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Friday, June 29, 2007

How Will Spencer Made $18,010.13 in one month with Google Adsense

by Paula Neal Mooney

I keep thinking of the advice I read recently from Will Spencer, webmaster of The Tech FAQ, Be a Private Investigator, Fort Liberty and other sites.

In explaining how he made $18,010.13 in one month running Google Adsense on "around a dozen websites," Will's advice was practical and without all the over-hyped hyperbole others preach.

Instead, Will gave tried-and-true tips like these about how he makes thousands per month:
  1. It takes time. Took him two years to start making the big bucks.

  2. Provide value to your customers. I'm finding this to be true with my new site that takes the guesswork out of where to watch free TV shows online. Give people a reason to come back by giving them good service. Plus, having a niche site has improved my click-thru rates over on WatchFreeEpisodes.com because more people interested in watching free TV online are clicking on the ads of the same vein more so than this blog.

  3. Good design and certain ads improve click-thru rates. Will favors the 336x280 Google Adsense ad unit, with matching colors and no borders for the best clicks and performance -- and making that much in one month, I guess he should know! But I'm also finding that the plain ol' link units in the header of this blog and especially the WatchFreeEpisodes.com site are my most clicked upon.

  4. Build sites that you're passionate about. You can find high-paying keywords or trends and create websites around them, but if you're not really into the subject, your interest will wane. I'm finding that I love writing about TV and films because I love watching TV and films.

All in all, Will's advice is inspirational and pragmatic:

"Build 1-3 awesome web sites...Don't give up. Don't slack off. Slow and steady wins the race. Keep at it and you will succeed. Build new content every single day. Don't focus too much on CTR, CPC, CPM, or even your traffic stats. Focus on taking care of your site visitors and they will take care of you."

Watch full and partial episodes of your favorite TV shows and movies online -- all for free!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

JibJab Star Spangled Banner Video -- How many of these presidents can you name?

by Paula Neal Mooney

Those JibJab folks are at it again with their new Star Spangled Banner video. Watch it.

Then tell me how many presidents you can name.

Maybe I got about 7 or 8 of them.

Too bad camcorders weren't invented when Abe Lincoln lived.

And actually, here's what the JibJab folks say about their latest Star Spangled Banner excellent video offering and who was really the brains behind it:
JibJab teamed up with ThePartyParty.com to produce this kick-a$$ July 4th celebration! Actually, to say we teamed up is misleading. He's the genius. Not us. Make sure to check out the other GREAT work at ThePartyParty.com!

I can tell that like their other videos, JibJab's Star Spangled Banner took time to create.

I'm glad they took that time in this lightening-fast cyberworld.

I'm proud to say I was the 440th person to Jib it!

Watch full and partial episodes of your favorite TV shows and movies online -- all for free!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Brandon Fletcher YouTube Videos -- Watch How This 20-Year-Old Brotha Got a Revenue-Sharing Deal

by Paula Neal Mooney

Good lookin' out (or whatever 23-year-olds say) to Cheynne, the Nerd With Swag, for hipping me to Brandon Fletcher and his YouTube videos.

Brandon Fletcher is a 20-year-old kid -- forgive the "kid" moniker, but seriously, at 38, I coulda had a son your age -- who chronicled his journey to the California office of YouTube in a clever series of videos posted on the just-as-cleverly titled site Can YouTube Hear Me?

With amazing chutzpah and spirit, Brandon went to Cali armed with episodes of his internet dating reality series called "Date: Unknown," a very well-edited and scored show.

Though the YouTube security guard wouldn't let him off the elevator, Brandon did get to meet with a couple of YouTube employees.

And now Brandon Fletcher is one of the few to have inked a revenue-sharing deal with YouTube.

I don't know how much he makes, but watching Brandon's YouTube video journey and his never-say-quit spirit, I can tell he's worth every CPM -- and then some.

I'm inspired.

I'm subscribed to all of Brandon Fletcher's YouTube videos.

This 20-year-old "kid" has shown a 38-year-old "ma'am" how vlogging (it's beyond that really, watching his stuff is literally like watch a revolution) should be done.

