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If you could write the next 5 years of your life, and they had to come true...

...what would you write?

That's the intriguing question I posed to both my husband and our cool waitress the other night at The Olive Garden, after seeing that thought-inducing Flight movie starring Denzel Washington.

And now, I pose it to you.

I guess the query rolled around in my mind after I realized how prophetic some writings from a year ago turned out to be.

Not all of them, but the fact that I watched a couple of things transpire in real life that I'd already written about tripped me out and has me focusing on the "prophetic writings" that the Bible speaks of, and the many times things took place in real life so that "Scripture might be fulfilled."

"Pink Mist" on Grey's Anatomy
There was an episode of Grey's Anatomy whereby a person had been impaled with an unexploded device, and the surgeons had to remove it gingerly.

That bomb ended up exploding, creating a "pink mist" of blood and other stuff in its wake.

In real life,…