Scam Email: Renew Google Adwords Account Now, Or Adwords Account Will Be Deleted...

If you're a curious sort like me, and go checking your Gmail spam folder just in case any valid emails go there, maybe you saw the recent email warning you to renew your Google Adwords account, or else all hell-fire would fall down on you and they'd cancel your account.

Don't fall for it.

It's a phishing scam -- maybe like the other Google Adwords account phishing scam out of China, designed to get your credit card information.

To be safe, any messages Adwords needs to get to you -- those you can pick up by just logging into your Adwords account and checking the billing section therein.

Not via some scammy email link.


These messages are just insidious. I'd like to think that I know how to watch out for them, but sometimes, they seem quite genuine. And I feel bad for those people who do unfortunately fall prey to the email.
I do get my share of spam mails in my gmail. Thanks for this tip about the spam on google adwords.

I 'll check for it.
raphnix said…
Online scammers and spammers always use catchy email title so people will think that mail is truly official.
File Lock said…
I've been received lots of scam/phishing emails like this.

My advice is just ignore them. Never click on any links in your emails. It will makes your life easier.
Victor said…
Just like you, i also check my spam emails because sometimes, some of my valide emails tend to be there. and there are really these emails that seem convincing enough. I even tried to correspond with one of this spam emails to see what's in it, and at the latter parts of the correspondence, they would be asking you to send them money for some fees. most of these spams are scams.
edwin said…
Hi Paula, many thanks with your post. Exactly, I'm in trying to making money online use adsense arbitrage. I will protect my adwords.
MCSE said…
Thanks God that this comes only in Spam folder. I always used to open my spam folder and I really thankful to you for sharing this terrible news. I have two GoogleAdword accounts. What if they are hacked? Anyhow, thanks again.

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