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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

$20k from Amazon Studios: Amazon tells us how to win...

$20k from Amazon Studios: Amazon tells us how to win...

It's a great time to be a part of Amazon Studios.

I just uploaded the latest scene from my test movie here, so watch and review it if the desire speaks to you. Thanks!

Folks are busy hustling to get their screenplays uploaded to Amazon Studios before the first December 31, 2010, deadline -- and Amazon Studios is doing everything they can to keep folks updated on how to get closer to winning those first $20,000 script prizes by chiming in on the forums and on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

The cool thing is, not a lot of folks know about the contest yet -- and even few folks have uploaded any kind of "movie" to go with their writing at all. As of this writing, Amazon Studios shows only 183 projects with movies on their site. (Mine is listed at #30 and rising, thank You, Jesus!)

So it's best to get in on the ground floor, when the competition is little compared to what it will be when folks finally get hip to this thing. At least we've got longer than the December 31, 2010, deadline to get our full test movies uploaded. Grateful for favor indeed...

Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Amazon Studios test movie clip video

I am having a ball creating video clips on Amazon Studios that will eventually become one at-least-70-minutes-long test movie that will take home the top prizes in 2011.

So for those of you with a creative bend that love writing, I suggest you throw your hat in the ring and write a script "quick fast and in a hurry" and try your hand at creating videos, too.

I've been so into YouTube and the creations folks are coming up with and the variety of ways people use YouTube -- plus using Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Collection V14 for creating movie clips.

At first I felt bad since I'm not yet using Final Cut Studio on a new Mac Book Pro and the like, but this kid on YouTube gave me inspiration yesterday.

He has some fabulous movies, and he urged his viewers and readers to just borrow a video camera if they didn't have one, saying it's all about the creative process, not the "non-top-of-the-line" equipment.

Stay tuned for more video clips, and give me some views and comments over on Amazon Studios, please.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Amazon.com paying $20,000 to winning writers of screenplay contest

Amazon.com paying $20,000 to winning writers of screenplay contest

I'm so geeked that Amazon.com has launched this new screenwriting competition on Amazon Studios -- I uploaded my script From Slut to Saint on their website Friday, December 3, 2010.

If you're a writer with a great screenplay sitting around your laptop -- or with one in your head -- I suggest you polish it up and enter the contest.

It's not like your average, every day screenplay where you see a lot of hype combined with a hefty entry fee. Amazon Studios' competition is free to enter.

Plus, they've partnered with Warner Brothers Pictures in an exclusive first-look deal that will get the top writers' work at least seen -- and hopefully green-lighted -- by Hollywood insiders.

It's so cool how God brought this competition around in a time where I'd written the script in 2009, and finally gathered the latest revision up again in Windows Explorer before I'd even heard of Amazon Studios.

And the night I discovered it whilst searching for video capture software on Amazon.com -- and saw their meager little link off to Amazon Studios, seemingly put there just for my eyes alone that blessed evening -- I dug up that script and took days and days to rewrite.

A combination of factors play into who will be the first winners announced in January. But here's praying I win... and whatever writer is reading this post now, perhaps that other $20k prize is just for you!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Starting YouTube.com channels to make money, have fun, sell products

Today I spent time starting a couple of YouTube channels that I plan to load up with videos on specific topics.

First there's the YouTube.com channel called YourTubeVideoEditing (looks like YouTube doesn't let you create a channel with YouTube in the URL) wherein I plan to upload all sorts of techie tips about video editing, from the basic to the advanced.

The first video on that YouTube Channel explains how people can upload DVD content to YouTube -- something I learned how to do for my church.

The second YouTube channel is called Real Customer Reviews and that's where I plan to upload videos about just that: all the real stuff I come across and what I really think of the products and services.

The channels are mainly for search-engine traffic, those folks looking specifically for the product or service I'm discussing.

I'm amazed that YouTube is the second most popular search engine, only after Google, according to ComScore past reports.

So why overlook it? I remember reading about one person who makes more affiliate income just from pointing folks to the links under her YouTube video for some product that she does by other means.

Therefore, I'm sharing what I'm learning -- and learning more video skills and more about YouTube along the way. It's cool to see what particular niche YouTube video channels take off -- and learn how to SEO a YouTube channel and YouTube videos.

That's part of the reason I'm writing about them here -- to give myself link love (one of the things that helps with the YouTube SEO), plus to let others know what they might need to get their YouTube videos recognized and highly ranked by Google.

Those things can involve a good number of likes and shares and links and user interaction -- oh yeah, and views.

As always, I will keep my readers informed as to how this endeavor pans out. But I thank God for this idea coming right before the Christmas season.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

PBS covers Examiner.com

PBS covers Examiner.com

PBS has written about Examiner.com -- and I plan to pour over that article and watch the videos of Rick Blair, CEO of Examiner.com soon.

