I'm done promoting Amazon products via Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing...for now

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I'm done with Google Adwords. At least for now.

I've given it the good old college try by following all the tips I've learned about bidding and more -- but I'm ready for the hemmoraging of cash to stop.

I've spent nearly $400 thus far promoting products -- and though all the income numbers aren't in, I've only made back $200 or more of it. (Hopefully this will turn out to be $700 or more profit when everything ships...)

Anyway, my focus now is just getting as many sales as I can thru my product blog about the best-selling products on Amazon, basically the Internet itself, since they carry a gabillion products.

That way, I know my only expenses are basically my time and my DreamHost web hosting fees, which are a lot cheaper now that my site that was banned by Google gets much less traffic. (So much cheaper to not host all those videos that take up mucho server space.)

So, off to the races again...


You are not the only one temporarily turning off their ad campaigns. The economy is getting tight and people are still clicking but not buying so it can get expensive.
marcel said…
Dreamhost had a aweful custom interface last time I used it. Are you using Cpanel ? Will waste less time with Cpanel.
Actually, I've finally gotten the hang of Dreamhost's gui and have been mostly please with their private servers. They only go down once every blue moon now.
VoIP said…
At least you are still looking forward to some cash. Others have really lost it already.
eBookGuy said…
It can be difficult to make money with Amazon on Adwords because the commissions are so low. You need to find a high priced product that is in demand with low competition. (not easy but they are there)

I found eBay is better as you get some new user commissions as well.
Thanks, eBookGuy Noel -- Yeah, I'm already feeling better about pausing all three: Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing (canceled that one and got a refund on my $30 balance) and Microsoft Ad Center, who amazingly called me the same day I made the decision to stop it, asking me if I needed help optimizing my ad campaigns.

So yeah, checking out the best-selling items on CPtimes.com has helped me find those high-priced products and even lower priced products that sell well, and help get my Amazon monthly items shipped count up to the 7.5% commission rate -- hopefully I'll hit 8% this month.

And thanks for the eBay tip. I am a member of the eBayPartnersNetwork.com, so far I've only sold something and got 8 bucks -- but I'm looking into that more, too.

Is their commission rate 1%?

I gotta check -- so many places to earn money, if we're willing to work at it!
designsdelight said…
Hi Paula it is a shame you have not made more money with google adsense ads.

Why did CP times get banned from Google was it because you had too many google trends stories? I think they might have suspected you of being a scraper site.
No, it was WatchFreeEpisodes.com that got banned. Doing that wp-o-matic plugin a little too much! But I like working on cptimes.com now better...

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