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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Getting the Internet Explorer Cannot Open the Internet Site Operation Aborted error on your WordPress blog? It might be your theme...

Internet Explorer Cannot Open the Internet Website Operation Aborted
If you're getting the "Internet Explorer Cannot Open the Internet Site Operation Aborted" error on your WordPress blog or website like I was it might be the WordPress theme you're using.

"Internet Explorer Cannot Open the Internet Site Operation Aborted"error...

...was happening on my CpTimes.com blog about the top-selling products online -- I noticed it when I finally popped over to IE to check out my site (I'm more fond of Firefox as a web browser) and was horrified to hear the beep and see the box pop up first saying "Internet Explorer Cannot Open the Internet Site" and then even more pissed to see the "Operation Aborted" box force any website visitors trying to get to my site be forced to close it down -- instead of buy the product they wanted!

So I did some Googling around -- and that's how I found Lyndi's Nice2All themes and read that she makes sure that her themes work on WordPress blogs that have a lot of pages, like mine did.

It was time for a change anyway, so I downloaded one of her themes and tweaked it around like I like it (gotta put those post titles before the blog title so you'll get a better click-thru rate on Google -- and put your post titles in h1 tags) and voila!

Have mercy the "Internet Explorer Cannot Open the Internet Site Operation Aborted" error went away, and my web traffic went back up.

So don't forget to check your website on many different browsers for the "Internet Explorer Cannot Open the Internet Site Operation Aborted" error and make sure your theme can handle your WordPress website.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Hookers for Jesus - The Hookers for Jesus Video That Made me Cry...

I've had my cleansing cry for the morning. I just watched the below Hookers for Jesus video, which induced my tears after she gets to the part about nearly overdosing on cocaine and having a heart attack:

Those are the kind of churches I love -- wherein "Hookers for Jesus" are welcomed, not looked down upon, and they are telling their real stories -- instead of trying to dress it up in fake churchy, holier than thou finery.

March on, "Hookers for Jesus"!


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm done promoting Amazon products via Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing...for now

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I'm done with Google Adwords. At least for now.

I've given it the good old college try by following all the tips I've learned about bidding and more -- but I'm ready for the hemmoraging of cash to stop.

I've spent nearly $400 thus far promoting products -- and though all the income numbers aren't in, I've only made back $200 or more of it. (Hopefully this will turn out to be $700 or more profit when everything ships...)

Anyway, my focus now is just getting as many sales as I can thru my product blog about the best-selling products on Amazon, basically the Internet itself, since they carry a gabillion products.

That way, I know my only expenses are basically my time and my DreamHost web hosting fees, which are a lot cheaper now that my site that was banned by Google gets much less traffic. (So much cheaper to not host all those videos that take up mucho server space.)

So, off to the races again...

Friday, March 20, 2009

Why I just cancelled Google Cash Detective 2 and requested a refund...

So I had high hopes for the Google Cash Detective 2 -- seeing as though I even continually logged on to the site on its hectic release date sitting at my husband's hospital bedside to buy it.

But alas, for all the nifty searching and keyword discovering you can do with the thing, I still canceled GCD2 and requested my $997 refund to my Amex and for the $97 monthly charges not to begin.

Why did I cancel Google Cash Detective 2 and ask for a refund?

One disappointment was not being able to uncover keywords for my main affiliate earner, Amazon.com

Typing in all variations of Amazon.com* as the url with * everything didn't return nearly as many keywords as you know folks are running to Amazon.com products. (Even AdGooRoo couldn't do this either, because there are just too many.)

Couldn't figure out who the elusive "tag=googhydr-20" Amazon affiliate is either...

...which a lot of techies are trying to figure out.

If you type darn near any product into Google, you'll see googhydr-20 has got a lot (but not all) of Adwords ads running to Amazon.com -- some claim he or Google or Amazon, whoever the mystery super-tagging affiliate is, has 5 million keywords tagged.

So I typed http://*googhydr-20 into the URL search box on GCD2 and all variations thereof and it just hung.

There are millions of keywords on Google Cash Detective 2, though...

...and I had fun discovering stuff that people look to buy, like this Swisher Skid-Steer Horizontal/Vertical Log Splitter #LS5-24S. (There, you guys who wanted to buy GCD2 but didn't can have that tip for free.)