But right now, I just want to jump back on Examiner and write, so I'll read it later.

It looks like a good doozy...

Examiner.com publishing good on IE, something's up on Firefox

Examiner.com publishing good on IE, something's up on Firefox

I'm so used to using Firefox for most of my online stuff I didn't even think to try IE to publish on Examiner till the Lord just reminded me.

Thank GOD that everything looks good and normal over on IE, so we can publish away over there.

Perhaps Firefox changed something that needs to be fixed soon.

So happy. Happy publishing, people!

Still publishing... and back in Google News

For those with access to the old publishing tool, at least that is still letting us publish articles through Examiner.

I see that my latest Eddie Long article got published.

And thankfully, people are getting their Examiner articles back in Google News today.

So I pray hard in Christ's name that whatever else is going on is fixed soon and we're back in better business.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Over $35k paid in the first 9 months of 2010 to this writer-blogger for writing online

Over $35k paid in the first 9 months of 2010 to this writer-blogger for writing online

Since today is the last day of the month -- and September 30, 2010, brings us the last day of the quarter, it always feels like a good time to stop and count how much monies have flowed into the coffers for the first 9 months of the year.

Sounds so pregnant with possibilities, doesn't it?

Okay, judging from the numbers below -- it looks like God has sent me the miracle that is Examiner.com to take the lead in writing income earned online thus far. A lot of that 20 grand -- over 6k of it, in fact -- flowed to me in January 2010, which means December 2009 was a booming month for writing because of two words: Tiger Woods.

We've got two more words, or three, going on currently -- and anybody who follows my writing over there knows what they are. Praise God, my taxes are paid, I proclaim in His Son's Name. And there are more things in the works, so stay tuned for that news.

Other than that, Amazon sales held steady -- with all those Zhu Zhu Pets and Kindle sales this year and last.

Kontera kind of runs on autopilot; all I know is one post I wrote over on PaulaNealMooney.com about how to buy a Redbox gets a lot of attention.

CJ.com is coming up because I joined Examiner.com's referral program through them. And eBay Partner Network became a noticeable contender when I began writing about different eBay auctions like the LeBron James pendant -- and sales for Miami Heat vs. Cavs game tickets going through the roof. The cool thing about that is they pay you for clicks you receive, like Adsense.

Associated Content feels like it's on autopilot too -- one of the bonuses I'm seeing now for being online so long, coming up on 5 years this December. So writers, don't give up hope if your numbers aren't looking like this yet. It takes time, and the favor of the Lord. He's right here with me, like David said.

Looks like, I hope and pray, 2010 will round out over $50k or more -- a new writing income record. Like always, the below income numbers don't reflect the expenses like advertising and such. Usually I only get that together when I'm getting my tax info to Uncle Sam. I'll share later.

Here are the numbers for monies brought in from January 1 - September 30, 2010:

AMAZON ASSOCIATES EARNINGS Total  $              4,841.28
AOL LLC Total  $                   20.00
Associated Content Total  $              1,192.16
CJ Total  $                 303.00
Clarity Digital Group, LLC Total  $            20,328.68
EBAY PARTNER NETWORK PAYMENT Total  $                 183.45
KONTERA Total  $                 867.82
LINKSHARE Total  $                   56.20
PERFILIATE TECHN PAYMENTS CCD P MOONEY Total  $                   28.75
Text Link Ads, Inc Total  $                 104.70
Google Adsense Total  $              7,437.82
Grand Total  $            35,363.86

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Examiner.com writer pay: $736.68 for 102,816 page views in one day

Examiner.com writer pay: $736.68 for 102,816 page views in one day

I was amazed when I logged onto my Examiner account this morning.

When I saw over $736 in one of my channels "Your Usage Earnings" field -- I thought for a second I was looking at the "Current Month" totals.

But no, the period was selected as yesterday, only one day. And then I remember the Unmerited Favor of God, and the quick prayer I threw up to Him yesterday.

And with all that's going on this week, I'm learning to hopefully get rid of any self-righteous notions that I deserve any of this. Yet I know for sure tithing pays off, and God's Word is true, despite what others say.

The Christian TV Examiner channel was #1 in Top Examiners in National and #1 in Top Examiners in Arts & Entertainment yesterday.

What I love about Examiner.com being on the new Drupal platform is the way we can now upload just about any video embed code we want under that "other sources" tab and it gets put on a separate page.

Notice how I then linked to that separate page, and viewers are obviously watching the videos, because I'll be you my bounce rate is low and good -- and that helps bring in more money.

So, Examiners, as soon as you upload your videos and before you hit publish -- right click on the video you've uploaded and grab that video's URL.

Then, if you want, you can go back to the previous page with your article in it and link to that video specifically to help your viewers find the videos even more readily.

God speed on our writing!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Are new writers getting published on Examiner.com?

