Amazon Associates Bans Google Adwords Paid Search Advertising for Referral of their Amazon Products...

Well, it's a good thing I decided to stop promoting Amazon Associates products via Google Adwords -- because today I just read on the Amazon Associates blog that Amazon has decided to stop allowing paid search advertising for its USA and Canada programs.

I still gotta look at Amazon France, Germany and UK to see if they're following suit.

Heck, like I told Amazon, I sent them a bunch of free advertising anyway, because I didn't make a huge amount of sales that way.

Nope, many of my Amazon sales came from God answering prayers, fasting and for bringing so much traffic to some of my posts about the Kindle when Oprah introduced it on her show.

The new no-paid-advertising to Amazon via Google Adwords and other paid search advertisers takes effect May 1, 2009.

Guess that "googhydr-20" Amazon Associates affiliate who seems to have every keyword in the world almost tagged and running to Amazon right now might be kicking himself.

Or, if the mysterious googhydr-20 is Google themselves or Amazon -- they no doubt saw this coming months ago.


Krav maga said…
As I understand it this only bans direct traffic. Sending it to a landing page is still OK? I'm not particuarly surprised myself, by now they must have got plenty of info on what does and doesn't work via paid search and probably want to bring it in house.
Yeah, it bans direct traffic (and it looks like Amazon is also banning paid search traffic that redirects from PPC ads to a site that then redirects automatically to

But if you buy PPC ads for your site that has Amazon links on it and those ads send customers to your site who naturally then click thru to the Amazon ads, then Amazon is saying those a good purchases that will be credited.

Ay yi yi!

I'm glad I shut down my PPC campaigns a while ago out of frustration:

»»»»»»» I'm done promoting Amazon products via Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing...for now | PAULA NEAL MOONEY
OfferOfTheDay said…
Search "call of duty modern warfare 2" on google .. looks like googhydr-20 is still in business, whoever they are.
No problem actually for many Amazon affiliate marketers. The wise affiliate marketers continue to trust on SEO & social media traffic. I suggest writing as many reviews as you can with target keywords. You will see the results in a few months.
Regarding 'googhydr-20'-- I'm pretty sure that is Amazon themselves. The "Associates ID" in the URL is probably simply how they keep track of their referrals.

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