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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Watch Free TV Online...Shows With Full Television Episodes and No Cost!

Watch free TV shows online here, like The OC, The Office, 24, Scrubs, Prison Break...by Paula Neal Mooney

Upate: I've created an online TV guide listing channels and links to watching full and partial episodes on the web.

"Watch live TV for free online!"

"Watch 24 online! Watch The Office online!"

The people have spoken.

Not only do we want our MTV, we want to watch our favorite MTV shows online...and our ABC shows, and our CBS shows...all for free viewing, full episodes.

And the TV execs are finally catching up with some of the renegade start-ups listed next to them below and are making some full episodes of their TV shows available to watch online for free.

Now, you may need a lightening fast connection and a whole lotta good juju for some of these babies to work -- check the site's specific requirements.

But play around, see what you can see.

Here are TV shows (some with full episodes) to watch free online:
WebsiteShows Available to Watch
ABC - Nighttime Shows Launch their player to watch full free episodes of
Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, October Road, Brothers and Sisters, Dancing with the Stars, Lost, Ugly Betty, National Bingo Night, Daybreak (starring Taye Diggs), What About Brian, Knights of Prosperity, The Bachelor, According to Jim
-- all for free!

Some have at least 10 or more full episodes online to watch free.
ABC FamilyWatch full free episodes of Falcon Beach, Kyle XY and more...
AOL TelevisionWatch full free episodes of stuff like...
Are You Hot? Bless This House, Babylon 5, Ben Stiller Show, CHiPs, Eight is Enough, Elimindate, The Flinstones, Growing Pains, Gilligan's Island
Cartoon NetworkWatch cartoons such as Naruto, The Prince of Tennis
CBSWatch full episodes of
Armed & Famous, The Class, CSI, CSI:NY, CSI: Miami, How I Met Your Mother, Jericho, The King of Queens, NCIS, The New Adventures of Old Christine, Numbers, Papdit, Rules of Engagement, Shark, Survivor Fiji and The Unit...
Also watch:
Pirate Master, The Amazing Race: All-Stars, Creature Comforts, Animate This!
Comedy CentralWatch snippets of episodes of The Colbert Report, The Daily Show,South Park, Reno 911, Sarah Silverman Program
CWTVWatch full free episodes of Everybody Hates Chris, Girlfriends, America's Next Top Model, All of Us, The Game
DisneyWatch full free episodes of That's So Raven, The Emperor's New School, Brandy & Mr. Whiskers, Hannah Montana, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody…and snippets of High School Musical
ESPNSome sports stuff…
Fox on Demand (Only in some areas)Watch full free episodes of Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?, American Dad,The Loop, Talk Show,Bones, Drive, Standoff,Vanish and 24
HolersoftI downloaded a free two-week trial; has lots of channels but most seem like webtv newscasts
JoostGoogled around and begged people for an invite, got one, downloaded it and got a DirectX error. What the heck shows are on this site?
MTVWatch full free episodes of shows like Run's House, Real World, etc.

(Just select the show and choose "Read more..." to see if they have that show's full episode online.)
NBCWatch full free episodes of
30 Rock, Andy Barker PI, The Black Donnellys, Friday Night Lights, Heroes, Identity, Medium, Miss USA 2007, Medium, Passions, Raines
…and Two-Minute Free Replays of The Office, (watch full-length episodes of The Office here) Scrubs, ER, The Apprentice…and more
NickelodeonSpongeBob Heaven!

Watch full length episodes of SpongeBob and other shows to keep your kids quiet in airplane terminals, entranced by your laptop
PBS - FrontlineWatch full episodes of Frontline
PBS - Frontline WorldWatch full episodes of Frontline World
VH1Watch snippets of episodes of Monique's Charm School, Celebrity Fit Club
Watch Free EpisodesFind full-length episodes of The Office online to watch here...

WWITVLists TV stations sorted by state that link to local TV broadcast online

Monday, May 28, 2007

Free Traffic Hits...Increase Search Engine Visitors With These Quick and Dirty Tips

Increase web site traffic and hits free by getting more search engine traffic.by Paula Neal Mooney

You set up a free website, now you want free traffic.

Or, you paid for your website, and now you need enough search-engine traffic to at least pay for your web hosting fees.

Try these quick and (not so) dirty ways I've used to get more free web hits to my blogs:

1 - Gird your loins and wash some dirty, stinky feet
That's my metaphorical way of saying that "you gotta serve somebody."

Wish I could find the blog to give link love to that I read last night, saying that he increased his subscriber count to something crazy like 900 folks in a few months.

What sticks with me is that he said if you provide people a service, they'll come back. So...

2 - Give people the quirky things they're looking for
I was amazed to find out how many people per month search for "Google's USA Home Page," so that's why I titled my post that.

If you blog it, they will come.

3 - Ask short questions in the title that people want to know
"Robin Thicke's Race? Wife? Lyrics? Dad?" has gotten me so many hits, because whatever combination of those search terms people type in satisfies their specific need. (Amazingly, the "hot, hot and still hot" part gets me folks looking for the lyrics to that "Hot hot hot" song!)

Same deal with "Barack Obama's Race? Age? Religion?" (without repeating the Barack Obama name like I did when I was an SEO-newbie -- but you get the picture.)

4 - Borrow some keywords
Copy and paste can be our best friend. Just look at all the Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool (is that puppy really dead? Why is it showing January 2007 when it was updated to April 2007?) keywords about Robin Thicke I copied at that bottom of the post about him.

That's a quick and dirty way to get more search-engine traffic, because depending on how fast Google crawls your site, that's what people will find right away.

I should, however, update the Robin Thicke post to ensure I've covered all the bases people are searching for to be even more helpful.

5 - Brag about the number of readers you have...after you pump up the number
Put your stats front and center, recommends Blogging Tips, whom I found whilst surfing late Saturday night.

I finally moved up my counter once my subscriber numbers increased, and then chose from a pretty image on Al at Self-Made Minds post about Feedburner counts to make my subscription count even more representative of my daily pageviews.

Fake it till you make it!

(John H. Johnson pretended to be janitor to his non-existent white boss in order to be shown the piece of real estate that birthed the Johnson Publishing empire. Bishop T.D. Jakes got his 1-800-Bishop2 phone number and had women around the church answering the phone.)