You guys know how much I like writing for Examiner.com -- in the past year I've made around 30k with them and therefore, I've urged lots of other writers, designers, etc. to sign up with them.

One of my friends is a very talented designer who runs -IZE ON DESIGN, a site that showcases her fabulous design work.

Naturally I thought she'd be a great fit for Examiner. She applied and was accepted as the Cleveland Modern Furniture Examiner at http://www.examiner.com/x-65785-Cleveland-Modern-Furniture-Examiner -- but last night I talked to her via Facebook and discovered that her articles haven't appeared since Thursday!

I don't know if this is just some specific problem with a few Examiners or many, and she's already sent a support ticket for help and I will update this site with more news as we hear it. But in the meantime, I wanted to know how the other new Examiner.com writers are doing.

If you just started writing for Examiner.com around August or September 2010, are your articles appearing online? I want to make sure the folks I tell about Examiner are having a positive experience, not a bad one. Since I'm still able to publish just fine, and I see lots of other Examiner pieces flowing through Google News, I assumed everyone else was still able to publish as well.

I don't spend too much time in the forums -- I find that forums can sometimes turn into a cauldron of bellyaching, with the loudest complainers sometimes taking over, so I usually spend that time doing other things. I only pop in every blue moon -- specifically, after the recent controversial switch to the Drupal 7 CMS platform.

Let me know if you just got in to Examiner, and please leave me a comment letting me know if you're able or not able to publish. Thanks! Just curious..

Monday, August 30, 2010

Examiner.com stats: Over 15k pageviews and $115.42 in writing money made from one Examiner.com channel in one day

My Mommy back in 1952 or so - I like this pic

Examiner.com stats: Over 15k pageviews and $115.42 in writing money made from one Examiner.com channel in one day

I just wrote a piece called Still possible to make money writing online for Examiner.com after site redesign on my other site that will be interesting to all the Examiner.com heads that read this blog.

Ever since Examiner.com converted to the Drupal platform (What's so great about Drupal, anyway? Guess I'd better read up...) there has been a big change in the interior way we create our articles.

But I'm grateful to see that Examiner.com is still a very viable way to make money online, for those willing to work at it and get the favor to keep plugging on.

Hopefully as the redesign continues -- I remember my days as a techie tester, and I don't even those coders and QA tests -- Examiner.com will continue to improve the article-creation process, and hopefully get even more good Google juice and great channel managers.

I still wonder about the process of deciding the articles that make it into Google News and the ones that don't.

Anybody know? Makes me almost want to turn my anonymous commenting back on for this blog...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Examiner.com pay $30k for this writer in one year - Examiner.com not a scam

Examiner.com pay $30k for this writer in one year - Examiner.com not a scam

Most people find my writings about Examiner.com by Googling "Examiner scam" or "How much does Examiner.com pay writers?" and the like.

I know what they Google because I'm able to use the lovely, free StatCounter.com stat-tracking code to see what search terms bring people to my websites -- and before Examiner.com's recent web redesign, I was able to use it there, too, along with Google Analytics.

Ah well, hopefully we'll get some of that ability back, but I'm not going to jump on the bandwagon of folks filling up message boards with complaints about Examiner's recent redesign. I just pray the gravy train keeps up and increases as God sees fit.

Yesterday I made about $56 on my Cleveland Examiner pageviews, but I can only surmise that it was The Word Church Akron writings that brought in those views.

A friend asked me on Facebook about writing for Examiner, so that gave me a chance to get into my PayPal account and download the Examiner.com (Clarity Digital) pay info since 9/1/2009 (when I started) till now -- and I was pleased as punch to see the total sitting very near $30k, as broken down by month below.

It's over $30k if you add in the CJ.com referral payments (just got 90 bucks in my checking account) for all the $5 affiliate payments I receive for folks who apply to write for Examiner under my link over there in the bottom of the YouTube video.

Again, the only thing that gives me pause about Examiner (and tons of other mainstream news websites a lot more major than them like CNN or MSNBC, etc.) are the ads that they allow to run. Some are just fine, from major advertisers -- but I don't like those scammy ads that I spend time warning folks about on my other site.

I guess other reporters who write for sites like CNN may not give a wink about the plethora of ads that may be scamming folks out of money -- after all, we can't control ads on sites that aren't ours. I made sure to block all the "get rich quick" and other ads via my Google Adsense account on the sites that I control. Surely other sites can do the same, blocking those Pulse 360 places or whatever that show the scam ads.

Perhaps I think too much, but my Adsense took a dip in pay when I blocked the ads, but the Lord rewarded me in other ways, like a whole lotta Kindle 3 sales.

But anyway, we'll see where the Examiner leads -- here's hoping some good people can still make good money thru them. And even though some of the tips I've given via the link above in my blog to getting great pageviews are now obsolete since our ability to edit the HTML is now gone, some of the others are still valid and worth reading if you're looking for a way to make money writing online.

