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by Paula Neal Mooney

Ian Clarke, a guy who created The Freenet Project, has now launched a site called -- yeah, don't go looking for the meaning like I did, it's not in the dictionary yet.

But Ian says Thoof is close to truth in sound, and hopefully in practice.

Thoof aims to help readers by tailoring the personalized news that interest them in their own personal homepage of sorts.

Check out Thoof's demo tutorial to see what I mean.

For a girl that's on's secret auto-bury list, I'm glad to see that has no buries or thumbs up or thumbs down -- and no room for inane immature comments.

It does offer ways to improve upon submitted stories' titles or tags.

Of course, with all this buzz surrounding Thoof's launch, I'm most interested in how much traffic Thoof can drive to our best blog articles.

I saw some URLS on Thoof, so of course I submitted a couple of my articles to see what would happen.

My updated list of blogger salaries made the front page -- my front page, at least, and I hope plenty of other people's front pages.

Another cool thing is that when you type in your tags for the article you're submitting, Thoof works like Google Suggest Labs in that it gives you tag suggestions. This is good in discovering what popular tags might exist already, so if your news story relates to those tags, who knows?

Maybe Thoof will drive some good readers your way...

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THOR said…
very interesant, thans
zawadi said…
Will check it out, thanks.
Thank you I have already hopped over and will take a look at thoof, right now I am still enamored with making Squidoo Lens!- Michelle Smart not Cheap

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