worth the read and doing.

Another theme I'm scoping out is this TurnOut magazine free WordPress theme -- just click the pic for more info -- she's also got great-looking free Blogger Themes for 2009 that look better than any I've ever seen on Blogger, so I plan to play around with those, too.

I've searched all thru their documentation to try and figure out how to upload the pics (or where to put the setting) to get them to pull into the homepage, but haven't found out yet.

So stay tuned for info about the themes I end up using and loving the most...

Perez Hilton Hacked? What's up with the Belvedere background?

Not that I like to admit to popping over to Perez Hilton and shake my head at his latest doodles, but what's up with Perez Hilton's background today? And who is Belvedere? The liquor?

At first I thought Perez Hilton was down because someone Googled that and found my other post -- so I popped over to Perez Hilton and found that weird background.

Who knows...maybe Belvedere is paying Perez mucho deniro for the plug, and poison pen doodles.

Recents Posts Widgets on Your Blogger Blog, with Images and Pics Automatically Resized!

I love genius bloggers.

That's how I found this Blogger Tricks person who creates a bunch of beautiful free Blogger and WordPress themes like you've never seen -- but right now I'm enthralled with the 'Recent Posts' widget javascript code that automatically resizes your pics:

Very cool. Couldn't get the javascript to run on my own server yet, but hopefully that's coming soon.

I love when other bloggers share their knowledge. It's stretching me to become a better webmaster learning and reading and trying out all these different themes.

Check back, because I'm playing around with various magazine style Blogger and WordPress themes.

When you get two websites kicked out of Google's index (probably for duplicate content) you learn to get back up on that blogging horse and get the other sites profitable -- thank God for forgiveness and turnarounds!

And you also learn to build up multiple sites as kind of a safe haven and experiment to see which one takes off best.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Watch the Full Farrah's Story Online - NBC Put Up Farrah's Story Videos Online to Watch Cancer Journey...

I forgot to TiVo Farrah's Story, but NBC has put the full video of Farrah Fawcett's cancel struggle online to watch -- find the first part of the video below, as well as the link to the other videos that eventually make up the full Farrah's Story to watch online.

It's so sad and valiant and so many things at once.

Watch Farrah's Story Part 1 Online Video; Link Also Below for Full Video:

Acai Berry Scams, Complaints to the BBB, Better Business Bureau

I made sure to TiVo my local news report about acai berry pill warnings, but when I watched it, I realized it was a "buyer beware" warning about some DISHONEST SELLERS of acai berry -- not of the pills themselves.

The Holy Spirit and Whole Body Cleanse Works for Me...

Which is good, because the Whole Body Cleanse that I love, that the power of God alone has helped me complete -- it's a 14-day cleanse whereby you eat mostly fruits and veggies with it -- contains some acai.

I lost about 11 pounds when I did it last July 2008, and even when school started back some of the moms still told me how great I looked by fall. So now He's helping me thru it again -- it's great prep for cleaning out your system before a real fast.

And I know it was our Maker alone that made me make it thru 14 days with no chocolate or sweets or alcohol and junk food. I learned to open the huge capsules (I don't really like taking a lot of big pills) and put the powder in LaCroix sparkling water and orange juice to make them easier to take and more palatable. The I sopped up the fiber powder still clinging to the plastic cup with pieces of fruit. I ate no meats or anything like that for 14 days, but I ate red beans and rice, maybe a little pasta at times, and snacked on nuts. They say you shouldn't eat too many nuts.

Not much dairy either. This time I'm still taking my iron pills, too. My friend hipped me to the whole body cleanse -- and she said to stay close to the bathroom, but it didn't affect my system like that. It was great and my skin cleared up, too.

Anyway, the Acai Berry scams went like this...

...people agree to some website offering a free trial for acai berry products, then they fail to read in the fine print whereby customers must cancel within 15 or 20 days or else their credit card is charged $50 - $100 or more.

And even some people who canceled the Acai Berry free trail were scammed...

...and there credit card were still charged!

One older woman said she called the number to cancel and was told there would be an 80 minute and 17 second wait to speak to a customer representative.

Those acai berry scammers probably didn't even have anyone on the line. So my recommendation is if you want to try the acai berry stuff, find it in GNC or online at Amazon or some place reputable, not thru one of those acai berry scam websites just trying to steal people's money.

The acai berry scam sites use before and after pics...