Date  Name  Type   Gross 
10/20/2009 Clarity Digital Group, LLC Payment Received  $        3,674.31
11/20/2009 Clarity Digital Group, LLC Payment Received  $        3,053.64
12/7/2009 Clarity Digital Group, LLC Payment Received  $            100.00
12/20/2009 Clarity Digital Group, LLC Payment Received  $        5,389.95
1/25/2010 Clarity Digital Group, LLC Payment Received  $        6,149.91
2/20/2010 Clarity Digital Group, LLC Payment Received  $            995.47
3/20/2010 Clarity Digital Group, LLC Payment Received  $        1,212.76
4/20/2010 Clarity Digital Group, LLC Payment Received  $            976.48
5/20/2010 Clarity Digital Group, LLC Payment Received  $        1,618.60
6/18/2010 Clarity Digital Group, LLC Payment Received  $        2,638.35
7/20/2010 Clarity Digital Group, LLC Payment Received  $        2,076.26
8/20/2010 Clarity Digital Group, LLC Payment Received  $        2,093.21

 $      29,978.94

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

$439+ Examiner.com writing online earnings in two days...

$439+ Examiner.com writing online earnings in two days...

I took a little break from my writing online yesterday -- taking time out to fast a little and watch more videos of Dr. Morris Cerullo, an amazing teacher I learned about through Steve Foss' book above.

Lo and behold my Examiner.com earnings had exploded. When I checked on Monday August 2nd to see how much I'd earned from Sunday, August 1, 2010 -- the Examiner.com earnings alone in one channel were about 20 bucks.

I got back online today to see that the same channel (Cleveland Pop Culture) earnings now sat at $459.59 -- which my natural mind attributes to the crazy slideshow pic popularity of Tiny and TI's wedding photos -- and that's not even counting monies coming in from Amazon.com's Kindle sales on the $139, $189 and $379 new models.

But my spiritual mind hears God saying, "You see -- if you spend time with Me and stop ignoring me and working so hard online to try and make up all that money you charge up on credit cards, I'll take care of you."

And so I'm off for a nice little break and Bible Study.

Monday, August 02, 2010



Updated correction: I realize now that if you use the Performance Structure (All Categories except Consumer Electronics) payout on Amazon Associates like I do -- your Kindle sales will pay out at a rate of 4% to 8.5% -- depending on how many total items you sell that month:

1 - 6 4.00%
7 - 30 6.00%
31 - 110 6.50%
111 - 320 7.00%
321 - 630 7.50%
631 - 1570 8.00%
1571 - 3130 8.25%
3131 + 8.50%

Here's praying for over 3,131 items sold monthly!

Perhaps I was out to lunch when Amazon.com announced they were dropping the Amazon Associate referral fees for the Amazon.com Kindle from 10% to 6.5% for each Kindle sold.

Amazon probably sent an email to us associates telling us about the referral fee drop. (Man was that sweet that time God led me to do a fast for several days and get offline -- and when I'd gotten back online after a week, I was amazed to see I'd made more than $3,500 from selling Kindles.)

Now, thankfully, coming off some more intimate time with Him, I noticed I sold some $139 Kindles -- and even an $189 Kindle -- so naturally I wanted to see if us Amazon Associates still make 10% per Kindle sold.

Turns out sometime before June 2010, the referral fee for Kindles dropped to 6.5% from 10% for associates.

I guess Amazon.com figured 10% was too much of a cut -- but at least 6.5% is better than the 4% they pay for "electronics" category stuff. Glad Kindles fall into their own "Kindle Hardware" category on Amazon. And thank the Lord that these new $139 and $189 are loved by customers and selling well.

I'm excited about actually getting a book listed on Amazon.com -- publish, promote and prosper -- and then making sure when I write about it to use Amazon affiliate links so as to not throw money away.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My top Examiner.com traffic-getting tips to try and make more money writing for the website online

My top Examiner.com traffic-getting tips to try and make more money writing for the website online

Well, since there's a lull in stuff I really want to write on Examiner.com, I figured it would be a good time to update this blog with some of my top traffic-getting tips on Examiner -- and add some that I'm starting to try to see if they'll work.

#1 - Alexa.com is one of the best ways to find current news items. It was on Alexa.com last week that I saw a random Gather.com article about Brad Pitt shaving his beard -- so I wrote a simple article on Examiner.com titled "Brad Pitt shaves his beard (photos)" and posted it. Amazingly, that one article brought in so much traffic, thank God, it landed me at the #2 most viewed articles in Arts & Entertainment category on Examiner, and paid several hundred dollars. (Of course Google Trends is still there, but so many scammers and scraper sites pull from that list, and the list is so small, down to 20 items, it's not what it used to be.)

