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I made $11,660.32 online in 4 months: Trying to make fast money online when you're desperate...

I was in a desperate state recently, pulling out all the stops to make money as fast as I could online.

You see, I hadn't saved nearly as much as I should have in 2010 to help cover the taxes I would owe as a result of taking in over $50K in 2010 from writing online.

The various places that pay me, like Amazon, Google, Examiner, and others don't take taxes out like a "normal job" not online usually does, so it was still an adjustment getting used to this entrepreneur's life, even though it's my 5th year into it.

I assumed that Christmas 2010 would bring me the thousands of dollars in sales that it usually does, and that I'd be able to write the government checks for more than $11,000 like I did in 2010 for the 2009 tax year income.

God pulled out a miracle in the midst of my irresponsibilitySo there I was, having saved up only $4,000 by tax time when I needed more.

First thing that's great was that I got a new CPA to help me cut my tax bill and stop ov…