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SEO OPTIMIZATION TIP from $100,000 - $999,999 per year earning pro-blogger Arieanna Schweber

by Paula Neal Mooney

Here's the best SEO optimization tip (yes, I know the "o" in SEO stands for "optimization" already -- lots of people search for "SEO OPTIMIZATION" so I'm going with those keywords!) that I got out of all the stuff I learned at BLOGHER07 in my Chi-town hometown:

Put dashes in your image file names!


All this time I've been naming my pics-a-plenty, but I didn't realize how important it was to put dashes in between my words so that I can receive lots more traffic from Google images.

I learned this great SEO optimization tip from Arienna Schweber, who moderated the panel on which I spoke, called "Professional Blogging: Ways and Means" -- all about making money online.

(I've already been putting descriptions in my ALT tags the way Arienna's boss Darren explains in this post.)

And since Arienna bravely admitted she makes anywhere from $100,000 - $999,999 per year as one of the channel editors for Darren Rowse&…

MORE WEBSITE VISITORS -- How many more people visited your blog after you followed these 10 steps?

by Paula Neal Mooney

I'm on my way to my sweet home Chicago to hang out with these smart and beautiful women.

So while I'm laughing it up with like minds, I thought I'd leave you with a doozy of post that will help you increase visitors to your website, and hopefully increase your earnings.

If you like current events and helping search-engine seekers find your website, try these tips -- then leave comments and let me know how many more website visitors you got.

10 Step-by-Step Ways to Get More Website Visitors

These are the exact steps I take that have grown this blog, my TV online website, and my Find the Answers blog to a combined 600,000 hits and growing:

1 - Get exact hot search terms in quotes... "Remy Ma shooting" or "Scott Baio married" preferably with high percentages next to them, reported in the most-recently posted Yahoo Buzz posting. (If you write a niche blog, it may take some creativity to relate it to your topic.)

2 - If no dice with Yaho…

Watch Free Movies and TV Shows Online ... and Why I'm Unlinking to VideoHybrid and Why I Was Crying Watching JCTV Last Night

by Paula Neal Mooney

Thursday, August 30, 2007 Update:
Here's an online TV guide listing free TV shows and where to watch them on the web.

Saturday, July 21, 2007 Update:
VideoHybrid had an ad displayed on their site the other day that blew my mind. It was of a bare-bottomed woman with a caption that asked if they wanted to see more.


This is what I'm linking to? What if 13-year-olds find this blog post and see that ad, which thankfully I haven't seen again.

Still, the Lord won't leave me alone about linking to them anyway, cause even though they have some nice movies (and I still need to comply with the rules fully to all my links), they also have some crazy movies that I tend to skip right over 'cause I don't want to see them.

But what about the kids online who don't skip over them?

Yes, parental guidance should be there, but I don't want to lead anybody to crap, only Christ the King. So I'm going thru removing all my links to them.

This was solidifi…

Tay Zonday's Chocolate Rain Lyrics, Videos -- What's his nationality and race? Why is Chocolate Rain so sad and catchy and sweeping the net?

by Paula Neal Mooney

This guy Tay Zonday and his "Chocolate Rain" lyrics are tripping me and a lot of other people out.

"I am a singer-songwriter-vocalist. I do everything. No style is off-limits. No two videos are alike. From Bach to Tupac, Opera to Screamo, Expect the Unexpected!"

That's what Tay Zonday YouTube site says. (I hope that means he's getting revenue sharing.)

"Yes, I have a deep voice. No, I don't fake it," Tay Zonday continues.

I wish he would give more info about his nationality -- something I always try to decipher. Is he black? Is he Indian? I want to know.

Is that what "Chocolate Rain" means? With the property value line and all...

"Yes, I look young. I am 25 years old. I have never studied piano or voice formally. Several of my videos have free MP3s and/or sheet music that you can download in the video details!"

