Amazon Kindle Blogs: No black ones on the list... yet!

Update: Yesterday when scrolling thru looking for any African American blogs on the list of Amazon Kindle Blogs, I thought I saw a black site on there.

I told y'all I needed to get away from the computer screen (and thankfully I did this morning) -- I just scrolled thru all 317 Amazon Kindle blogs to find there are no black blogs that I see on that list.

Again, the Amazon Kindle deal is new, and once they get them back in stock and are more popular, I'm sure someone will figure out to take advantage of the approximated $830 billion worth of black buyer power out there!

If you've been blessed enough to get an Amazon Kindle in stock, and have taken a gander thru the Amazon Kindle Blogs available to read on your new doohickey, you'll see that there are over 300 blogs available to read anywhere.

Of course, being an African-American, I perused the list to see if any black bloggers were on there.

I got thru about 17 pages till I found Bossip was on there -- the black site related to TMZ, I believe. Wait a minute, I think it was Bossip -- now I'm confusing Bossip with Jossip and Lossip. I need to get away from this computer screen...

There may be more towards the end or more coming.

Hopefully me and you and all the other big bloggers out there some day!


James said…
Hi Paula, you mean we have a black man with a strong chance to be President and only 1 black blog listed with Amazon Kindle blogs? I would think a new economy trend setter like Amazon would be a leader for diversity as well!! Keep Hope Alive

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