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Donnie Osmond Semi-Endorses Barack Obama

Donnie Osmond just talked about liking Barack Obama on The View.

Osmond said it wasn't a formal endorsement of Barack, he just likes Obama.

Donnie Osmond was talking about how Mitt Romney could've made a great leader, and that maybe he's preparing for 2012.

In the meantime, Donnie spoke of how he really likes Barack Obama and that this country is ready for something new, be it a black man or a woman, that we need change.

It's pretty interesting to hear a Mormon get behind Barack.

I'm being so wooed by Obama myself.

But then I watched the scene in "Raisin in the Sun" we'd TiVo'd that showed the wife running out of the room as the woman from Trinidad boiled the instruments on the stove, preparing for an abortion.

I couldn't help crying and asking:

"Jesus, push the chad!"

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Noel Gourdin Official Fan Website: Follow your gut when it comes to setting up new websites...

Noel Gourdin's Website: How I followed my gut and got blessed...

Last summer, I set up this Noel Gourdin fan website as soon as I heard his beautiful, soulful "The River" song on XM radio.

Noel Gourdin's The River is one of those songs that's so different, you think it's a remake that you've heard before.

That's one way, at least, I know that the song's gonna be a hit.

Of course, God led me to success
When it comes to setting up websites, this cyber world can be pretty fierce and competitive.

Many times it helps to go against the grain, or go right with the grain, if that's where the Holy Spirit is leading you.

Last Friday I was amazed to see my normal single-digit-hit stats for Noel Gourdin's website start climbing.

I wondered why.

In the meantime, I cleaned up the site that I'd neglected for a little while and seized the opportunity to pitch his only Mp3 of "The River" that I could find for sale on Amazon and iTunes.

Noel Gourdin'…

Find newest videos to watch or post on your blog...

Looking for the latest, newest, hottest TV show and news and music videos to post to your blog?

People love watching videos online. Here are some ways to find the newest videos being posted to the web that you can in turn link to or add to your site, for the ones that offer embed code:

MSN Video Page - Sort these videos by "date added" to find the most recent videos to post. What I love about MSN videos is that if you click "video link" below the currently playing video, and choose the "link with image" code, you've got a pic and a video right there to plop in your post with no problem...

Red Lasso Videos Posted in the Last 24 Hours - Red Lasso popped out of nowhere and I don't know who created it, but if their videos are good enough for People Magazine to use, they are good enough for me. They give you the code to embed the video on your site if you hit that little up arrow on the video.

Oprah's Latest Videos - You can always count on Oprah for …

Amazon UK and Amazon Germany do pay American Associates!

Amazon UKand Amazon Associates Germany do pay US Associates for Referrals

Yeah! Bless God I got the check from Amazon Associates Germany (use the Alta Vista's Babel Fish translator to decipher the German to English) I'd been waiting for and sweating over and sad about for nearly two months now.

How much do Amazon UK and Amazon Associates Germany pay their associates?

Depends on how many products you sell thru them, just like USA Amazon Associates free program.

At 716,41 euros, at today's currency my Amazon Germany check should convert to around $1,050 US dollars.

My check from Amazon UK came faster in the mail, back in 1/2008 for November 2007 -- and convert from Great Britain Pounds to around $318 US Dollars.

How did I make this money from Amazon UK and Amazon Associates Germany?

Some of you intrepid readers already know the bulk of it was thru my site about buying Wii consoles online.

They sold like gangbusters around Christmastime (when in stock), but dipped when Google dropped…

Increase Search Engine Traffic: Use Compete to Find out Popular Search Terms...

Increase Search Engine Traffic by Using Compete
This site called Compete is pretty interesting to snoop on a website's popular search terms.

When you register, they'll give you 5 free credits to poke thru various websites and show you their first couple of most popular search terms free.

Here's a graph of a few sites I typed in:

Then, I used my credits to find out some popular keywords for one of the sites like: bossip, amy winehouse,, tracey edmonds, lauren london, hip hop gossip, etc.

Pretty interesting tool.

Find a popular topic and build a post around it -- it may bring your related site traffic, too.

Hiding in Hip-Hop Book Excerpts Hot in Search

Check out Hiding in Hip Hop book forum website!

If you thought the picture of rappers Lil Wayne and Baby kissing on the lips caused a stir in the hip-hop world, just wait till the book Hiding in Hip-Hop: Confessions of a Down Low Brother in the Entertainment Industry drops in 2008.

Written by former MTV producer Terrance Dean, Hiding in Hip-Hop has already lit up the internet -- no doubt with hot searches for sample chapters and excerpts from the memoir.

Already author of spiritually fluffy-sounding books Be Empowered: 30 Days of Meditation for Men of Color and Reclaim Your Power!: A 30-Day Guide to Hope, Healing, and Inspiration for Men of Color, Terrance Dean sold Hiding in Hip-Hop: Confessions of a Down Low Brother in the Entertainment Industry to Atria recently.