6 - Meta Tags still matter
My blogging buddy Bonnie told me forever ago to update the metatags in my blog's code. I finally did and they have helped. Thanks, Bonnie!

Just right click anywhere on the white page on my blog and choose view source and look for the first META content that says "Get blog readers..." and such to see what I mean. Google really still looks at those things.

7 - Type longer labels
I used to just type labels like "lil, wayne,kissing,baby" and hit publish.

Now I'm wiser and realized that typing in stuff like separated by commas really make the difference to the ol' "Goog" for bringing in that search-engine traffic!

8 - Post a lot...it takes time
Yeah, I know I just told everybody to slow down and create good posts, and that still holds true. But until you get a lot of email subscribers, or until you set up a strictly search-engine blog driving traffic to your main blog, you need to build content and open as many doors or gateways for people to find you as possible.

Like the "Watch Grey's Anatomy Full Episodes Online Free" post I put on my search-engine blog, it's getting hits now that I hope come on over here and stay.

9 - All about the ALT tag
In the Edit HTML mode of Blogger, in between the ALT " " space after I inserted the above foot-washing picture, I put "Increase web site traffic and hits free by getting more search engine traffic" in between those double quotes.

This is what's called "tagging" a photo, and that text will show up in search engines, both for folks looking for the post and for images.

That's it. Happy blogging and search-engine gaining.

And God bless and keep our troops this Memorial Day.

What you are doing and sacrificing for us all is beyond words...but thank you.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Website.Com...Make Your Own Website for Free (or Cheaply) with These Easy-to-Understand Instructions

Make and create your own website.com for free by following these steps written in plain English that's easy for non-techies to understand.
by Paula Neal Mooney

"Make your own free website.com," or "create your own website.com," you frantically type into search engines.

You've got a burning desire to make a free web site for kids, or another kind of personal website.

Problem is, when you search around for the steps to create your own website, all you find is a bunch of techies talking about "flash" and "php" and other acronyms you don't understand.

It's a white man's world...but it's changing
I'll admit it, working with techies over the years, I discovered that most IT departments were filled with white men. Some were really REALLY sweet and helpful. But others were as cocky as that techie in the commercial that calls his non-techie coworkers "chumps" -- a guy they can't fire because "he's the only one that knows how to fix our computers."

I was glad to see the IT departments diversify, first with women digging around underneath the floor of server rooms in skirts that companies forced us to wear, then later with Indians with extremely long names on their name plates, curiously colored pictures with religious symbols in their cubes and oddly odiferous smells emanating from the break room microwave.

I'm sorry for the way I act sometimes
The reasons some of us can be so haughty over any techie skills we've been blessed with is because we know that website creation is a gold mine -- yet but for the grace and knowledge of God, we'd have none of this -- so my goal is to share with everyone how to create a free website in plain English for the most non-techie to understand.

For all my pontificating and tryin' to hang with the big boys -- some who just don't like the fact that a "Nigga Know Technology" (forgive the shocking link, the guy makes me laugh and shake my head all at once) -- I'll be the first to admit I'm still learning -- and that nearly two years after creating this blog, JUST LAST NIGHT did I finally understand the difference between a web host and a content mgmt. system after reading Blogtrepreneur's viral post about 101 Essential Blogging Resources.

So, in the Spirit of stealing some of his links, here's "how to create your own free or cheap personal website.com" in as plain and simple English as I can muster:

How to Make a Website in Plain English

1 - Buy a Domain Name
Yes, I know I said free, and you CAN set up a free domain name like I did this blog on Blogger.com. That might be good practice for you at first to get your feet wet, but the web world looks down on websites that contain "blogspot," "wordpress," "typepad," or "myspace" and such anywhere in the URL -- which is another name for the website address.

Save yourself heartache, ditch the cafe mocha for a few days and find a good dot com name:

Namecheap - $8.88 per year with free WhoisGuard
GoDaddy - $8.95 per year (and lower)
1&1 - $5.99 per year with free private domain registration
MyDomain - $8.25 per year

2 - Get yourself a host
I guess this is just like it sounds, a website "host" is whoever's house your website party is going to be held at. For example, Blogger.com "hosts" this blog for free for me. But again, when you hit the big time with your money site, other advertisers look down on free hosting sites, so skip a lunch or two and choose a host:

Dreamhost - Great plans, great prices with loads of bandwidth and diskspace.
Frozen Webhost - Small company but only $5/month and very reliable.
Media Temple - Awesome recommendations, grid and dedicated hosting.
Rackspace - Managed, dedicated and scalable web hosting for businesses
Hostgator - Shared hosting at $6.95 per month

3 - Choose a blogging platform
This is where you actually write the content, the words, the articles, the posts -- whatever you want to call them that makes sense to you. Again, I use Blogger, but I'm going to start a new website on Wordpress, so I'll let you all know how that goes.

Wordpress - The industry standard and most widely used - and its FREE!
Blogger - quick blog creation, but FTP can be slow and you don’t have full control
Typepad - another blogging platform, but pricing from $4.95/month
Joomla - CMS and Web Application Framework and free

That's it for now.

Play around and delve into the above links and start setting stuff up. Of course, there's so much more to it, but sometimes too much information is too overwhelming at first, so I'll give it to you in small doses as I learn.

So hang with me, put your email address right here for free emails about stuff like this and more. Just delete the posts that are too techie and go over your head.

I'll include basic, plain English instructions in most of them that will help you get started making your own website, and help you make some money off it to boot!

Heed the burning desire in your soul.

You were born to create that website idea that keeps you up at night and excites your being.

Stop being afraid. You can do it. Start it today.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Google Hot Trends Web Site...Get More Blog Traffic by Studying It

julianne hough engaged mormon naked pics nude reveal wedding
by Paula Neal Mooney

Google Hot Trends Lab web site is alive!

I just threw my hands in the air when I read on Problogger.net about a new site named Google Trends Lab that gives up-to-date, current information about the hot searches people are typing into Google.

Google Trends Lab is a blogger's dream, especially for those looking to bring up their search-engine traffic.

For example, in the current #2 search position is Julianne Hough.

google trends lab hot web site dot com hot searches nowUse Google Suggest and Trend Labs Combined
A quick check of Google Suggest Labs lets me know that folks are hot and heavy for "Julianne Hough Mormon" info, as well as "Julianne Hough engaged" queries.

