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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

SEO OPTIMIZATION TIP from $100,000 - $999,999 per year earning pro-blogger Arieanna Schweber


Here's the best SEO optimization tip (yes, I know the "o" in SEO stands for "optimization" already -- lots of people search for "SEO OPTIMIZATION" so I'm going with those keywords!) that I got out of all the stuff I learned at BLOGHER07 in my Chi-town hometown:

Put dashes in your image file names!


All this time I've been naming my pics-a-plenty, but I didn't realize how important it was to put dashes in between my words so that I can receive lots more traffic from Google images.

I learned this great SEO optimization tip from Arienna Schweber, who moderated the panel on which I spoke, called "Professional Blogging: Ways and Means" -- all about making money online.

(I've already been putting descriptions in my ALT tags the way Arienna's boss Darren explains in this post.)

And since Arienna bravely admitted she makes anywhere from $100,000 - $999,999 per year as one of the channel editors for Darren Rowse's B5Media, I trust she knows what she's talking about.

SEO Optimization Bloggers NEOPets Fanatic 16 year old blogger making money
16-Year-Old Making Nearly $1,000 Per Month Posting 1 or 2 Times Per Month!
Another cool person on our panel was 16-year-old Chloe Spencer, who wanted to make some extra money and started the NeoPets Cheats Site.

Chloe shared that her site earns her 30 bucks a day, and gets around 11,000 pageviews each day -- without much posting at all!

Stephan Spencer, Chloe's dad, was videotaping our whole session like a proud papa, so I'm hoping he puts up the video for all to see.

(I'm checking for new BlogHer07 videos being uploaded all the time.)

Those are my personal themes for the conference attended by nearly 1,000 women (and some guys sprinkled in for seasoning.)

The best times I had were sitting back soaking up the good red wine as I talked with Valencia Roner, not an angry black woman at all, but quite the opposite -- a sister among three brothers who was engaging and just easy to be around.

God blew my mind as I traipsed into the W Hotel in Chicago, shoring up myself with short-skirted and walk-like-you-belong-here-self-talk confidence.

I was happy I didn't blow off the invitation to wine and dine with Real Simple magazine editors -- who feted me with tuna tartar dishes as they examined my brain for web happenings.
We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto.
When they projected the image of my most recent blog earnings post onto the screen in front of the room, the small dinner crowd of mommy bloggers and Yahoo and CNN big wigs hushed -- and I could barely believe how far favor could take one.

That post about money is the same one that begat the invitation to speak in the first place, which begat a courting afterward with the Senior Editor of the newly launched EbonyJet.com site, as well as a Business Week reporter working on another piece about blogger salaries.

BlogHer07 Speakers Women Videos eMomsatHomeKilling My Shyness With Kindness
Then there was the odd-yet-warm-and-familiar feeling you get when images jump off your computer screen and turn into three dimensional living and breathing flesh and bone in front of your face.

That's how I felt when the original eMom at Home herself, Wendy Piersall, appeared right in front of me, telling me I was as beautiful as my pic.

"Liz Strauss is saving a seat for me," Wendy said, blowing me off. (Kidding.)

I took it in stride. But Wendy came back again and again as I encountered her in ensuing days, just as comforting in real life as her blog culture projects.

Munching on hot dogs or chatting in bathroom lines, women like these made me feel less like the odd girl out in the high school cafeteria, and more like part of the in crowd.

When Black Women Get Together...
...we just can't help but snicker at how we all automatically congregate, like moths drawn to our brown-skinned flame.

Not that I intended to pigeon-hole myself into some kind of mocha-hued corner during the first cocktail party on the first night, but I was having too much fun to leave, chatting with sistahs like Lynne D. Johnson, a straight-forward Senior Editor at Fast Company.

At least until my purse started vibrating and I answered it.

"I feel like I have a curfew," I said to Lynne, after hanging up with my husband, on his way to scoop me up.

Heading back to her native New York land on Saturday, Lynne gave me a hug (as Valencia had) like old chums in the Grand Ballroom seconds before Elizabeth Edwards took the stage.

I'll be back...
Overall, the BlogHer07 atmosphere was good and contagious. Full of geeky girls and kooky liberals.

A big "You rock!" to the Daring Young Mom who had more guts than I did in my go-along-get-along state in a room full of Democrats to say she thought conservatives were being given short shrift.

It was my first BlogHer, but I have a feeling it will be far from my last.

The Chicago Tribune picked up on the event -- thanks Daddy for the hardcopy! -- and many more news media orgs writing about BlogHer as well.

Blog on, girl geeks. Blog on.

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    Tuesday, July 24, 2007

    MORE WEBSITE VISITORS -- How many more people visited your blog after you followed these 10 steps?

    by Paula Neal Mooney

    I'm on my way to my sweet home Chicago to hang out with these smart and beautiful women.

