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Watch Army Wives Online Full-length Episodes on the Web

Lifetime has free, full episodes of Army Wives online here - including Season 2 Army Wives premiere episode under the "full episodes" tab.

  • Army Wives - Army Wives, Season 2

    Army Wives Season 2 Full Episodes online for cheap...

  • Army Wives Season 1 full episodes are online here for cheap...

  • Army Wives DVD of Season 1

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  • You all know my new passion is WatchFreeEpisodes.com, a site that shows you where you can watch free full- and partial-length shows like Army Wives online, another of my new passions.

    Lifetime is smart in that they're running the first two full-length hit episodes of Army Wives for free on their site...and I hope they leave them there!

    Sites like USA Network have wreaked a bit of havoc as of late and are sure to cause a revolt for removing the full free episodes of The Starter Wife that were online and available to watch the day after it premiered.

    Watching Full-length TV Shows Online is the Future
    Nothing could be more clear than the popularity of people wanting to watch their favorite full-length TV shows and movies online free (or pretty cheaply and easily) right now.

    CBS.com will have full-length episodes of Big Brother 8 online this summer for bloggers to incorporate into their blogs.

    VideoHybrid, a site that has free TV shows and movies online has been down for the past few days and is apparently switching to another server from the high traffic demand.

    Put more legal full-length TV shows and movies online!
    It AMAZES me that we cannot watch full episodes of shows like Oprah and The View online for free, ones that are on free TV network channels.

    Hopefully they will have more than partial clips on ABC soon for those two daytime talk shows, due to high viewer demand for specific Oprah and The View shows.

    So instead of playing the cat-and-mouse YouTube game of posting copyright infringed-upon clips that are later removed, copyright owners would be smart to offer ALL full-length episodes of free TV shows on their sites, and offer bloggers a split of the great advertising revenue who drive viewers to those shows.

    And make the free full-length shows easy to access!
    I don't think sites like Joost.com -- that make users jump thru techie hoops and download stuff that even I, being pretty techie, STILL haven't figured out how to use and get beyond the errors I received -- will be enormously popular in the long run.

    Heck, if people are feeling trepidation about downloading ABC.com's simple player to watch their full-length shows online, I think Joost.com and others may prove a bit too complicated for average web users.

    Watch Free Episodes Dot Com Moguls
    Webpreneurs who get in on this amazingly fast growing trend of viewers wanting to watch most all of their TV shows online -- after all, more and more people are using their plasma TV screens as their computer monitors -- may find themselves sitting on Oprah's couch one day telling Oprah how they made millions from getting in on the start of the trend.

    And they'll return home to watch how they fared on The Oprah Winfrey Show by Googling the full episode -- available for free online.

    Watch full and partial episodes of your favorite TV shows and movies online -- all for free!


    maurizio said…
    lol..the first thing I thought when I saw *your* picture was "how pathetic"..
    then I just laught for a while.

    You should head to my blog and start learning how to use Gimp/Photoshop

    Gee Maurizio...um...thanks for your undying support.

    Yeah, I was so glad I got a free trial of Photoshop yesterday 'cause I needed it to resize my pic to 300 dpi for the BlogHer conference folks.

    Then I remembered I had it today when I was rushing to get that pic up. It is pretty funny!

    But a BIG THANK YOU to Kween at South Side Starfor her positive imagery in words and for giving me the idea in the first place!
    Martin Lindsey. said…
    Nice Oprah couch shot. What's Maurizio talking about? It looks just like you! LOL...

    Hey speak it into being Paula. Speak it into being.

    I really like the paid YouTube idea. That's another one I would jump into if I had the time. If pending activities work out as planned I will have more time to devote to incorporating some of these innovative ideas into my blogging.
    tAnYeTTa said…
    Hey Paula!

    Great shot on the couch with Oprah~ Please tell me you didn't jump and down like Tom did. LOL

    Just kidding. Hey, I love your blog. Always learning something new. I am getting hooked on this show called the Game. I can't catch it from the beginning or I always forget when it comes on. The day it comes online, i'm so there! :)
    zaki said…
    I hope one day, you'll get the chance to be interviewed by Oprah...
    When that happen, your blog will definitely be great...!!! and your traffic will further bosst up....

    that time, don't forget your small friend here...
    Don Simkovich said…
    Paula, this is "Business and Money" week on my blog. I hope people stop by. I've done a few interviews on real estate including foreclosures.

    I'm still intent on creating my own Web-based show. But the networks are definitely going to have to look at how they'll deliver their programs online to maintain or grow their audiences.
    Anonymous said…
    Love the Oprah couch pic lol!
    Tara said…
    Paula, I would love to give you the credit for being such a GENIUS, but I know it is The Holy Spirit who guides you.

    Seriously, your blogging advice is OTHERWORLDLY!

    I thank God for you!!!
    Anonymous said…
    Please dont blow it out of proportion but an angel setup www.tshlw.com/videos/cb/aw/aw.html download the first seven episodes to watch. The episodes are split into five parts so you have to DL each section and it is in zip format but just unzip and watch
    hope this helps others who were like me
    Abaculus said…
    I love this blog. I weill check out
    Army Wives online. I was wondering if there is a place online, besides
    You Tube that has classic comedies.

    Please help.
    Good shows. Working at home as a home based travel agent, I sure have some time to watch television. Unfortunately, I don't due to travel business work..lol.

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