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Guy sells 40,000 Kindle ebooks, makes $4,000 monthly - set to make $134,000 yearly when Amazon switches to 70% ebook royalty rate

Guy sells 40,000 Kindle ebooks, makes $4,000 monthly - set to make $134,000 yearly when Amazon switches to 70% ebook royalty rate

I was so amazed with this guy's success with selling his ebooks on Kindle -- he's sold 40,000 ebooks just since last April, and makes $4,000 per month selling ebooks -- that it's seriously changing my whole paradigm about switching my Random House-hardcover book dreams.

"When the royalty rate for Amazon switches to 70%, I'll be earning $2.04 on a $2.99 ebook. That's $134,000 a year," says J.A. Konath about Amazon's current 35% payout rate. ( will make the switch on June 30, 2010.)

And with all these ways you don't need a Kindle that Amazon is introducing, it seems like a great time to make this Kindle ebook switch in philosophy.

Talk about newfound inspiration!

Get more pageviews: Focus more on content than comments - and here are my Top 10 keywords

Back when I wrote an article titled something like "Why You Should Respond to Your Blog Comments" in 2007 or so, I was a still a blogging newbie and had a lot fewer readers -- and thus, a lot fewer comments to moderate.

The piece is so old I can't even find it.

Apply to Write for here now...

Just as well, because in this article I'm going to offer the exact opposite advice, namely, if you're looking to bring in page views to your articles or other articles you write across the web, don't spend a ton of time on the comments or comment moderation.

Hopefully most sites will pick up on the reader comment moderation technique that other big websites use -- you know the ones that let users give thumbs down or thumbs up to comments that are just out in left field, and are then brought to the attention of the editors.

Why I Stopped Reading 90% of My Comments

I found that comment moderation is such a time-consuming job -- pouring over comments …

What Google Adsense ads do people click on the most?

I just took an interesting journey to finally find under "Adsense Setup" and "Ad Review Center" to figure out how I could block categories of ads from showing up on my websites.

I write so much on on this site about the scam ads I find, I didn't want to contribute to any of them. So I've ended up blocking the "get rich quick" category -- and most all of the others below.

I wonder what ads will show in their wake?

In the meantime, you can tell what people click on:
CategoryShow category details% Recent Earnings% Recent Ad ImpressionsCosmetic Procedures & Body Modification   1.3%2.6%
Includes lifts, suctions, lasers, hair removal and restoration, tattoos, and body modification. Dating   0.6%2.2%
Includes dating services and online dating communities. Drugs & Supplements   2.3%2.7%
Includes pharmaceuticals, vitamins, supplements, and related retailers; does not include resources providing information about drugs. Get Rich Quick   18.7%13.8%