(I'd never heard of her, but turns out Julianne Hough is not engaged anymore, and the Mormon wedding Julianne Hough planned was called off.)

Google Trends Labs Features
What's even cooler about Google Trends lab is that they provide a neat graph as pictured here showing how the search term is peaking during the day, related searches, news articles and blog posts related to the hot search term.julianne hough pictures pix photos trend height weight

Here's hoping this will bring plenty more search-engine traffic to our blogs!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ditching Blogspot, Importing to Wordpress 2.2...Not Today!

blogspot blogger import to wordpress 2.2 problems issues bugsby Paula Neal Mooney

"When are you moving to your own domain and hosting?"

That's what Vin over at Dummies Guide to Google Blogger Beta asked me yesterday.

It's a question I ask myself nearly every day, especially since Wordpress 2.2 has come out with a new version that claims to make importing Blogger/Blogspot posts a breeze.

However, having worked in the technology department of a major corporation over the years, I've seen the kind of pressure developers are put under firsthand to get upgrades out to the public without sufficient time to test some of them.

Heck, as a software quality assurance tester, I liked to call the users that we rolled new upgrades out to my "beta testers."

So I'm not one to easily follow the crowd, jumping on new bandwagons only to regret it later. But being a Taurean, I know I can be slow to change at times, and I'm weighing my options.

My New Dot Coms
I've even bought a couple of dot com names from Cheap Names, a site I learned about from BlogPaul.

But the PaulaNealMooney.com one is merely redirected back here for now, till I resolve the following issues in my head about ditching the blogspot URL and either switching to a custom domain hosted on Blogger, or the new Wordpress 2.2:

Pros to Keeping the Blogspot Domain and Blogger Platform
  • Domain Name Age. The http://paulamooney.blogspot.com will be a 2-year-old come this December 2007, and domain name age is important. Google looks at the age of your domain name to determine when to get it out of the sandbox.

  • My Pagerank is Growing. Google Pagerank is an important thing when it comes to getting good advertisers and paid blogging opportunities. The more quality sites link to you, the better your pagerank. As of this writing, my pagerank is 5, and although some people claim that all your backlinks and pagerank will follow you to a new domain, I hear it can take a long time. Either way, I'd really love to keep my backlinks from Darrew Rowse, John Chow and others...

  • Technorati Doesn't Consolidate the Ranking of Both Sites. Technorati ranking is another important factor when it comes to figuring out the importance of a blog. Blessedly, my blog now sits around a rank of 2,000 out of 77 million blogs. Say I did switch all my blog posts over to PaulaNealMooney.com, and people started linking to that URL. Right now, as Jason Neuman once discovered, the links to my old URL and new links to my new URL would be counted separately on Technorati. This would do me no good.

  • Good Google Juice on Blogger.Okay, this point is mere blogosphere speculation, but it makes sense to assume that Blogger, owned by Google, would get the best Google Juice and search-engine listings. Besides, I just love the way my Google Blogger stuff is all nice and neat under the same spot as my Gmail, Adsense, Webmaster and all my other Google accounts.

  • make money online import blogger blogspot url wordpress 2.2 technorati ranking increase
  • Blogspot Blogs Can Grow in Popularity. Just look at Frank Warren's Post Secret, sitting proudly at #8, right beneath Arrianna Huffington, whom I've thankfully got another link coming from. True, Frank admirably doesn't run any ads on his Blogspot blog, nor does the Official Google Blog sitting on a blogspot URL, but that giant doesn't need to.
  • But popular Singapore blogger Wendy Cheng, who writes Xiaxue (on a blogspot URL!), gets around 10,000 - 20,000 visitors a day and blogs full-time, living off advertising revenue from her blog and other writings. Wendy runs ads on that site, and sells pixels for $18.75 USD per square. Not too shabby for a "blogspot" blog...

  • The Import from Blogger/Blogspot to Wordpress 2.2 has problems. Like any new release, the new import from blogger to WP 2.2 sounds fraught with issues. Judging from the comments at the end of blog posts like this asking for feedback, people are having problems with the import. I'll stay out of the fray and let the beta testers -- I mean, general public -- work them out.

  • I Know the Blogger Platform In and Out.I just love Google's Blogger. I know the software in and out. I'm used to it. I played around with Wordpress a bit, but came running back to Blogger like a sure and faithful husband waiting at home. I really don't want to spend my nights learning another platform inside and out right now. I want to braid my hair. I want to watch The View and Oprah.

Cons Against Keeping the Blogspot URL and Blogger Platform

  • "Having Blogspot in your URL is as bad as Geocities." That's a quote I read recently from some site that stayed with me. Remember those geocities sites? Yeah, I know blogspot can look unprofessional, as if you're not serious about blogging and not technologically astute. I get around this in person and print by telling folks to "Just Google Paula Mooney" or by listing my PaulaNealMooney.com site.

  • WordPress Plug-ins are so darn cool. I mean, those plug-ins that put folks pics (not just Blogger people) in the comments section on the same page of WP blogs and the "notify me of follow-up comments" check box is to die for! Yes, I know Haloscan can accomplish the same thing for Blogspot bloggers, but it's clunky and I don't like it.

  • A regular dot com will bring me more money. Sites like Burst Media and others (Yahoo's Publisher Network, I believe) just don't accept sites hosted on free blogging platforms. Some of the highest-paying PayPerPost advertisers don't as well. I could get around this by transferring to a regular dot com, but then I need to develop the patience for all my links to follow.

  • Happily Stuck...For Now
    So, that's mostly it. My reasons for happily staying on my blogspot URL for the time being, until that day that in a surge of techie delight, I get up in the middle of the night and transfer the whole "Schmeil, schmazel, hossenfeifer incorporated..." to a dot com that's not hosted for free.

    Tell me what you all think:
    1 - Were you a blogspot blogger with a PR of at least 5 that transferred to WP 2.2?

    2- How long did it take your pagerank to update?

    3 - What was your Technorati ranking before and now?

    4 - Did all your backlinks follow you?

    5 - Are your advertising opportunities better now?

    Inquiring blogspot bloggers want to know!

    Saturday, May 19, 2007

    Blog Traffic Sucking? Do these 7 things right now...

    by Paula Neal Mooney

    "For your eyes only," wrote a mysterious foreign man who I've been communicating with thru email.