Watch full and partial episodes of your favorite TV shows and movies online -- all for free!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Paula's New List of Blogger Salaries (and Webmasters, Affiliate Marketers, Content Scrapers, Domainers and any other title you can think of) June 2007


by Paula Neal Mooney

The time has come.

The time is now.

Paula N. Mooney will you please publish that list now?!

(Yes, I fancy Dr. Seuss' iambic pentameter.)

My WebMaster blest me with a viral post called "Paula's List of Blogger Salaries," and the response was so wonderful, here lies an update.

It's bigger and better than ever before with more pics, and double the amount of bloggers, webmasters, domainers, affiliate marketers (or a smidgen of some or all of those titles) and their reported incomes.

How Much Do You Make?
Money is funny.

The abundance of it, the lack of it, the subject of cash in general gets attention.

While some invoke their choice not to post their online income nor discuss it at all, I've always been of the Suze Orman mindset ever since I read her first book.

Suze encourages people to talk about, compare numbers and inspire growth in each other by speaking openly about their earnings in order to improve them -- and freely admits that she made around $3 - $5 million last year from freelancing.

In the web world, Yaro Starak tended to agree with my philosophy:

"All I can say about this is that it pays to talk about how much money you make online if you want exposure."

Here, here!

Remember all that attention ShoeMoney got when he posted a pic of his $130-something thousand Adsense check? Nuff said.

What is considered income?
While some are strict to cut out any earnings besides the obvious blog ads and such, others consider all the swag and online services part and parcel of their webmastering or blogging booty.

Like Steve Pavlina put it when discussing his wife Erin's income earned thru readings:

"This is interesting because her blog doesn’t generate income directly, but she earns this income because of her blog."

Get Me Robert Scoble's Income!
You'll notice some people have fallen off this list, including Jason Calacanis (formerly of Weblogs, now of his new web baby Mahalo).

Jason made sure to clarify that the $3,000 per day (equaling $1.095 million annual take) reported by Google was not his solo income, but spread across the network of folks.

Same deal with Tim Flight of GPS Review, who cleared up this article from The Boston Globe stating he made $50K per year.

So those guys are gone till I can get some hard numbers.

And you won't find heavy hitters like Robert Scoble on the list...that is, till one of you blessed readers leaves a comment with a link to a valid reporting of his income.

Enough teasing, here you go:

