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Thursday, October 14, 2010

PBS covers Examiner.com

PBS covers Examiner.com

PBS has written about Examiner.com -- and I plan to pour over that article and watch the videos of Rick Blair, CEO of Examiner.com soon.

But right now, I just want to jump back on Examiner and write, so I'll read it later.

It looks like a good doozy...

Examiner.com publishing good on IE, something's up on Firefox

Examiner.com publishing good on IE, something's up on Firefox

I'm so used to using Firefox for most of my online stuff I didn't even think to try IE to publish on Examiner till the Lord just reminded me.

Thank GOD that everything looks good and normal over on IE, so we can publish away over there.

Perhaps Firefox changed something that needs to be fixed soon.

So happy. Happy publishing, people!

Still publishing... and back in Google News

For those with access to the old publishing tool, at least that is still letting us publish articles through Examiner.

I see that my latest Eddie Long article got published.

And thankfully, people are getting their Examiner articles back in Google News today.

So I pray hard in Christ's name that whatever else is going on is fixed soon and we're back in better business.

Paula Neal Mooney