...and they have a lot of fine print -- so read it, or better yet, stay away!

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Who is hiring in my area? Try the snag a job search below to find out who is hiring in your area...

Who is hiring in my area?

That's the question over 1,000 people are typing into Google each day: Who is hiring in my area?

It's good to see that people want to work and need to work and are exhausting every means they can to find a job. One place I've seen that lets you put your zip code into it to find out what local companies are hiring is called Snag a Job:

Search for jobs in your area on SnagAJob.com

When I put my zip code in the Snag a Job search box, it turned up about 500 to 600 companies hiring in my area, or rather about 500 - 600 available job positions in my area in Ohio.

But ignore those work-at-home jobs, or really research them, because I think most of those are scams.

The ones that look legit are the companies we recognize, like Boston Market, Verizon Wireless, Domino's Pizza and so on.

So if you found this post by typing in "Who's hiring in my area?" into Google hoping to find out who is hiring in your area, search and apply for jobs on Snag a Job and let me know if they work.

I like to promote the services that really help people online.

Free Car If It Rains an Inch on Memorial Day - For those who already bought a car from Weld County Garage in Greeley, Colorado...

Desperate selling times are calling for desperate car-selling tactics it appears in Colorado, where one dealer is offering customers who bought a car already their car free if it rains at least one inch on Memorial Day.

Hey customers -- did you read when Elijah prayed for rain during a drought then sent the man like seven times to go look for signs of rain?

I think I see a cloud shaped like a man's hand...

Kobe Bryant LeBron James 3 Rings VIDEO - Watch Nike Puppet Commercial with Kobe Teasing LeBron About His Three Championship Rings...

The below Nike commercial with the puppet Kobe Bryant teasing the puppet LeBron James about having 3 championship rings is kinda cute -- I think LeBron's powder-clapping Nike puppet commercial is funnier to me.

Anyway, like the Nike puppet Kobe Bryant asks LeBron James in the below YouTube video (one of the most-viewed today) in between asking him "Have you seen my three championship rings? over and over again -- is a good question: Why do we live together?

LeBron the Nike puppet with light eyes just keeps playing his video games while the puppet Kobe Bryant finally finds his 3 rings displayed in a case. "Oh, you named them?" LeBron James asks Kobe in this YouTube video:

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Blame it on the Economy OBAMA YouTube Video Spoof of Jamie Foxx Song...

The adorably talented Obama impersonator Iman Crosson, “Alphacat” on Youtube, is back with a new video called "Blame it on The Economy" set to the tune of Jamie Foxx's "Blame it on the Alcohol" song.

"Blame it on the Economy" stars not only the would-be Barack Obama, but this time brings in a Michelle Obama impersonator, as well as those impersonating Sarah Palin (great dance moves), Joe Biden and others.

Just like the Sham Wow, we've gotta absorb it, says Obama in the below video -- and Michelle says she does look fly though...

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Miami Gazette News - Scams Getting Prettier Pitching Easy Google Profits Hoax...

I was getting my dose of Gawker or Page Six when a pop-up ad for the Miami Gazette News popped up -- and I before I closed what I thought was the usual Netflix pop-up ad, I had a gander at a truly pretty-looking landing page.

It's hawking the scammy "Easy Google Profits" program, one of those programs that Google had warned consumers not to fall for -- like those that CHARGE people to sign up for Google Adsense when in reality it's free to sign up for.

Don't fall for the Adsense money-making claims...

...like those in the made-up comments section of that fake Miami Gazette News advertorial -- replete with fake screen shots of $300-plus Google Adsense earnings allegedly earned in just a day or whatever a short time after staring the program.

Nearly everything you need to know about starting a blog online, finding a good subject, learning SEO (search-engine optimization), signing up for Adsense and pitching affiliate product like Amazon Associates referral program -- all that info you can find online for free.

Programs like those promising 'easy Google money' get their money by getting your credit card number and hoping you don't read the fine print saying that if you don't cancel the program, they'll hit you with anywhere from $39 to $89 PER MONTH on your credit card and up.

Don't fall for the scammers.

Yes, buying your own dot com name and web hosting and all that stuff can cost money. And there are reputable online teachers and books out there. But the ones that scream SCAM! are the ones you can tell that promise the moon and stars.

Stick with real bloggers like Darren Rowse at ProBlogger and John Chow and those who report their online blogging income in ways that you know they are telling the truth.