    So while I'm laughing it up with like minds, I thought I'd leave you with a doozy of post that will help you increase visitors to your website, and hopefully increase your earnings.

    If you like current events and helping search-engine seekers find your website, try these tips -- then leave comments and let me know how many more website visitors you got.

    10 Step-by-Step Ways to Get More Website Visitors

    These are the exact steps I take that have grown this blog, my TV online website, and my Find the Answers blog to a combined 600,000 hits and growing:

    1 - Get exact hot search terms in quotes...
    ...like "Remy Ma shooting" or "Scott Baio married" preferably with high percentages next to them, reported in the most-recently posted Yahoo Buzz posting. (If you write a niche blog, it may take some creativity to relate it to your topic.)

    2 - If no dice with Yahoo's Buzz log that day...
    ...scan the entire list of Google Hot Trends that day (make sure to change to current date) for something interesting.

    For example, the other day "Chocolate Rain" appeared on the list. I clicked on it and saw under "Related Searches" additional search terms like "Tay Zonday" that people were looking for in relation to the song.

    3 - Type your hot search words in quotes in Google to check out the competition.
    Say you went with the "Scott Baio married" keywords. Type those words exactly in Google.com's search box and see how many results pop up. Note especially if there aren't many results in positions 1 - 3 that actually have "Scott Baio married" in the URL. If so, you've got hot keywords.

    4 - Check Google Suggests Labs real quick for more keywords.
    So I know that wistful housewives are typing in "Scott Baio married" aplenty. But what else are they typing in?

    When I start typing "Scott Baio" into Google Suggests Labs, you can see all the other search terms that pop up in this attached image.

    So now I've got other keywords to incorporate into my blog title, including "Scott Baio," "married," "shirtless," "45 and single," etc.

    5 - Write your post.
    Type it up just like you were talking to a friend, or write it on paper in a journal like I did the original version of this article -- in between a losing round of Wii -- to appease my family and get away from the PC.

    6 - Link early, link boldly, link liberally...and label a lot.
    Anchor your keywords to the max. You see my resulting piece called "Scott Baio is 45 and Single and Shirtless and Still Not Married and Trying to Be Celibate on VH1"?

    Notice how I named my hyperlinks -- or "anchored" as the techies say -- them in the first and second paragraphs with the "Scott Baio is 45 and Single" text. This is an effective way to get ranking for those search terms.

    And notice that I usually bold my hyperlinks, too. I hear that helps.

    But the most important is having those search words early in your blog post title, therefore early in the URL.

    And I labeled that post with all this stuff:
    "Watch Scott Baio is 45 Online, Scott Baio 45 Episodes,Scott Baio 45 Online,Scott Baio Not Married,Scott Baio Shirtless,Scott Baio No Sex,Scott Baio Erin Moran Video,Scott Baio Reality Show,Videos,Online,Episodes,Web"

    They say not to go too crazy with the labeling, but I take it to the 200-character label max on Blogger, and go a little crazy on WordPress. It's done nothing but help more people find me...

    7 - Proof, preview, publish and ping...
    That could be our bloggers' anthem, huh?

    Proof your post -- I prefer to do this in the preview mode of Blogger, nice and big and formatted all pretty on my screen. WordPress preview is even easier.

    Right click all your hyperlinks in your article and choose "open in a new tab" to make sure they go to the place you're expecting while still in preview mode.

    Read over it, aloud is best. Then publish the post.

    WordPress makes the pinging step a breeze by allowing you to enter all the places you want to be automatically notified of your new magnum opus post by entering them once under the "Options," "Writing," tabs. In the "Update Services" field.

    Here are all the specific URLs I have WordPress automatically ping:

    Blogger doesn't tell you which places it's pinging, so ping these places right away after you publish:

    1 - Google Blog Search ping
    2 - Feedburner ping
    3 - Pingoat

    8 - Add your new URL to Google and Yahoo at a minimum.
    If you're not on their auto-bury list like I am, see how the Diggers at Digg.com take to it.

    9 - Create an updated Sitemap.XML file to help Google find your new content.
    Use this cool place I found that generates free sitemap.xml files after you type in your website address. The resulting file can be uploaded to your server -- I only know to delete my existing sitemap.xml file and upload the new one each time. But it doesn't take that long.

    Then I go to Google Webmaster Tools and select my WatchFreeEpisodes.com site that I've already set up there, click on Sitemaps, check the box for my sitemap and choose resubmit selected. Pretty soon it flips from "Pending" to "OK" -- and I just love seeing all those URLs submitted. Gee, I'm up to 92 already...

    That works for my hosted site, but for those of us still on free hosts like Blogger, we must make do with using our feeds as sitemaps.