    I scrolled down to take in the vulnerably naked pic he'd attached in the email...of his sucky blog stats.

    Raise your blog stats
    We've all been there. Posting and posting our hearts out, only to check our number of visitors and discover maybe 10 or 15 people have read our blog that day.

    But take heart.

    Do any of these seven things right now that you haven't already done, and I can almost guarantee you'll see those traffic bars spike:

    1 - Make sure your post title comes before your blog name in the search engines.
    Which one looks better?

    This search-engine result with my blog's name, PAULA NEAL MOONEY, listed first and the full post title "George and Callie on Grey's Anatomy Getting..." cut off...

    ...or this listing about the "DC Madam List of Names and Phone Numbers...Everybody Wants You" with the full post title displayed first in all its blogging glory, so much so that the PAULA NEAL MOONEY cut off?
    Which one would you click on?

    Turns out ever since I switched and put my post titles first in the search-engine results, more pageviews have come my way for the old posts that got reversed. This is especially true if you have a blog name like mine, one that doesn't say "BLOG ABOUT MONEY ONLINE" or something descriptive.

    Follow these instructions for Blogger/Blogspot blogs to make sure your post title comes first. (Some folks have had a problem with those instructions, but they worked on two of my blogs.) Wordpress has plug-ins to do this too, but I can't vouch for them personally, since I've yet to fully delve into WP.

    2 - Post your real pic
    Sure, I've adopted the avatar of a hot blonde for reasons of subterfuge in the past, but the pic in my blog's profile is real -- save for a few retouches...

    And just look at the controversy that erupted in my comments section when I posted what I thought was Kumiko's real image on my blog.

    I know one well-known blogger who uses a pretty woman as his avatar, and it got him a lot of traffic, but I always wonder how duped (or angry?) his male readers felt when they discovered that the hot woman they left drooling comments for was really a man.

    People who stick around for the long haul need to know who you really are if you're serious about turning blogging into a career. Yes, I understand people who are just blogging to express themselves or blow off steam -- they don't want to get Dooced, and they have jobs to consider.

    But name one famous anonymous blogger who has hit the big time.

    It's difficult -- because though some anonymous bloggers have a large following -- there are the issues of personal appearances and speeches that can't be overcome without rigamarole.

    Just this week I received a big blessing: an invitation to speak at the BlogHer 2007 Conference in Chicago on the gorgeous Navy Pier in July. I don't think that would've happened without a whole lotta God and a little real pic of me for the conference heads to see.

    Now I'll be able to get my blog's name and face (me) before nearly 1,000 more people, who'll hopefully go out and tell 10,000 more people...and so on and so on...

    The truth is, I just feel a closer connection to people once I see their real pic. It gives me a jumping off point, a touchstone, a point of relation.

    Those who choose -- for valid reasons -- to not put a face with a name (or neither) to keep the blogosphere at arm's length for protection must realize they will get just that -- distance.

    3 - Use your real name
    This goes hand-in-hand with posting your real picture. If your blog is named something like "Men Walking as Trees," it's essentially important to put your real pic and name somewhere at the top of each post so readers know whose blog it is.

    Associating a face and a name with a particular blog brands you -- and that coupled with winning content keeps them coming back.

    4 - Write cryptic headlines
    My headlines can look a little crazy some days, but I do what I must to get the search-engine traffic.

    For example, instead of wasting the first 3 or 4 keywords of this post title by writing, "Would You Like to Increase Your Blog Traffic?" I got straight to a couple of key keywords, "Blog Traffic."

    I don't always do this, but the closer you can get your key search-terms that folks find you with in the 1st and 2nd positions of your post title, the better.

    Check Overture Keyword Tool and Google Adwords Keywords Suggestions to come up with excellent keyword suggestions and title your posts with the most commonly typed in search terms that have the least search result pages already published, and you'll get some traffic.

    (And after every blog post, make sure to Google Blog Ping, submit to Google and Yahoo, Ping Feedburner and Pingoat ping each of your posts that you want to get attention, and Digg or StumbleUpon them too.)

    5 - Include the words "sex tape" anywhere on your page
    Okay, I'm kinda kidding with this one, but not really. You'd be amazed if I published the search terms some people type in to find my blog. Why do you think I put the word "sucking" in this blog post title?

    A combination of really kinky phrases sometimes leads them here. And while some of them surely click away when they discover mine is not a porn site, I'm sure some stick around.

    Just think, you're helping lure people away from PornTube!

    6 - Tag your pics like crazy
    Click on any image I've attached to this post to see all the long and crazy things I name my images.

    I don't know if they all get indexed, but I was surprised when checking my stats to see how many people come to my blog after finding one of my images listed in search engines like Google.

    7 - Live your life and take your time
    Go take your kids to see Shrek 3. Or walk a park trail.

    Fill up on some experiences and quiet down to ask God what you should post about next before you hit that publish button.

    I had to learn to step away from the computer and to stop using it to fill the holes in my life.

    Stop rushing and posting so much. I used to think that if one post brought me 1,000 pageviews, then 10 posts would surely bring me 10,000, right?

    Wrong. Writing is about more than simple logic or mathematics. I had to learn to slow down and take my time and create posts that actually mean something to people so they'll pass it around and visit it time and time again.

    Funny that I write this whilst I'm rushing to make a conference call, and writing this in the Edit HTML tab of Blogger cause that new Hindi script is popping up all over the place where I don't want it to in the "Compose" mode, but I'm going to slow down and make sure this puppy is right.

    And valuable.

    So people will come back...

    Thursday, May 17, 2007

    Digg.com's Autobury Secret Blacklist...Are you still being banned by automatic burying?


    by Paula Neal Mooney

    Many of us know the power of Digg.com, dreamed up by Kevin Rose, who touted it as a "user driven" site that says it allows the general public to determine the stories they want to see make it to the front page by voting for interesting articles they find across the web.

    The more votes the public gives an article, the better chance it should have to make it to the front page. Theoretically...

    The power of Digg's front page
    Digg.com -- according to Alexa -- is now more popular than The New York Times.

    Getting one of your articles or blog posts to the front page of Digg.com will get your website seen by plenty of eyes.

    John Chow experienced a one-day traffic record of 55,856 page views when one of his posts hit the front page of Digg.

