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Friday, January 30, 2009

Michelle Obama pregnant rumors confuse Newsweek writer Raina Kelley's pregnancy with Obama's wife...

Update: Now Perez Hilton has added more fire to the "Michelle Obama pregnant" rumors and searches.

But the more time passes, the more I don't know if she is or not.

Michelle Obama in her Own Words: The Views and Values of America's First Lady

If it's true, it will be quite the blessed event!

Just imagine...a new baby in the White House. Can you say Barack Obama, Jr.? Or would that be the third?

Michelle Obama Pregnant?And once again the "Michelle Obama pregnant" searches ensue.

Must be that dress Michelle Obama wore Election Night that's causing people to once again Google: Michelle Obama pregnant?

Yeah she is -- pregnant with possibilities!

All joking aside, I don't think Michelle Obama is literally preggers with a baby. I think she just prefers to wear her dresses a little bigger than her thin frame.

She still looks fabulous to me!

Congatulations Barack and Michelle Obama on your win for the White House and God Speed!

Michelle Obama pregnant? Is Michelle Obama pregnant? Michelle Obama expecting?New baby?


Rush Limbaugh has renewed interest in whether or not Michelle Obama is pregnant or not. Michelle Obama does not necessarily look pregnant to me. In fact, I just saw a pic of Michelle Obama at the DNC on stage getting ready for tonight and marveled at how thin and great she looks in black pants.

But is Michelle Obama pregnant? I don't know.

If Michelle Obama makes an announcement about being pregnant tonight, we'll see it when we

watch the DNC Democratic National Convention streaming live online

from Denver...

Newsweek writer Raina Kelly is pregnant -- and people are confusing her voice with Michelle Obama's voice

Update: Okay, now I understand why people are searching for "Michelle Obama pregnant" thanks to a reader who left a comment below.

I just opened the Newsweek article titled "A Real Wife, in a Real Marriage" by Raina Kelley -- which even I, a freelance writer, got a bit confused over when I read the first sentence: "In my junior year of high school..."

Oh -- I had to tell myself, this is Raina Kelley speaking, not Michelle Obama.

So at the end of the piece, Raina Kelley not Michelle Obama writes:

"I'm pregnant with a biracial boy due in June."

So people are confusing the author's voice verses her subject's voice.

I've seen this happen before.

Thanks, readers, for letting me know where all these "Michelle Obama pregnant" searches are coming from.

I hope this clears up the confusion. And congratulations, Raina Kelley -- both on your great Newsweek essay, but also on your coming blessed baby boy!

Original article by Paula Mooney:

Why are people searching for "Michelle Obama pregnant?"

This morning I saw searches for "Michelle Obama pregnant" that landed people on my previous post about Barack and Michelle Obama, not about any pregnancy rumors...

Where did the Michelle Obama pregnant rumors come from?

I don't see anything in Google News stating that Michelle Obama is pregnant as of this writing.

Nor do I see any "Michelle Obama Pregnant!" pieces on black websites.

So I wonder why I noticed this uptick in "Michelle Obama pregnant" searches today?

Did someone say something on radio or TV about Michelle Obama being pregnant?

I just perused the long piece in Newsweek called "He Calls Her His 'Rock.' The Real Michelle Obama" and didn't see anything about her having another baby.

But admittedly, I've barely read it yet.

I've searched to find out that Michelle Obama's age is 44 right now, so baring any other issues, a new baby would be a possibility and blessing for them.

If anyone has any hard news on this issue, please let me know.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Visa Black Card Affiliates - New CJ Advertiser...

Introducing the Exclusive Black Card
I first caught consciousness of the new Visa black card when I was watching "Getting the Word Out," my church's daily program featuring Pastor RA Vernon preaching.

During one segment where they showed how easy it is to log on to WordCity.org to pay our tithes online, I noticed the person in the video had a black card that they were using to enter as a sample of a person giving online.

I'll bet you it was a Visa black card.