    After you've added your blog to Google Webmaster Tools and verified it per their instructions, go to the Sitemaps tab, choose "Add a Sitemap," select "Add a General Web Sitemap" from the drop-down box and then type "rss.xml" only in the "My Sitemap URL is" box.

    For example, my full sitemap URL is:

    So type rss.xml and select "add web sitemap," then come back and make sure it eventually says "OK" under sitemap status. The URLs, unfortunately, will only be maxed out at the 26 most recent blogged about items.

    10 - Repeat these steps for every single post about which you feel the fire...
    God willing, this should definitely get you more traffic to your site -- and if that traffic likes what they see, some of them may stick around.

    But let me know how this experiment worked for you.

    And please, please, please leave me your steps for getting good blog traffic.

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    Saturday, July 21, 2007

    Watch Free Movies and TV Shows Online ... and Why I'm Unlinking to VideoHybrid and Why I Was Crying Watching JCTV Last Night

    by Paula Neal Mooney

    Thursday, August 30, 2007 Update:
    Here's an online TV guide listing free TV shows and where to watch them on the web.

    Saturday, July 21, 2007 Update:

    VideoHybrid had an ad displayed on their site the other day that blew my mind. It was of a bare-bottomed woman with a caption that asked if they wanted to see more.


    This is what I'm linking to? What if 13-year-olds find this blog post and see that ad, which thankfully I haven't seen again.

    Still, the Lord won't leave me alone about linking to them anyway, cause even though they have some nice movies (and I still need to comply with the rules fully to all my links), they also have some crazy movies that I tend to skip right over 'cause I don't want to see them.

    But what about the kids online who don't skip over them?

    Yes, parental guidance should be there, but I don't want to lead anybody to crap, only Christ the King. So I'm going thru removing all my links to them.

    This was solidified last night for me, putting in the final touches of my microbraids, crying and facing the woman in the mirror as I watched The Ramp on JCTV. (Careful, music plays when you click!)

    This world has nothing for me
    I will follow You...

    That's what it's all about, those kids with their hands lifted to the sky and crying and jumping around to that Rescue Me song I LOVE by Newsong.

    So if you're looking for full-episodes of TV shows and movie clips available to watch online, try WatchFreeEpisodes.com and see this other post detailing where to find your favorite TV shows online.

    Original article:
    Bless me Father, for I have sinned.

    It's been two days since I posted a video of Rev Run on Oprah, and I'm feeling like I need to confess. But I don't feel guilty enough to take it down...

    And it's no wonder, after reading TechCrunch's timely post today about VideoHybrid, a new site where you can watch movies and TV shows online for free<. This is my dilemma -- along with millions of other tech-savvy folks: We need a way to legally share TV shows and movies online without cries of copyright infringement bringing us cutting edge peeps down, the way parents no doubt balked at their kids falling in love with the hip-swiveling Elvis when he first emerged. Right now we live in that awkward space where the movie and TV people haven't caught up with the technology -- and sites like VideoHybrid are taking full, venture-capitalist advantage of the high demand from people who want to watch shows they've missed at home or in the theaters. They're the same type who've fervently typed "Rev Run on Oprah video" into search engines to receive the exact footage they want to view immediately.

    If I could only shout out to Oprah herself and all the TV production companies out there:

    "You're missing enormous advertising revenue by not offering free and legal online versions of your movies and TV shows!"

    Places that sell individual shows on Amazon Unbox Video Downloads for $1.99 a pop is a good start; at least it's better than nothing.

    But the future -- which VideoHybrid so blessedly displays -- is for the movie and TV producers to realize that we the people want this stuff for free!

    Just make your money by running ads next to the videos, and you'll be fine.


    That's how a little venture called network television works...

    When are the old fogies going to realize this and stop fighting sites like YouTube and join the revolution?

    There's my rant for today.

    Wednesday, July 18, 2007

    Tay Zonday's Chocolate Rain Lyrics, Videos -- What's his nationality and race? Why is Chocolate Rain so sad and catchy and sweeping the net?

    Tay Zonday's Chocolate Rain lyrics, videos,questions of race,black,Indian,what is Chocolate Rain?by Paula Neal Mooney

    This guy Tay Zonday and his "Chocolate Rain" lyrics are tripping me and a lot of other people out.

    "I am a singer-songwriter-vocalist. I do everything. No style is off-limits. No two videos are alike. From Bach to Tupac, Opera to Screamo, Expect the Unexpected!"

    That's what Tay Zonday YouTube site says. (I hope that means he's getting revenue sharing.)

    "Yes, I have a deep voice. No, I don't fake it," Tay Zonday continues.

    I wish he would give more info about his nationality -- something I always try to decipher. Is he black? Is he Indian? I want to know.

    Is that what "Chocolate Rain" means? With the property value line and all...

    "Yes, I look young. I am 25 years old. I have never studied piano or voice formally. Several of my videos have free MP3s and/or sheet music that you can download in the video details!"