Paula's New List of Blogger, Webmaster, Domainer, Affiliate Marketer (and any other kind of dot com mogul you can shake a jump drive at) Salaries as of June 2007
#Blogger, Webmaster, Domainer, Affiliate Marketer, Dot Com Mogul…or some of all of the aboveWebsite(s)Quote of Reported Income/RevenueEstimated Annual Income/Site RevenueSource
Kevin Ham (major-league domainer)
Many sites, like WeddingShoes.com"$300 Million dollar empire…"Emailed reporter to ask for annual income…will update when receivedCNN Money
Frank Schilling (major-league domainer)
Seven Mile"Schilling, who today maintains a $20 million-a-year portfolio from his home in the Cayman Islands..."$20 MillionCNN Money
3Markus FrindPlenty of Fish"Mr. Frind says the site brings in between $5 million and $10 million a year…"$5 - $10 million per year as reported, with only 2 employees -- Markus and wifeWall Street Journal
4Michael ArringtonTechCrunch"TechCrunch is pulling in $150,000 a month in advertising revenue," says Arrington$1.8 million in ad revenue…Please leave link to annual income breakdownBusiness Innovation
Matt Drudge
The Drudge ReportThe Miami Herald estimated he earns $1.2 million a year...on C-SPAN, Drudge confirmed that he has broken the seven-figure mark.$1.2 MillionTime Magazine
6David Miles Jr. and Kato LeonardFree Web LayoutsMiles says "they now average $100,000 a month from Google."$1.2 MillionUSA Today
Tim Carter
Ask The Builder"The number you reported [$511,000] for my annual income is low…" Tim CarterI estimate $750,000 - $1 million, because Tim wrote me -- while declining to provide exact numbers, he commented that he makes much more now than the numbers reported in his Google Adsense Case Study 22 months agoComment from Tim Carter
8Lee DoddCruiseLineFans.Com and more"Last year we made close to $600,000 with YPN alone."$600,000 - $1 million plusBuck Being Normal Interview
Mario Lavandeira
Perez Hilton"Perezhilton.com, which reportedly charges between $9,000 and $16,000 a week for ad space…"$468,000 - $832,000TMZ
10Samsul "Alang" Zamzuri Abu Bakar of 15 or more sitesMac Emulation Resources and more…"Samsul Zamzuri Abu Bakar, who works up to 12 hours a day on his laptop, has a monthly five-figure salary...By 2005, while earning about RM2,000 from his day job, Samsul Zamzuri was already chalking up between RM7,000 ($2,000 US) and RM8,000 ($2,2385 US) in advertising fees from his stable of websites and blogs."$35,000 - $339,000 US (assuming the "monthly five-figures" are Malaysian ringgit per unit of foreign currency and a 3.5 exchange rate to US dollars)The New Straits Times Online
11Sharon MaguireDog Breed Info Center"AdSense revenue nearly doubled, to $650 per day."$237,2500 or moreGoogle Adsense Blog
12Amit Agarwal Digital Inspiration"While I have not disclosed my online earnings anywhere, all I can say is that they are in six figures (somewhere between 5 and 10 in your [first] list)…" Amit wrote.$237,250 - $436,797Via email from Amit Agarwal
13Geoffrey AKA G-Man (a truly inspirational black hat guy)Look What G-Man FoundRandFish says, "his earnings to me suggest somewhere in the $175,000 - $400,000 a year range."$175,000 - $400,000Watch video of RandFish telling how G-Man went blackhat to pay for his cancer treatments
14Manolo the Shoeblogger, not Manolo BlahnikManolo the Shoeblogger"The Manolo he is the six figure blogger…"$120,000 - $999,000Darren Rowse
15Steve PavlinaSteve Pavlina"I currently earn about $40K/month from my blogging activities."$480,000Daily Blog Tips Bloggers Face Off
16Rosalind GardnerSuper Affiliate HandbookHow I Made $436,797 in One Year Selling Other People's Stuff Online$436,797Emediawire
17Darren RowseProBlogger"Paula estimates that I earn between $120,000 and $1,200,000…. she’s right :-)," Darren Rowse wrote. Several Problogger readers remember Darren last reporting earnings of $30,000 per month.$360,000 or moreDarren Rowse, various sources
