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Monday, September 28, 2009

Google Trends 40 Items on Google Trends List Down from 100 -- Is this a new trend?

Google Trends 40 Items on Google Trends List Down from 100 -- Is this a new trend?

I just woke up to see only 40 items and popular search terms on Google Trends list today.

Normally, the Google Trends list has 100 terms instead of 40.

I wonder why they shortened the list to 40 and if it will stay this way, instead of 100?

I always wanted the list longer, not shorter.

Maybe too many people were gaming it, or using it to post automated garbage and virus stuff. I don't know.

What do you think about Google Trends list being shorter at 40 now?

C'est la vie...

Friday, September 04, 2009

How Much Does Examiner.com Pay Writers? I made $3,674.31 in Sept 2009 from Examiner.com

How Much Does Examiner.com Pay Writers? I made $3,674.31 in Sept 2009 from Examiner.com

Update: ▷▷▷▷▷▷▷Examiner.com income update - Examiner still not a scam, my pay is about $1,000 for the month | PAULA NEAL MOONEY

Apply to Write for Examiner.com here now...

Also see:

▷▷▷▷▷▷▷Get more website traffic visitors on Examiner.com, add Google Analytics tracking code and study it | PAULA NEAL MOONEY

More updates as of Sunday, September 20, 2009 -- I'm still overjoyed with the money I've been blessed to make with Examiner.com -- over $2,289 in 20 days. Like Examiner says, be prolific and relevant. So to those who apply to Examiner.com, send them your best writing samples -- especially if you have good stuff you've published online that proves you can draw an audience. Here's my most recent earnings:

I'm so satisfied with Examiner.com thus far that I've got to put up my earnings -- close to $100 earned after only writing 11 articles. My first article went up September 2, 2009 and today is September 4, 2009 -- so that's great money for only 2 days:

The key is to write topical articles and SEO them very well.

Apply to Write for Examiner.com here now...

And it doesn't have to be celebrity stuff.

As you can see from the growing comment count, my Obama school speech controversy piece is the most popular right now.

So I'm urging everyone who wants to try and make some money online (and you don't even really need to know how to set up your own website -- but I suggest you read all Examiner.com's SEO tips and video tips, etc.) to apply for Examiner.com.

Send them some of your best writing samples when they ask -- and PRAY, PRAY, PRAY -- and then when you get in, write about popular stuff and SEO it!

Write for Examiner.com
Update #2: I've joined Examiner.com as the Cleveland Pop Culture Examiner here

I am very pleased with writing for Examiner.com -- I've made $31.91 in 24 hours after writing my first few articles...

...and I believe that will only increase one hundred fold when I really start giving it the "blitz" of effort like the guy from 20smoney.com is doing.

I believe the key is asking God to give you favor over your articles -- and it doesn't hurt to write trendy, topical celebrity stuff -- if that's what you're into.

And make sure to SEO your articles well. Examiner gives you tips on how to do this once you get approved. Plus, their publishing tool is so easy and they like you to link out a lot (a great thing for affiliate marketers) and they even already pay for Associated Press photos, so they show you how to use those, too. I'm lovin' Examiner!

Thanks Clifford Bryan at Examiner.com for encouraging me to join!

Apply to Write for Examiner.com here now...

So when you apply, please click "Find Your Examiner" at the bottom of the application page and search for Examiner #22153 or Paula Mooney -- I hope that works.

I'll update everyone on how much money I make writing for Examiner.com

Update: One guy left me a comment below saying he made $500 writing for Examiner.com in the past two days -- so I just applied to write for Examiner. We'll see how much a I make when I get in. But in the meantime, I joined Examiner.com's affiliate program, where they pay $5 a pop for every person who applies (update: they closed that one down) under your link and gets accepted -- or valid application or something they said...I don't know...we'll see.

Everywhere you look around the web for news stories, you'll see Examiner.com -- and since I love studying other websites and just how they got so successful and are able to get nearly 900,000 hits per day and get over 10,000 pages indexed by Google in one 24 hour period, I learned that Examiner.com is paying writers to write all those articles.

So just how much does Examiner.com pay writers?