So when I saw that Visa black card was a new CJ.com advertiser -- I couldn't help but apply for the program.

And then I got in.

Why would anyone want a Visa black card?

That's what I asked myself, especially spying that hefty annual fee (heftier than my Amex annual fee) in light of this debt-filled economy?

Maybe it's for the 24-Hour Concierge Service
that's a big selling point of the Visa black card.

But more than likely, I believe it's the prestige a Visa black card offers to the limited "1% of U.S. Residents to ensure the highest caliber of personal service.".

I think a Visa black card just spells bragging rights or a "look at me" feel for people who have good enough credit to get approved.

The only time I could really see getting one is if I traveled quite a bit.

But maybe I need to read more about its benefits.

Anyway, if you're an affiliate marketer like me -- it could be worth your while to ptich them.

You'll get a hundo per approved Visa black card applicant.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Can you redirect Apple Store customers from Google Adwords straight to the Apple Store? I think so...

Apple Store
  • UPDATE: After I wrote this post, thanks to God alive that the thought came to me: Maybe I should ask the Apple Store / CJ Affiliate Manager this question...
  • So I sent off the bottom text of this blog post in an email -- asking when my commission would jump to 3% -- since Black Friday on the Apple Store was so good to me, with over $56,000 in sales generated.
  • Lo and behold, this morning I logged into to my CJ account to see another $561.00 plus in there. Turns out the below wording "For Total Sales Amount equal to or greater than $16,000.00 USD increase commission by 100.00%. " is true -- they took my 1% commission of around $561 based on those $56,000 sales and gave me another $561 in my CJ account. So it's 100% of your commission amount that they'll give you if you hit more than $16,000 in sales generated.
  • But it seems like it didn't happen till that still, small voice told me to e-mail them. So if you're hawking and pitching Apple Store affiliate program products via CJ, make sure to check your earnings closely.
  • You might be due some money!
  • (I guess there is no 3% tier -- I see their current terms say 1-2%, but it's based on specific products. Okay, I get it now. I'm happy and grateful for the extra ends...)

Apple Store affiliate programI'm all about affiliate marketing these days.

That's why I'm still intrigued by selling products via the Apple Store

So I just read up on Apple's rules for advertising their products and all I see is a list of terms that Apple does not allow us to advertise with on Google Adwords.

As for redirecting Google searchers straight from Google Adwords ads to the Apple Store, that looks like it's okay, open season as far as I can read. I searched Apple's legal terms (find them in CJ.com once you get approved for Apple Store's affiliate program) and found nothing that banned "redirect" -- which some other advertisers ban. Thank God Amazon does not!

Anyway, I made a pretty good killing of around $600 or more bucks selling Apple products in the month of December 2008 -- I wrote a post about Apple's Black Friday sales that got good traffic.

So now I might try my hand at advertising their Apple Store products while trying to stay within their legal terms.

I want to see if I can get above that 1% payout, which I believe will increase to 3% -- which I sold enough merchandise and should already have achieved, it seems to me.

Apple Online Store
Here are their terms and conditions:
1. Action: Apple Store USA Shipped Orders ActionCriteria The customer's order must be shipped.

Action Referral Period 15 day(s)

Action Referral Occurrences Unlimited Commission 1.00%
$0.00 USD on Item List: Gift Card
$0.00 USD on Item List: Shipping
$0.00 USD on Item List: iTunes
$0.00 USD on Item List: Gift Wrap

Locking Period - Standard Actions lock on the 10th of the month, unless extended.

Performance Incentive For Total Sales Amount equal to or greater than $8,000.00 USD increase commission by 50.00%.

For Total Sales Amount equal to or greater than $16,000.00 USD increase commission by 100.00%.

So since my December 2008 Apple Stores sales are showing $56,244.50 for the United States (I didn't even know I made Canada sales, too!) and a commission of $561.95 -- I'm obviously still at the 1% tier...

When am I moving up to 3%?

If there are any Apple Store super-affiliates out there already on the 3% tier, please comment!