Research, research, and don't fall for the recession fear-filled hype of those trying to just get money out of hapless consumers.

They will pay in the end...for lying people.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kobe Doing Work - Watch Kobe Doing Work Movie Online by Spike Lee

I'm glad the ESPN "Kobe Doing Work" movie by Spike Lee is online to watch -- for those who didn't catch "Kobe Doing Work" on TV.

We've got "Kobe Doing Work" ready to watch, but haven't checked it out yet, so I can't comment -- but the snippets I've seen show the "Zen master" Phil Jackson in the documentary with its Spike Lee flavor. Should be good.

I've got to learn to forgive Kobe for all that melee that came out in the news with the other woman and such. With Kobe Bryant's chiseled good looks and multiple languages spoken -- I put him on too high of a pedestal, which came crashing down with that horrible news.

So maybe "Kobe Doing Work" will give us some perspective. We'll see.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Google Slow? Fail? Outage? Down? Status? I'm on AT&T but I didn't notice anything...

Just a quick check of the hot Google Trends search terms today shows you people had a real problem with Google being down or slow for them during a certain outage period:

google outage,google outage today, google down, google, google status, google downtime ,google down,google, google outage, google status, google downtime, google issues,google slow,google slow today, google issues, google problems, google is slow, slow,google problems,google issues, google down, google slow, google, google outage

The weird thing is, I was online by 9 a.m. ET in the USA this morning -- Thursday, May 14, 2009 -- the day of the "Google Fail" as was a trending topic on Twitter, but I didn't have any problems. Thankfully.

Google admits some of their users may have experienced issues, but says the probably was corrected, without saying what caused the problem in the first place.

Some say AT&T users were affected -- but not me. And others couldn't get into Google News. I did.

I wonder what happened? Seeing news of Google fail was like those urban legend reports of the Internet collapsing one day...

121,im Facebook Scam: Don't Check 121.im or 121.us, or Ponbon.im or 222.im or Any Email Hoax Links...

So the new scam of the day is someone sending emails claiming to be from Facebook urging users to "check 151.im" or any other of these links:

121.im facebook, check 121.im, 121.us, 121, .im ,ponbon.im,www.ponbon.im, ponbon, ponbon im, ponbon.im facebook, check ponbon.im ,check 121.im,check 151.im, 121.im, .im, 121.im facebook, 121.us ,151.im,check 151.im, .im, 222.im, 121.im, 151 ,check ,
check 121.im, 151.im, .im, 151, 151.biz

But don't click the links -- I'm reading that they are scam email spams probably trying to download spyware or malware or something.

Any time you get an email claiming to be from Facebook, just delete the email and go to Facebook.com directly -- not thru any links in scam emails.

Chrysler Dealerships Closing List - Here's List of Chrysler Dealerships Closing Below - Texas, Washington, Florida, California, Louisiana, Michigan...

The full list of Chrysler dealerships closing has been made public - read it here -- and on the list of Chrysler dealerships closing you'll see Chrysler dealerships from Venice, Florida to Waco, Texas to Vancouver, Washington.

With approximately 800 Chrysler dealership listed on the list, one wonders if this big blow to Chrysler dealers is the end, or will more dealership closings come?

The Wall Street Journal reported higher dealership closing numbers than are on the Chrysler list, but since it is listed as Exhibit A, seemingly an official court documents, I'm believing and hoping that no more dealerships will close.

This sucks for people losing their jobs. I hope they can recover.

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Cell for Cash - How Much Cash Money Can You Get for Your Old Cell Phone?

Cell For CashI see that Cell for Cash is a hot search term now, actually, cell for cash is on fire right now in Google Trends -- so I popped over to CellforCash.com fully expecting some scammy site.

But I don't know, it looks legit. Oh -- I see now that Cell for Cash was featured on the Today Show and other programs, so maybe that explains the "cell for cash" buzz. It looks simple enough: Just chose the manufacturer, submit your info and send in your old cell phone that you don't need.

I don't even know if I have any old cell phones laying around. I might've thrown them away because I didn't know about the cell for cash program.

How much money do you get for your cell phones? It's cool, I popped in a Motorola RAZR brand and they tell you $11 for that phone.

So pop in your brand if you've got a cell phone you don't need and maybe you'll get some cash.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Buy Black - Empowerment Experiment of Maggie and John Anderson of Chicago Getting News and Supporters...

