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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Incorporate Your Blog, Website, Writing Business in United States in 2009 - I'm going to experience tax savings...

I had the best visit with my dad recently -- a tax accountant with a wealth of knowledge about the advantages of small business incorporation.

Once I shared with Daddy just how much my online writing business is being blessed by God, he told me about the financial advantages of turning the blog / writing / website / webmaster -- whatever you call this I do -- into an LLC, LLP or some other entity:

  • Limits on liability in the unlikely (I pray) event of law suits
  • Building up Social Security wage credits
  • Drawing down a salary -- that, if you do it correctly, I'm reading around the net that it can save you on taxes -- although the personal 2008 tax rates look comparable to the corporate tax rates I've found online
But I've got a lot of research to do.

I want to incorporate my blogging business myself -- so I'm starting with the government's website for United States incorporation rules state by state.

Some people say it's best to incorporate in Delaware because it's easier and there are other advantages.

We'll see if I do it in my home state of Ohio or not.

Have you turned your blog/website/freelance writing business into an S-corp C-corp, LLC or LLP yet? If so, let me know how it goes...

Thanks, Daddy!

I love you so much...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

~ $37,000 Per Month in Affiliate Earnings - Rosalind Gardner Shows Her Earnings...

Maybe the same day after I was led to apologize for asking if Rosalind Gardner's book was scammy or not, she put up this cool video showing how much money's actually in her affiliate accounts.

She really is inspiring me with her philosophies -- and I see she's been in some of the programs for years, since 2001.

I believe I remember reading she had some dating sites and such.

Watch Rosalind Gardner's proof of actual affiliate earnings:

»»»»»»» Target Affiliate Program - Does anyone know where the Target Affiliate Program went?

Whenever I see a hotly searched for item like Target's 2008 Black Friday ads are today -- I ask myself:

Hmmmm....am I a member of that affiliate program already?

Searching Target.com, I did find info about their affiliate program, but that page leads you to a "not found" advertiser on Google's Affiliate Network on ConnectCommerce.com -- which I am a part of.

I see that I was declined for Target's affiliate program some months ago -- way back on 7/8/2008 -- but went I try to find it to reapply, I can't find it. And Target's not listed under the deactivated affiliate progams -- so what gives, Google?

Are you in Target's Affiliate Program? If so, how'd you get in? Thanks!

Check here for the latest news written about Target's Affiliate Program in the past month...

Where to buy the iPod touch

»»»»»»» Why I Hate Some Google Ads -- and Gave That Space to Amazon Instead...

Despite my happiness over the new Google Ad Review center -- that thank God is providing better paying ads overall --- I hate some Google ads.

For all my ad watching and blocking, I logged onto my WatchFreeEpisodes.com website today to find a huge banner ad promoting married folks cheating!

That was it.

I gave that space to a nice Amazon Christmas ad instead.

'Tis the season anyway...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

»»»»»»»» Google Adsense Earnings - Increase Google Adsense Earnings by Using the Ad Review Center

I really just found out about Google's Ad Review Center after bemoaning the fact that I couldn't block more scuzzie and skeevy advertisers from my websites.

Well, God heard my prayers because lo and behold I logged onto my Google Adsense account and looked under the "Adsense Setup" page then clicked on "Competitive Ad Filter" and found "New: Ad Review Center" link there.

Increase Your Google Adsense Earnings...

...hopefully it will yours like it's doing mine ever since I opted into that "Ad Review Center" -- which I hope has been rolled out to everybody by now -- and then I went thru and blocked the obviously scuzzy Adwords advertisers. The ones who have a lot of junk ads ready for review on your site, the ones that when you go to their website, it looks like crap.

So you know they won't be paying you much per click.

Anyway, my Google Adsense earnings / income increased...

...only one day after blocking out the scuzzballs.

(Check back for a new updated income post by year end.)

What I did was keep the advertisers relative to my website about watching TV online -- and those advertisers were the ones I know have money and probably pay better per click: like The WB, Fox, CSI NY, etc.

Don't worry if you don't see many ads to approve at first -- what you need to do is make sure you have good words defined in your Adsense channels and that they are targetable (find out how to do that here) and if you're in a good niche and blog a lot, the good advertisers will come.

And most likely pay you more...

But Google warns, as do I, that switching over to Ad Review Center can cause a loss of income too, but for me it was worth the risk.

»»»»»»»» Google Keyword Search - New Google Keyword Search Tool...

Google's got a new Google Keyword Search Tool that I'm liking right now.

I've been plopping Google.com into the website field and searching on a number of terms like "money" and "video" and whatever to get a sampling of the actual demand for the keywords that people are typing into Google.

I was so inspired by Lindsay over at WritingForYourHealth.com making over $103,000 last year from Google Adsense alone -- and her method of writing about basic matters that people are interested in online, that I'm realizing there's lot more money to be made online, once I research what people want.

