Brandon Fletcher YouTube Videos -- Watch How This 20-Year-Old Brotha Got a Revenue-Sharing Deal

by Paula Neal Mooney

Good lookin' out (or whatever 23-year-olds say) to Cheynne, the Nerd With Swag, for hipping me to Brandon Fletcher and his YouTube videos.

Brandon Fletcher is a 20-year-old kid -- forgive the "kid" moniker, but seriously, at 38, I coulda had a son your age -- who chronicled his journey to the California office of YouTube in a clever series of videos posted on the just-as-cleverly titled site Can YouTube Hear Me?

With amazing chutzpah and spirit, Brandon went to Cali armed with episodes of his internet dating reality series called "Date: Unknown," a very well-edited and scored show.

Though the YouTube security guard wouldn't let him off the elevator, Brandon did get to meet with a couple of YouTube employees.

And now Brandon Fletcher is one of the few to have inked a revenue-sharing deal with YouTube.

I don't know how much he makes, but watching Brandon's YouTube video journey and his never-say-quit spirit, I can tell he's worth every CPM -- and then some.

I'm inspired.

I'm subscribed to all of Brandon Fletcher's YouTube videos.

This 20-year-old "kid" has shown a 38-year-old "ma'am" how vlogging (it's beyond that really, watching his stuff is literally like watch a revolution) should be done.

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Anonymous said…
Wow,so well written! Yes, he certainly has chutzpah and spirit to spare! I'm inspired too!
Anonymous said…
great write up. brandon you rock. keep up the good work.
ross said…
..Don't remember how I found this blog, but I'm glad I did. It's great to hear about a young man doing his thing! Especially when it's being rewarded.
Don Simkovich said…
Okay, I gotta get my mid-40s derriere in gear to finish my Web-ispodes.

By the way, I did an interview and wrote a post yesterday featuring two actors who have a booming business making organizers for performers. Check it out.
Cheynne said…
Thanks for the linkage Paula!
Don Simkovich said…
Paula, wanted you and the readers know I made my first penny from Yep, literally one cent for a video I posted on a major law suit with a dry cleaner and a pair of pants!

I've posted two different videos - one on the iphone and another for homeowners and insurance.
andolini said…
Hey, I gotta check my thenewsroom account, as well. Signed up on t a few weeks ago and let's see. Thanks, Don and Paula
Pregnant said…
Thanx for a great post
That's great to hear, Don!

I guess The News Room finally has their accounting info up so we can see how much we've made?

I'm going over there to check my account.

Thanks for the news about The News Room!


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