I just found out about the buy black "Empowerment Experiment undertaken by John and Maggie Anderson of Chicago, who are buying only black products -- and having a doozy of a time finding products to buy that are from black reputable retailers.

(You'd think in a big ol' black city like Chicago -- I'm from the South Side of Chicago and black -- they'd find a lots of products to "buy black" from, but I see they're actually living in Oak Park, a Chicago suburb, so that does make a difference.)

  • Okay, but I see in the below video they found a great grocery store in Chicago -- the only black-owned fresh food/grocery store in Illinois! -- called Farmer's Best located at 1424 West 47th Street that has all this fresh food daily. Next time I'm in the Chi, I gotta remember that...

  • ...and Maggie found shoes at Sensual Steps Shoe Salon at 4518 S. Cottage Grove, Chicago, Illinois -- hey, do you all have size 11?

  • John found a dry cleaner and a basketball buddy in Evan's Cleaners at 1510 Madison Blvd. in Maywood, Illinois...Phone: (708) 681-5118

  • And importantly, Maggie found a great hangout spot in my old stomping ground of Hyde Park in Park 52 Restaurant at 5201 S. Harper Ave. in Chicago, Illinois -- Phone: (773) 241-5200 -- That food looks good. I want to go there!

  • Will you buy black with John and Maggie Anderson?

    Ay yi yi, the thought of it all at once sends my head into a tizzy, relocated here in the lush green valley of Ohio. I just searched the black pages for grocery stores in Akron, and got no results. Can that be true? Maybe I just didn't try enough names. I think the Henry's Acme store near my old church went out of business from lack of customers. I don't even know if I ever shopped there. Guilt inducing me now...

    Anyway, I see their buy black empowerment experiment website, but I can't find their Facebook page for the life of me. Hit me up with a link, will ya? Anyone who knows it, please leave a comment.

    I even searched for black-owned banks in Chicago and it only turned up one on the Black Pages. Is that really right? Our family has been dealing with Seaway National Bank on Chicago's south side for years, and all this time I've been thinking it's a black bank!

    If we could just get a little more organization this growing movement may prove successful, if it's meant to be.

    Maggie says she calls the Chicago Urban League when she needs to find a black-owned business. I'm trying to find a better place to find black-owned businesses online.

    Of course, how'd you like it if there were a "Buy White Movement"...

    ...I can hear the argument now. Some would say there's been an unspoken "buy white movement" for years, and harken back to the days when blacks had to buy black because our ancestors weren't allowed in white stores.

    It will be really interesting to see how this buy black thing turns out.

    buy black,empowerment experiment

    Tuesday, May 12, 2009

    Scamming Twitter - Scamming Twitter Trends for Phishing Profit

    I like checking Twitter trends-- that's how I found out that people have been scamming Twitter by doing a couple of things.

    Scamming Twitter #1:

    This sounds like a Twitter meme where you start a little Twitter game -- not necessarily intending to scam Twitter -- with friends who you can respond to little interesting Twitter facts or whatever. (Or some claim that PC World started scamming Twitter with topics in order to get more Google Adsense revenue. Tell me how to do that!)

    Scamming Twitter #2 Game Sounds More Scammy Phishy:

    The new scamming Twitter game sounds more harmful called TwitterPornName whereby people want your mother's maiden name and the street you grew up on and other personal info in order to try and scam Twitter and use the info to break into your bank accounts or whatever. Very interesting.

    Lesson? Don't fall for people scamming Twitter with trends trying to get personal info out of you...

    Monday, May 11, 2009

    GPS Dog Collars - Keeping Track of Fido the High-Tech Way...

    I was driving back from the health club listening to a commercial for GPS dog collars, something I didn't know existed. So I came home to see what kind of GPS dog collars they have on Amazon, and found some.

    This Garmin Astro GPS Dog Tracking System has got great reviews from about 20 customers so far, and the product description says that if you're tired of losing your dog in tall weeds and such, put that thing on him.

    I didn't know it had a vest-type thing and everything for the doggie to wear.

    Then there's this GARMIN 010-11049-00 Astro DC 30 Wirelesss Collar Transmitter, which I'm guessing has to be bought in conjunction with the other products -- check the reviews and that frequently bought together listing beneath the others to know for sure. So far, that's got about 5 good reviews.

    We've been looking at puppies this weekend at our local neighborhood rescue dog store called "One of a Kind Pets" -- but we haven't taken the plunge to buy a new dog yet.