    Right now, Tay Zonday's personal website (or blog?) redirects back to YouTube, but I'm sure with all the attention he's getting -- somebody's trying to get him on MTV -- it'll be smoking hot soon.

    Then we'll all know more.

    My kids cracked up at the "Chocolate Rain" video and lyric delivery, but if you listen closely, the "Chocolate Rain" lyrics are really sad.

    Reminds me of the recent 20/20 special about hell (watch the video) that made ruminate about the hell on earth some people experience now, and the one guy who went to hell and came back to life, sobbing to be saved.

    But back to Zonday. Here are all of Tay Zonday's videos.

    Believe you me, this is only the beginning for this man...

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    Tuesday, July 17, 2007

    Go Fug Yourself Ladies Making $6,240 per month -- God, why am I making $1,010.12 per month? I'm sorry for being such a brat...thank You!

    by Paula Neal Mooney

    Have you seen the Business Week piece called Bloggers Bring in the Big Bucks that everyone's blogging about?

    Hmmm...reminds me of another list of webmaster revenue I know...

    Anyway, the Go Fug Yourself girls are pulling in $6,240 a month!

    With typepad still in their URL, mind you!

    This prompted a mini-jealous streak in me when I first read it yesterday, ranting at God:

    "See they're making all this money dogging people out!"

    "Just keep blogging and driving traffic," answered The Answer.

    Actually, I'm not mad at the pretty ladies -- I used to subscribe to their blog, I just decided that I wasn't that interested in fashion -- especially not posts that begrudge the way celebrities look and dress.

    Make Money -- Go Write That Niche Site!
    Yet what I'm learning from their success and those of the others in the Business Week piece -- congrats ShoeMoney and Darren Rowse (who knew he was a minister?) -- is that consistently proving you can drive more and more traffic blogging a niche you love is key.

    I'm certainly finding that niche sites pay better.

    The continued success I've been given for my niche site about watching free episodes of TV online has proved to be the main reason my Google Adsense earnings have jumped to nearly 500 bucks in the last month alone.

    Like they say, the better your niche, the more relevant your ads, the more likely people will click on them.

    Plus, it's gotta be something you're passionate about. It shows thru the writing.

    Just Keep Blogging...Just Keep Blogging...
    I always give myself that pep talk in the voice of Dorey from Finding Nemo when I start comparing my small earnings to those of Perez Hilton and such, also on the list.

    (He's getting a lot of pub lately -- on The View and with Posh Spice this week! His writings are hateful, but he's just so lovable in interviews. Go figure.)

    Then I realize some of these bloggers work really hard, have been at it longer, and just might not have the work/life balance down pat. But then again, who does? My 6-year-old asks me if I need to put up a blog post.

    Getting a good advertiser seems key as well, so that may be my next focus. Just how many pageviews do you have to have to get with Blogads and such? Time will tell.

    Shake What Your Daddy Gave Ya!

    Overall, I'm content with my blog earnings.

    I'm happy that Associated Content continues to pay nice bonuses, 'cause old articles I sweated over and still getting good pageviews.

    Plus I'm plenty excited about Kontera, earning at a good clip, and over the fact that I wrote my 10th post for Pay Per Post yesterday -- if approved, that means I'll finally get to add another blog to the PPP site.

    So, I think that's it for now. Below is my income.

    Click on the links where appropriate that float your boat, sign up if you want and start that niche site:

    Paula's Online Income
    as of July 17, 2007
    #Program / WebsiteCUMULATIVE EARNINGS AS OF 7/17/07Increase Since Last Income Post on 6/13/07
    1 - Google Adsense$1,011.98$490.03
    2 - Associated Content1,627.87 191.04
    3 - Ghost Blogging850.00 125.00
    4 - Kontera244.75 96.64
    5 - PayPerPost271.82 42.32
    6 - Amazon Associates864.31 41.30
    7 - Feedburner Ad Network30.5318.13
    8 - Sedo4.394.39
    9 - The News Room0.680.68
    10 - Auction Ads / ShoeMoney Media27.670.50
    11 - AdBrite 5.970.09
    12 - Cleveland/Akron Family1,325.000
    13 - ReviewMe275.000
    14 - The Value of the Swag236.000
    15 - SponsoredReviews175.500
    16 - Writer's Digest Contest156.250
    17 - Text Link Ads50.000
    18 - Earnings for Blogging About Swag40.000
    19 - Blogsvertise35.000
    20 - CreamAID16.000
    21 - Blogitive15.000
    22 - LoudLaunch10.000
    23 - Squiddo1.020
    24 - Chitika eMiniMalls00
    25 - SlashMySearch0.010
    26- AzooleAds00
    27 - Clickbank00
    28 - AGLOCO00
    29 - CRISPADS00
    30 - PayPal's Referral Program00
    Grand Totals

    I'm so grateful.

