$439+ Examiner.com writing online earnings in two days...

$439+ Examiner.com writing online earnings in two days...

I took a little break from my writing online yesterday -- taking time out to fast a little and watch more videos of Dr. Morris Cerullo, an amazing teacher I learned about through Steve Foss' book above.

Lo and behold my Examiner.com earnings had exploded. When I checked on Monday August 2nd to see how much I'd earned from Sunday, August 1, 2010 -- the Examiner.com earnings alone in one channel were about 20 bucks.

I got back online today to see that the same channel (Cleveland Pop Culture) earnings now sat at $459.59 -- which my natural mind attributes to the crazy slideshow pic popularity of Tiny and TI's wedding photos -- and that's not even counting monies coming in from Amazon.com's Kindle sales on the $139, $189 and $379 new models.

But my spiritual mind hears God saying, "You see -- if you spend time with Me and stop ignoring me and working so hard online to try and make up all that money you charge up on credit cards, I'll take care of you."

And so I'm off for a nice little break and Bible Study.