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How Much Does Pay Writers? I made $3,674.31 in Sept 2009 from

How Much Does Pay Writers? I made $3,674.31 in Sept 2009 from

Update: ▷▷▷▷▷▷▷ income update - Examiner still not a scam, my pay is about $1,000 for the month | PAULA NEAL MOONEY

Apply to Write for here now...

Also see:

▷▷▷▷▷▷▷Get more website traffic visitors on, add Google Analytics tracking code and study it | PAULA NEAL MOONEY

More updates as of Sunday, September 20, 2009 -- I'm still overjoyed with the money I've been blessed to make with -- over $2,289 in 20 days. Like Examiner says, be prolific and relevant. So to those who apply to, send them your best writing samples -- especially if you have good stuff you've published online that proves you can draw an audience. Here's my most recent earnings:

I'm so satisfied with thus far that I've got to put up my earnings -- close to $100 earned after only writing 11 articles. My first article went up September 2, 2009 and today is September 4, 2009 -- so that's great money for only 2 days:

The key is to write topical articles and SEO them very well.

Apply to Write for here now...

And it doesn't have to be celebrity stuff.

As you can see from the growing comment count, my Obama school speech controversy piece is the most popular right now.

So I'm urging everyone who wants to try and make some money online (and you don't even really need to know how to set up your own website -- but I suggest you read all's SEO tips and video tips, etc.) to apply for

Send them some of your best writing samples when they ask -- and PRAY, PRAY, PRAY -- and then when you get in, write about popular stuff and SEO it!

Write for
Update #2: I've joined as the Cleveland Pop Culture Examiner here

I am very pleased with writing for -- I've made $31.91 in 24 hours after writing my first few articles...

...and I believe that will only increase one hundred fold when I really start giving it the "blitz" of effort like the guy from is doing.

I believe the key is asking God to give you favor over your articles -- and it doesn't hurt to write trendy, topical celebrity stuff -- if that's what you're into.

And make sure to SEO your articles well. Examiner gives you tips on how to do this once you get approved. Plus, their publishing tool is so easy and they like you to link out a lot (a great thing for affiliate marketers) and they even already pay for Associated Press photos, so they show you how to use those, too. I'm lovin' Examiner!

Thanks Clifford Bryan at for encouraging me to join!

Apply to Write for here now...

So when you apply, please click "Find Your Examiner" at the bottom of the application page and search for Examiner #22153 or Paula Mooney -- I hope that works.

I'll update everyone on how much money I make writing for

Update: One guy left me a comment below saying he made $500 writing for in the past two days -- so I just applied to write for Examiner. We'll see how much a I make when I get in. But in the meantime, I joined's affiliate program, where they pay $5 a pop for every person who applies (update: they closed that one down) under your link and gets accepted -- or valid application or something they said...I don't know...we'll see.

Everywhere you look around the web for news stories, you'll see -- and since I love studying other websites and just how they got so successful and are able to get nearly 900,000 hits per day and get over 10,000 pages indexed by Google in one 24 hour period, I learned that is paying writers to write all those articles.

So just how much does pay writers?

That's what I wondered when checking out's claim of having over 8,000 "examiners" writing for them -- and their online application, which bespeaks of no hard dollars.

So I Googled around asking the Big G: How much does pay its writers and found this great article answering the question after it got a myriad of responses from actual writers.

Seems like it runs the gamut based on how much you write and / maybe or how popular the article is? I don't know if I saw anywhere a deal based on pageviews, like they give us over at

Basically, I usually advise any aspiring writer to at least give it a go at setting up your own free blog on and adding free Google Adsense ads and learn about SEO and stuff like that and see what you can make on your own.

But sites like may be a good starting ground to whet your online writing appetite -- but don't think you're going to get rich off of it.

I've been blogging since December 2005 and thru highs and lows my websites have brought me $44,000 salary last year -- and it's a lot of work, but fun work to me, most days.

Anyway, Google around, try your hand at some things and see what lasts.

Apply to Write for here now...


Anonymous said…
Hey man thanks for the post. I was wondering about them and yeah I figure that anyone that can't be up front about the payment process probably doesn't pay good.

I have a question if you don't mind. I just started a blog but people cant seem to find it. How can I make it findable and popular?

That's where you can find it. I just need some advice from someone who has been successful like you.
Hi I'm a woman. Anyway, you look like you're on the right track with writing about SEO -- but make sure you do this to get more traffic:

Research what people are searching for thru Google Trends or other places that tell you what's popular in search and then write your titles firstly to accommodate those search terms.

For example, if you want rank well for "Work for Home from Google" Scam like I did in this post, make sure to write those keywords throughout the post.