    I've stopped ranting and raving at God -- for the time being -- and gotten back to counting my blessings, realizing that somebody staring at the above income numbers with only 7 bucks sitting in their Google Adsense account would love to post these numbers.

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    Monday, July 16, 2007

    Thoof.com -- Submit news stories and blog posts without fear of being buried

    by Paula Neal Mooney

    Ian Clarke, a guy who created The Freenet Project, has now launched a site called Thoof.com -- yeah, don't go looking for the meaning like I did, it's not in the dictionary yet.

    But Ian says Thoof is close to truth in sound, and hopefully in practice.

    Thoof aims to help readers by tailoring the personalized news that interest them in their own personal homepage of sorts.

    Check out Thoof's demo tutorial to see what I mean.

    For a girl that's on Digg.com's secret auto-bury list, I'm glad to see that Thoof.com has no buries or thumbs up or thumbs down -- and no room for inane immature comments.

    It does offer ways to improve upon submitted stories' titles or tags.

    Of course, with all this buzz surrounding Thoof's launch, I'm most interested in how much traffic Thoof can drive to our best blog articles.

    I saw some blogspot.com URLS on Thoof, so of course I submitted a couple of my articles to see what would happen.

    My updated list of blogger salaries made the front page -- my front page, at least, and I hope plenty of other people's front pages.

    Another cool thing is that when you type in your tags for the article you're submitting, Thoof works like Google Suggest Labs in that it gives you tag suggestions. This is good in discovering what popular tags might exist already, so if your news story relates to those tags, who knows?

    Maybe Thoof will drive some good readers your way...

    Sponsored Post

    Saturday, July 14, 2007

    Genarlow Wilson's Sex Video Tape -- Will Online Outrage Over Its Release Help Set the Honor Student Free from Prison? And what about the Jena Six?

    by Paula Neal Mooney

    By now nearly everybody has heard the plight of Genarlow Wilson, a 17-year-old honor student who should've been acing his SATs the day he was arrested on charges of rape, stemming from consensual oral sex with a 15-year-old girl as well as intercourse with another girl.

    And now David McDade has released the videotape of Genarlow Wilson receiving oral sex at a party, claiming he was required to by law.

    The unfairness of Genarlow Wilson's 10-year sentence even has Barack Obama championing his cause. Heck, I just might vote for that man yet...

    I believe rape is wrong.

    I believe child molestation is wrong.

    I believe this is not why Genarlow Wilson is in prison.

    Laws like this were designed to protect children from older scuzballs taking advantage of them, not to send a good kid to prison for what's been reported as consensual oral sex with a girl two years his junior.

    There's such a thing as the letter of the law, and then there's the spirit of the law.

    If all the sex that happened at the fateful party was in fact consensual, I believe that the two years Genarlow Wilson has more than paid for his supposed crime.

    Thank goodness there weren't this many camcorders around when many of us were teenagers. There but for the grace of God were we covered....

    Let's hope and pray that the new online outrage of the release of the videotape will do for Genarlow Wilson what it did for Shaquanda Cotton -- get him out of prison.

    And I pray the Jena Six receives justice as well.

    Keep your eyes on the prize...

    Thursday, July 12, 2007

    19,000 Free Blog Hits in 59 Hours -- Give Your Googlers What They Want...Then Keep Them Updated

    by Paula Neal Mooney

    Statsaholic that I am, Tuesday morning I woke up and checked the stats of this blog via StatCounter.com to see what was going on.

    I was amazed that under "Recent Keyword Activity" -- a feature I absolutely love the most on StatCounter that gives you the real-time search terms people are typing in to find you -- that lots of people were searching for the DC Madam's client list, a story I'd heard about a while back that interested me, so I blogged about it.

    Turns out the DC Madam had published her clients' phone numbers on her website Monday night, and lots of people wanted the list.

    So much so that this blog has blessedly received about 19,000 pageviews in the past 60 hours. And here's what I've learned about getting more blog hits:

    1 - Let your searchers give you the news

    Check your recent, real-time keyword activity often.

    Readers on the net can break a story a lot faster than network news sites. If you notice a pattern of several people searching for the same topic, investigate.

    2 - Make it easy for them to find

    Obviously people were searching for the actual DC Madam's list of names and numbers, but when I typed those search terms in Google, I was surprised that I had to dig a bit to find them -- and even more to find the DC Madam's own website!

    This is always good news when you have to search a bit -- that means you can get those people typing in the obvious search terms that you've typed in that haven't been able to find anything yet due to bad SEO.

    Thank GOD I'd used obvious and popular search terms like "DC Madam phone list" when I first labeled and titled the post, so that piece was already indexed deep in Google.

