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Saturday, October 10, 2009

$23,342 online blogging income from 1/1 - 9/30/2009: Here's how I made the money online...

$23,332 online blogging income from 1/1 - 9/30/2009: Here's how I made the money online...

My last income post explained how I was up to nearly $20,000 of blogging income in the first 6 months of 2009.

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And I felt it was time to get an update 3 months later, and find out how much money has come into my accounts (PayPal and checking) in the first 9 months of 2009.

The grand total of monies brought in (not just earned, more is coming) is $23,342.66, as broken down below. As first I thought I was mistaken, "only" brought in $3,689.22 in the last 3 months since I updated, approximately $1,229 per month.

Note: The $23,342.66 doesn't include the amount of expenses I've spent this year thus far for doing business, including about $900 for web hosting fees, even more for Google Adwords advertising and such. I'll update with more numbers later...

Which is a good thing in terms of the amount of taxes I'll owe next year -- the whole reason I'm trying to estimate how much I need to pay Uncle Sam come April 15, 2010 (and the reason I'm researching filing my Plunder, LLC writing business in ways to make it more tax effective.)

Since I've started writing for Examiner.com and am pulling in more money -- which will start flowing in soon, my next income posts will reflect that kick up in blogging income that I'm so glad the Lord opened the door to, especially after my income fell earlier this year when I got two of my websites banned by Google.

So here's the breakdown in blogging income and how it's shaking out, with links and stuff:

Google Adsense is still the front-runner with $9,375.85 coming in during the first 9 months:

1/26/2009 google adsense paula's earnings for December 2008 $1,538.34
2/27/2009 google adsense paula's earnings for January 2009 $1,634.26
3/27/2009 google adsense paula's earnings for February 2009 $480.95
4/27/2009 google adsense paula's earnings for March 2009 $536.59
5/27/2009 google adsense paula's earnings for April 2009 $499.56
6/27/2009 google adsense paula's earnings for May 2009 $1,537.72
7/27/2009 google adsense paula's earnings for June 2009 $1,225.91
8/27/2009 google adsense paula's earnings for JuLY 2009 $1,015.27
9/27/2009 google adsense august 2009 earnings $907.25

Amazon Associates earnings were next up at $7,942.46 in earnings across the USA and from Germany monies, please note, this doesn't include the money I dropped on Google Adwords advertising the products before Amazon banned that practice:

01/21/09 amazon - november 2008 usa earnings $1,837.70
02/26/09 amazon - DECEMBER 2008 usa earnings IN JESUS' HOLY AND POWERFUL NAME $2,098.31
03/24/09 amazon - JANUARY 2009 usa earnings IN JESUS' HOLY AND POWERFUL NAME $655.80
03/31/09 amazon germany deposit January 2009 monies earned: 66,29 euros AND uk 143.64 gbp $282.37
04/23/09 AMAZON FEBRUARY 2009 EARNINGS USA $1,491.45
05/24/09 amazon MARCH 2009 earnings united states $298.73
06/24/09 amazon APRIL 2009 earnings united states $307.89
07/28/09 amazon MAY 2009 earnings united states $527.84
08/24/09 amazonN JUNE 2009 earnings united states $271.18
09/24/09 amazon july 2009 earnings united states $171.19

Kontera continues to be a steady earner at $2,380.42 for the first 9 months of this year (hot tip: my most popular keywords are "Oprah" and "episode" and such:

01/01/09 kontera november 2008 earnings $391.35
02/01/09 KONTERA DECEMBER 2008 EARNINGS $162.37
03/04/09 KONTERA JANUARY 2009 EARNINGS $285.17
05/04/09 kontera Feb. and March 2009 earnings $237.89
07/01/09 KONTERA APRIL AND MAY 2009 EARNINGS $576.73
08/01/09 KONTERA JUNE 2009 EARNINGS $232.32
09/02/09 KONTERA JUly 2009 EARNINGS $296.62
10/02/09 KONTERA JUly 2009 EARNINGS $197.97

The Associated Content total was $1,224.93 broken down as such:

1/14/2009 Associated Content $124.26
2/11/2009 Associated Content $186.34
3/11/2009 Associated Content $155.73
4/8/2009 Associated Content $135.35
5/13/2009 Associated Content $122.57
6/10/2009 Associated Content $142.80
7/9/2009 Associated Content $122.99
8/12/2009 Associated Content $121.20
9/9/2009 Associated Content $113.69

Linkshare sales brought in $958.73, and that is mostly from iTunes sales:

01/09/09 link share payment $36.92
02/09/09 LINKSHARE NOVEMBER 2008 SALES $177.70
02/09/09 LINKSHARE NOVEMBER 2008 SALES $10.43
02/16/09 LINKSHARE PAYMENTS $18.00
03/11/09 LINKSHARE PAYMENTS $559.99
04/17/09 LINKSHARE $18.00
04/23/09 LINKSHARE $65.04
06/08/09 LINKSHARE $10.68
06/12/09 LINKSHARE $13.79
08/28/09 LINKSHARE PAYMENTS $31.72
10/06/09 linkshare payment $10.28

CJ.com brought in $673.13, mostly from last year's sales of Apple Store Black Friday sales, which I had to email the Apple Store affiliate manager to get the rest of:

02/24/09 CJ JANUARY 2009 EARNINGS $605.63
09/21/09 CJ PAYMENT $67.50

Text Link Ads was next at $589.88, and some ad link sales have fallen off:

1/2/2009 Text Link Ads, Inc $60.70
2/1/2009 Text Link Ads, Inc $101.79
3/1/2009 Text Link Ads, Inc $95.35
4/1/2009 Text Link Ads, Inc $72.70
5/1/2009 Text Link Ads, Inc $55.09
6/1/2009 Text Link Ads, Inc $47.75
7/1/2009 Text Link Ads, Inc $47.75
8/1/2009 Text Link Ads, Inc $53.84
9/1/2009 Text Link Ads, Inc $54.91

Buy.at brought in $134.25 after some TicketMaster sales went thru, but Buy.at is clunky and I can't even login anymore!


EBayPartnerNetwork.com has only brought a little over a buck, but now that they've changed their business model to PPC, check back to see if I make more next month:


Don't even know really how I made the Linkworth -- I think it was thru a referral, but some people like them:

2/10/2009 LinkWorth $50.00

And this sale was due to recommeding a blogger theme sale:

5/8/2009 Niche Blog Media $11.98

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Get more website traffic visitors on Examiner.com, add Google Analytics tracking code and study it

Get more website traffic visitors on Examiner.com, add Google Analytics tracking code and study it

Thanks to my fellow Examiners over at the LinkedIn discussions groups for letting me know that you could put Google Analytics tracking code inside each of your posts to find out which of your particular posts get the most traffics and why -- so I'm writing this post to show other Examiner.com writers how do so, until the time that Examiner.com puts this forthcoming enhancement in place.

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  • First, go to Google Analytics and set up a new account if you haven't already. It's free.

  • Then go to "Add Website Profile" at the bottom

  • Choose "Add a Profile for a new domain", and add Examiner.com as your website and leave the choose adwords box blank

  • Then you should get "Instructions for adding tracking" and "New Tracking Code ga.js" and under that you'll see "Copy the following code block into every webpage you want to track immediately before the body tag. If your site has dynamic content you can use a common include or a template. Use this tracking code to gain access to a wide range of exciting new features as they become available."

  • Take the code that you see in that box below that text and copy and paste it to a notepad file so that you can use it often.

  • Next, when you're writing your next Examiner.com article (or adding it to the old Examiner.com pieces you've written) copy and paste that Google Analytics code in the same box that you would when you're posting a video to Examiner.com -- the little box that pops up when you add the YouTube code there, the one that looks like a clipboard with a <*> on it.

  • Okay, now that you've got your tracking code installed in your Examiner.com articles, here's how you can use it to figure out what articles are getting the most traffic..and how to duplicate that...

    Google Analytics code gives you its data the day after you install it, and you have to wait till the next day to get the results for the previous 24 hour period, or whatever other prior periods you want to analyze.

    Here's what I found out about my traffic yesterday on Examiner.com -- check my Examiner.com page to see the actual articles:

    So far, I see that Google direct traffic is the main source of my traffic -- and that my Twitter and Digg marketing efforts didn't pay off as much yet, at least not until my followers grow on Twitter - CLICK THE PIC TO ENLARGE:

    And this next Google Analytics page shows me which ones of my posts got the most traffic yesterday (of the pieces that I put the tracking code inside) and today I was surprised to learn that my recent article about AJ Jewell's funeral got the most views. I didn't even know it was ranked that well till I studied the code. So info like that helps me go back and see that the topic obviously has a lot of interest -- plus, it helps me learn how I wrote that post that helped Google rank it well. Maybe it was the amount of times I wrote "AJ Jewell funeral" throughout the post. CLICK TO ENLARGE AND STUDY:

    And finally, getting a view of the keywords -- the actual search terms that people typed into search engines (mostly Google) to find my Examiner.com also helps. Click to enlarge pic:

    Apply to Write for Examiner.com here now...

    Paula Neal Mooney