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My Favorite Child

“Don’t you want me too, Mommy?” my son Cameron asked. He wriggled in the middle of our bed, outside the two lines formed by my daughter Cara’s body and my own.

His vulnerable question transported me back three decades in time. I was once again a young girl, sitting with my mother on the edge of her bed, confronting her for the first time about her obvious favoritism for my one and only sibling.

“You like Amber better than me!” I whined. It was a scene straight out of “The Brady Bunch,” with me cast as the oft-ignored Jan. But there was no laugh track in that bedroom with the coffee-bean colored hardwood floors, no warm-hearted denouement within 28 minutes whereby Mike and Carol dipped their heads into my room to assure me I was an equal.

“No I don’t,” Mommy answered, and turned her head down and to the left, but not far enough to hide the smirk on her face.

My mother’s preference for my big sister was apparent long before she admitted it. Amber was the baby she had wanted forever, the one…