    3 - Be prepared to move fast with updated information

    It was cool that I was getting all those hits, but I realized I wasn't exactly giving the people what they wanted, which, according to the recent keyword activity, was Deborah Jeane Palfrey's actual list, her website, etc.

    I decided to update the old post with more recent info as I found it, making the post more useful to anxious wives and guilt-ridden politicos searching for familiar cell phone numbers -- or investigative reporters seeking out big wigs -- on the list.

    4 - Change the title of the post to bring in more people

    I'd originally titled my post "DC Madam List of Names and Numbers...Everybody wants you" but changed it to "DC Madam List of Names and Numbers...Here are the numbers" to stand out in the crowd of clickers.

    (This is after you've made sure your post title name precedes your blog name in the search engine listings as I described in my Blog Traffic Sucking? post, but be warned that this change will screw around with your ability to rearrange and save your page elements in Blogger -- but I've found the change to be worth it all.)

    Note that the URL...


    ...is gonna stay the same as when you first saved it (guess that's why they call it a PERMAlink, huh?) no matter what you change the blog post title to, so make sure to get those good keywords in from the jump.

    And try not to misspell a good keyword in the URL like I've done in the past, 'cause you can't change it. (But maybe you'll get the bad typers.)

    5 - Make sure to update the post's date and time

    I've noticed that when I place a current date and time in my old Blogger posts and republish them, Blogger is now smart enough to put the most recent post where it belongs, on my front page. (WordPress was probably already smart enough to do this -- depending on if the blog has most recent posts set up to appear on the front page.)

    6 - Get the jump on a story to get to the top of Google

    Updating my post's date and time helped get it to the number #1 spot in Google for certain search term combos, beating out The Smoking Gun and The Washingon Post.

    I noticed that Google puts the post date (and even time, sometimes) next to the search listing, so the more recent your post, the better it may fair in search engine listings.

    Also, I'm sure this blog's Google Pagerank of 5 plays in there somehow.

    But another important factor is to blog about something that interests you when you first hear about it. Sometimes those stories will go nowhere, sometimes they'll explode...

    7 - Create a whole new website around what people want

    There are days when you write strictly for your loyal readers -- hence this post ;-)

    Then there are days when you write mostly for search-engine traffic. And sometimes that search-engine traffic amazes you with what they want.

    Like how they responded in droves to my VideoHybrid post, an afterthought of a post that contained great keywords in the URL.

    The unexpected popularity of that post led me to create the Watch Free TV Shows Online post, whose enormously popularity led me to create an entire website dedicated to helping people find full and partial episodes of their favorite TV shows and movies online for free.

    The Watch Free Episodes site already has 385 email subscribers alone in about a month, compared to about only 150 email subscribers for this blog in nearly two years!

    That tells me that grabbing niche readers for sites like watching TV online seems an easier task.

    And I wouldn't have known any of this had I not listened to my readers.

    (Pay no attention to this, just trying to get a PageRank for my Find the Answers blog.)

    Saturday, July 07, 2007

    EthanHaasWasRight.com? New Godzilla Movie Trailers? Cloverfield? Bad Robot? 1/18/08 Release Date? Sneak Previews? -- J. J. Abrams' Online Video Buzz

    Watch Cloverfield, new Godzilla, Bad Robot movie trailers J. J. Abrams' Sneak Preview Move Online EthanHaasWasRight.comby Paula Neal Mooney

    J. J. Abrams' new movie, called Cloverfield, Bad Robot or the new Godzilla movie is causing a big stir ever since sneak previews of the Cloverfield, Bad Robot or new Godzilla movie trailer were shown recently prior to Transformers.

    Watching video clips of J. J. Abrams' untitled movie project temporarily dubbed Cloverfield, the film does have a freaky Blair Witch kind of feel, with the hand-held camera shots making the reality of it all feel so immediate -- as if it could easily happen to us.

    (Check here for a better quality video of the new Godzilla movie, Cloverfield, Bad Robot, or whatever it is!)

    Blair Witch left me feeling creepy and uneasy after I saw it.

    When the full Cloverfield, Godzilla, Bad Robot, or whatever movie project releases on 1/18/08, I wonder how it will make the world feel?

    Some of those scenes seem too reminiscent of 9/11...

    Even more mysterious: What does the Ethan Haas Was Right website have to do with it all?

    Supposedly EthanHaasWasRight.com is professional buzz for the new J. J. Abrams' movie, which is some kind of puzzling puzzle to play.

    Then there's the EthanHaasWasRight.blogspot.com and EthanHaasWasWrong.blogspot.com blogs that have popped up recently...

    And now, mysterious EthanHaasWasRight.com videos like this are popping up on YouTube.

    Ai yi yi!

    Talk about buzzing up a movie in the blogosphere!

    It better be worth the buzz...

    Watch full and partial episodes of your favorite TV shows and movies online -- all for free!