A Publishers Marketplace report titled "Publishers Lunch Deluxe: Lunch Weekly for Monday, January 29" gave this description of Terrance Dean’s book deal:

"Terrance Dean's HIDING IN HIP-HOP: Confessions of a D…

Amazon Kindle Blogs: No black ones on the list... yet!

Update: Yesterday when scrolling thru looking for any African American blogs on the list of Amazon Kindle Blogs, I thought I saw a black site on there.

I told y'all I needed to get away from the computer screen (and thankfully I did this morning) -- I just scrolled thru all 317 Amazon Kindle blogs to find there are no black blogs that I see on that list.

Again, the Amazon Kindle deal is new, and once they get them back in stock and are more popular, I'm sure someone will figure out to take advantage of the approximated $830 billion worth of black buyer power out there!

If you've been blessed enough to get an Amazon Kindle in stock, and have taken a gander thru the Amazon Kindle Blogs available to read on your new doohickey, you'll see that there are over 300 blogs available to read anywhere.

Of course, being an African-American, I perused the list to see if any black bloggers were on there.

I got thru about 17 pages till I found Bossip was on there -- the black site related…

Google Me Song by Teyana Taylor

I heard a song on the radio and laughed when I looked at my screen display and saw it was named "Google Me" by Teyana Taylor.

I guess the "Google Me" song is getting a lot of buzz and Teyana Taylor is filming a video for it, but I haven't really listened to "Google Me" enough yet to know if I like it.

I thought it was funny because I always wanted to get a t-shirt with "Google Me" on it, but didn't want to put my name anywhere on it -- learned that lesson from mama not to put my name on too much physical stuff -- ah, but that was before the web really got going.

"Google Me" by Teyana Taylor just showed me how much Google is a part of our culture so ingrained now there's no turning back.

Cameroon .CM Domain Names - Register one safely? Registration scams?

Everyone wants a .CM Cameroon domain name - but how do we register them?
Ever since major domainer and Christ-follower Kevin Hamm exposed that he was the $300 million man behind the .CM typo domain name redirect brilliant strategy, all us domainers want a piece of the Cameroon domain name pie.

Why Cameroon .CM Domain Names?
Just the other week I typed in some website's domain name, and accidentally left off the O in the .COM part of the extension.

I probably got redirected to an page, which is a static page full of static ads (I love that he didn't load it with porn adds like some other website typo page I saw today) that gets about 105,000 pageviews per day according to

A lot less pageviews than I thought, actually, and maybe not worth all the hubbub, unless someone finds a good legal .CM name that leads people to buy stuff thru it -- let's say COMPUTERS.CM or something.

Why the hot pursuit of .CM URLS?
You see, Kevin Hamm was smart enough to convince th…

Who Googled Me? Who's Googling Me?

This news report advising people who want to know "Who Googled Me?" was pretty interesting.

I didn't know about the sites the "Who Googled Me?" news video showed.

I wonder if they can actually track down a name -- I guess the woman who wondered who was Googling her did find out -- so I believe they can help.


Fred Mwangaguhunga Founder Pic?

Fred Mwangaguhunga Pic? Founder of was on BET...

So I've been looking for video of BET Presents: Top 25 Heartaches but have yet to find it.

Please comment with a link if you find the show online, because Fred Mwangaguhunga, the elusive founder of crazy was on there for a snippet.

I was so amazed to see Fred Mwangaguhunga's image and the site's name on TV, I went looking for pics.

After all, with sensationalized, snotty, snarky, skeptical and sometimes nice posts like these, may be mean and inaccurate at times, but he still gets around 120,000 visitors per day.

Not the 8 million hits or visitors per month Fred Mwangaguhunga's has told other publications he gets.

Guess that's a little Perez Hilton math that guy's got going on...

Anyway, I guess with more anonymity, people feel they can be meaner.

Blue Skin Man on Oprah

Blue Skin Man on Oprah

I wrote about the man with blue skin before, and posted a video up about him.

Now Paul Karason is coming to Oprah.

Seeing his blue skin under Oprah's great lighting makes him all the more shocking.

Even Dr. Oz -- normally very chatty -- is going to be speechless over this blue skinned man.

Check here for more videos on Oprah's site of the man with blue skin.

More Search Engine Traffic

Want more search-engine traffic?

Who doesn't want more search-engine traffic?

Search-engine traffic is free -- if you're trying to do it thru SEO efforts, that is -- and not by buying search-engine traffic.

Anyway, here I am over two years after first starting this blog, and more search-engine traffic is still something I'm learning to garner all the time.

Google-land and their rules ebb and flow, but here are a few tips I've learned:

Having a high Google pagerank means everything. Search for just about hot or popular term on Google and click on the websites that get the top 3 spots on Google. You'll see many times that their Google Pagerank is 5 or more...