    Our two Rotties died about two years ago, so we're not sure we're up for the challenge.

    But I'm reading Marley and Me after seeing the movie, so look out! I'm getting the urge for a new puppy.

    Anyway, I was thinking people could throw those doggie GPS collars in their kids' bag (or husband's for that matter) but I know there are smaller GPS trackers for that...

    Friday, May 08, 2009

    Embed Google Gadget on Your Website to Search for Trends -- And what's the point?

    Google just introduced this new embeddable Google Trends search gadget where you can place the iframe code they give you to put a search trends gadget on your website to let you search for up to five things at once to compare the search volume on them:

    Okay, yes it's good for research as an addendum, but I prefer tools that uncover hot keywords for me, not the other way around. Although that can be profitable too.

    Play around.

    Back to Google Trends.

    Thursday, May 07, 2009

    KFC Out of Chicken, Rain Checks, KFC Stores Not Participating - Poorly Planned Oprah KFC Deal

    I just drove up to my local KFC's drive-thru to redeem my free KFC coupon today, and they said "Sorry, we are not participating in the KFC coupon deal."

    "But you were participating yesterday!" I kvetched, apologizing when I got to the KFC window. (Never piss off people who handle your food.)

    Anyway, I don't know if they ran out of that delicious KFC grilled chicken or what -- but all the Akron, Ohio, area KFC stores are no longer particating in the KFC Oprah fiasco deal, just one day after it began.

    Here's the president of KFC talking about rain checks and such:

    And know I read that some KFC locations are out of chicken, and that KFC is promising rain checks to be mailed with a free drink...

    ...but I'm not sure when these KFC Oprah deal rain checks will be in the mail.

    At least I got to try a free KFC grilled chicken Oprah deal meal -- some people didn't even get one meal. And there were supposed near-riots in New York over the KFC chicken (maybe Gawker hyperbole, yes) but KFC is denying riots happened.

    I think the Oprah / KFC deal had good intentions, but poor planning...

    ...and they didn't figure in the fact that some people say they had trouble downloading that software on the coupon website -- and that other people probably printed way too many coupons, etc.

    Maybe they should've mailed them all in the first place.

    Let's hope the free chocolate deal goes better tomorrow:
    »»»»»»» Mars Candy Free Chocolate Fridays Coupons - Real Chocolate Relief Act May 8 thru September 25, 2009 | PAULA NEAL MOONEY

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    Mars Candy Free Chocolate Fridays Coupons - Real Chocolate Relief Act May 8 thru September 25, 2009

    First Oprah and KFC have their yummy free chicken meals, and not to be outdone, now Mars Candy has a "Free Chocolate Fridays" Offer:

    If you're one of the ones to get four (see the rules below) of the 250,000 coupons they're giving away each Friday, you could score some free chocolate. I'm loving the free food...keep it up, companies!

    See all the chocolatey details below:

    Offer valid from 9:00:00 AM ET to 11:59:59 PM ET on the Friday only of each week beginning 5/8/09 and ending 9/25/09 ("Offer Period"). Offer fulfilled as a coupon ("Coupon") redeemable for consumer's choice of one (1) single-sized package of any M&M'S® Brand, MILKY WAY® Brand, SNICKERS® Brand, 3 MUSKETEERS® Brand, TWIX® Brand and DOVE® Brand product (together, "Participating Products"). Offer good while supplies last. In order to claim your Coupon, you must submit your complete and correct name, address and email address ("Registration Information") within five (5) minutes of receiving the on-screen message requesting your Registration Information. Failure to submit your Registration Information within five (5) minutes will result in your Coupon being forfeited. Limit: 250,000 Coupons per Friday during the Offer Period.

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    Limit: one (1) Coupon per email address per Friday and four (4) Coupons per household during the Offer Period.

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    Wednesday, May 06, 2009

    Oprah's Harpo Intellectual Property Department Just Talked to Me on The Phone...

    I got an email forwarded to me from my DreamHost web hosting company from Oprah's Harpo Productions about my website, WatchOprahOnline.com today.

    So I rang up the woman listed on the email and heard the receptionist answer, "Harpo Productions" or whatever she said -- it's a little fuzzy blur.

    It was Oprah's intellectual property department being very congenial about the website.

    I offered to delete it ASAP -- they said they'd get back to me about whether or not legal would just want me to turn the domain name over to them.