    July 7, 2007 Prophecy Hot in Search -- But What Does the Christian Bible Say About Numerology?

    7/7/2007 Christian prophecies according to the Bible, weddings, baby birthsby Paula Neal Mooney


    7 7 2007

    July 7, 2007


    Those are the variations of July 7th, 2007 that people are frantically typing into Google and other search engines, eager to find 7/7/2007 prophecies for the thrice 7 day.

    But what does the Bible say about all this 7 stuff?

    Back in 1994 when this photo was taken of me and my mom -- happily gambling in the Luxor Hotel in Vegas -- I was running away from the old stuffy and staid and hypocritcal Christianity that had been at the periphery of my 25-year-old life at that point.

    Been there, kinda done that, must be something more intelligent.

    Those were my thoughts as I delved into New Age philosophy, Feng Shui and other books that focus on numerology and predicting the future.

    Baby I've Got Your Number...

    1 - In 1996, Feng Shui book in hand, I watched a woman with signs and wonders following her give a speech. "The false gods will fail you," she declared. I dropped the black and red book from my hands...

    2 - Circa 1997, I sat on my great room couch, attempting to envision my future the way a certain book said. The flash of red in a funeral home was one vision...

    3 - During 1998 I self-published a hedonistic novel and tried to sell it. Wesley Snipes' production company showed interest, but it largely fell thru...

    4 - October 4, 1999 my mother went to sleep and woke up with Jesus. Devastated, I return not only back to that funeral home in my vision, but to the purple ledge of a sanctuary I'd been flirting around with, ready to come home...

    5 - Sunday, April 16, 2000 -- I hold my nose as one pastor holds my arm and pushes me back into a pool of water saying, "I baptize you in the Name of the Father, the Son and of the Holy Spirit"

    6 - Saturday, April 22, 2000 around 2 a.m., the night I turn 31 years old, I have the scariest nightmare of my life:

    Satan smiles at me because I'm doing his work for him.

    In the dream, I chant "1 - 2, 1 -2," a sequence of numbers that represents the life-or-death struggle of a woman in a coffin before me. That following Easter Monday, I chuck all remaining copies of the blasphemous book in a Dumpster. God rewards me with a great offer on our house, which we'd been waiting to sell.

    7- April 2002 -- "Anybody wanting a fresh filling of the Holy Spirit, come on up," the Bishop at my church says. I walk to the front, stand among a tall thuggish looking brotha to my left, a rotund one to the right. I beg God to win the $30,000 Nicholls Screenwriting fellowship, then stop and really worship Him instead, relenting, "Whatever You want to do, do it."

    There's a vision in a white resplendent robe standing behind my Bishop. I can't see His face. But I know my Lover from anywhere. The power is overwhelming. I cannot stand.

    I fall to my knees with my baby girl in my belly and sob, the thug to my left does the same, the big guy to my right is splayed on the floor. I did not hear a sound.

    "It is yours," God says clear as day in my soul, something I didn't even know was in His Word. I haven't won the screenwriting fellowship yet, but soon thereafter I make my first sale to a print magazine for an article about pregnancy. Many more writing gigs follow.

    And I know I've been changed in a more profound way...

    Angels in heaven done signed my name...

    After these events, I stayed away from numerology, thinking it all a part of my evil past.

    But after I finally cracked open that Book that I'd refused to lay things on top of and had been treating like a relic (which I was surprised to learn that it says not to treat it like a relic), I learned that God does assign certain general meanings and themes to numbers, like seven being the number of perfection and 12 associated with leadership.

    Check out some Biblical numerology here.

    But anytime I get too into trying to figure out what my future holds, I ruminate on these 7 or other verses that set me straight:

    1 - "But God said to him, 'You fool! This very night your life will be demanded from you'..." Luke 12:20

    2 - "No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father." Mark 13:32

    3 - "Suddenly the fingers of a human hand appeared and wrote on the plaster of the wall, near the lampstand in the royal palace. The king watched the hand as it wrote. His face turned pale and he was so frightened that his knees knocked together and his legs gave way." Daniel 5:5 - 6

    4 - "Therefore take no thought, saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed?" Matthew 6:31

    5 - "In the future you will see the Son of Man sitting at the right hand of the Mighty One and coming on the clouds of heaven." Matthew 26:64

    6 - "And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment..." Hebrews 9:27

    7- "For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known." 1 Corinthians 13:12

    So, that's it.

    Will I do anything special on 7/7/2007, hoping for some sort of special luck?

    As you can see, I don't believe in "luck" -- only divine providence. Because I know my steps, all 7 or 777 or 7,777,777 of them are ordered by the Lord.

    Watch full and partial episodes of your favorite TV shows and movies online -- all for free!

    Wednesday, July 04, 2007

    HelpMyBabyLive.com -- Scam or Abortion Prevention?

