Guy sells 40,000 Kindle ebooks, makes $4,000 monthly - set to make $134,000 yearly when Amazon switches to 70% ebook royalty rate

Guy sells 40,000 Kindle ebooks, makes $4,000 monthly - set to make $134,000 yearly when Amazon switches to 70% ebook royalty rate

I was so amazed with this guy's success with selling his ebooks on Kindle -- he's sold 40,000 ebooks just since last April, and makes $4,000 per month selling ebooks -- that it's seriously changing my whole paradigm about switching my Random House-hardcover book dreams.

"When the royalty rate for Amazon switches to 70%, I'll be earning $2.04 on a $2.99 ebook. That's $134,000 a year," says J.A. Konath about Amazon's current 35% payout rate. ( will make the switch on June 30, 2010.)

And with all these ways you don't need a Kindle that Amazon is introducing, it seems like a great time to make this Kindle ebook switch in philosophy.

Talk about newfound inspiration!


Hi paula I read what you posted and i was wondering about how to add that google tracking code without it appearing in my published articles.

Ps. i am doing something right so far, not sure what it is? i am number 3 on the list of top examiners for the cleveland area. I started writing on the 1st of this month.
Hi Christine -

Did you already see how to get the code from Google Analytics?

Once you get that HTML code, you want to copy it and paste it in your article by clicking on the "source" button on the top left-hand corner under the "Advanced Editor" tab when you write an article.

I'm assuming you've been writing under the "basic" tab, right?

If you click on the advanced tab that will give you a message that you're converting your article from basic to advanced, and can't go back to basic.

I'm so used to writing in advanced mode, that's all I use.

Anyway, once you're in the advanced mode and you've clicked on the "source" button, you'll see your article in HTML language -- so you can drop your Google Analytics language at the bottom and then publish as usual.

Another way to do the same thing would be to go to advance mode and click on the button that looks like a camera (to the right of the button that has a T and camera on it) -- the camera-looking button says "insert HTML code" when you hover over it, and this is the same one that you use to insert embed code, etc.

Anyway, clicking on that will bring up a box where you can also drop your Google Analytics code, if you don't want to use the "source" method.

Congrats on doing so well so soon!

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