#2 - It's all about Bing.com -- at least it was for that piece. I was amazed by the amount of traffic I received on that piece -- not from Google, but from Bing.com. So Examiners, make sure to submit each of your pieces to Bing.com here, because you never know when that will bring you a boatload of traffic.

#3 Check PicApp.com. PicApp is a cool free service that lets writers use pics from different sources with a link back to their site. I've set up several bookmarks like this one searching for interesting PicApp pics from PacificCoastNews -- but mostly, I use PicApp when I can't find celeb pics from other sources, and they update pretty often, but I use it to build around a story already in my brain if it interests me enough.

#4 - Check Examiner.com photos of the day. That's a new thing Examiner.com has put up, with Getty Images and such. It might lead us to a big story.

#5 - Check your Examiner.com stats ad naseum. At least I know I do. Using Google Analytics and other real-time stats tells me something that I hope Examiner.com is incorporating soon -- at least I know with the redesign they said they plan to give us an easier way to incorporate stat-tracking code. But anyway, checking my stats info throughout the day helps me know what stories are hitting and why -- without stat-tracking code, I would've never known Bing.com could be the powerhouse traffic-getting source that it was that day. Plus, it's telling me to maybe I should try for shorter titles more often.

#6 - Write fast, and use the Basic Editor more often. That's a lesson I learned after being an advanced editor addict. Turns out I still use the advanced editor pretty often -- but I'm more of a basic editor freak these days. I can copy a pic I want to use, write up the text in Notepad, copy the text over to Microsoft Word to make sure I correct most spelling errors and that my word count is over 200 words -- and then plop the text into the basic editor -- and plop my stat code into the video code place (I only have to switch to advanced editor if I have more than one video code I want to embed along with my stats code) and publish. It's fast and free and good.

#7 - Use the Firefox browser -- I'm so in love with Mozilla Firefox, I get mad when I can't use it. I use it as my main browser. I've got a bunch of bookmarks all along the top of my browser -- Alexa, the Examiner Login page, PayPal, iGoogle, YouTube's rising videos, most popular videos, Seo Book, and the links to submit my articles to Yahoo, Bing and Google.

Beyond the top, I've also bookmarked stuff like which of my Examiner.com articles have made it into Google News and the like.

I love the fact that Firefox actually remembers my logins and passwords -- and that shaves tons of time off my day, leaving more time to create content.

#8 I stopped reading the majority of my comments -- Instead of wasting time reading what trolls may have to say (yes, I may miss a ton of great comments) I've chosen to focus more on putting out content, instead of getting riled up and responding to fake or spam stuff.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wrong Google Analytics code was costing $500k a year

Wrong Google Analytics code was costing $500k a year

Bing has it all over Google for getting traffic for Examiner.com articles some days

Bing has it all over Google for getting traffic for Examiner.com articles some days

On the days when my articles from Examiner.com take their sweet time about making it into Google News, or not at all, depending on the fickleness of whether they are placed there at all, I'm supremely grateful for Bing.com's sweet search engine.

As you can see from the above "search engine wars" pic I like to check out from time to time, seeing which articles from Examiner.com are getting attention and why, my new piece about Brad Pitt shaving his beard off with photos is all the rage on Bing -- but has get to show up in Google News.

The days when pieces make it into a prominent position in Google News is even more icing on the cake -- with one article able to pull in tons of views, if the Lord wills -- but on the days that it doesn't hit Google News, at least we have Bing to bring us some traffic.

The cool thing about Bing is that it indexing so so so fast -- with an article published 2 minutes ago or whatever many times taking that top spot and getting attention.

And although I'm in love with my Firefox browser and the little handy-dandy Google search box up at the top right of my screen, I'm aware that more average web users still use Internet Explorer, which has the Bing search box more prominently placed, and therefore use Bing.com pretty often.

When I'm on IE I get mad when I can't readily get to my Google search box -- I uninstalled the Google Toolbar because of errors -- so I'll search for Google instead of another search engine.

But oh how grateful I am for Bing right now...thank u Lord!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Legitimate work-at-home writing job earnings: $25,659.38 from 1-1-2010 to 6-30-2010

Legitimate work-at-home writing job earnings: $25,659.38 from 1-1-2010 to 6-30-2010

It's time once again to tally up the online earnings since today is June 30, 2010 -- the halfway point in the year to see how far we've since the last blog and writing earnings update.

Thankfully, Examiner.com is still cranking along as my top earner thus far this year -- and I love writing for them, but I've got mixed feelings about some of the ads they accept, particularly those scammy Pulse 360 and other ads I hope people avoid. Other than that, the other major advertisers look great, and I like writing for them as a means to an end, seed to the sower type of stuff.

Examiner.com has brought me $13,591.57 worth of seed to the sower this first half of 2010, and I put up video proof from my PayPal account:

Apply to Write for Examiner.com here now...

As far as the other gems, as you can see I made $20 thru AOL's Seed.com when they accepted an article about my dad being a WWII vet. It took so long to get published, I don't even know if it's up.