    Digg Bans Domains...then Supposedly Unbans Them
    One day, Digg banned me -- I'm still not clear why. I found out they banned a whole bunch of other people, too.

    Then, they supposedly unbanned me -- along with all the other folks.

    True, users can submit stories prefaced by my http://paulamooney.blogspot.com to Digg now and vote for them, but they are being automatically buried --- just like stories from other writers on Digg.com's below-listed blacklist -- by a process that obviously has our URLs and/or Digg profile account names on it.

    Many of these blacklisted Digg users (and their readers) believed that the URLs were truly unbanned, and that the articles submitted had a true chance of making it to Digg.com front page, or at least the popular section.

    But Digg.com's system of automatically burying even good stories -- no matter if those pieces receive 1,500 Diggs or more -- has prevented the blacklisted Digg folks from being seen by a large number of readers on Digg.com...for now.

    Digg.com's head honchos are the ones burying folks, not average Digg users
    Imagine my surprise last night when I discovered that all my articles submitted to Digg since December 23, 2006 have been systematically buried in an attempt to stop them from ever making Digg's front page --- even -- or perhaps, especially -- the blogger salary post that has received 111 Diggs as of this writing.

    I used Brian Heys' tip to do a Digg search on my blog's URL, sorted by newest first, once with the "Include Buried Stories" box checked, then again with it unchecked to find out how long Digg has been automatically burying my stories.

    You can use the same method to verify how long your site and/or the blogs on the below Digg.com's Secret Blacklist have been victim to this automated burying process.

    "We're not surprised that with the gaining popularity of Digg there would be some that would try to manipulate the system for a variety of reasons," Digg founder Kevin Rose told MSNBC.

    Turns out that the ones Kevin Rose says "manipulate the system" are the internal Digg folks themselves!

    Neil Patel uncovered evidence of internal Digg manipulation in this article exposing Digg head honchos (the mysterious "crawl3.digg.internal" aka "Kevin Rose"?) that are burying stories before they can make it to Digg.com's homepage.

    It's interesting to see what specific stories angers Digg so much that they bury everything that comes after it, like Deep Jive Interests' Digg's Uncopyable DNA, dated February 15, 2007.

    Everything after that story submitted from the Deep Jive Interests' site has been buried -- anything newly submitted will be buried in about an hour -- as proven when you check the "Include Buried Stories" box on the Digg search page.

    As a test, I submitted Deep Jive Interests' Irrefutable Evidence of a Digg Blacklist? last night and waited. It took a little more than an hour for it to be buried.

    Is your Digg user account blacklisted?
    But it's not just the below URLs that Digg has blacklisted with the automatic burial (within 1 1/2 hours) of any story from that that a user submits -- it's some Digg user accounts, too.

    Using my Paula Neal Mooney Digg account, I submitted a Lebron James' Associated Content piece to Digg.

    Then I set up a new Digg account and submitted an Associated Content piece about Paris Hilton.

    Like clockwork, the Paula Neal Mooney submitted Lebron James' piece got buried, as if automated, whilst the Paris Hilton piece under the other Digg account remained for a while.

    As of this morning the Paris Hilton piece was buried too, as are many Associated Content pieces.

    Digg blacklists bloggers who become too popular
    So while Digg keeps trying to make folks think they are fair and impartial and that they don't manipulate their front page, it's obvious that they do.

    Just look at John Chow, who has had all of his articles automatically buried on Digg since November 20, 2006, when he posted Google Introducing Ad Placement for AdSense, which was made popular.

    Scrolling thru the list of John Chow's posts on Digg before November 20, 2006, you'll see plenty of his posts made popular:

    * The World's Most High-Tech Urinal
    * The Dot Com Boom Goes Bust

    And so on. After that date, you won't see any more of his posts made popular, and all of them buried -- or soon to be.

    Digg.com's Autobury Secret Blacklist
    #Blacklisted WebsiteAutomatically Buried SinceLast Non-Buried Stories on Digg as of May 16, 2007
    1 - Paula Neal MooneyNovember 30, 2006Last Non-Buried Story on Digg
    2 - John ChowNovember 20, 2006Last Non-Buried Story on Digg
    3 - Top Rank BlogDecember 11, 2006Last Non-Buried Story on Digg
    4 - Digital Point ForumsApril 2, 2006Last Non-Buried Story on Digg
    5 - SEO News BlogDecember 13, 2006Last Non-Buried Story on Digg
    6 - Connected InternetJanuary 10, 2007Last Non-Buried Story on Digg
    7 - Rock My MonkeyMarch, 2007Last Non-Buried Story on Digg
    8 - Paul StamatiouApril 17, 2007Last Non-Buried Story on Digg
    9 - EcademyFebruary 25, 2007Last Non-Buried Story on Digg
    10 - 10e20March 6, 2007Last Non-Buried Story on Digg
    11 - CalacanisFebruary 20, 2007Last Non-Buried Story on Digg
    12 - Luca FilighedduFebruary 23, 2007Last Non-Buried Story on Digg
    13 - Find In ForumsJune 30, 2006Last Non-Buried Story on Digg
    14 - EncyclopediaDramaticaFebruary 3, 2007Last Non-Buried Story on Digg
    15 - KinedaSeptember 21, 2006Last Non-Buried Story on Digg
    16 - DingorueNovember 8, 2006Last Non-Buried Story on Digg
    17 - The Superficial75 days agoLast Non-Buried Story on Digg
    18 - Roughly DraftedOctober 22, 2006Last Non-Buried Story on Digg
    19 - Tech ReadsForever! All his stories are buried.No Non-Buried Stories on Digg
    20 - The PluggOctober 22, 2006Last Non-Buried Story on Digg
    21 - MapelliForever! All stories have been buried...No Non-Buried Stories on Digg
    22 - Tribal WarFebruary 12, 2007Last Non-Buried Story on Digg
    23 - Swollen PicklesMarch 1, 2007Last Non-Buried Story on Digg
    24 - iWebTool102 days agoLast Non-Buried Story on Digg
    25 - RevenewsMarch 8, 2007Last Non-Buried Story on Digg
    26 - Careerbuilder87 days agoLast Non-Buried Story on Digg
    27 - Baidu132 days agoLast Non-Buried Story on Digg
    28 - Perez Hilton76 days agoLast Non-Buried Story on Digg
    29 - 43ThingsMay 30, 2006Last Non-Buried Story on Digg
    30 - GOP3February 20, 2007Last Non-Buried Story on Digg

    Users don't Digg this behavior...
    So how long does Kevin Rose think he can continue to preach his "user friendly" Digg site to the press, while knowingly banning sites that criticize him or don't agree with Digg's political bent?