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Scam Email: Renew Google Adwords Account Now, Or Adwords Account Will Be Deleted...

If you're a curious sort like me, and go checking your Gmail spam folder just in case any valid emails go there, maybe you saw the recent email warning you to renew your Google Adwords account, or else all hell-fire would fall down on you and they'd cancel your account.

Don't fall for it.

It's a phishing scam -- maybe like the other Google Adwords account phishing scam out of China, designed to get your credit card information.

To be safe, any messages Adwords needs to get to you -- those you can pick up by just logging into your Adwords account and checking the billing section therein.

Not via some scammy email link.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

What are your most popular blog posts?

If you've been at this blogging thing for a while, you know that some of your blog posts bring you steady traffic -- no matter what you do.

Maybe you got in on the ground floor of a trend when you wrote it.

Maybe you fooled readers into thinking it was something dirty -- a trick I've employed in the past.

Maybe you just wrote the blog post so well and SEO'd it just right -- and Google loved it.

Whatever happened, a certain set of blog posts inevitably bring you web traffic and readers even if you don't touch the web for a week.

So what are your most popular blog posts?

I'll show you mine, now show me yours!

But seriously folks, one thing our most popular posts can teach us is how to create more.

Learning lessons from what we did in the past just might help us to recreate it.

So here are some of my most popular posts from this blog:






















And from the Watch Free Episodes site:






















Tuesday, January 06, 2009

✈ ▌▌Plane Flying into Two Buildings on Google Trends List? Who put it there, and how the hell do they game Google Trends?

✈ ▌▌

That's the shocking symbol that I just saw on Google Trends list today -- Tuesday, January 6, 208 at 12:52 pm Eastern Time zone -- in the number 2 position on Google Trends list, listed as volcanic.

So who are these people that game Google like that?

And how do they do it?

I'll bet you Google will get the ✈ ▌▌ symbol down ASAP, but I wonder where the leak is in their system that's allowing offensive stuff like this to get in?

Monday, January 05, 2009

★★★★ Adwords Account Under Review? Stay away from the Rx and prescription ads...

Yesterday I wrote a post called ★★★★ Adwords Not Updating? Adwords Showing No Impressions, No Clicks?★★★★ -- well, it turns out my Adwords account was under review!

I got so depressed last night. Just when I was all excited about implementing all the Adwords techniques I'd just learned in the EXCELLENT book Mastering Search Advertising: How the Top 3% of Search Advertisers Dominate Google AdWords and from James over at Dominating Amazon, I noticed my Adwords impressions (and therefore clicks) had halted around midnight this past Saturday.

I awoke Sunday morning to see all zeros in my Adwords account -- and I knew something was up.

By the time I came home from church, it was still all zeros. And no one else seemed to have the Adwords zero impressions problem. At least, the Adwords ads dropping from MANY to zero impressions, that is.

My Adwords Account Was Under Review...

I Googled around for "Adwords drops to no impressions" and "Adwords drops to zero impressions" and learned that other people have experienced the problem of their Adwords account dropping to no impressions when it goes under review.

What depressed was the fact that some people's Adwords account stayed under review for 10 days or more -- and that was just bad news.

But praise and thank my Master for answering prayers!

He helped me remember that my Adwords account went under review shortly after I put up an advertisement leading people to some Colgate Prevident toothpaste (that contains a high concentration of flouride) and I added the search terms that included "Colgate Prevident RX" and "Colgate Prevident Prescription" that people must type into Google, because that's who I got the search term keywords from.

Anyway, after I added that ad, Google Adwords prompted me to put in my "Pharmacy ID #" -- and wouldn't let me add those keywords.

I didn't even realize I was added them, so they didn't add, because I don't have any Pharmacy ID number.

My Adwords Account is No Longer Under Review!


So I had emailed Adwords Support last night and begged God to let them listen -- and railed at Him and cried when watching my DVR'd Pastor RA Vernon recent series about God whupping His own kids, but letting the devil's kids get away with murder.