18Matther Daimler and wife of SeatGuru.comSeat Guru"About half of the site's revenue comes through AdSense -- $10,000 to $20,000 a month -- and the rest comes from ad deals that Daimler makes with companies directly."$360,000 or moreWashington Post
19David Carter (with business partner)Asbestos Services"The effort, he says, will net the pair about $350,000 this year…"$175,000 eachCNN Money
20Jim RomenenskoPoynter Online"Romenesko is paid $170,000 a year…"$170,000Bloggers Blog
21Al Carlton of Coolest Gadgets and…Self-Made MindsTotal $12,826.77 for March 2007$153,921Revenue Sources for a $10,000 a month blog
22Max GoldbergYou're the Man Now DogJuly 2006 Totals: $11,105.22$133,262Google Adsense report
23John ChowJohn Chow$10,559.40 for May 2007$126,712John Chow
24Jeremy SchoemakerShoe Money$10,000/month from direct ads$120,000Daily Blog Tips Bloggers Face Off
25Chris LawrenceTop Hat Weddings"Chris Lawrence of topHatWeddings with its Internet site $10,000 per month from house…"$120,000Enthousiasmeren
26Shawn D. HoganDigital Point"Google pays Digital Point about $10,000 a month…"$120,000The New York Times
27Daniel KovachCollege Scholarships"Kovach turn his year-old site into a $10,000-per-month cash cow…"$120,000CNN Money
28David Bradley of ScienceText.com and…Science Base"Sciencebase makes at least $100k a year."$100,000Comment by David on Worldwide Success
Everton Blair
Connected InternetIn 6 months I’ve managed to increase my earnings from a few hundred dollars a month to currently around $8k per month…$7,964.39 in May 2007$96,000Daily Blog Tips Bloggers Face Off
Tyler Cruz
Tyler Cruz: An Internet Entrepreneur's Journey"The majority of Tyler’s income comes from advertising on his sites, so he calculates his monthly earnings based on his average earnings over the last six months. It’s already sizeable - $256/day..."$93,440BlogNut
Yaro Starak
Entrepreneur's Journey"I made $6549.52 from blogging in March…I was featured at position #19 earning $78,594 a year online (sweet!)..." Yaro wrote$78,593Yaro Starak
Randy Brown
Grown Up Geek$6,291 for May 2007$75,492Randy provided earnings via email
Working Nomad
Working Nomad"My earnings are currently averaging $6000 a month."$72,000Comment on Paula's List & His Site
34Gobala KrishnanInternet Marketing With Gobala Krishnan"He claimed to be making RM20,000 to RM30,000 per month…"$68,571.43 - $102,857.14 US assuming 3.5 exchange rate from RMThe New Straits Times Online
Javier Buckenmeyer
busco[Afiliados]"Yes that was one month, but that’s not from a blog. I have 2 other AdSense accounts that make less, and I also get some money from textlinks, banner ads and ebook sales. I don’t know the annual, maybe about 60,000."$60,000Via email from Javier Buckenmeyer
36Erin PavlinaRedacted"...she’s already earning over $5K/month from them…"$60,000From her hubby Steve
John TP
John TPRevealed Adsense income of $1,218.75 for May 2007 "I earn around $5000 from my blogs"$60,000John TP
38GaylaMom Gadget and an Affiliate Site"I officially tipped the scale at just over $5,000 profit in a single month!"$60,000Gayla
39Jason BerlinskyJason Berlinsky$150.00 per day$54,750Comment on Paula's List and GoogleTalk
40Tricia of As the Garden Grows and othersTricia's Musings"I do think it's closer to 4,500 per month and growing."$54,000Reported by email
41JamesRedacted$3626.80 for Feb. 2007$43,521James at Redacted
Lee Odden
Online Marketing Blog"...ads in the RSS feed generate a few thousand per month."$42,000 or much more...
Daily Blogging Tips
43Shanti A. BrafordShanti’s Dispatches"Generally in the 2-5k range, more of it these days comes from video sites than blogging."$42,000Shanti A. Braford
Thilak Raj Rao
Tech Buzz and Blog TalksTotal for April 2007: $3061.30$36,735Thilak Raj Rao
Jane May
Career Ramblings and Jane May Blogs"A record month with over $3000 in total income."$36,000Jane May
Robert Hoskins
Broadband Wireless Exchange Magazine"Hoskins reports he's seeing an additional $3,000 a month in revenue."$36,000 or much, much moreGoogle Adsense Interview
