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Watch Free TV Online...Shows With Full Television Episodes and No Cost!

by Paula Neal Mooney

Upate: I've created an online TV guide listing channels and links to watching full and partial episodes on the web.

"Watch live TV for free online!"

"Watch 24 online! Watch The Office online!"

The people have spoken.

Not only do we want our MTV, we want to watch our favorite MTV shows online...and our ABC shows, and our CBS shows...all for free viewing, full episodes.

And the TV execs are finally catching up with some of the renegade start-ups listed next to them below and are making some full episodes of their TV shows available to watch online for free.

Now, you may need a lightening fast connection and a whole lotta good juju for some of these babies to work -- check the site's specific requirements.

But play around, see what you can see.

Here are TV shows (some with full episodes) to watch free online:
WebsiteShows Available to WatchABC - Nighttime ShowsLaunch their player to watch full free episodes of
Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatom…

Free Traffic Hits...Increase Search Engine Visitors With These Quick and Dirty Tips

by Paula Neal Mooney

You set up a free website, now you want free traffic.

Or, you paid for your website, and now you need enough search-engine traffic to at least pay for your web hosting fees.

Try these quick and (not so) dirty ways I've used to get more free web hits to my blogs:

1 - Gird your loins and wash some dirty, stinky feet
That's my metaphorical way of saying that "you gotta serve somebody."

Wish I could find the blog to give link love to that I read last night, saying that he increased his subscriber count to something crazy like 900 folks in a few months.

What sticks with me is that he said if you provide people a service, they'll come back. So...

2 - Give people the quirky things they're looking for
I was amazed to find out how many people per month search for "Google's USA Home Page," so that's why I titled my post that.

If you blog it, they will come.

3 - Ask short questions in the title that people want to know
"Robin Thicke's…

Website.Com...Make Your Own Website for Free (or Cheaply) with These Easy-to-Understand Instructions

by Paula Neal Mooney

"Make your own free," or "create your own," you frantically type into search engines.

You've got a burning desire to make a free web site for kids, or another kind of personal website.

Problem is, when you search around for the steps to create your own website, all you find is a bunch of techies talking about "flash" and "php" and other acronyms you don't understand.

It's a white man's world...but it's changing
I'll admit it, working with techies over the years, I discovered that most IT departments were filled with white men. Some were really REALLY sweet and helpful. But others were as cocky as that techie in the commercial that calls his non-techie coworkers "chumps" -- a guy they can't fire because "he's the only one that knows how to fix our computers."

I was glad to see the IT departments diversify, first with women digging around underneath the floo…

Google Hot Trends Web Site...Get More Blog Traffic by Studying It

by Paula Neal Mooney

Google Hot Trends Lab web site is alive!

I just threw my hands in the air when I read on about a new site named Google Trends Lab that gives up-to-date, current information about the hot searches people are typing into Google.

Google Trends Lab is a blogger's dream, especially for those looking to bring up their search-engine traffic.

For example, in the current #2 search position is Julianne Hough.

Use Google Suggest and Trend Labs Combined
A quick check of Google Suggest Labs lets me know that folks are hot and heavy for "Julianne Hough Mormon" info, as well as "Julianne Hough engaged" queries.

(I'd never heard of her, but turns out Julianne Hough is not engaged anymore, and the Mormon wedding Julianne Hough planned was called off.)

Google Trends Labs Features
What's even cooler about Google Trends lab is that they provide a neat graph as pictured here showing how the search term is peaking during the day, related searches, …

Ditching Blogspot, Importing to Wordpress 2.2...Not Today!

by Paula Neal Mooney

"When are you moving to your own domain and hosting?"

That's what Vin over at Dummies Guide to Google Blogger Beta asked me yesterday.

It's a question I ask myself nearly every day, especially since Wordpress 2.2 has come out with a new version that claims to make importing Blogger/Blogspot posts a breeze.

However, having worked in the technology department of a major corporation over the years, I've seen the kind of pressure developers are put under firsthand to get upgrades out to the public without sufficient time to test some of them.

Heck, as a software quality assurance tester, I liked to call the users that we rolled new upgrades out to my "beta testers."

So I'm not one to easily follow the crowd, jumping on new bandwagons only to regret it later. But being a Taurean, I know I can be slow to change at times, and I'm weighing my options.

My New Dot Coms
I've even bought a couple of dot com names from Cheap Names, a site I …

Blog Traffic Sucking? Do these 7 things right now...

by Paula Neal Mooney

"For your eyes only," wrote a mysterious foreign man who I've been communicating with thru email.

I scrolled down to take in the vulnerably naked pic he'd attached in the email...of his sucky blog stats.

Raise your blog stats
We've all been there. Posting and posting our hearts out, only to check our number of visitors and discover maybe 10 or 15 people have read our blog that day.

But take heart.