It was that passage when Asaph said "My foot almost slipped when I saw the prosperity of the wicked."

That was me railing at the Lord: "God, I'm not doing untoward stuff, no torrent sites and such -- why is this happening??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I thought about giving up blogging...

...and I just wrote down the info about a job here in Akron for someone who is "heavy in Excel."

But then I logged on to see that my impressions in my Adwords account are back, and a prompt email from Google Adwords (who says they're evil?) stating that my account was in fact under review, but now it's back.

After the Holy Spirit reminded me that it was probably the Colgate ad that triggered the review, I deleted that whole ad group last night.

But I know Who resurrected my hope and my Adwords Account this morning.

It was like He wanted me to rest on Sunday and get back some balance in my life -- and not stress out too hard over making the money to pay taxes I owe. But to work hard, trust Him, read up on more of His good book, and to trust, trust, trust...

Adwords Account Back Up, Made an Amazon Sale!

As if to say, "Here beloved girl, I got you..." my Provider enabled me to make a great sale on Amazon.

I just saw Amazon Associates commission for a Samsung PN50A650 50-Inch 1080p Plasma HDTV with RED Touch of Color!

And you know, I just realized that I don't know how I made that sale. It was ordered and shipped on Sunday, January 4, 2009 -- the day I stayed away from my PC the most, and the day my Adwords campaigns promoting that product were down.

So the Mighty One is indeed a mystery.

God is so awesome...

Hope restored.

Depression lifted.

Thanking, thanking, thanking Jesus all over again...

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Adwords Not Updating? Adwords Showing No Impressions, No Clicks?

What's up with Adwords today? I pray it's just Adwords updating something -- because since around Midnight last night, I've seen no activity, no clicks, no impressions, when it was just showing lots of them yesterday.

I pray it's just a Google Adwords update going on. Maybe it's God's way of telling me to get up, get out and get to church!

I just watched these fascinating videos of formerly known as Vanity -- now Denise K. Matthews talk about her upcoming book, Blame it on Vanity:

Denise Matthews aka Vanity on TBN Pt.1 (12/4/08)

Formally of the group Vanity 6 Official website: http://www.blameitonvanity.com/index3.php06:46 - Dec 20, 2008 - 15 days ago -
(2 Ratings) - - Rate: youtube.com
/www.blameitonvanity.com/index3.php ... "Denise Matthews" Vanity TBN "vanity 6" "nasty girl" "Pretty mess" ...
/www.blameitonvanity.com/index3.php ... "Denise Matthews ...
Watch this video on youtube.com
Video from youtube.com
View thumbnails
Watch video here

Denise Matthews aka Vanity on TBN Pt.2 (12/4/08)
06:44 - Dec 20, 2008 - 15 days ago -
(3 Ratings) - - Rate: youtube.com
/www.blameitonvanity.com/index3.php ... "Denise Matthews" Vanity TBN "vanity 6" "nasty girl" "Pretty mess" ...
/www.blameitonvanity.com/index3.php ... "Denise Matthews

Friday, January 02, 2009

★★★★ Get more website visitors - Make your blog titles stand out in Google...

I was reading thru my Google Reader feeds last night, and someone on a techie forum posted a thread that began with these stars in the title: ★★★★

"Oh, I'm grabbing that!" I thought to myself.

You see, ever since I learned on BlueHatSeo.com that adding symbols to your blog/post titles can make them stand out more in Google's search-engine results pages, I've been playing around with different symbols to see which ones make my blogs more clickable.

One glance at my posts over on Watch Free Episodes will show you the symbols I've favored in the past:

drill down 60 www.watchfreeepisodes.com/
drill down 38 www.watchfreeepisodes.com/fdic-watch-list-looking-for-the-fdic-banks-in-trouble-watch-list/860/
drill down 20 www.watchfreeepisodes.com/watch-private-practice-online-full-free-pilot-episode-of-the-long-awaited-abc-tv-show-put-me-to-sleep/100/
drill down 15 www.watchfreeepisodes.com/watch-everbody-hates-chris-online-full-current-and-past-episodes/11/

But I like to experiment.