Sabahan"I would have made it into the list with a five figure monthly income RM…" "Hi Gaman u earn more than Rm10K a mth!" Comment response from Garman: "Yupe"$35,000 or more (assuming a 3.5 exchange rate to convert 10K of Malaysian ringgit monthly to US dollars)Gaman
48Mubin AhmedMubin Ahmed$2,949 for May 2007$35,868Mubin Ahmed
49Paul TanPaul Tan's Raves and Rants on the Automotive Industry"Paul Tan, an automotive blogger with $70/day in Google AdSense…"$25,550HongKiat.com
50D & JD & J$2,000 for May 2007$24,000Daily Blog Tips Bloggers Face Off
J.D. Roth
Get Rich Slowly"Recently I’ve made a couple thousand dollars per month."$24,000J.D. Roth
Amy Bass
My Debt Free Goal"I did fairly well last month, earning $1,823.14 online"$21,877Amy Bass
Deborah Ng of Freelance Writing Jobs and others…
The Green BlogSalary: $20,000 - $30,000$20,000 - $30,000Salary Stories
Tina Silva
Tina Silva's Blog$1,146.78 under PayPerPost "Top Bloggers This Month" as of June 21, 2007$19,932Under PayPerPost "Top Bloggers This Month" as of June 21, 2007
55Teresa "Reese" JonesScribble Scratch - The Semi-Daily Ramblings of a Housewife$1,143.10 under PayPerPost "Top Bloggers This Month" as of June 21, 2007$19,866Under PayPerPost "Top Bloggers This Month" as of June 21, 2007
Desi Baba
Blogging With Desi BabaEarnings for May 2007 Total: $1587.43
Desi Baba
57Colleen CaldwellSimple Kind of Life$1,075.57 earnings on PayPerPost from June 1 - June 21$18,694PayPerPost Top Earners Screen Sorted by Month
58The Blog WorldMake Money Online With The Blog World$771.16 June -- 2 weeks?$18,507The Blog World
Liew Cheon Fong, or LcF as he likes to be knownAccording to HongKiat: "During the Malaysia Together Gather few months back, he told me he makes more than $50/day in Google AdSense." (I emailed LiewW to ask if he posts his income and he replied, "Paula: I do not reveal my income. Thank you.")$18,250 or much more, assuming $50/day is USHongKiat.com
60KimGirlsTalkinSmack.com"Last month was actually my best month. I made atleast $1500"$18,000Comment on Paula's List
61StaskaStaska$1,425.75 for April 2007$17,109Staska
Finding Financial PeaceTotal Earnings as of June 20, 2007: $934$17,045Jennifer
63Adam DempseyAdam Dempsey's Blog$1,413.15 for May 2007$16,957Adam Dempsey
64Chan Lilian5Xmom$932.07 earnings on PayPerPost from June 1 - 21$16,200PayPerPost Top Earners Screen Sorted by Month
65Matthew C. KeeganThe Article Writer$1,300 for April 2007$15,600Comment on Paula's List
Mark William Wielgus
45n5May 2007 earnings came in at $1,242.87$14,914Mark William Wielgus
67MenJCritical Thoughts, Brutally HonestTotal amount would be $1170.57 for January 2007$14,046MenJ himself
68The Purple CrayonThe Purple Crayon$3264.78 for 1st QTR 2007$13,059The Purple Crayon
69Jeff JarvisBuzz Machine"Jeff Jarvis, a new-media expert who makes about $1,000 a month from blogging…"$12,000Christian Science Monitor
70Matt CoddingtonNet Business Blog"What is the blog’s monthly revenue? $1k - keep in mind it’s only 2 months old"$12,000Daily Blogging Tips
71Darren BarefootGet a First Life"...350,000 visitors in 30 days, and roughly $1,000 from Google ads…"$12,000CNN Money
72Carl PeiWho the hell is Carl Pei?Total Website Earnings for May 2007: $759.02$9,108Carl Pei
Kirsty from Travoholic
TravoholicI earned $744 for the month$8,928Guest Blog Post at Working Nomad
74Courtney TuttleMake Money Online Free With CourtMay 2007 Total Earnings: $715.85$8,590Courtney Tuttle
John Bokma
John Bokmaover 700 USD/month from AdSense$8,400Comment on Paula's List
76DavidMy Two DollarsPulled in more than $700 for the first time…per month?$8,400David AKA My Two Dollars
Janette Toral
Digital Filipino$8,000 per year$8,000Via email
78SimonThe Adsense Numerous Chinese if Babel is Working Right$651.00 per month$7,812Simon
79EgonEgonitron"Last month I made a little bit over $600 from AutomoBlog.net...my yearly blogging salary would be about $7,500"$7,500Egonitron
Adsense TW$1,840 from Jan. to March$7,360Comment on Paula's List
Paula Neal Mooney