While it's only a handful of people literally searching for "buy SkidSteer" log splitter or whatever, at least if one person buys one, it's good commission on it since it's such a high price.

I've yet to sell one of them, but I've got a campaign still running for them.

I do like Chris Carpenter's tip on Google Cash Detective 2...

...the video that shows you how to gain position over an affiliate with a long-running campaign for a product you want to promote.

He says to set your CPC pretty high, like 5 bucks or something -- but set your daily budget for that campaign low, so you won't spend too much money.

Then, that high CPC should get you some impressions and therefore some clicks -- and as your CTR increases, your CPC will go down, and you can adjust your bids down accordingly. I thought that was a neat tip that I didn't even think of.

So GCD2 is helping me sell stuff...

...like wine online, which I got 1 sale on thru MyWinesDirect.com (yes, I spied another LinkShare affiliate selling them) and it was cool until I saw I paid for 132 clicks on Adwords, but LinkShare only tracked about 40 to MyWinesDirect.com -- I emailed the affiliate manager and he just said that was weird and that they don't take away clicks.

I wasn't satisfied with that answer, and maybe God wasn't satisfied with my excuse that since Jesus turned water into wine as His first miracle, it can't be all that bad to sell wine gift baskets online to 21-year-old and above adults, but maybe that didn't fly with Him. So I stopped that campaign. (Yeah, maybe the woman who commented earlier that it's unethical to spy on other people's campaign was right -- but I know folks can spy on my Amazon ads thru GCD2, but they didn't all show up.)

But I'm still selling Amazon products...

...ironically thru products I pray God gave me thru another idea: Turn my CPTimes.com into a product blog showing the best-selling products on the Internet like books, videos, home improvement stuff, etc.

So checking those lists daily gives me fascinating insight into what people are buying daily, moreso than GCD2 did.

Plus, I've got taxes and an Amex bill to pay, so I figure it's a good time to be flush with cash.

Amazingly, I just balanced my checking account and He is still keeping me rather well, despite all my crazy buying and stuff that has popped off lately.

The Healer healed my husband, and He's healing my bank accounts, too!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Is Google Banning Adwords PPC Direct-Linking Affiliate Advertising Come April 1, 2009? I think that's an April Fool's Day joke...

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Is Google Banning Adwords PPC Direct-Linking Affiliate Advertising Come April 1, 2009? I think that's an April Fool's Day joke...

Yesterday in all the melee about Chris Carpenter's Google Cash Detective 2 launch, I was bouncing around the net looking for other people who bought the application.

That's when I saw a comment on Rosalind Gardner's blog, I think, that said Google was going to ban us from advertising affiliate programs via Adwords direct-linking campaigns on April 1, 2009.

I don't think Google Adwords is banning direct-linking PPC affiliate campaigns...

...or at least I hope and pray they keep them. It's bringing Google good monies, as well as the people selling the products, services or gaining leads -- so I don't see why they ever would ban it.

Like one woman said, maybe that person was just making an April Fool's Day joke early, or was confusing that with Google Adwords' change to the Adwords display URL policy that he was talking about.

But that change to the Adwords display URL policy got me thinking...

...about how to restructure my Google Adwords campaigns, grouping them now by the particular affiliate I'm promoting.

And that got me thinking, if I'm promoting CJ.com advertisers, who go by strange domains like www.dpbolvw.net or http://www.kqzyfj.com or jdoqocy.com, which leads to The Flip Store, (even though I don't run a PPC campaign for that one because they don't want us to use their trademarked terms) -- if they were an advertiser that did, would we only group TheFlipStore.com ads together in an Ad Group, or all my jdoqocy.com ads together.

Update: I just answered my own question thinking about this the other night, letting The Answer give me the answer -- I see now it's DISPLAY URL, not destination url that needs to have the same top-level domain.

So that means all my Amazon.com PPC direct-linking campaigns all go in one group, then Macys.com, for example, go in other -- that's the way I'm thinking of it.

But that limits us to 25 ad group domain names. Guess it will be time to expand to a higher-level Adwords account. Gotta see when and how that happens.

So maybe this is Google's roundabout way of trimming the variety of Adwords campaigns running to a lot of different URLs. There are maximums of ad groups limits, but there's a way to trade up and get a better Adwords account. (I just need to find out how.)