    How would all of John Chow's readers would feel knowing that any hard work they've done submitting and voting up his great articles -- with the belief that they were sharing them with Digg readers -- were in all likelihood deliberately buried (by an internal program, not Digg users) since November 20, 2006?

    I could understand if Digg automatically buried sites featuring pornographic pics or something (on the contrary, those would probably sail to the front page with no buries) -- but Digg's secret blacklist burying is subversive, shady and smacks of McCarthyism in the way that the internal Digg folks keep burying sites they just don't like for personal reasons.

    Are you on Digg.com's secret blacklist?
    Want to know if Digg.com is systematically burying your stories -- and that they aren't being buried in a fair and impartial manner by the Digg reading public?

    Do this to find out if Digg is automatically burying you...
    (1) Write a quality story and submit it to Digg.com, then perform a Digg search on your URL -- leave "Include Buried Stories" unchecked, search on URL only, newest stories first.

    (2) Check back in about an hour, note the time and perform the same Digg search as above, this time with "Include Buried Stories" checked.

    (3) Repeat this process on all your great stories, noting the time they get buried. If about 1 hour and 25 minutes elapses after each story gets buried -- congratulations! -- You've made it on to Digg.com secret blacklist.

    (4) Leave a comment here with your link so we can have a concise listing of all the people that Digg.com is attempting to blacklist.

    It's my fervent prayer that Kevin Rose will go back to the initial idea that made Digg a success: trusting Digg users to know what they want on the front page without internal manipulation.

    In due time, Digg.com may learn that just like the DVD HD hack code they tried to suppress until the users revolted, that the Savior nor a good story can be buried without resurrection...

    Monday, May 14, 2007

    WheresGeorge.com Stamped Bills Earn Web Site at Least $7,600 per Month...With Free Advertising!

    by Paula Neal Mooney

    A curious thing happened the other morning after I bought stuff from a local cafe, mostly 'cause I need to break a 20.

    The cashier handed me my change, which included the one dollar bill posted below with "WheresGeorge.com" stamped all over it.

    I may have run across one of the estimated 103 million bills stamped with WheresGeorge.com before, but seeing as though I'm all into webmastering and viral marketing nowadays, this time I actually looked up the site.

    Turns out WheresGeorge.com wasn't a political site about the man I voted for, but a site that tracks bills as they float across the country and beyond.

    Fine and dandy -- I was more concerned with whether or not this viral form of marketing a website's URL on currency is legal or not -- because if it is, I'm all over it!

    Hank Eskin, the WheresGeorge.com brainchild pictured above, says people tell him all the time that defacing dollar bills is illegal. But he claims it is not, as long as the money is still spendable.

    And Claudia Dickens, a spokeswoman for the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, agreed with Eskin, as quoted in The New York Times:

    "According to the laws as they stand now, the practice is not illegal," she said.

    As long as a person doesn't do any of these things to currency spelled out by the United States Secret Service, they should be good to go viral with stamped bills.

    Yet the Secret Service reportedly hassled Hank Eskin to stop selling the WheresGeorge.com stamps that are still being sold by other people, saying that was using money for free advertising.

    And Jim Mackin, an agent assigned to public affairs in the Washington office of the Secret Service, told the St. Louis Dispatch in 2002 that: "We would discourage anyone from participating in such a scheme."

    Mackin said that violators who are caught are told to cease and desist - and usually do to avoid legal action.

    Making Money with Money
    All of this back and forth has not stopped WheresGeorge.com and all its imitators and followers from tracking currency as bills make their way across the globe.

    Seeing as though I'm more obsessed lately with how much money bloggers and webmasters are making, I tried to track down Eskin's income from WheresGeorge.com, since I noticed he's running Google Adsense ads on the site.

    What I did find were WheresGeorge.com's advertising rates, which give information about the site's pageviews and how much they charge in terms of CPM -- or cost per thousand impressions.

    Plunking those numbers into a handy-dandy Google spreadsheet -- love em! -- I discovered that WheresGeorge.com could be pulling in anywhere from $7,600 (the presold WheresGeorge.com advertising space not listed as immediately available) up to $43,320 per month -- the revenue generated if all available slots were sold.

    Not bad for Eskin, who says WheresGeorge.com is mainly a fun habit, and that he's not selling anything. And while the income generated by the site has been said to cover the cost of servers and such, I'll bet you a dollar to a donut -- as my mom was fond of saying -- that WheresGeorge.com's money is covering a whole lot more than that now, years later.

    Good for Eskin for coming up with a fascinating and genius approach to free website marketing.

    I would follow suit and go stamping a bunch of bills with PaulaNealMooney.com, but I prefer to keep the Secret Service where they belong, close to George W -- and I don't mean the one with WheresGeorge.com stamped near his face.

    Friday, May 11, 2007

    Over 18,000 pageviews in 3 days and counting...

    by Paula Neal Mooney

    Come as you are
    As you were
    As I want you to be...

    For some reason Kurt Cobain's unforgettable voice and that not-the-Foo-Fighter-guy's guitar riffs won't leave my "memoriiiiia" alone right now, so I'm going to fit my lessons learned about creating a viral blog post into the lyrics of Nirvana's "Come as You Are" song.

    Praise be to God, our Paula's List of Blogger Salaries (along with my Robin Thicke lustings) have garnered this blog a record 18,000 pageviews in the past three days.

    And it's growing, so here goes:

    As a friend, as a friend, as an old enemy...
    After creating the biggest blog post of your life, don't be afraid to call on your blogosphere friends -- and maybe a few foes? -- to Digg your post.

    I've never emailed and asked so many people in my life to Digg a post, but a good number of you blessed readers did, and once it got over that hump of around 30-something Diggs, the "goodie" mob mentality took over and people saw the high Digg number and kept Digging it.

    Thank you all. (Don't forget to grab a screenshot when it makes Digg's front page if I'm in the steam room.)

    Take your time...
    I can thank Sunny Ellis for her honest comment about me recently.

