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~$30 per day in Google Adsense earnings: Making more money with Adsense ads

Lately I've been really studying my Google Adsense ads and hoping and praying they will increase to beyond the days when I made $5,000 per month in Adsense income before I got my website banned when I used the wp-o-matic Wordpress plugin willy-nilly to auto-post hundreds of scraped post snippets.

These days, my most-trafficked website right now is, where I write about anything from How to Publish Your Own Kindle Book from a Microsoft Word Document to product reviews to the fact that our power went out in Akron, Ohio, last night -- due to a car hitting a pole that fell on power lines.

Getting nearly 2,000 pageviews per day...after Google took away my "Paula Mooney" ranking then gave it back
I call that my anything and everything website, because I don't want to be boxed into one topic. I started that site back on May 10, 2007, after Google took away my ranking for "Paula Mooney" on this blogspot bl…

Tim Ferriss' California wine country conference will bring him $1.4 to $2 million for 'Opening the Kimono'

Timothy Ferriss, the four-hour guy just wrote about a California wine country conference in a secret location to happen from August 19 - 21, 2011.

Sounded great so far -- I used to live near wine country, and have enjoyed both Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley wineries and spas and had a good time.

The conference disallows any reporting, recording, etc.

It's open to 200 people and I said "Woo hoo" or something like that when I saw the cost:

$7,000 if you sign up this week
$8,500 if you sign up next week
$10,000 if you sign up the week after that

So if all 200 people sign up this week, that's $1.4 million grossed... if all 200 wait till the week after that, that's $2 million grossed.

Yowza! I'm learning not to hate or have any ill will towards people with money, as learned in the Secrets of a Millionaire Mind book.

I hope the gathering is worth it. Maybe they'll be so tipsy, they'll think they're getting great tips.

But seriously, I sent his Four-Hour …

April 12, 2011, success moves done

Got so much done today -- A LOT of tasks that will pay off in the short and long term. Verified most all my sites on Bing Webmasters Tools, since they are creeping up on Google -- learned about Bing SEO from and got a helpful free ebook from her siteInstalled Thesis Open Hook on nearly all my sitesLearned that Bing and Google and Yahoo really look at the American Chronicle backlinks, so I will get more of those and a boost for lots of my links to the #1 spot on Google serps for many successful and well-searched-for and profitable termsWrote up a nice piece on the blackhat worm virus thing to warn people about the attempt that was thankfully blocked on my site PaulaNealMooney.comWrote up a piece on Wess Morgan on my Examiner channel, plus a good one about the $114 Kindle!Also wrote and published a piece on the Walmart gift card scam ads that are getting trafficWrote this piece on my success so I feel better about getting so much accomplished thus far

75 bucks in Google Adsense earnings in 5 days... and getting $5,000 per month in Adsense revenue again...

Another super-long and informative post about how I made $75 in Google Adsense income in 5 days, and how I plan to get back to more than $5,000 per month in Google Adsense revenue like I had before.

Hope it helps many people learn how to earn online with Adsense ads in their websites.

Sure, some folks don't like Adsense -- and yes, I've blocked the get-rich-quick and other ads from my Google account, but this leaves room for the more legitimate (and perhaps sometimes higher paying?) advertisers.

I made nearly $10K in blogging-writing earnings in 3 months in 2011 from Amazon, Examiner, Adsense and more

So it's seriously time to close this laptop for the night -- these long days of writing are gonna pay off big in 2011 and beyond, I just know it.

But first I wanted to let folks know about my latest income post detailing the breakdown of how I made close to $10K thus far in 2011 from blogging and writing and online affiliate sales.

Soak up the post and let me know your comments regarding how much you've made online thus far.

Iron can sharpen that iron, baby!