Get in on the ground floor. I poked around Google Analytics today to learn that the most-visited blog posts I have were ones were I caught the beginning of a trends and wrote about it, like Beyonce taking the Master Cleaner or the DC Madam's List.

Post like a content scraper. Let's not steal content like the sc…

Upcoming Will Smith Movies? You're probably looking for Hancock...

Upcoming Will Smith Movie Hancock Looks Good

If you found me by searching for "upcoming Will Smith movies," you're probably looking for the trailer to the upcoming Will Smith movie called Hancock.

I'll agree, it looks like it'll be one of his next goofy blockbusters.

I Turned Off Email Delivery of My Blog Posts

I just paused the email delivery update of this blog's posts to my email subscribers.


Well, I'm experimenting again -- and I value my email readers too much to spam them.

I went thru most all my websites today, checked their Google Pageranks and sorted them by pagerank number. Amazingly, a newer website about email gift certificates is at a pagerank of 4.

And this blog is my next highest, at a 3.

All the others are 2 or 1 or 0.


To experiment just how much bearing Google places on pagerank and how that affects SEO efforts in getting a post to show up on the first page of Google's search-engine results pages for a particular search term, I plan to play around with this blog a bit and post my results.

Of course, everyone who wants to read all this can read my blog posts' headlines from my RSS feeds -- then click on the ones that interest them, as always.

What Race is Barack Obama? Barack Obama Age? Barack Obama Religion? Barack Obama Pro-Choice? Barack Obama Pro-Life?

These are some of the hot questions folks are typing into search engines according to Yahoo's Buzz log titled President Barack Obama? ever since Barack Obama's Sunday morning "Meet the Press" appearance where Barack hawked his new book, The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream, not the Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance that Obama previously discussed on Oprah.

Obama said he was open to thinking about a run for the White House in 2008. And that started a barage of questions.

Amazingly, some folks had never even heard of the junior senator from Illinois, nor his career-changing keynote speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention that set the political world ablaze for Barack.

People want to know about Obama's wife and the like.

I already know he was born August 4, 1961 (making him 46 as of this update), is biracial (with a Kenyan dad and white mom from Kansas who can trace her ancestry all the way back to Jefferson Davis, the pr…

Jim Karas' Cardio-Free Diet...Is it Safe to Step Off the Treadmill to Lose Pounds?

Jim Karas and his Cardio-Free Diet...Will it work?
by Paula Neal Mooney

I was just thinking about Jim Karas and his The Cardio-Free Diet the other day at the gym.

So today I see that people are searching hot and heavy for Jim Karas and his The Cardio-Free Diet for Lord knows whatever reason, therefore I'm updating this piece.

While I'm all for building muscle -- after all, Dr. Oz did just remind us that muscle burns 50% more calories on our bods -- I still feel compelled to get my 30 minutes of cardio in before hand on the treadmill.

I've figured out that I just need to break a sweat.

I need the benefits that go along with running, walking, or StairMastering.

But I am all about doing the weight machines more, too.

Bigger, Stronger, Faster...Juicing?

Lately I've wanted to build muscle so much.

I figure since I'm not juicing like the guys (and dolls?) in the Bigger, Stronger, Faster documentary -- I'm good to go with not putting on too much muscle.

One trainer at…

Does Perez Hilton Really Get Millions of Daily Hits?

I was playing around on my favorite new website called -- a site that tells you how many visitors a website gets per day.

I saw that gets around 2,045,233 visitors, and that my estimated visitor count was correct at around 2,410 per day.

Then I plopped in -- expecting to see visitors in the millions (since it's been widely believed he get upwards of 3 or 4 or more million hits per day) and was surprised to learn he "only" gets 690,436 visitors per day.

A quick confirmation with Alexa, ranking, and together confirms that TMZ and Perez are running neck and neck, and since TMZ gets around 631,530 hits per day -- this lines up with's stats saying Perez gets far less that the millions of hits proclaimed.

Of course, those 690,436 or so visitors could be clicking around a lot on his site, and are nothing to sneeze at.

But methinks this is a bit of brilliant mar…

Blogger Posts Keep Disappearing? Turn your compose mode off...

Blogger has this weird thing whereby if you try and go back to edit a post you've already published -- especially one that contains Amazon iframe code or YouTube or other video code -- it'll disappear as soon as you open it to edit it!

The way to get around this is to go to Settings link tab, click Basic and go down to where it says "Show compose mode for all your blogs?" as pictured here.

Turn that question to "No" and click "Save Settings" -- and you'll have your blog post back to edit nicely.

If you're not a coder and not used to stuff outside of the "What You See is What You Get" or WYSIWYG mode -- things might look a little tricky with all that HTML code and stuff.

But just keep clicking the "Preview" mode Blogger gives you to see if it looks okay, play around, Google for code questions and you'll be fine.