That's what I wondered when checking out Examiner.com's claim of having over 8,000 "examiners" writing for them -- and their online application, which bespeaks of no hard dollars.

So I Googled around asking the Big G: How much does Examiner.com pay its writers and found this great article answering the question after it got a myriad of responses from actual Examiner.com writers.

Seems like it runs the gamut based on how much you write and / maybe or how popular the article is? I don't know if I saw anywhere a deal based on pageviews, like they give us over at AssociatedContent.com

Basically, I usually advise any aspiring writer to at least give it a go at setting up your own free blog on Blogger.com and adding free Google Adsense ads and learn about SEO and stuff like that and see what you can make on your own.

But sites like Examiner.com may be a good starting ground to whet your online writing appetite -- but don't think you're going to get rich off of it.

I've been blogging since December 2005 and thru highs and lows my websites have brought me $44,000 salary last year -- and it's a lot of work, but fun work to me, most days.

Anyway, Google around, try your hand at some things and see what lasts.

Apply to Write for Examiner.com here now...

▼▼▼ Get more people to visit your blog by using these free SEO tips...

▼▼▼ Get more people to visit your blog by using these free SEO tips...

I recently got into an email chat with Kevin from 20sMoney.com about strategies for getting more people to visit our blogs -- and though he's more into building a readership (which is great) than fast, newsy, SEO traffic -- I thought I'd post up the tips I gave him in an email, since I was just comment chatting with Jodi over at Values, Reviews, Business about learning SEO to drive more traffic to her site.

Anyway, here are the tips I gave Kevin in the email, which I'm hoping will help my other readers:

I generally check Google Trends daily when I want a lot of traffic. (Also, don't forget to check Twitter's trending topics.) Then I pick a topic to post about, and post about a lot of them. Google Trends updates every hour.

For example, my 2nd-most popular post at that moment was about WormShield recall.

I hadn't even heard of WormShield nor the recall until I saw "wormshield recall" was a hotly-searched for term on Google Trends yesterday. So I wrote a quick post about it.

Notice that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques dictate these kinds of things I did that seem to get you higher Google rankings:

1 - I put "WormShield Recall" as the first words in my post title -- that's the term I'm trying to get ranking for, so I put it FIRST in the post title, and try to repeat it in the post title for good measure. I wouldn't want to say "Did you hear about the WormShield Recall?" because that puts "wormshield recall" all the way down in the 6th and 7th position in my title and that's not as good as up front. And I definitely wouldn't want to say "Guess what heart med for dogs was recalled?" or something cute and pithy that we learned in journalism class. That stuff doesn't work for Google -- not if you really want the eyeballs and dollars seeking you.

2 - Generally, since I've got my Google ads after my post title, I'll repeat that same post title below and wrap it in header tags. Do you know about header tags? H1 tags tell Google what's most important on the page, H2 next most important, h3 and so on. So my post titles are always wrapped in header 1 tags in my theme and then I'll wrap the second post title in h2 tags like such in the HTML side of my post.

Sometimes I'll put my labels in h3 tags or subheads to break up long posts. (Just right-click on the white space of the page of the post and choose "View Source" to see what I'm talking about with the h3 or h2 tags wrapped in greater and less than signs.

3 - I repeat whatever term I'm trying to rank on several times throughout the post. At least a couple of times in the first paragraph. But generally you want the search terms to appear about 5% of the whole text of the post.

4 - Include misspellings and stuff you've just heard about on TV:
My most popular post right now is one I saw on TV about Zhu Zhu Pets, which I knew people would type in as "Zoo Zoo Pets" so I wrote one post with both spellings, and one with the correct spelling only:


Just like when I saw the Sketchers Shape Up shoes commercial on TV, it piqued my interest, so I immediately wrote a post about it. Sometimes the stuff that's getting lots of pub on TV hasn't hit the net as much yet, so you can get good rankings for it.

Anyway, you'll notice that many of my posts have Amazon products all over them -- and for popular products like those, people are buying them like crazy. So you can suppliment your Adsense income with Amazon Associates income.

Try a few SEO tips on your blog and see what works.

Paula Neal Mooney