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»»»»»»»» Google Affiliate Network Launches, DoubleClick Performics Now Google Affiliate Network...

Today I received the below email in my inbox about the new Google Affiliate Network. I used to be a DoubleClick Performics member, but I couldn't figure out my old password and login, so I reapplied to the new Google Affiliate Network. Hope I get in!

June 30, 2008

We are pleased to introduce Google Affiliate Network . Effective Monday, June 30, 2008, DoubleClick Performics Affiliate will operate as Google Affiliate Network. The integration with Google's brand is a reflection of efforts to quickly assimilate our business and teams, as well as reinforce Google's commitment to the Affiliate channel. Together with our new colleagues at Google we are creating new opportunities for monetization, expansion and innovation in Affiliate Marketing.

Someone clicks the ad on your site... ...buys the advertised product... ...and you receive a commission on the sale.

Within the next couple of weeks you will see some exciting changes to the user interface reflecting the new brand. The platfor…

»»»»»»»» CBS Videos Removed From RedLasso - Now I don't want to go on a rant here...

CBS Streaming Video Clips Removed From RedLasso. ARRGHHHG!!!!!!

So this week Bishop TD Jakes' daughter, Sarah Jakes, got married and was featured on Entertainment Tonight. I caught the segment on TV, but many people didn't so they went searching hot and heavy for video of Sarah Jakes' wedding online...

Yeah, notice how that clip is unavailable now?

I did some digging, and turns out all of CBS' videos that I tried to play from RedLasso are now unavailable!

So of course I go poking around to see what video CBS has put up to satisfy their online searches for the wedding of Bishop TD Jakes' daughter -- and of course, as of this writing, find NONE!

This is why the network TV execs making these decisions suck.

CBS is not a pay-cable TV station, it's a free TV station that should readily offer clips of its TV segments just as readily online as they do off-line, on TV.

For it to be 2008 and for a network like CBS to not understand this is beyond belief.

It's n…

»»»»»»»» Find out how many visitors a website has, plus the most-popular searches that bring them visitors -- free from Google Trends for Websites...

New Google Trends for Websites Tells You How Many Visitors a Website Gets, and
Their Most Popular Keyword Searches!

Webware has a great write-up about the new Google Trends for Websites, so instead of reinventing the blog post, though I'd just send my readers on over to them.

Already I've checked out the data for Perez Hilton, whom I already knew gets around 600k hits a day -- funny that nor doesn't disclose their stats (must not have Google Analytics tracking their data, odd for Google!) but and other websites do, so play around and find out some great keywords under the "Also Searched For" section on the right hand side of Google Trends for Websites.

I've learned some good stuff -- off to post away on my other websites! I'll let you know how it works and how much more traffic it can bring us bloggers...

»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» Password Hacker for Yahoo Messenger - Trying to login without password on Yahoo messenger? Find out who's IMing your kids...

Password Hacker for Yahoo Messenger - Trying to login without password on Yahoo messenger? There's a better way...

Need a password hacker for your Yahoo Messenger account? Or is it your spouse's or kids' Yahoo Messenger account that you're trying to hack into?

Believe me, I've forgotten my share of my own passwords on my own Excel spreadsheet, and I hunted around Google for password hackers till I found something that reminded me what my own password was.

How to Hack Into Your Own Yahoo Messenger Password...
Of course, the easiest way to hack into your Yahoo Messenger forgotten password account is to avail yourself of the Yahoo Messenger "forgot password" or whatever option.

But I suspect many people searching for "password hacker for Yahoo Messenger" want to find out if their mate is cheating on them by sending secret IMs to their lovers, or if some skevvy old guy is IMing their kids.

In that case, if you're talking about hacking into your own Ya…

»»»»»»»» Google Trends Down? Google Hot Trends List Not Updated in 5 Hours and Counting...

My fair Google trends list, please update thee again!

I absolutely love Google Trends Labs list that's usually updated hourly.

Today Google Trends list hasn't been updated in over 5 hours.

The other day, Google Trends list wasn't updated for 15 hours or more.

Wow, I didn't know till I read that post that spammers are the ones responsible for those X-rated weird searches that show up on the list. Hope Google is doing away with those ASAP...

What's up, Google Trends people at your Google Plex?

Hopefully they're just working hard to make the Google Trends list even better, giving us not only a list of the movers and shakers, but the most popular pages indexed by day, month, 3-month period, 6-month-period and more.

Wouldn't that be cool?

Won't it be so awesome to see what pages in this whole world wide web got the most hits in one day?

»»»»»»»» Watch Army Wives Online - Full Episodes are Drawing Viewers in Droves

Lifetime has free, full episodes of Army Wives online here - including Season 2 Army Wives premiere episode under the "full episodes" tab.

Army Wives Season 2 Full Episodes online for cheap...

Army Wives Season 1 full episodes are online here for cheap...

Army Wives DVD of Season 1
And the... Army Wives DVD for Season 1 is now available for sale.

You all know my new passion is, a site that shows you where you can watch free full- and partial-length shows like Army Wives online, another of my new passions.

Lifetime is smart in that they're running the first two full-length hit episodes of Army Wives for free on their site...and I hope they leave them there!

Sites like USA Network have wreaked a bit of havoc as of late and are sure to cause a revolt for removing the full free episodes of The Starter Wife that were online and available to watch the day after it premiered.

Watching Full-length TV Shows Online is the Future
Nothing could be more clear than the po…