Rev Run on Oprah Video: Watch it and cry, then praise the Lord God...

by Paula Neal Mooney

I've been crying today since watching this video of Rev. Run and his lovely family on Oprah today, when they discussed the death of their newborn baby daughter.

I first wrote about the death of Rev. Run's baby daughter months ago, in a controversial piece that asked if the MTV cameras were there and what -- if any -- of the shocking loss would they let the fans of their reality show "Run's House" see when season 3 of the show premieres.

Some people came down on me hard for even asking the question, while many others poured out their prayers of sadness and comfort to Rev. Run and Justine over the loss of their daughter.

I'm so glad that in their wisdom Rev. Run and Justine decided to let the cameras roll throughout this trying time instead of blocking the world out. As Rev. Run said, they showed the happy times, it was their duty to show the sad times too.

Run's House Season 3 premiere's April 9th on MTV, and season 2 can be seen on BET. For those who haven't seen the completely engaging seasons 1 and 2 of Run's House, they are available here.

I believe the world is so captivated by Rev. Run and his family because they are so real: They love God, are prosperous in a gorgeous home obviously filled with love and glory.

Justine seemed depressed even before this loss, but her appearance on Oprah today gave hope to others in grief about being happy and looking forward to the future.

What an awesome father and husband Rev. Run is -- and I was kind of surprised that he referenced The Secret, which had me asking myself: Are us Christians being fooled by that thing?

Hopefully we're just garnering God's truth from it and leaving the fluff behind...

Either way, I was a little jealous again watching Rev. Run and his family on Oprah, with the video snippets of their good (and sad) times together. No matter what, they seem to have a closeness that I pray lots of families regain in this day and age of separate times in separate rooms all with our separate screens.

Go to Rev. Run's website and sign up to receive his email updates...yes, the ones that always end in "God is love."

Here's his Words of Wisdom: Daily Affirmations of Faith book that Rev. Run talked about on Oprah.

So, there you have the Rev. Run video that folks have been talking about for months.

Let it give many people who've suffered the loss of their children hope in their despair.

"Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort;

Who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God."

2 Corinthians 1:3 - 4 (King James Version)


Evorgleb said…
One of our guys ot Highbrid Nation did a nice post on Run and his apearance on Oprah. I give him and his family a lot of credit for dealing with thier loss in the public eye.
maurizio said…
What? Do you really have a reality show inside a reverend's house...oh..America...

Btw Paula, you still haven't see my blog yet. (I was Anonymous before :) )
James said…
Thanks for covering this, the hip hop world has such a terrible rep, it is good to see a postivite spin.Correct me if in am wrong but is this Run of RunDMC, and a Brother of Russel Simonds, Oprah has finality found a black male hip hop star she can relate to.
Evorgleb -
That was a good piece on Highbrid Nation. I'm glad the author opened up about his own personal tragedy and how watching Rev. Run affected him...

Hey Maurizio -
Yep! We sure do, and it's soooo good. Where are you from?

Anyhoo, I went to your blog and Google Reader subscribed. And I emailed you! Take care.

Hey James -
Bless the day you enable your profile. ;-) Yes, that's the same "My Adidas" Run of RunDMC -- and of course, we're thinking alike again!

Oprah found a black male hip hop star she can relate to! And thank God Rev. Run didn't diss Op like Luda Luda did when she had him on the show.
Bonnie Calhoun said…
Yea...I was holding my breathe hoping that he'd behave! LOL

That was a good show, and that takes a lot of courage to do that with cameras!
zawadi said…
I watched this video ad i was getting all teary eyed. It's so good to see family's stick together and he has a beautiful family too. thanks so much for the video Paula.
maurizio said…
Hi Paula, I'm swiss, but don't tell anyone... :-)
Hey Bonnie "Bell" -
Remember that perfume, Bonne Bell? Anyhoo, you thought Run would go off or something? I like him.

Yes, Zawadi, the footage of Rev Run and Justine telling their kids about their baby's death really made me cry. And maybe Rev Run's right, that God allowed this to happen so that the world could see that there's is hope after a sad tragedy.

Ah, from Switzerland, huh Marizio?
Gorgeous, gorgeous snow-capped mountain land! I'll refrain from singing "The hills are alive with the sound of music..." and twirling around like Julie Andrews...
Sunny Ellis said…
I've never watched rev run, I don't watch TV, really, but that was beautiful. I hurt for them, to lose a child, but they handle it with such an incredible faith in God and in God's goodness. WOW!

The only thing I disagreed with is that she Justine said she didn't believe in time time to mourn. We do need a time to mourn, but I've learned that when someone dies, I don't mourn for their death (if they are a believer). I mourn because I know I can't see them anymore. The same way that I needed to cry when I moved all the way across the country from my mom. I just needed to be a little homesick. I mourn death because I'm a little homesick for heaven.
Sheila Nelson said…
Thank's for sharing this recap Oprah. I'm so sorry for their lose. They have a great spiritual attitude as a family. I often watch Rev. Run's Reality Family show. I love his show. I was also happy to see Bishop Bernard Jordan and his wife Debra praying with Rev. Run's family on this recap. I'm currently reading the Bishop's book, "The Laws of Thinking". It's a great book, and love the Bishop's teachings. Thanks again! Sheila

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