Amazon is still cranking along, thanks to that Zhu Zhu Pets craze from Christmastime.

Google Adsense is okay -- dipped a bit because I blocked those get-rich-quick scams and a lot of other ads from my websites.

So here's the breakdown, and stay tuned and subscribe via my RSS for more upcoming info about new stuff I'm doing. I've got a feeling that the latter half of 2010 is going to be awesome, with a lot more great stuff beyond another 25k coming in...
Date  Name   Gross 
3/17/2010 AOL LLC  $           20.00

AOL LLC Total  $           20.00
1/13/2010 Associated Content  $         108.13
2/10/2010 Associated Content  $         126.21
3/10/2010 Associated Content  $         113.59
4/14/2010 Associated Content  $         130.59
5/12/2010 Associated Content  $         128.00
6/9/2010 Associated Content  $         161.65

Associated Content Total  $         768.17
1/25/2010 Clarity Digital Group, LLC  $     6,149.91
2/20/2010 Clarity Digital Group, LLC  $         995.47
3/20/2010 Clarity Digital Group, LLC  $     1,212.76
4/20/2010 Clarity Digital Group, LLC  $         976.48
5/20/2010 Clarity Digital Group, LLC  $     1,618.60
6/18/2010 Clarity Digital Group, LLC  $     2,638.35

Clarity Digital Group, LLC Total  $  13,591.57
1/1/2010 Text Link Ads, Inc  $           15.50
2/1/2010 Text Link Ads, Inc  $           15.50
3/1/2010 Text Link Ads, Inc  $           15.48
4/1/2010 Text Link Ads, Inc  $           15.50
5/1/2010 Text Link Ads, Inc  $              8.72
6/1/2010 Text Link Ads, Inc  $              8.50

Text Link Ads, Inc Total  $           79.20
1/26/2010 Google Adsense Earnings  $     2,048.15
2/24/2010 Google Adsense Earnings  $         928.15
3/25/2010 Google Adsense Earnings  $         755.00
4/26/2010 Google Adsense Earnings  $         778.59
5/25/2010 Google Adsense Earnings  $         593.92
6/25/2010 Google Adsense Earnings  $         612.90

Google Adsense Earnings Total  $     5,716.71
06/26/10 AMAZON USA  $           144.72
02/24/10 AMAZON USA  $       1,926.19
4/28/2010 AMAZON USA  $           174.36
03/29/10 AMAZON USA  $           277.68
05/26/10 AMAZON USA  $           158.27
01/27/10 AMAZON USA  $       1,864.88

AMAZON USA Total  $       4,546.10
01/20/10 CJ.COM  $             52.00
05/19/10 CJ.COM  $             51.00

CJ.COM Total  $           103.00
01/04/10 KONTERA  $           242.22
02/03/10 KONTERA  $           257.05
05/04/10 KONTERA  $           135.14
03/01/10 KONTERA  $           117.25

KONTERA Total  $           751.66
01/18/10 LINKSHARE  $             13.55
02/04/10 LINKSHARE  $             20.97
03/05/10 LINKSHARE  $            15.52
04/22/10 LINKSHARE  $               1.47
06/25/10 LINKSHARE  $               1.40
06/25/10 LINKSHARE  $               1.31

LINKSHARE Total  $             54.22
05/28/10 PERFILIATE TECHN PAYMENTS CCD (BUY.AT)  $             28.75

PERFILIATE TECHN PAYMENTS CCD (BUY.AT Total)  $             28.75

Grand Total  $   25,659.38

Thursday, June 17, 2010

4Chan takes over Google Trends on Thursday, June 17th with offensive N-word

4Chan takes over Google Trends on Thursday, June 17th with offensive N-word

4Chan is at it again, taking over the #1 spot of Google Trends with an offensive N-word and LOL and little happy faces.
Ah...if only we could use these powers for good and not evil.
But wait, we can.
Now how do I get my books to that top spot?

Monday, May 24, 2010

Google pays us 68% of the Adsense monies that advertisers pay them for content ads, 51% for search

Google pays us 68% of the Adsense monies that advertisers pay them for content ads, 51% for search

Google Adsense just decided to be more transparent with how much of the cut they pay us publishers who run Adsense ads on our sites.

"This means we pay 68% of the revenue that we collect from advertisers for AdSense for content ads that appear on your sites," the Google team writes on the Inside Adsense blog.

Actually 68% is better than I thought they paid. It could've been as low as 50%. (At least God gives us a much better deal -- paying us well beyond the 90% left over after tithes.)

I digress. What about the smart-priced publishers? Are they getting the 68% deal, too?

I see someone else asked the same question in the comments beneath the post.

Ah well...such is life. And life is good.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Making more money writing for Examiner.com? A matter of time and chance...

