Monday, August 30, 2010 stats: Over 15k pageviews and $115.42 in writing money made from one channel in one day

My Mommy back in 1952 or so - I like this pic stats: Over 15k pageviews and $115.42 in writing money made from one channel in one day

I just wrote a piece called Still possible to make money writing online for after site redesign on my other site that will be interesting to all the heads that read this blog.

Ever since converted to the Drupal platform (What's so great about Drupal, anyway? Guess I'd better read up...) there has been a big change in the interior way we create our articles.

But I'm grateful to see that is still a very viable way to make money online, for those willing to work at it and get the favor to keep plugging on.

Hopefully as the redesign continues -- I remember my days as a techie tester, and I don't even those coders and QA tests -- will continue to improve the article-creation process, and hopefully get even more good Google juice and great channel managers.

I still wonder about the process of deciding the articles that make it into Google News and the ones that don't.

Anybody know? Makes me almost want to turn my anonymous commenting back on for this blog...

Monday, August 23, 2010 pay $30k for this writer in one year - not a scam pay $30k for this writer in one year - not a scam

Most people find my writings about by Googling "Examiner scam" or "How much does pay writers?" and the like.

I know what they Google because I'm able to use the lovely, free stat-tracking code to see what search terms bring people to my websites -- and before's recent web redesign, I was able to use it there, too, along with Google Analytics.

Ah well, hopefully we'll get some of that ability back, but I'm not going to jump on the bandwagon of folks filling up message boards with complaints about Examiner's recent redesign. I just pray the gravy train keeps up and increases as God sees fit.

Yesterday I made about $56 on my Cleveland Examiner pageviews, but I can only surmise that it was The Word Church Akron writings that brought in those views.

A friend asked me on Facebook about writing for Examiner, so that gave me a chance to get into my PayPal account and download the (Clarity Digital) pay info since 9/1/2009 (when I started) till now -- and I was pleased as punch to see the total sitting very near $30k, as broken down by month below.

It's over $30k if you add in the referral payments (just got 90 bucks in my checking account) for all the $5 affiliate payments I receive for folks who apply to write for Examiner under my link over there in the bottom of the YouTube video.

Again, the only thing that gives me pause about Examiner (and tons of other mainstream news websites a lot more major than them like CNN or MSNBC, etc.) are the ads that they allow to run. Some are just fine, from major advertisers -- but I don't like those scammy ads that I spend time warning folks about on my other site.

I guess other reporters who write for sites like CNN may not give a wink about the plethora of ads that may be scamming folks out of money -- after all, we can't control ads on sites that aren't ours. I made sure to block all the "get rich quick" and other ads via my Google Adsense account on the sites that I control. Surely other sites can do the same, blocking those Pulse 360 places or whatever that show the scam ads.

Perhaps I think too much, but my Adsense took a dip in pay when I blocked the ads, but the Lord rewarded me in other ways, like a whole lotta Kindle 3 sales.

But anyway, we'll see where the Examiner leads -- here's hoping some good people can still make good money thru them. And even though some of the tips I've given via the link above in my blog to getting great pageviews are now obsolete since our ability to edit the HTML is now gone, some of the others are still valid and worth reading if you're looking for a way to make money writing online.

Date  Name  Type   Gross 
10/20/2009 Clarity Digital Group, LLC Payment Received  $        3,674.31
11/20/2009 Clarity Digital Group, LLC Payment Received  $        3,053.64
12/7/2009 Clarity Digital Group, LLC Payment Received  $            100.00
12/20/2009 Clarity Digital Group, LLC Payment Received  $        5,389.95
1/25/2010 Clarity Digital Group, LLC Payment Received  $        6,149.91
2/20/2010 Clarity Digital Group, LLC Payment Received  $            995.47
3/20/2010 Clarity Digital Group, LLC Payment Received  $        1,212.76
4/20/2010 Clarity Digital Group, LLC Payment Received  $            976.48
5/20/2010 Clarity Digital Group, LLC Payment Received  $        1,618.60
6/18/2010 Clarity Digital Group, LLC Payment Received  $        2,638.35
7/20/2010 Clarity Digital Group, LLC Payment Received  $        2,076.26
8/20/2010 Clarity Digital Group, LLC Payment Received  $        2,093.21

 $      29,978.94

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

$439+ writing online earnings in two days...

$439+ writing online earnings in two days...

I took a little break from my writing online yesterday -- taking time out to fast a little and watch more videos of Dr. Morris Cerullo, an amazing teacher I learned about through Steve Foss' book above.

Lo and behold my earnings had exploded. When I checked on Monday August 2nd to see how much I'd earned from Sunday, August 1, 2010 -- the earnings alone in one channel were about 20 bucks.

I got back online today to see that the same channel (Cleveland Pop Culture) earnings now sat at $459.59 -- which my natural mind attributes to the crazy slideshow pic popularity of Tiny and TI's wedding photos -- and that's not even counting monies coming in from's Kindle sales on the $139, $189 and $379 new models.

But my spiritual mind hears God saying, "You see -- if you spend time with Me and stop ignoring me and working so hard online to try and make up all that money you charge up on credit cards, I'll take care of you."

And so I'm off for a nice little break and Bible Study.

Monday, August 02, 2010



Updated correction: I realize now that if you use the Performance Structure (All Categories except Consumer Electronics) payout on Amazon Associates like I do -- your Kindle sales will pay out at a rate of 4% to 8.5% -- depending on how many total items you sell that month:

1 - 6 4.00%
7 - 30 6.00%
31 - 110 6.50%
111 - 320 7.00%
321 - 630 7.50%
631 - 1570 8.00%
1571 - 3130 8.25%
3131 + 8.50%

Here's praying for over 3,131 items sold monthly!

Perhaps I was out to lunch when announced they were dropping the Amazon Associate referral fees for the Kindle from 10% to 6.5% for each Kindle sold.

Amazon probably sent an email to us associates telling us about the referral fee drop. (Man was that sweet that time God led me to do a fast for several days and get offline -- and when I'd gotten back online after a week, I was amazed to see I'd made more than $3,500 from selling Kindles.)

Now, thankfully, coming off some more intimate time with Him, I noticed I sold some $139 Kindles -- and even an $189 Kindle -- so naturally I wanted to see if us Amazon Associates still make 10% per Kindle sold.

Turns out sometime before June 2010, the referral fee for Kindles dropped to 6.5% from 10% for associates.

I guess figured 10% was too much of a cut -- but at least 6.5% is better than the 4% they pay for "electronics" category stuff. Glad Kindles fall into their own "Kindle Hardware" category on Amazon. And thank the Lord that these new $139 and $189 are loved by customers and selling well.

I'm excited about actually getting a book listed on -- publish, promote and prosper -- and then making sure when I write about it to use Amazon affiliate links so as to not throw money away.

Paula Neal Mooney