Or go all out like I did in this post, trying to rank well for Sensai Cleanser, so you can see I repeated that Sensai Cleanser that Miley Cyrus tweeted about twice in my title, then again especially in the first paragraph of the post, wrapping stuff in h2 and h3 tags (Google that) and at the end and more around the post.

Just go to my website and right click and choose View Page Source and study the code to see how I SEO stuff.

I know it's a not Blogger blog, but it might still help you get more traffic.

And having the Adsense ads below the posts gives them a higher CTR than off to the left like you have them on your blog. You might want to change your template the way I have my Blogger template to make more money blogging online with your Google Adsense ads getting better CTR.

Happy Day. Paula.
Whit Bell said…
I averaged about sixty cents a day at Examiner. Colossal waste of my time. Tried it for about three months.
Clifford Bryan said…
Dude get in touch anybody who wants to get in or already is . They are PAYING good. You just have to have good topics that get traffic.They still have spots open. That are owned by a billionaire named Schultz.They have it good with google in News section.DONT know how long it will last but I made over $500 in last couple days.
Thank you, Clifford Bryan, you inspired me. I just applied to to become a writer for them -- and I made sure to put your name as a referral. So I hope you're in their affiliate program and get 5 bucks for it when they accept me.

Peace and prosperity,
Cliff said…
Thanks Neal its $50 by the way
$50 in the past couple of days writing for
Cliff said…
No $500, its $50 for Referral
Anonymous said…
I writed for examiner:

and i have to say it is extra pocket money, $50 for referral, and make sure you get subscribers, facebook, and twitter it, to get more traffic, it depends what you write, the most I made in a month was $250 and because I wrote about MJ, if you are in entertainment you will deff get more reader, that is whats popular!!
Anonymous said…
Check out my experiment at

I'm trying to see what is possible if I write 100 articles right off the bat... detailed income and traffic numbers will be posted.
Hello my anonymous email friend. Yes, I got in -- for some reason the password they sent me didn't work, but hopefully that will be cleared up by Monday so I can get my first article submitted, approved and published.

I like writing, so cranking out quite a few articles per week is my goal.

Then I'll update everyone on the progress.

I'm coming over to (great dot com name, by the way, because I remembered it) to encourage you to post up your income totals to see how much you can make.
Cliff said…
Hi Paula What is your topic?
Here I am, the Cleveland Pop Culture Examiner

I love it.

I just started writing today and am already up to $12.51 and the day's not over.

It's great: Averaging $10 per 1,000 pageviews is a really good pay rate.

Thank you so much for inspiring me to join, Cliff.

I hope they gave you your 50 bones!
Anonymous said…
hi paula, dropping by here..i'm just curious about your earnings through did you do that? i have my site at with pr2, but i don't know how to have an income like yours..please help me to monetize my blog well..i know it is too much asking your help but i needed that..please, here's my yahoo messenger, you can contact me anytime thank you in advance
Hi Jodi -

Reminds me of that movie "The Crying Game" -- "You know my Jodi?"

Anyway, yes, let's talk about monetizing your site.

I've got this Blogger blog which I started in 2005 -- and I've got other sites like where I write about topical stuff on Google Trends -- check out that format and template, placement of my ads and stuff I write about.

I write a lot -- at least 40 hours per week or more.

It can take time to increase your online income.

I just started writing for and I love that. They pay well, if you can SEO your stuff and get a lot of pageviews.

Feel free to come back to and leave me specific questions you have and I'll answer them.

Let me know...
Anonymous said…
hi paula, thank you for the reply..incidentally, i don't know about SEO, do i have to pay for this? and what SEO site is the best to engage right now? i know you're a great teacher co'z you're the best blogger..and i know that you're the one that i'm looking for in terms of monetizing my blog..again, thank you so much for the help and answering my question...good luck
Thanks for your compliments, Jodi. There are a lot of great bloggers out there, like Darren Rowse over at Pro Blogger who has loads of info about driving traffic to your website.

And John Chow has some good stuff, too.

You should read thru my posts, too, called "Increase Blog Traffic" here to help learn some about SEO.

SEO just stands for Search Engine Optimization -- I'll put up another post on it soon, thanks for inspiring me.

Yes, some people charge for SEO, but everything I learned about it was basically free by reading people's tips online.

Check for my next post for more detail.
Steve said…
Sounds like a great work from home opportunity.
Noor said…
From the reviews I found pays well for its examiners. I tried to join but my samples failed to impress them. I am trying for the second time though.
Yes, hopefully more good writers can get in to before they hit their 12,000 hiring limit that I've read about for 2009.

Last I heard, they were up to 8,000 or more Examiners.

I've read that they reject about 50% of the 1,200 or so people that apply to write for every week.