Making more money writing for Examiner.com? A matter of time and chance...

Keyboard with BLOG highlighted
I've still been on the grind writing Examiner.com articles, at times writing more for them than my own sites.

Apply to Write for Examiner.com here now...

It's interesting to see the Examiner.com articles that make it into Google News versus those that don't.

Some days I'll write a bunch of articles and none make it into Google News -- thankfully, other days I'll write a bunch of pieces and a good number of them make it into Google News.

Plus, I've fallen in love with the basic editor even more than the advanced mode.

It helps when I want to write fast and not worry about fiddling around with dropping Google Analytics code into a piece, which I haven't done much of lately.

Sure, on those good days when I pull in over 70 bucks or more for all my pageviews, I do wonder which articles pulled the views -- hopefully with Examiner.com's coming redesign we'll get pageview per piece info -- but I'm more focused on getting up pieces and trying to figure out the rhyme or reason for the ones that make it in Google News and those that don't.

Like Solomon wrote, "time and chance happen to them all."

Friday, April 30, 2010

Examiner.com has 33,000 writers...plans ramp up to 85,000 by the end of 2010

Just read this interesting press release about Examiner.com publishing its 1,000,000th article -- and the fact that they plan to actively add more Examiners by year's end, planning to reach 85,000!

Apply to Write for Examiner.com here now...

Monday, April 26, 2010

Guy sells 40,000 Kindle ebooks, makes $4,000 monthly - set to make $134,000 yearly when Amazon switches to 70% ebook royalty rate

Guy sells 40,000 Kindle ebooks, makes $4,000 monthly - set to make $134,000 yearly when Amazon switches to 70% ebook royalty rate

I was so amazed with this guy's success with selling his ebooks on Kindle -- he's sold 40,000 ebooks just since last April, and makes $4,000 per month selling ebooks -- that it's seriously changing my whole paradigm about switching my Random House-hardcover book dreams.

"When the royalty rate for Amazon switches to 70%, I'll be earning $2.04 on a $2.99 ebook. That's $134,000 a year," says J.A. Konath about Amazon's current 35% payout rate. (Amazon.com will make the switch on June 30, 2010.)

And with all these ways you don't need a Kindle that Amazon is introducing, it seems like a great time to make this Kindle ebook switch in philosophy.

Talk about newfound inspiration!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Get more Examiner.com pageviews: Focus more on content than comments - and here are my Top 10 keywords

Zip Car Club Launches In London
Back when I wrote an article titled something like "Why You Should Respond to Your Blog Comments" in 2007 or so, I was a still a blogging newbie and had a lot fewer readers -- and thus, a lot fewer comments to moderate.

The piece is so old I can't even find it.

Apply to Write for Examiner.com here now...

Just as well, because in this article I'm going to offer the exact opposite advice, namely, if you're looking to bring in page views to your Examiner.com articles or other articles you write across the web, don't spend a ton of time on the comments or comment moderation.

Hopefully most sites will pick up on the reader comment moderation technique that other big websites use -- you know the ones that let users give thumbs down or thumbs up to comments that are just out in left field, and are then brought to the attention of the editors.

Why I Stopped Reading 90% of My Comments

I found that comment moderation is such a time-consuming job -- pouring over comments that most of the time aren't helpful.

Granted, sometimes you get some gems that help you correct a mistake made in an article, or with helpful links that give you more info.

But other times you'll get less helpful stuff from idiots hiding behind keyboards that want to make insulting comments because they think they're getting away with it. They'll attack your writing because they think it will hurt you, blah, blah, blah...get you all riled up and focused not on creating more content, which is where the money lies.

Basically, I'd thank them in my head for the page view and move on, wishing I hadn't read it in the first place. So I stopped and focused on writing more.

Writing More Content Pays Off

At least it did yesterday, when I pulled in around 60 bucks from my Examiner.com pieces.

I don't really know which one got the most traffic -- I can suspect from just viewing the number (not content) of the contents that piece that hit -- because I also stopped worrying about taking the time to drop Google Analytics code into each piece.

Like one guy just commented on this blog (a comment I actually read that actually made it through this blog, one that I've tightened the comment policy from anonymous to at least those with a Google account) -- sometimes it's good not to have the stats code in the Examiner pieces so you won't spend time comparing stat counts and fretting.

My Top 10 Traffic-Getting Keywords from Examiner.com
So it's a good thing I at least have stat-tracking Google Analytics code in a good portion of my Examiner articles -- and that's what gave me a great look at what my top keywords have been since 9/2009 (when I began writing for them) till today, April 7, 2010.