Right now, Tay Zonday's personal website (or blog?) redirects back to YouTube, but I'm sure w…

Go Fug Yourself Ladies Making $6,240 per month -- God, why am I making $1,010.12 per month? I'm sorry for being such a brat...thank You!

by Paula Neal Mooney

Have you seen the Business Week piece called Bloggers Bring in the Big Bucks that everyone's blogging about?

Hmmm...reminds me of another list of webmaster revenue I know...

Anyway, the Go Fug Yourself girls are pulling in $6,240 a month!

With typepad still in their URL, mind you!

This prompted a mini-jealous streak in me when I first read it yesterday, ranting at God:

"See they're making all this money dogging people out!"

"Just keep blogging and driving traffic," answered The Answer.

Actually, I'm not mad at the pretty ladies -- I used to subscribe to their blog, I just decided that I wasn't that interested in fashion -- especially not posts that begrudge the way celebrities look and dress.

Make Money -- Go Write That Niche Site!
Yet what I'm learning from their success and those of the others in the Business Week piece -- congrats ShoeMoney and Darren Rowse (who knew he was a minister?) -- is that consistently proving you can drive… -- Submit news stories and blog posts without fear of being buried

by Paula Neal Mooney

Ian Clarke, a guy who created The Freenet Project, has now launched a site called -- yeah, don't go looking for the meaning like I did, it's not in the dictionary yet.

But Ian says Thoof is close to truth in sound, and hopefully in practice.

Thoof aims to help readers by tailoring the personalized news that interest them in their own personal homepage of sorts.

Check out Thoof's demo tutorial to see what I mean.

For a girl that's on's secret auto-bury list, I'm glad to see that has no buries or thumbs up or thumbs down -- and no room for inane immature comments.

It does offer ways to improve upon submitted stories' titles or tags.

Of course, with all this buzz surrounding Thoof's launch, I'm most interested in how much traffic Thoof can drive to our best blog articles.

I saw some URLS on Thoof, so of course I submitted a couple of my articles to see what would happen.

My updated list of blogger s…

Genarlow Wilson's Sex Video Tape -- Will Online Outrage Over Its Release Help Set the Honor Student Free from Prison? And what about the Jena Six?

by Paula Neal Mooney

By now nearly everybody has heard the plight of Genarlow Wilson, a 17-year-old honor student who should've been acing his SATs the day he was arrested on charges of rape, stemming from consensual oral sex with a 15-year-old girl as well as intercourse with another girl.

And now David McDade has released the videotape of Genarlow Wilson receiving oral sex at a party, claiming he was required to by law.

The unfairness of Genarlow Wilson's 10-year sentence even has Barack Obama championing his cause. Heck, I just might vote for that man yet...

I believe rape is wrong.

I believe child molestation is wrong.

I believe this is not why Genarlow Wilson is in prison.

Laws like this were designed to protect children from older scuzballs taking advantage of them, not to send a good kid to prison for what's been reported as consensual oral sex with a girl two years his junior.

There's such a thing as the letter of the law, and then there's the spirit of the law.

If …

19,000 Free Blog Hits in 59 Hours -- Give Your Googlers What They Want...Then Keep Them Updated

by Paula Neal Mooney

Statsaholic that I am, Tuesday morning I woke up and checked the stats of this blog via to see what was going on.

I was amazed that under "Recent Keyword Activity" -- a feature I absolutely love the most on StatCounter that gives you the real-time search terms people are typing in to find you -- that lots of people were searching for the DC Madam's client list, a story I'd heard about a while back that interested me, so I blogged about it.

Turns out the DC Madam had published her clients' phone numbers on her website Monday night, and lots of people wanted the list.

So much so that this blog has blessedly received about 19,000 pageviews in the past 60 hours. And here's what I've learned about getting more blog hits:

1 - Let your searchers give you the news

Check your recent, real-time keyword activity often.