So I urge people who want to write for Examiner to pray hard and send in the best writing samples you have.
I have wondered about before. I'm looking forward to the outcome of that guy's "blitz" experiment.
Remonto said…
I tell you what... This is total waste of time. And all this is based on our trust and innocence. Sorry, but I do not belive those stories about so easy way to make money. But I'm glad if somebody can really make 8000 USD per month.
What on earth are you talking about? I'm writing for right now -- and post up my earnings.
What on earth are you talking about? I'm writing for right now -- and post up my earnings.
Janet Shan said…
Paula -- Not to change the subject, but Adsense has disabled my account and their reason was very vague. Has that ever happened to you and what should I do?



Great move on Examiner. I came close to signing up with them, but I just couldn't devote the time to it last year. I might try this year, since my 9-5 work hours have been reduced.
Hey Janet -

Yeah, now that you remind me, Google did disable my adsense account once when I promoted their old affiliate products using adwords -- they don't offer the products anyway.

But I was able to get an Adsense account open again.

Email me at paulanealmooney at gmail dot com so we can chat.
Auctions said…
Thank you so much for inspiring me to join, Cliff..I like writing, so cranking out quite a few articles per week is my goal.
Irfan said…
Never heard about before. Would have to give it a try. Anything to boost online income
Stop Dreaming said…
I averaged about sixty cents a day at Examiner. Colossal waste of my time. Tried it for about three months.
Well, thank God it's been more profitable for others.

Hopefully you'll come back.
LexiB said…
I have wanted to try for a while now. I read the same article that you posted a few months which discouraged me from even applying. Maybe I will go ahead and do it now especially since there is no one in my area covering the topic that I would like to write about.

Thank you Paula. I've been a fan of your writing since the AC days and you suggested that I start a blog.
Bridal Updos said…
I have never heard about this.Paula whats about "stop dreaming" comment.
Well I'll try.

Resume Writer
rayearth2601 said…
Hm, I think it's a great opportunity.

But, how a newbie like me starting this work ?
Hhmmm.. I've heard of similar sites like that of I've never tried them though, I'm too scared to get scammed. How is it so far?
Richard said…
Hello Paula,

I am new in online service, i never listen about when i read your post then i visit this website it is good for writer, i will make my account on this website and try to earn money through my writing skill
mma gear said…
That looks like a good opportunity to make some extra cash online. Ill definitely have to check out the examiner.
hi paula, thank you for the reply..incidentally, i don't too mcuh know about SEO, do i have to pay for this?
some people pay for seo consultants, but if you google around and read about "seo" online for free, you can learn a lot about how to do it yourself
K. K. said…
This is bad. There is no option to work as Indian writer. I guess they will open a wing shortly.
But right now, there is no way to try out
Anyway, you got me inspired Paula, like always.
If i missed anything (signing up on then plz do tell me), I would love to work for something little extra besides my blog and AC.
I wonder if will ever open up locations overseas and in international locations.

I was kind of thinking of that today when I thought of writing of international events.
Anonymous said…
Hi Paula,

I just started with the examiner writing about health and fitness.

I am trying to understand your SEO tactics. Are you basically repeating a key title throughout your article?

Thanks Sarah
Hi Sarah - Welcome to -- I hope you love it.

Yes, I put my key term in my title close to the front, for example, Conan O'Brien injury video is what I was going for in that post.

That article did well because I was up and saw Conan when he first showed the video, and grabbed it when someone put the video up a couple of minutes later.

And notice how I probably repeated terms like "Conan O'Brien" and "head injury" and "video" throughout the article -- but not too many times.

Also, another good tip is to name your images after what you're going for.

For example, in a post about Debra Winger defending Roman Polanski, notice how I named the file name of the image after hitting save as Debra Winger Roman Polanski with dashes in the file name separating the words.

Dashes are better than underlines, I've read.

All these things helps Google figure out what your article is about -- and possibly rank it better.

These tips don't always work; but if you keep writing, writing, writing and read up on more tips that I'll write about in the future, you can find favor with Google sometimes and get great traffic.
Personally, I don't see why people aren't going for this. Maybe they already have well-paying day jobs and don't care to write current news, so that's that.

But I'm so friggin' grateful that this is working for others. September 2009 closed out at over $3,600 from -- yes, as you can see I write a lot of articles and work hard, but my goodness, at least it works and they are legit.
Tip for getting traffic on

Another Cleveland Examiner told me that setting up slideshows help your pageviews, too, because each time people click thru the photos, they count as one pageview.

And when you save your image, make sure to name it based on the keywords you're going for, for example, if I'm trying to rank on "Jon Gosselin stops TLC show" I'd name my pic like this:


And I also add text in the ALT text field when you upload the image.
Anonymous said…
My success with the site wasn't quite as successful.