Paula Neal Mooney: Wheel in the sky keeps on turning…$539.80 for May 2007$6,477Paula Neal Mooney
Trent Hamm
The Simple Dollar"My average month since inception has put about $500 in my pocket."$6,000Trent Hamm
83Erik VossmanBoard Shorts and Business Suits"I think I'm on target to make $6000 a year now."$6,000Via email
Jon Symons
Art of MoneyMay 2007 Earnings: $469.50$5,634Jon Symons
85VishalScrapping SAHM"I currently am making about 400.00 a month."$4,800Comment on Paula's List
86DerrichDerrich$345.37 for May 2007$4,144Derrich
87EJ CookseyMake Money Online The Quick and Easy Way$325.34 from 5/16 - 6/6/07$3,904EJ Cooksey
88Lucia LiljegrenThe Knitting Fiend"I make about $300 a month running google ads."$3,600Comment on Paula's List
89SkiperMy Online Web JourneyAdsense $257.37 Kontera $32.73 for May 2007$3481Skiper
90Liza KlikoTop Tut"I made last month about 250$ from my blog for April 2007."$3,000Liza Kliko
91Jeffrey KishnerSeduction CentralMay 2007 earnings: $245.82$2949Jeffrey Kishner
Brian Lee
Genius TypesTotal earnings for May 2007 rose to $245.41$2,944Brian Lee
93Mike PerryMike's Money Making Mission"All in all income from my blogs amounts to around $2000 (in 36 weeks)."$2,888Mikes Money-Making Mission
The Gospel According to Rhys201.36$2,416Rhys
95Judy ThomasThe $10,000 Savings ChallengeMay 2007 Earnings $195.40$2,344Judy Thomas
TheAnand's Ripples$194.75 for May 2007$2,337TheAnand
97SabrinaSabrina's Money MadnessTotal May 2007 online income - $194.36$2,332Sabrina
98Munny 4 HunnyMunny 4 HunnyEarnings (potential) for May were $187.54 in total$2,250Munny 4 Hunny
99EmpressBuilding My Empire$185.65 for May 2007$2,227Empress
Steven Aitchison
Change Your Thoughts to Change Your LifeTotal Income for May 2007: $178.41$2,140Steven Aitchison
101Kumiko the Mysterious OneCash Quests$1,037.00 in six months$2,074Kumiko
102Brandon SpencerOntoraTotal Revenue: $165.12 for May 2007$1,981Brandon Spencer
103Agent SullyLife Learning Today"Sadly, my number is about $150/month. Need to do some work there! But it is increasing, so I have hope!"$1,800Via Email from Agent Sully
104Derek SemmlerDerek Semmler dot comGrand total for May 2007 $141.70$1,700Derek Semmler's post
105CaseyNews NotionThis Months Total Earnings for May 2007: $136.63$1,639Casey
A Problogger Mom
A Problogger Mom"Since May 1st of this year, I have earned $128.90"$1,470Via email from problogger mom and post
107OpalVegan Momma"In seven weeks I’ve made $794.67!"$1,362Comment on Paula's List
108Swollen PicklesSwollen Pickles$105.78 for April 2007$1,269Swollen Pickles
109NeilThought From My Life$84.03 for May 2007$1,008Neil
Kevin Vahey
Charlie on the MBTA"Kevin Vahey has done a good deal better, turning a personal gripe into $1,000 a year of supplemental income.."$1,000The Christian Science Monitor
111GrantMillion Dollar Project$163.55 so far, in two months!$981Comment on Paula's List
112Linky LoveMake Money Online: Add Your Link Exchangeoverall total after 2 months : 87.09$$522Linky Love
113tAnYeTTa (fUnNy WrItEr SiStaH wHo LiKeS fIShBoNe!)Days Like These!$75 --4 times a year$300Via email from tAnYeTTa
114Big Cajun ManHow to Be Unsuccessful on the Internet"I was thinking of reporting my whopping $200 earned last year…"$200Big Cajun Man
115Cheynne ChongNerd With Swag$41.10 per quarter$164Via email
116Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketMaurizioNafurai - Listen to someone who succeededMay 18 - June 18, 2007 Total = $13.41$160Via Email from Maurizio
117Mark RosnerCAPITALAI$5.58 per month$66Mark Rosner
118Fame FireFame FireTotal income for May 2007 $1.59$19Fame Fire
Steve Garfield -- Vlogger and Blogger
Off on a Tangent and Steve Garfield"I've gotten so much from giving and sharing my videos for free…"Emailed to ask for his numbers, will update when repliesThe Christian Science Monitor
Julio aka JCM
15,000 Dollar Mission$2,046.60 per…what time period?Emailed to ask for his numbers, will update when repliesComment on Paula's List


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