Readers on the net can break a story a lot faster than network news sites. If you notice a pattern of several people se… New Godzilla Movie Trailers? Cloverfield? Bad Robot? 1/18/08 Release Date? Sneak Previews? -- J. J. Abrams' Online Video Buzz

by Paula Neal Mooney

J. J. Abrams' new movie, called Cloverfield, Bad Robot or the new Godzilla movie is causing a big stir ever since sneak previews of the Cloverfield, Bad Robot or new Godzilla movie trailer were shown recently prior to Transformers.

Watching video clips of J. J. Abrams' untitled movie project temporarily dubbed Cloverfield, the film does have a freaky Blair Witch kind of feel, with the hand-held camera shots making the reality of it all feel so immediate -- as if it could easily happen to us.

(Check here for a better quality video of the new Godzilla movie, Cloverfield, Bad Robot, or whatever it is!)

Blair Witch left me feeling creepy and uneasy after I saw it.

When the full Cloverfield, Godzilla, Bad Robot, or whatever movie project releases on 1/18/08, I wonder how it will make the world feel?

Some of those scenes seem too reminiscent of 9/11...

Even more mysterious: What does the Ethan Haas Was Right website have to do with it all?

Supposedly EthanHaasWasRight.c…

July 7, 2007 Prophecy Hot in Search -- But What Does the Christian Bible Say About Numerology?

by Paula Neal Mooney


7 7 2007

July 7, 2007


Those are the variations of July 7th, 2007 that people are frantically typing into Google and other search engines, eager to find 7/7/2007 prophecies for the thrice 7 day.

Over 70,000 couples are predicted to get married on 7/7/2007

Some hope for their babies to be born on 7-7-07

Gamblers and casinos hope July 7, 2007 is a really "lucky" day for them
But what does the Bible say about all this 7 stuff?

Back in 1994 when this photo was taken of me and my mom -- happily gambling in the Luxor Hotel in Vegas -- I was running away from the old stuffy and staid and hypocritcal Christianity that had been at the periphery of my 25-year-old life at that point.

Been there, kinda done that, must be something more intelligent.

Those were my thoughts as I delved into New Age philosophy, Feng Shui and other books that focus on numerology and predicting the future.

Baby I've Got Your Number...

1 - In 1996, Feng Shui book in hand, I watched a … -- Scam or Abortion Prevention?

by Paula Neal Mooney -- it's a site I learned about today from a fellow writer.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007 Update: I'm getting so much feedback about and virtual proof that it's a scam, thought I'd update this post.

Snopes has great insight into's fake hate email received.

The also have a cache of the blog page they claim is from the site creator, which is good, because the original supposed site creator's entry seems gone.

Pro-life or pro-choice, I know there are probably better ways to go about "transferring wealth from the wicked to the righteous," and whatever the intention, this probably ain't the right way.

C'est la la vie, that is.

Original post:
The owners claim to be a young couple that's pregnant and threatening to abort their baby if they don't get $50,000 from online donations in 83 days, as of this writing.

The H…

Ken Savage's -- How exactly does it earn him $40,000 per year?

by Paula Neal Mooney

I was all set to tell you guys about the inspiring story of Ken Savage, who runs -- a site that ShoeMoney says that Loren Baker says that Ken says earns him just under $40,000 per year.

I'm impressed that Ken began because Type 2 Diabetes is a health issue that's close to his soul -- one I pray he's winning.

And the 40 grand earned must be because Ken's got a lot of content on the site dating back to August 2005, because these other factors are an anomaly to me:

Search Engine Journal says "Battle Diabetes gets 7,000 to 9,000 pageviews on a given day," but comparing my traffic to Ken Savage's two sites, they seem comparable. And though I'm sure I'll see the 7,000 - 9,000 daily pageviews soon -- thank you Jesus -- right now I'm hovering nicely around 4,000 or so per day. (Unless Alexa is way out in left field as some folks claim it is, I don't know how else to explain the closeness in ou…