    HelpMyBabyLive.com -- scam or abortion prevention?by Paula Neal Mooney

    HelpMyBabyLive.com -- it's a site I learned about today from a fellow writer.

    Wednesday, July 4, 2007 Update: I'm getting so much feedback about HelpMyBabyLive.com and virtual proof that it's a scam, thought I'd update this post.

    Snopes has great insight into HelpMyBabyLive.com's fake hate email received.

    The also have a cache of the blog page they claim is from the HelpMyBabyLive.com site creator, which is good, because the original supposed HelpMyBabyLive.com site creator's entry seems gone.

    Pro-life or pro-choice, I know there are probably better ways to go about "transferring wealth from the wicked to the righteous," and whatever the intention, this probably ain't the right way.

    C'est la vie...pro la vie, that is.

    Original post:
    The HelpMyBabyLive.com owners claim to be a young couple that's pregnant and threatening to abort their baby if they don't get $50,000 from online donations in 83 days, as of this writing.

    The HelpMyBabyLive.com site creators have used InvisiHosting, so you can't tell who they are to really know if this is legit.

    And a "Who is?" search on the domain name owners of HelpMyBabyLive.com turned up little info.

    Of course, reading the whole "Help My Baby Live, Please" thing smacks of a scam -- but their current donations are reportedly up to $10,200 -- no doubt from empathetic givers who are hoping to save the life of a child, on the off-chance that HelpMyBabyLive.com isn't a scam.

    If HelpMyBabyLive.com is a scam, the site creators will get their just desserts soon enough.

    But what if it isn't?

    There are other ways for expectant couples to get help -- yet maybe this drastic measure will get fast results.

    Ah...true or not HelpMyBabyLive.com just seems sad, sad, sad.

    Many of you know my abortion stance. And I though I support needy children already here thru places like Christian Children's Fund and the pro-bono writing I do for Sisters in Service, admittedly I need to do more for children on the other side of the birth canal.

    But reading the rhetoric on HelpMyBabyLive.com doesn't seem like the real deal.

    At least the kind souls who actually gave something probably did so out of the purity of their own hearts, and they will be blessed beyond measure -- despite where the money goes.

    What do you all think?

    Would you give to HelpMyBabyLive.com?

    Tuesday, July 03, 2007

    Ken Savage's BattleDiabetes.com -- How exactly does it earn him $40,000 per year?

    by Paula Neal Mooney

    I was all set to tell you guys about the inspiring story of Ken Savage, who runs BattleDiabetes.com -- a site that ShoeMoney says that Loren Baker says that Ken says earns him just under $40,000 per year.

    I'm impressed that Ken began BattleDiabetes.com because Type 2 Diabetes is a health issue that's close to his soul -- one I pray he's winning.

    And the 40 grand earned must be because Ken's got a lot of content on the site dating back to August 2005, because these other factors are an anomaly to me:

    1. Search Engine Journal says "Battle Diabetes gets 7,000 to 9,000 pageviews on a given day," but comparing my traffic to Ken Savage's two sites, they seem comparable. And though I'm sure I'll see the 7,000 - 9,000 daily pageviews soon -- thank you Jesus -- right now I'm hovering nicely around 4,000 or so per day. (Unless Alexa is way out in left field as some folks claim it is, I don't know how else to explain the closeness in our traffic numbers represented on that graph!)

    2. Ken reportedly makes his money thru Google Adsense, Auction Ads and Text Link Ads -- and I definitely see the first two very clickable looking ones displayed, but don't see any TLA ads. (This could be in no small part due to the fact that it's now 3:25 a.m. as I type this. Do you guys see any?)

    3. Search Engine Journal says Ken practices strategic linkbuilding, but I don't see a whole lotta linkbacks to BattleDiabetes.com on Google. (And he's had that domain name for years.)

    4. Don't see them on Technorati either.

    5. And looking at the feed for BattleDiabetes.com on browsers other than Firefox, which annoyingly truncates even full feeds, I don't see any monetization going on there yet.

    6. Ken doesn't even have in-line text advertising. (If this is not a conscious decision, Ken, might I led you on over to my Kontera affiliate link so you can up that figure to maybe 50 grand in coming years?)
    Above any of this monetary stuff, I'm glad Ken is helping people beyond measure with their health issues -- and that's paramount.

    He has a heartfelt passion for his subject, and he'd probably do it all for free.

    And I'll definitely check out Ken's tips on how he got "one of the most recent jumps in search driven traffic...after he listed BattleDiabetes.com in major web directories such as Best of the Web, DMOZ, Aviva Directory and Business.com."

    But as for all my perplexity regarding the other issues above, I'd love for Ken to spill the beans more to us other probloggers who are ready to make $40,000 per year as well with our labors of love...

    Watch full and partial episodes of your favorite TV shows and movies online -- all for free!

    Paula Neal Mooney