    "...some days I think she is just posting to be posting," Sunny wrote about me.

    Posting to be posting, posting to be posting...I realized that Sunny was right.

    Some days I'm so concerned with having a freshly-dated blog post up, I'll admit I've thrown up less than my best.

    So I prayed for a viral post, something like Al at Self-Made Minds' post about blogs who have the most Feedburner subscribers that was so popular. Al took days to create that table, and only in copying his code did I learn how to create a cool table in Blogger.

    And this blessed Blogger Tips and Tricks guy showed me how to get rid of the white space.

    I slowed down and took the weekend and beyond to create the table of salaries. And now it's paying off big time, being linked to all over the world. If you're like me, blogging at the speed of light, step away from the fray for a bit and take the time to create something other people might not have the time nor desire to, and they will come.

    Hurry up...
    This lesson is one I learned about the quirky stuff that went viral after Digg's recent user revolt. The guy in the image above got a lot of attention by acting pretty quickly in the melee and Photoshopping (dear God, I hope that's Photoshopped) a tattoo of the HD DVD hack code to his chest that the DiggNation was trying to suppress.

    And this guy quickly created a funny (and quite lovely) Youtube video song called "Oh Nine, Eff Nine" about the same situation that became really popular as well.

    Therefore, hurry up and jump in on a hot topic, but go into left-field with your take on it.

    The choice is yours, don't be late...
    How do I know when to hurry up and when to slow down? How did I get a viral idea in the first place? Check my header. I'm a believer in Jesus Christ...

    Compartmentalization is crap. My blogging life in so entwined with my spirituality -- and therein is the secret of my pageview success.

    I prayed for a viral post and got it.

    Got both the idea and the skills to carry it thru. And there's an endless supply for the asking.

    Wednesday, May 09, 2007

    Next Internet Millionaire Audition Video Winners...Will one of them be you?

    by Paula Neal Mooney

    Okay, so Joel Comm has got this The Next Internet Millionaire reality show thing coming up, and all these people have already submitted their Next Internet Millionaire audition videos on YouTube before the official rules were even posted.

    I haven't read his The AdSense Code: What Google Never Told You About Making Money with AdSense book yet, but it has gotten good reviews.

    I got an email yesterday, I think, from Joel Comm -- I don't know, I'm still a little heady from my God-blessed post going viral.

    I was all set to record myself but just read that Joel Comm -- Is that his real last name? Come on! How perfect would that be? -- said not to upload the videos to YouTube till he gave us the instructions.

    The Next Internet Millionaire YouTube guidelines should be released May 9, 2007, according to Joel's site.

    So I'll wait. I'm too sleepy right now anyway to vlog.

    But here's the email about it all:
    Hi Paula,

    Thanks for your interest in The Next Internet Millionaire,
    the world's first web reality show where real people will
    compete for a cash prize and an opportunity to do a joint
    venture with Joel Comm!

    Whether you are interested in auditioning for the show or
    you just want to view the program when it airs this fall,
    you've come to the right place.

    Our open casting call will allow people from all over the
    world the opportunity to submit an audition video to tell
    me why they should be the Next Internet Millionaire.

    We will officially begin accepting audition videos on
    Wednesday, May 9th, 2007.

    But you may begin filming your audition video NOW!

    Please follow the instructions on the following web page
    to find out what we are looking for in an audition video.


    We are looking for twelve men and women who will receive
    an all-expense paid trip to Colorado for a 2-week intensive
    competition and learning experience.

    At the end, there will be one winner!

    Could it be you?

    Stay tuned for more exciting info about The Next Internet

    To your success,

    Joel Comm

    InfoMedia, Inc., 1151 Eagle Drive, Suite 325, Loveland, CO 80537, USA

    Tuesday, May 08, 2007

    Paula's List of Blogger Salaries...Are you on the list?

    Update: For those who continue to enjoy this post, check out my website about 50 real online people making more than $50k per year, and my page where I update my online salary.

    UPDATE: Before you read any further or especially link to this old list, please check out "Paula's New List of Blogger Salaries (and Webmasters, Affiliate Marketers, Content Scrapers, Domainers and any other title you can think of) June 2007" by clicking here! ~ Thanks, PAULA NEAL MOONEY

    by Paula Neal Mooney

    One of my favorite features in Parade magazine is the issue where they grab a random sampling of people and report their incomes -- from the millionaires to the working poor.

    Since I'm fascinated with how much money bloggers and webmasters are making nowadays, I've created a similar list -- a random sampling of people making money on the net.

    Who's on Paula's List of Blogger and Webmaster Salaries?
    I spent hours and hours scouring the internet for the last-reported information about bloggers/webmasters and their revenue. Some are hard-core daily bloggers, some run sites with lots of pageviews but not much written content -- like dating sites.

    Be it listed on their own blogs, in articles about them or in the comments section of posts like Google Whores and other places, I tracked down the dollar signs of bloggers/webmasters around the globe.

    I even used the Babel Fish Translator to translate info from other languages into English. (A big ol' Queen Liz curtsey to Bonnie Calhoun for this tip.)

    For the bean counters...How did Paula calculate the list of blogger salaries?
    Whether reported daily, weekly or monthly, I took the income number reported and annualized it to create the below list.

    I assumed no growth rate for the annualized salaries, even though some dot com moguls like John Chow are reporting huge growth rates in blogging revenue from March to April 2007.

    Since others reported a dip from prior months, I figured assuming a growth rate of 0% would even things out overall. (I did take Intermediate Accounting I and II in college...)

    I also took the numbers at face value -- some webmasters list their gross revenue, some net. Others include swag, pay for services, etc. -- all the perks that they wouldn't have gotten if not for blogging.

    Who's missing from Paula's List of Blogger and Webmaster Salaries?
    You'll also note that some heavy hitters are missing from the list, like John TP, who isn't yet comfortable with revealing his blogging salary.

    Also missing is Kevin Rose, whose estimated $60 million, 18-month-long salary touted on the cover of Business Week was called irresponsible journalism by some, so I'm staying away from folks whose salaries are too hard to quantify until they tell us themselves.

    I left off the porn bloggers' filthy lucre. I hope.