I sent in my resignation two months ago. I was immediately locked out of the "publishing tool" so I could not add/alter/remove my articles.

The pay counter was also immediately locked upon my resignation so I would not receive any further monetary compensation.

To date, they have not removed my articles, likeness or name off of the site in spite of continued requests on my part.
Joe said…
Hola Paula,

I must say that a friend and I are really thankful that we were led to your site.

We are experimenting with a few online ventures and your free tips have been awesome.

Also, we are going to sign up for Examiner instead of our previous idea to sign up for Elance.

Your success is definitely inspirational.

It feels like the negative people probably had less success due to the lack of SEO.

You clearly have that in mind when writing and you write on hot Google Trend topics.

We tested your Google trend theory on a little Test Blog (with very little content) and got 100 visitors to a "no-name" blog within hours.

So we know that application of your strategy is sound.

Imagine how much traffic we would've gotten if we had done a full article on Examiner (who ranks much better in Google anyway due to the volume of content they offer.)

With the help of BackLinks, BookMarking, and Social Marketing, we plan to really do well at Examiner.

We'll be signing up later today.

Thanks again.

P.S.: Not sure why my name is showing as Joe?!?! It's Ralph.
Hi Ralph - You're blogger profile says Joe for some reason.

Yes, I'm so glad to hear that the tips have helped you get traffic.

And I'm a living witness that they work on too -- and that Examiner pays straight to PayPal account and they are not a scam.

It's amazingly unbelievable almost, but then again, God blesses and He is true and faithful and I'm glad for Him showing me that site.

You're right, SEO'ing stuff helps -- as well as loading up Google Analytics code and studying what keywords work the best.

It can be lots of work. Some days I put up lots of articles.

And I notice people who don't even SEO stuff get hits on Examiner.

Writing good content, coupled with interesting topics that people are searching for can possibly bring visitors.

I think some people give up when they expect to write only 1 to 3 articles per week on off topics and expect a payload.

It doesn't generally work that way. But who knows? Stranger things have happened.
Anonymous said…
Quick they require your w-9 before they pay you?
Dana Prince said…
They've just added a Canadian site so I'm now an Examiner. My site is the Coronation Street Canada Examiner (It's a UK soap that's showing in Canada but at almost a year behind the UK). I agree that you probably need a combination of SEO, social marketing, a topic people are interested in, and being prolific in order to make money. So that's what I'm working at :)

If you're in the US you do need a w9 to get paid and if you're in Canada, you need to submit a w8-ben.
Good luck,
Dana Prince
Marek Brys said…
I just started writing for Canada and kind of disappointed with the little traffic that the Ottawa section gets overall. My page is but so far the two articles that I have written thus far appeared on the front page.
Samantha said…
I'm glad that I came across this article. I just wrote my first examiner article and was searching to learn how I could improve traffic to my site and using the SEO tips. Thank you!
Anonymous said…
Hi Paula,

Thank you for the encouragement. I just submitted my application to Examiner and included your name as a referral. Looking forward to their response.

Thanks again,
Jaschira said…
I am there with you in your financial frustrations of the work pay. I received my journalism degree and after hating the low pay outs, I went to law school in search of better financial prospects. The first day of my journalism classes they told me, 'you really have to love journalism to survive in the industry.' No better truth could have been told. Crazy thing is, I applied to the examiner tonight-- and while spending the time writing my sample article, I knew exactly the ridiculously low payout that will follow. But damn, I have to admit, I love to write. So do all of you, or else you would pick up door to door sales that could earn more. Or you could practice law. Or you could work for an insurance company. All the same--you would receive a means to an end but end up hating life. If it means taking on two or three jobs to acquire money to pay for debt or pay for rent, then do so. But don't confuse the frustrations of earning your living with living your life. Continue to write because you love it; because you trust in what it stands for. If your editors diffuse or contort your product, then to hell with them. If writing can't make a difference to you money wise, then you must make a difference in writing the truth.
Victoria Watson said…
Hi, Paula. I'm new with Examiner. Do you have a web page or guide that explains step-by-step how others might become successful, as you have?

Olorin said…
Well, I haven't been making much as an Examiner, but I think of it as a writing internship. My articles are rewarded for pennies (After 15-20 hours of work, I've made almost 2 dollars), but I get to be published! I have articles for writing samples, more knowledge about how it feels to write, and hundred of page-views! I think it's pretty cool, and I hope I do make some many at it eventually. But money isn't the point, for me. Having a voice in the professional world is the point.

Besides, I can quit anytime if I need to devote that time to something else.
Kenneth Barn said…
Thank you for sharing this. I've been wondering for a while now, as I've been meaning to apply as a web content writer to an SEO company here in Arizona, but I have no idea about how much I should ask for. Anyway, this really helps. Thanks!

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