The Flip 400x400 Blogger Media

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I actually bought Google Cash Detective 2 for $997...

Click Here to learn about the Google Cash Detective!Today was the big launch of Chris Carpenter's Google Cash Detective 2, from what I've been reading, one of the best Google Adwords spy tools on the net today.

After a rough start and servers crashing and errors and such, us Google Cash Detective 2 purchasers finally got our login credentials verified and we're in. I'm going to play around with it and by hook or crook -- no, seriously, just lots of late nights and research -- I pray I make back that $997 ten thousand fold.

Stay tuned for posts telling you all about my Google Cash Detective 2 income strategies and campaigns and such. Happy keyword hunting, Google Cash Detective 2 buyers...
Click Here to learn about the Google Cash Detective!

Google Cash Detective 2 Website Down! Let me in! I want to buy Google Cash Detective 2!

Click Here to learn about the Google Cash Detective!
After all the hoopla surrounding Chris Carpenter's new Google Cash Detective 2, waiting with eager breath over it -- it's now noon, time for Gooogle Cash Detective 2 to go on sale.

And the GCDetective.com website launching Google Cash Detective 2 is down!

I feel like I'm Twittering with all these updates.

Anyway. Get those servers up. Cache that traffic.

Let me in!

I want to buy Google Cash Detective 2 if it's meant to be...

Google Cash Detective 2 Price? It's $997 today, $97 per month for one option...

Click Here to learn about the Google Cash Detective!

Google Cash Detective 2 Price? It's $997 today, $97 per month for one option...

I'm waiting with bated breath for the release of Chris Carpenter's Google Cash Detective 2 program.

And he's finally unveiled the price -- $997 today, $97 per month if you want that option.

He's got several other options like $1997 and something else...

In the video he reveals the pricing options at the end and that's where I found out the price.

This is all just so fascinating to me.

Google Cash Detective 2 looks like one of the best keyword spy tools out there -- giving you access to 2.5 million and growing hopefully keywords, campaigns that people are running on Adwords and such.

Hope he takes American Express...

Monday, March 09, 2009

>>> Download Google Cash Detective 2 - GCD2 Ready for Download on Tuesday, March 10, 2009 at 12 NOON EST

Click Here to learn about the Google Cash Detective!

Download Google Cash Detective 2 - GCD2 Ready for Download on Tuesday, March 10, 2009 at 12 NOON EST

I'm sitting in a hospital room so thankful to the Glorious One that my loved one is okay, waiting for the return from the MRI and the launch of Chris Carpenter's Google Cash Detective 2 on Tuesday, March 10, 2009.

I'd never even heard of Google Cash...

...that dropped in 2003, I see, and sold out soon -- in 24 hours?????


So I've watched a lot of the Google Cash Detective 2 videos which you can find on Chris Carpenter's blog (after you sign in with your email address and name, I believe) and was up late last night learning so much about how to use Google Cash Detective to spy on Adwords campaigns and find out how people are really making money online.

The Google Cash Detective 2 Reviews are already good...

...from people like the super affiliate marketer Rosalind Gardner and others, and that's just in the pre-launch stage.

So you know just about whatever price Google Cash Detective 2 is, it'll be a winner.

Is is on ClickBank yet?

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

How I Made My First Million on the Internet Book

How to Make Money Online

-- But it's not so fast, easy, quick nor free -- unless you're doing some scam or scheme that's illegal...

This How I Made My First Million on the Internet and How You Can Too! The Complete Insider's Guide to Making Millions with Your Internet Business book has caught my eye because it's been moving up the sales ranks at Amazon steadily.

I was put off by reviews that said if you've been online for a while that you know most of the stuff in Ewen Chia's book, but it didn't stop me from hunting down his rarely-blogged-on blog and subscribing anyway.

Sounds like Ewen Chia says to find a good niche, rinse and repeat -- but you never know, I feel like we've got stuff to learn from anyone, so maybe I'll buy the book.

But for all the people searching for online money making ideas...

...especially these days, just know that making money online is not necessarily some scheme where you can pop online today and make $1 million by tomorrow.

Unless you're doing something illegal -- or unethical.

Many of us bloggers, like me, who's been online since December 2005, find making money online a pursuit that gains steam over the years as we make our mistakes and learn and grow and make some more.