And that star is so cute and dark, I had to add it to my BlogSpot blog title / post -- just go into your Layout tab, make sure to save your template first, then expand it and search for something that's in between the < title > and < /title > tags and plop the stars before and after the blog.post title code.

Some stuff the search-engines will strip out.

Others they won't.

And you can add them before individual post titles if you want.

On WordPress, I'll add it to the post title, but then strip out the goobly-gook code in the post title code below the actual post title before I publish it.

I hope that makes sense.

Anyway, the point is, play around with symbols to see what hits.


But remember, you may have to go back and change them in the future...

★★★★ Sell More Amazon Associates Products - Tips To Try and Increase Your Amazon Referral Income and Sales Online....

Want to sell more Amazon Associates products? Grab my rss feed and add me to your Google Reader to keep up with future posts listing my Amazon Associates income take...

Nearing the end of December 2008, my Amazon Associates sales and earnings figures look like this:

Total items shipped 409
Referral Rate (Increase this to 8.00% by referring 222 more items) 7.50%
Referral Fees $2,021.90
Gift Certificate/Card Earnings $6.00
Kindle Subscription Earnings $0.00
Prime Subscription Earnings $0.00

Now before you get all jealous, realize that I've spent about $1,184.58 in Adwords advertising to promote Amazon Associates and other affiliate program products that allow you to advertise them.

Update: I discovered I was linking to Amazon from Google Adwords the wrong way. If you advertise Amazon products via Google Adwords, make sure your URLs are formatted like this, for example, with your tag at the end:


Not like this, for example:


I guess Google Adwords and/or Amazon doesn't like all those redirects.


★★★★ Update: I bought the Mastering Search Advertising: How the Top 3% of Search Advertisers Dominate Google AdWords book and absolutely love it.

Already I learned about things I was doing wrong, like bidding too high and for the wrong position -- and lots of other tips on "coverage" -- making sure you get loads of impressions.

And therefore more click-thrus...

And therefore hopefully more sales.

Combining what I learned in that book and over at James' Dominating Amazon website, 2009 will see me maximizing my affiliate earnings profit with minimal advertising costs spent.

(I'm getting more sales, learning to minimize my CPC, so I'll let you know how January 2009 closes out.)

But in the meantime, in the Spirit of Christmas and giving, I'm giving my blogging and pitching readers some tips that will hopefully help you increase your Amazon Associates sales that I've learned in the past three years or so:

  1. Pitch Everything That Sits Right With Your Soul - The minute you hear something on TV that might be a hot product, look for it on Amazon and write about it. That's what I did the minute I heard Beyonce say that she lost 20 pounds on Oprah using that Master Cleanse diet.

  2. Go Back and Delete the Stuff That Doesn't - I've pitched some TV shows and stuff (Amazon has Video on Demand shows to download) that just didn't let me sleep at night, knowing that kids (or even adults) would be watching sleazy stuff based on my recommendation. When my conscience won't let me forget it, I'll go back and delete the post, or alter it and send them to a better, more wholesome alternative. I've learned that I can't control what people buy once they get to Amazon thru my account -- but I can control what I pitch...

  3. Be Honest - If you haven't tried the product, tell your readers. If you find something you think will work better, tell them that too and pitch it to them.

  4. Go Back and Update The Post - Again and again, if you have to. I've updated that Beyonce Master Cleanse diet post so many times it's not funny. I even told readers of a better product, a book -- so I let them make the decision on what to buy.

  5. Pitch Mispellings - Bless God for the Amazon Kindle, which many people don't know how to spell. Take advantage of that and pitch the wrong spellings of a product -- like Kindel, Kindel, Kindel!

  6. Tell Your Readers When the Product Ships and When It's Available - The Amazon Kindles are looking at an 8 - 10 week ship date right now. But it might be less, I pray, because I can tell when the Kindles are being shipped, because Amazon adds the revenue to our accounts when the product ships. For that reason, I've made the effort to tell my readers of Kindle's shipping and in stock dates and availability by constantly updating that post with the info. It's paying off royally.