If this doesn't tell us what works well for getting traffic, I don't know what does:
 keyword Visits Pages/Visit Avg. Time on Site % New Visits Bounce Rate

1 youtube.com 117,447 1.20 00:00:22 96.96% 86.10%
2 youtube 29,340 1.16 00:00:23 97.33% 88.03%
3 tiger woods latest  27,843 1.33 00:00:58 86.23% 80.70%
4 tmz.com  23,965 1.42 00:01:14 83.87% 75.48%
5 loleini tonga  18,724 1.18 00:00:29 92.09% 85.41%
6 tiger woods  15,561 1.23 00:00:25 68.11% 80.71%
7 rachel uchitel wikipedia  13,139 1.14 00:00:19 92.98% 89.47%
8 tyra banks weight loss  10,545 1.10 00:00:17 96.79% 92.20%
9 brittany murphy funeral  10,519 1.25 00:00:30 91.21% 82.82%
10 tmz  9,970 1.24 00:00:34 87.65% 82.78%

Thursday, April 01, 2010

What Google Adsense ads do people click on the most?

I just took an interesting journey to finally find under "Adsense Setup" and "Ad Review Center" to figure out how I could block categories of ads from showing up on my websites.

I write so much on on this site about the scam ads I find, I didn't want to contribute to any of them. So I've ended up blocking the "get rich quick" category -- and most all of the others below.

I wonder what ads will show in their wake?

In the meantime, you can tell what people click on:
Category   % Recent Earnings % Recent Ad Impressions
1.3% 2.6%

Includes lifts, suctions, lasers, hair removal and restoration, tattoos, and body modification.
0.6% 2.2%

Includes dating services and online dating communities.
2.3% 2.7%

Includes pharmaceuticals, vitamins, supplements, and related retailers; does not include resources providing information about drugs.
18.7% 13.8%

Schemes promising fast earning.
0.2% 2.5%

Includes politics or controversial social issues; does not include ads for news organizations that are not generally associated with a partisan viewpoint on issues.
6.6% 4.6%

Includes ads that are sexually suggestive, relate to sexual and reproductive health, or refer to sex and sexuality.
1.5% 3.6%

Includes religious ads and ads advocating for or against religious views; does not include astrology or non-denominational spirituality.
2.2% 2.0%

Mobile add-ons including ringtones, and other downloadable goodies such as screensavers and wallpapers for desktop PCs and profile layouts and graphics for social networks.
0.7% 0.6%

Includes sexual function and fertility ads; does not include normal pregnancy resources.
1.0% 1.9%

Includes video games, online games and downloadable games; does not include video game consoles.
7.9% 3.9%

Includes weight loss, dieting, and related products and programs; doesn't include healthy eating or general fitness ads.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

$17,291.16 made writing online from January to March 2010 - Thank God for Examiner.com!

I just went through my PayPal and checking accounts to see how the 1st quarter of 2010 has turned out money-wise with this writing online business.

Wow, I said out loud when I summed up the below totals to see that I've taken in $17,291.16 from January 1 thru March 31, 2010, from the below sources.

As you can see, most of it comes from Examiner.com -- so stay tuned and follow my blog for more tips about getting traffic. Gotta jet.

Apply to Write for Examiner.com here now...

01/25/10 EXAMINER (CLARITY DIGITAL GROUP, LLC)  $                    6,149.91
02/20/10 EXAMINER (CLARITY DIGITAL GROUP, LLC)  $                      995.47
03/20/10 EXAMINER (CLARITY DIGITAL GROUP, LLC)  $                    1,212.76
 $                    8,358.14

02/24/10 AMAZON DECEMBER 2009 USA EARNINGS  $                    1,926.19
03/29/10 AMAZON USA JANUARY 2010 EARNINGS $277.68
01/27/10 amazon usa november 2009 earnings  $                    1,864.88
 $                    4,068.75

01/20/10 CJ.COM  $                        52.00

01/04/10 KONTERA  $                      242.22
02/03/10 KONTERA  $                      257.05
03/01/10 KONTERA  $                      117.25
 $                      616.52

01/18/10 LINKSHARE  $                        13.55
03/05/10 LINKSHARE  $                        15.52
02/04/10 LINKSHARE  $                        20.97
 $                        50.04  

1/27/2010 GOOGLE ADSENSE DECEMBER 2009 $2,048.15
02/27/10 GOOGLE ADSENSE JANUARY 2010 $928.15
3/27/2010 google adsense paula's earnings for FEB 2010 $755.00

TOTAL: $3,731.30

01/01/10 TEXT LINK ADS  $                        15.50
02/01/10 TEXT LINK ADS  $                        15.50
03/01/10 TEXT LINK ADS  $                        15.48

TOTAL:  $                        46.48

01/13/10 ASSOCIATED CONTENT  $                      108.13
02/10/10 ASSOCIATED CONTENT  $                      126.21
03/10/10 ASSOCIATED CONTENT  $                      113.59

TOTAL:  $                      347.93

03/17/10 AOL'S SEED.COM PAYMENT  $                        20.00

Apply to Write for Examiner.com here now...

Paula Neal Mooney