    We see these situations all the time if you read domain news and stuff. Some people fight it. I'll happily turn the sucker over to them.

    It's a great domain name and couldn't believe it was available in the first place. Anyway, I'll bet you Oprah's Harpo people come back with just a transfer of the WatchOprahOnline.com to them -- because like the woman there said, they'd rather it not expire and then someone pick up the domain name for worse or nefarious purposes.

    Not the way I'd envisioned talking to the Harpo team; and I'll bet you the next time I speak with them it'll be to come for a visit on the couch as a famous writer!

    Oprah KFC Free Chicken Meal Coupon - Print out free Oprah KFC meal coupon below...

    »»»»»»» KFC Out of Chicken, Rain Checks, KFC Stores Not Participating - Poorly Planned Oprah KFC Deal | PAULA NEAL MOONEY

    Go to this page on Oprah to get your free KFC coupons -- hopefully they are still available.

    It looks like a great free coupon deal meal with 2 pieces of grilled chicken, two individual sides and a biscuit all for free from 5/5/09 - 5/19/09 (not on Mother's Day) -- but the download period for the Oprah KFC free coupon deal expires May 6, 2009 at 11:59 p.m. Central Daylight Time!


    So get on Oprah's KFC deal now...

    ...by using the above link, and hopefully you can get your coupons. It says you can download up to 4 coupons!

    And let's hope our participating KFC® locations in the United States are really participating!

    This one looks real and not a scam like I've seen some others recently. It's really on Oprah's site so I'm guess KFC will redeem these coupons. Thanks Oprah and KFC and Jehovah Jireh! (Him first, though...)

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    Monday, May 04, 2009

    Twitter AutoFollow List - List of Follow Me, I'll Follow You People on Twitter...

    Every so often I'll check out who's following me on Twitter and go follow them back as a favor -- up to limits, of course.

    As I understand it, you can only follow up to a certain amount of people based on a ratio. 110% of your followers or 2,000 people -- whichever is greater.

    But I thought it would be cool to create a list of people on Twitter who will try to follow back all the people who follow them.

    Right now I don't recommend auto-follow or unfollow scripts and programs on Twitter...

    ...because I'm reading testimonies from people who say using them has gotten their Twitter account banned and suspended.

    So leave a link to your clean Twitter account in the comments section, and if the comment is approved, we can start building a nice little manual follow Twitter list.

    Follow me via the link above to Twitter -- and I'll try my best to follow you back. If I don't timely enough, feel free to unfollow me and follow others.

    Twitter love!

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    Who is Ryan Cook on Twitter?

    I noticed the same pic of a young man on Twitter with the handle "Ryan Cook" following me via multiple accounts.

    When I tried to click his account, the Twitter account had been suspended due to shady activity.

    I wonder what automated service he used to do that? Either way, it's not worth it using those automated Twitter scripts and stuff -- because I'm seeing reports of people getting their accounts suspended.

    Sunday, May 03, 2009

    4Chan Down May 2009 - Did Time Magazine Melee Take 4Chan Down?

    People are typing everything from "4chan, 420chan, 4chan status, 4chan down, 2chan" into Google right now because 4chan.org has been down or unavailable at least since yesterday -- May 2, 2009 and it's still down when I just checked today, May 3, 2009.

    Billed as the largest English imageboard on the net, 4chan's users are loyal. Loyal enough to game Time Magazine's online poll of the most influential people with enough electronic voting to get 4Chan's founder, known as Moot placed at the top of the list, and arrange the pictured names on the list to say a weird phrase.

    So did all of 4Chan's monkeying around finally catch up with them or do they just need more server space?

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    Saturday, May 02, 2009

    Pagerank Drop - Glad Pagerank Dropping Doesn't Mean Website Traffic Has to Drop

    Google can be so fickle when it comes to PageRank.

    I'm starting to see why some webmasters say they don't pay attention to Google PageRank at all. I've noticed this past week that one of my dot coms dropped its pagerank down to zero -- why, I don't know.

    It's funny that my Blogger blogs at this point are the ones with the highest pageranks -- both of them at 2 pagerank right now.

    But one cool thing is that my PaulaNealMooney.com may have dropped to zero for the moment, but the traffic is still relatively good at 2,000 or more hits per day. Same deal with WatchOprahOnline.com -- even more hits than that some days.

    So maybe Google's PageRank isn't really everything.

    But I still check pagerank a lot.

    Paula Neal Mooney