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UsernamePasswdNotMatch - Getting UsernamePasswdNotMatch Response from Google Adsense? Try another browser...

I just tried to log onto my Google Adsense account using my Firefox browser and freaked out when I kept getting the "UsernamePasswdNotMatch" text on a blank white page.

I thought I'd typed in my password wrong -- or that Google was merging accounts or something worse!

Thank God I read thru some help screen that said to try a different browser and clear your cache before sending Google Adsense support an email.

I did just that -- I popped over to Internet Explorer, logged onto my Google Adsense account from there and lo and behold great God almighty, the "UsernamePasswdNotMatch" error did not appear, just the total of the lovely money I need to pay these bills and tithes and offerings and then some!


So if you found this post because you also got the "UsernamePasswdNotMatch" from the Big G -- don't fret, pet -- it might just be your browser.


What do people type into Google? Use Google Insights for search to find out...

My new best friend is Google Insights for Search, a new tool by Google that gives us clues as to what stuff people are searching for and the breakout trends.

To use Google Insights for Search, just type in any word you think of, like how I typed in "Google" here, and see what's trending down to the right-hand side.

You can see I set up my search to find out what people are typing in related to "Google" in the past 30 days, only in the US.

And a bunch of info about the new Google Chrome browser pops up.

I love it.

DreamHost Down - Many DreamHost Websites Down on Tuesday, September 23, 2008...

DreamHost Down - Many DreamHost Websites Down on Tuesday, September 23, 2008...
I love DreamHost. I use them for most of my websites (all of my dot coms) because of their ease of use in installing WordPress with their awesome "one-click installs" -- but DreamHost has been experiencing some issues with their servers today, which I'm sure those DreamHost guys are on top of.

Of course the DreamHost downage came during one of my site's busiest traffic days -- but I'll bet you DreamHost fixes the problem soon.

I don't want to move anywhere else. How is BlueHost? Does anyone use them?

I'd really love to stay with DreamHost.