So don't throw your money all away in $97 chunks toward every guru's landing page you see promising millions.

But do your best to read, read, read, the real stuff -- the people who actually post their real income (not the fake screenshots) online, and admit the wrong stuff they've done.

Take your time and work hard and the fruit when come when it's due.

Just look at all the search terms I found for people wanting to learn how to make money online:

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Sunday, March 01, 2009

† Amazon Associates Affiliates - My Income Was $1,491.95 from Amazon's Referral Program in February - What's your Amazon Associates Referral Revenue?

As I promised a few folks, especially inspired by The Villager's Amazon Associates Affiliates income revenue generating challenge -- here are my February 2009 earnings from promoting Amazon products online.

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Bless You, Father, for Fasting -- and the Kindle 2!

Ironically, my salvation for my February 2009 Amazon Affiliates income for the United States of $1,491.45 (with only $97.88 spent in Adwords) are because of the week back in October 2008 or so when it was our consecration week at The Word.

For the first time in my life, Jesus enabled me to fast the longest I ever have -- I made it five days on probiotic veggie and fruit juices and water. I turned off the computer and only logged on to check my bank balances each day during that week, heading down to the darkened sanctuary to sit in peace and pray a time or two.

Amazingly, when I logged onto my Amazon Referrals Associates Account...

...that Saturday or so when the fast was over, I saw that I'd sold a bunch of Kindles -- nearly 200 to date.

Well, the remainder of those Kindles sold back then finally shipped in February to customers (and more should be shipping in March 2009) so this Amazon Affiliates income was finally added to my account.

And in good time, too, to make up for the mistakes I made using Google Adwords to promote Amazon Affiliate products...

...like bidding on the Amazon.com or Amazon name -- which I discovered was a big no-no when Amazon Referrals managers emailed me. I honestly wrote them back that I didn't know this was forbidden (seeing as though other Amazon Affiliates do it) and I immediately stopped doing that.

Like I told Amazon, I ended up just buying them a bunch of free advertising anyway, because I only made a handful of sales from trying to promote products that way. Amazon deducted those referral fees and were very gracious to me. Thank God again.

So what does March 2009 hold for Amazon Affiliates Referral Earnings and more money online?

Well, after I stupidly got my main site punished by Google (see ★★★★PAULA NEAL MOONEY: Google Totally Unindexed my Website... Wonder When it Will Be Unpunished...★★★★) -- I've been working on building back up the lost income.

I'd underestimated just how much Amazon Associates revenue that site brought me -- and played fast and loose with how much Google Adsense income it brought too.

January 2009 Google Adsense brought $1,634.26 income due to that site mainly, and after getting Google slapped (more like Google blasted, bombed, smacked-down) in early February, my Google Adsense income dropped to $480.98 for February 2009.

I still realize many people would kill for these numbers, so I am gracious, and continuing to work hard. Or maybe I need to get back on my knees and turn off this PC again for awhile...hmm....

Helen Keller has inspired my online work and life work...

While listening to 2nd-graders teach me things I didn't know or had forgotten about Helen Keller, I sat there and imagined the horror of being a 19-month-old child suddenly blind and deaf -- can't see nor hear a thing.

Then to have a miracle worker break thru and help communicate and break out of that darkened hell, amazing.

But anyway, learning that Helen Keller was able to learn German and French in that state -- I realized that I HAVE NO EXCUSE to not learn new things in life and step out and try, try, try in life.

I've got my sight, hearing and many other opportunities that Helen Keller didn't have -- so I need to maximize them.

So like my old Bishop said, instead of "either/or" why not "both/and" -- so I delved into Tissa's free people search engine business, the only search engine I've been able to use to actually find old friend's addresses and phone numbers that are totally free. (Update: I just cancelled, see †PAULA NEAL MOONEY: † Tissa Godavitarne - Scam? Hoax? Or Internet Marketing Genius? Read these reviews...† for reasons why.)

And I'm working on building up other sites while waiting for Google to take WatchFreeEpisodes.com off of time out. At least, as a true reference to Romans 8:28, God truly is using my bad moves to work it out for good -- teaching me new things and to step out and attempt things for the better.

I hope...

So let me know your Amazon Referral Affiliates revenue. I believe our honesty with each other can only help us all take the path toward becoming Amazon Super Affiliates -- prayerfully even during the recession!

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