  7. Act on Coupons and Hot Sales - When Oprah gave readers the $50 off coupon code of OPRAHWINFREY on her show -- I immediately wrote a post about it. It expired Nov. 1, 2008, and that immediacy coupled with Oprah's influence -- and God leading me on the longest fast ever and not checking into my account that week and devoting more time to Him instead and painting my house -- gave me the pleasant surprise of my Amazon Associates earnings' life when I logged in to see that around $3,500 in Kindle revenue came my way that month. Boy, it's really coming in handy now to pay Uncle Sam...

  8. Keep it Interesting - Don't use the same old banners that every other Amazon Associate and their grandmother is using. Mix it up! I love to put these two great books on my websites, because they're a great ministry tool, and it gets my Amazon cookie on customers computers -- at least for 24 hours, that is. A two-fer!

  9. So Use Difference Images and Formats......to get customers onto Amazon, and make sure your Amazon Associates ID is in the link that leads them there.

  10. Pitch Individual Products......either thru Adwords (but study up and don't lose your shirt on advertising costs) or by blogging about them. People research individual products before they buy, so consider writing up reviews or a detailed post about a product -- especially if you own it and love it.

  11. Consider Setting Up a Product Blog......dedicated to pitching products alone. That's what one of my blogs is becoming, but I pitched products willy nilly on my WatchFreeEpisodes.com for a while, just because the ranking is so good, and Google loves immediately ranking those posts. Sure, I lost some RSS readers, but I got fed up with working so hard at an entertainment blog without being able to use its potential for product selling as well.

  12. Focus on the Customers Ready to Buy...with debit cards in hand. How do you find those people? Some people actually type "Buy Vizio TV", for example, into Google. (Use SEO Book's free online keyword tool -- Google it -- to find the buy people.) You can target those people thru Adwords campaigns. But I lost traffic targeting only "buy" keywords. Read both this guy's book on Dominating Amazon, it's worth the 7 bucks...) and definitely that Mastering Search Advertising book above to find so many more secrets to getting your bids rights and making sure your ads are being displayed often enough. Using that book, I discovered I was paying way too much by only bidding on position preference #1. It's a great book!

  13. Post Fast and Often, and Quick and Long and Short - Because you never know which post is going to hit with customers and take off. One product's sales might surprise you. Log into your Amazon Associates account, and use the nice "link to this page" strip they've added at the top now to make quick links to post. Put larger images in your posts, or pull a quick product link code by hightlighting the image and link text and plopping it into the "WYSIWYG" mode of your blogging platform. Blogger doesn't always work well this way. Anyway, play around until you hit your stride -- it can work if you work it.

  14. Check Google Trends List for Hot Products - And they will let you know if customers are typing in a misspelled version of the product.

  15. Protect Your Amazon Associates Affiliates Links - If you're on WordPress, there are plugins that will let you protect your Amazon links from redirects. Otherwise, there are a number of programs and ways out there that protect your Amazon referral links from being redirected somewhere else...Question:

What method do you use to protect your Amazon Associates affiliate / referral program links from being redirected? Plugin? Cloaking software? Do tell...


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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire Dance Video - Watch Slumdog Millionaire Dance Video Online...

Slumdog Millionaire CD, DVD, MP3, Watch,Movie,OnlineIf you haven't seen Slumdog Millionaire yet, may I just tell you it's amazing and sad and familiar and horrible all at once. (Find out info about the Slumdog Millionaire DVD here...)

If anything, I'm hoping that the raw and real plotline of the plight of the future "Slumdog Millionaire" in the slums of India will make us all more compassionate for suffering children around the globe.

In the meantime, watch this amazing Slumdog Millionaire dance sequence YouTube video from the end of the movie -- but be forewarned, it might be a spoiler!

Just wait till you see the whole movie.

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