So try Google's new keyword search tool (login to your Adwords account for even more Google Keyword Search Tool words) and see what you come up with!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

»»»»»»» WalMart Affiliate Program Thru LinkShare - What the heck do you have to do to get in WalMart's referral program?

It's weird, I was approved for WalMart's affiliate / referral program before thru LinkShare -- LinkShare is an e-commerce business solution for over 3.5 million online relationships. Become an affiliate of the LinkShare Network for FREE and earn revenue by linking to over 500 premier online merchants.

I'm liking LinkShare -- they are sending me a free Turkey, along with 99 other of their affiliates -- and I pitch Movie Rentals Now Available on iTunes and other products thru them.

And I was at one point accepted into the WalMart program thru LinkShare. But I waited too long to act on the email.

Now I'm trying everything to get back into the affiliate program.

I updated my profile to reflect the more than 500,000 monthly pageviews I get on WatchFreeEpisodes.com -- changed from International pitching to strictly US -- made myself all kinds of corporations since I plan to incorporate like John Chow did his blog to save on taxes...



But I'm praying to make it in there.

Are you in LinkShare's WalMart affiliate program? If so, how'd you get in? Thanks!

$100,000 Google Adsense Income in One Year - How Does Lindsay Buroker Do It?

I'm freshly inspired to increase my online income due to Lindsay Buroker over at WritingForYourWealth.com -- who just wrote the post "What it Takes to Make $100,000 a Year From Adsense," detailing somewhat how she's upped her Google income.

Some ideas are sticking with me: Like focusing on consumer products -- and what people are actually already searching for, not necessarily trying to create a need.

And not jumping into an over-crowded market.

But what websites does Linsday run that are her money-makers?

I looked all over her site to try and find the two websites that are her main moneymakers to see her design.

Basically, I want to know how long those websites have been up -- how she SEO's them, and how much content is there.

You guys already know that WatchFreeEpisodes.com is my main money-maker...

...and stay tuned for an updated income post by the end of 2008.

So it will be great when Lindsay lets us all know what her main money-making websites are so we can emulate the philosophy.

Thank God for us bloggers helping each other out - and stirring up the gifts within each of us!

Verizon Wireless Affiliate Program? Google Affiliate Network doesn't list the Verizon Wireless referral program...

I'm all over wanting to promote the new BlackBerry Storm, which I've yet to find on Amazon.com -- but I do see it on the Verizon Wireless website.

So I clicked to join the Verizon Wireless affiliate program and that leads me to the old Connect Commerce's site, which is now the Google Affiliate Network.

But I'm searching around the Google Affiliate Network, and don't see Verizon Wireless anywhere.

Does anyone know anything about -- or are you in -- the Verizon Wireless referral program?

Where is it?


Sunday, November 16, 2008

»»»»»»» Watch videos on the Kindle? Get your blog on the Amazon Kindle blogs...

»»»»»»» Watch videos on the Kindle? Get your blog on the Amazon Kindle blogs...

Get your blog listed on Amazon Kindle blogs -- that's what I'm about to do -- thank God for my husband prompting me if I could get mine listed on there.

I'm going to apply to have the WatchFreeEpisodes.com website listed on the list of Amazon Kindle blogs, but since that site contains lots of videos that begs the question:

Can you watch YouTube videos and stuff on Amazon's Kindle?

Kindle owners, let me know if you can watch any videos on your Kindle?

Never mind, I think Amazon just answered my question:

Video and User Generated Links: You agree to remove all video and / or user-generated links (e.g. Reddit, DIGG, and Technorati).

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Product from an Excluded Merchant - What the hell, Amazon? Maybe it's Nintendo's fault...

Alert Product from an Excluded Merchant

The product is offered by an Excluded Merchant and will NOT earn Associate referral fees on any sales.

That's the message I got when I planned to promote this Wii in stock for $249.99 on Amazon:

I saw the Wii on ReadWriteWeb and thought it would be good to promote -- again.

I wonder if my other Wii code is earning money?

I'd better check...

Wow! I haven't gotten Wii earnings since December 2007!

I just checked my Amazon earnings report and saw that the last time I earned on the Wii console -- not games and accessories -- was December 2007!

That was a good Christmas last year.

But I wonder how many I've sold without the commission?

Anyway...thank God other Amazon products are selling well, especially now that it's close to Christmas again.

Guess I'm definitely letting those Wii sites go now.

Yep, I just Googled and found out from the Digital Point Forums that since like May 2008 Amazon hasn't been paying for Wii Console sales to affiliates.

Oh well, guess we'll just make money off people buying Amazon Kindle readers!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

GPS Tracker for Lost Dogs, Stolen Cars, Wayward and Forgetful Teenagers...

I just saw a commercial about this GPS tracker that can track your lost dog -- and they said it will text you with the dog's location, or the location of your stolen car, or your teenager who forgets to call you to tell you where they are:

Paula Neal Mooney