Do any of these seven things right now that you haven't already done, and I can almost guarantee you'll see those traffic bars spike:

1 - Make sure your post title comes before your blog name in the search engines.
Which one looks better?

This search-engine result with my blog's name, PAULA NEAL MOONEY, listed first and the full post title "George and Callie on Grey's Anatomy Getting..." cut off...

...or this listing about the "DC Madam List of Names and Phone Numbers...Everybody Wants You" with the full post title displaye…'s Autobury Secret Blacklist...Are you still being banned by automatic burying?


by Paula Neal Mooney

Many of us know the power of, dreamed up by Kevin Rose, who touted it as a "user driven" site that says it allows the general public to determine the stories they want to see make it to the front page by voting for interesting articles they find across the web.

The more votes the public gives an article, the better chance it should have to make it to the front page. Theoretically...

The power of Digg's front page -- according to Alexa -- is now more popular than The New York Times.

Getting one of your articles or blog posts to the front page of will get your website seen by plenty of eyes.

John Chow experienced a one-day traffic record of 55,856 page views when one of his posts hit the front page of Digg.

Digg Bans Domains...then Supposedly Unbans Them
One day, Digg banned me -- I'm still not clear why. I found out they banned a whole bunch of other… Stamped Bills Earn Web Site at Least $7,600 per Month...With Free Advertising!

by Paula Neal Mooney

A curious thing happened the other morning after I bought stuff from a local cafe, mostly 'cause I need to break a 20.

The cashier handed me my change, which included the one dollar bill posted below with "" stamped all over it.

I may have run across one of the estimated 103 million bills stamped with before, but seeing as though I'm all into webmastering and viral marketing nowadays, this time I actually looked up the site.

Turns out wasn't a political site about the man I voted for, but a site that tracks bills as they float across the country and beyond.

Fine and dandy -- I was more concerned with whether or not this viral form of marketing a website's URL on currency is legal or not -- because if it is, I'm all over it!

Hank Eskin, the brainchild pictured above, says people tell him all the time that defacing dollar bills is illegal. But he claims it is not, as long as …

Over 18,000 pageviews in 3 days and counting...

by Paula Neal Mooney

Come as you are
As you were
As I want you to be...

For some reason Kurt Cobain's unforgettable voice and that not-the-Foo-Fighter-guy's guitar riffs won't leave my "memoriiiiia" alone right now, so I'm going to fit my lessons learned about creating a viral blog post into the lyrics of Nirvana's "Come as You Are" song.

Praise be to God, our Paula's List of Blogger Salaries (along with my Robin Thicke lustings) have garnered this blog a record 18,000 pageviews in the past three days.

And it's growing, so here goes:

As a friend, as a friend, as an old enemy...
After creating the biggest blog post of your life, don't be afraid to call on your blogosphere friends -- and maybe a few foes? -- to Digg your post.

I've never emailed and asked so many people in my life to Digg a post, but a good number of you blessed readers did, and once it got over that hump of around 30-something Diggs, the "goodie" mob mentality to…

The GUI that saved my life...

by Paula Neal Mooney

The only GUI that really means anything to me:

Next Internet Millionaire Audition Video Winners...Will one of them be you?

by Paula Neal Mooney

Okay, so Joel Comm has got this The Next Internet Millionaire reality show thing coming up, and all these people have already submitted their Next Internet Millionaire audition videos on YouTube before the official rules were even posted.

I haven't read his The AdSense Code: What Google Never Told You About Making Money with AdSense book yet, but it has gotten good reviews.

I got an email yesterday, I think, from Joel Comm -- I don't know, I'm still a little heady from my God-blessed post going viral.

I was all set to record myself but just read that Joel Comm -- Is that his real last name? Come on! How perfect would that be? -- said not to upload the videos to YouTube till he gave us the instructions.

The Next Internet Millionaire YouTube guidelines should be released May 9, 2007, according to Joel's site.

So I'll wait. I'm too sleepy right now anyway to vlog.

But here's the email about it all:
Hi Paula,

Thanks for your interest in The Next I…

Paula's List of Blogger Salaries...Are you on the list?

Update: For those who continue to enjoy this post, check out my website about 50 real online people making more than $50k per year, and my page where I update my online salary.

UPDATE: Before you read any further or especially link to this old list, please check out "Paula's New List of Blogger Salaries (and Webmasters, Affiliate Marketers, Content Scrapers, Domainers and any other title you can think of) June 2007" by clicking here! ~ Thanks, PAULA NEAL MOONEY

by Paula Neal Mooney

One of my favorite features in Parade magazine is the issue where they grab a random sampling of people and report their incomes -- from the millionaires to the working poor.

Since I'm fascinated with how much money bloggers and webmasters are making nowadays, I've created a similar list -- a random sampling of people making money on the net.

Who's on Paula's List of Blogger and Webmaster Salaries?
I spent hours and hours scouring the internet for the last-reported information ab…