    Lastly, sploggers -- or, "internet entrepreneurs," as he prefers to be called -- like Andre, whom author Ted Demopoulous shared beers and vodka with at the Hotel Taroy bar in Khanty-Mansiysk, Central Siberia, when interviewing for his book, What No One Ever Tells You About Blogging and Podcasting: Real-Life Advice from 101 People Who Successfully Leverage the Power of the Blogosphere, are not on the list.

    Sploggers or content scrapers akin to Andre that are quietly making a mint on the net don't go around publishing their income.

    Who wants to be a dot com millionaire?
    Missing dot com moguls that I'd like to see on future updates of Paula's List of Blogger and Webmaster Salaries are listed in "My Prayer List" section of this Google spreadsheet with all the dirty details of how I arrived at the annualized income on Paula's List of Blogger Salaries.

    Here's hoping that the people who don't yet post their income will be included on forthcoming lists, so they can take their rightful place amongst the top earners...

    Subscribe for free daily updates so you'll be one of the first to get the new Paula's List of Blogger and Webmaster Salaries.

    Without further ado, here's the list:

    Paula's List of Blogger and Webmaster Salaries
    #Blogger, Webmaster or WebsiteEst. Annual IncomeSource Link
    1 - Markus Frind$3,650,000.00Paula's List Source
    2 - David Miles Jr. and Kato Leonard of FreeWebLayouts$1,200,000.00Paula's List Source
    3 - Jason Calacanis of Weblogs$1,095,000.00Paula's List Source
    4 - Tim Carter of AsktheBuilder.com$511,000.00Paula's List Source
    5 - Rosalind Gardner$436,797.00Paula's List Source
    6 - Steve Pavlina$365,000.00Paula's List Source
    7 - Matther Daimler and wife of SeatGuru.com$360,000.00Paula's List Source
    8 - Joel Comm$281,501.52Paula's List Source
    9 - Jose Ribeiras$240,000.00Paula's List Source
    10 - Sharon Maguire of DogBreedInfo.com$237,250.00Paula's List Source
    11 - Al at Self-Made Minds$153,921.24Paula's List Source
    12 - John Chow$140,431.92Paula's List Source
    13 - Max Goldberg of YTMND.com$133,262.64Paula's List Source
    14- Jane May of Career Ramblings$124,465.00Paula's List Source
    15 - ProBlogger Darren Rowse$120K - $1.20 MillionPaula's List Source
    16 - Jeremy Schoemaker of ShoeMoney.com$120,000.00+Paula's List Source
    17 - Shawn D. Hogan at DigitalPoint.com$120,000.00Paula's List Source
    18 - Chris Lawrence of Top Hat Weddings$120,000.00Paula's List Source
    19 - Yaro Starak of Entrepreneur's Journey$78,594.00Paula's List Source
    20 - Connected Internet$77,020.20Paula's List Source
    21 - Erin Pavlina$60,000.00Paula's List Source
    22 - Woot, Inc.$54,750.00Paula's List Source
    23 - Tim Flight of GPS Review$50,000.00Paula's List Source
    24 - Andrew Leyden of PodcastDirectory.com$40,000.00Paula's List Source
    25 - Blog Talks$36,735.60Paula's List Source
    26 - Robert Hoskins of bbwexchange.com$36,000.00Paula's List Source
    27 - Mubin Ahmed$32,196.00Paula's List Source
    28 - Tyler Cruz$22,984.99Paula's List Source
    29 -MenJ at Critical Thoughts, Brutally Honest$14,046.84Paula's List Source
    30 - Adam Dempsey's Blog$13,672.80Paula's List Source
    31 - MenthiX (per comment on Adam Dempsey's blog)$12,051.84Paula's List Source
    32 - Matt Coddington of Net Business Blog$12,000.00Paula's List Source
    33 - Michael Brougham of Soul Mate Find$12,000.00Paula's List Source
    34 - Maybach$12,000.00Paula's List Source
    35 - Robert L. Kuhn of Findadate.com$12,000.00Paula's List Source
    36 - Jeff Jarvis of Buzz Machine$12,000.00Paula's List Source
    37 - Paula Neal Mooney$12,000.00Paula's List Source
    38 - Business Logs$9,000.00Paula's List Source
    39 - Working Nomad$8,928.00Paula's List Source
    40 - Nikolai of CBTrends$8,400.00Paula's List Source
    41 -LeftBlank$6,610.08Paula's List Source
    42 - Bev at I'm Living in Hormoney$6,000.00Paula's List Source
    43 - How to Earn Money Blogging$4,995.64Paula's List Source
    44 - Lazy Man and Money$4,707.96Paula's List Source
    45 - Courtney Tuttle$3,516.12Paula's List Source
    46 - Mike's Money Making Mission$83,970.12Paula's List Source
    47 -Earn Money Online$3,944.16Paula's List Source
    48 - All Tips and Tricks Exposed$2,316.00Paula's List Source
    49 - Nomar at King Nomar$2,229.00Paula's List Source
    50 - Live Learn Invest$1,752.00Paula's List Source
    51 - Ontora$1,728.60Paula's List Source
    52 - Kumiko Suzuki$1,724.07Paula's List Source
    53 - Crazy Hamster - A Student's Blog$1,385.28Paula's List Source
    54 - Andrew Rouhafzai at A2 Network Webmaster Blog$1,242.72Paula's List Source
    55 - Genius Types$1,163.64Paula's List Source
    56 - Derek Semmler$1,102.20Paula's List Source
    57 - Kevin Vahey of Charlie on the MBTA$1,000.00Paula's List Source
    58 - The Anand's Ripples$851.28Paula's List Source
    59 - M3$849.00Paula's List Source
    60 - Dollar James$479.88Paula's List Source

    Spot any inaccuracies with my estimated blogging/webmastering salaries?

    Did I miss any blogger who posts their income?

    By all means, tell me the correct figures! Lead me to their URL!

    Are you on it? Wanna be?

    Leave me a comment with a link to your post documenting your most-recent monthly blogging income. And title or tag your future income postings with "Paula's List of Blogging Salaries" so I'll know you want to be included.

    Reading this list and researching other successful bloggers has inspired me endlessly, like Al's list of the most-read feeds on Self Made Minds.

    And of course, good bloggers like John Chow lead the way -- he's one who proves he's not in it just for the money, since he donates all his blogging income to divine pursuits.

    Tell every living soul you know about this post:

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