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Monday, July 09, 2012

My Hanson v. Google Settlement Fund check arrived in the mail today...

I love getting money in the mail box, snail-mailed in the old fashioned way that some places who don't pay me via direct deposit or through my PayPal account still pay me.

Today I got an unfamiliar check in the mail, like a little postcard with a curious return address:

Hanson v. Google Settlement Fund
c/o Gilard & Co. LLC
P.O. Box 719088
San Diego, CA 92171-9088

With that "please open immediately -- important material inside" message on the front and my name following the "pay to the order of" line inside, I wondered if it was a scam.

So I Googled information about the lawsuit and vaguely perhaps remembering hearing about this Google Adwords settlement that those of us who've paid Google to advertise various things are now receiving checks for as recompense for overpayment.

I love it. My cut of the booty thus far? A whopping 17 cents...but I'll take it.

Plus, other folks are getting more than one check. Perhaps one check for each Adwords account or something else? Some are getting checks for $57 or $100, so I hope I have more coming.

Especially for the Adwords account that I spent more money through -- one that was suspended from ever creating ads through again, I believe.

We shall see.

Gotta love the money in the mailbox.

Now back to my Amazon money-making through the Fulfillment by Amazon that's actually making me enough real money to start paying off these credit cards, praise God...

Think I might actually download Amazing Amazon FBA Work From Home the Easy Way! and learn more, seeing as though I can't borrow that through Kindle Prime.

I already read Barcode Booty: How I found and sold $2 million of 'junk' on eBay and Amazon, And you can, too, using your phone and liked that -- but since I've been strictly focusing on selling products via Amazon through their FBA program and have found success with it, I want to read about other folks who've done that as well.

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