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$30 Per Day Google Adsense Earnings Dropped Way Low to Below 5 Bucks a Day? You're not alone...

Lately I've been more frustrated over Google Adsense pay-per-click earnings -- which due to a number of reasons have dropped for me from a great high of over $30 per day to around maybe 5 bucks per day -- across plenty of sites.

(I know some folks would love to see at least $5 in their Google Adsense accounts each day -- so I ain't complaining... I'm just saying...)

So it's no surprise that the make-sure-you-click-on-the-link-and-not-the-whitespace-on-ads changes that the Big G made recently played into this fact.

GOOG stock is down, and I can't help but to think it's something else.

In the meantime, folks have bandied about the philosophy that any Google improvements will in turn improve the quality and therefore pay rates of Google Adsense ads.

I hope so -- but in the meantime, I'm making like other smart probloggers like Darren Rowse and John Chow have done and forgetting more about Google Adsense monetization, and focusing on private ad investors to make the…

Meatball Sundae book by Seth Godin: It's no longer all about long tail marketing -- Who, not how many...

So I just read a Time magazine review of the book Meatball Sundae by Seth Godin.

I mean, who the heck knew that 47-year-old Seth Godin got his first email address 30 years ago when he was in high school, and way back in the mainframe days recognized the value of the future face that is the crazy-popular Internet?

Who knew he sold his company to Yahoo for something like $30 million bucks?

Not I, but now I do...

So, Seth's predictions for the future of net marketing?

It's less volume, more precision.

For example, the whole long tail concept is so yesterday.

These days, it's more about who is the go-to person, instead of how many things you can cram in one place.

TV Junkie Rick Kirkham's Video Diaries...From Big-Time Reporter to Crack Addict and Back

UPDATE: I'm glad to see this ABC News report about Rick Kirkham...

by Paula Neal Mooney

I was up all hours of the night engulfed by an HBO documentary titled TV Junkie.

TV Junkie is the harshly honest and amazing video diaries of TV journalist junkie Rick Kirkham.

Rick was a super successful Inside Edition adventure-man reporter who spiraled into a sad and sick life of a crack addict, wife beater and failing father whom you expect to blow his brains out any minute as his video life unfolds.
What is so amazing is that Rick Kirkham tapes just about everything -- his wild flings on the road with women across the globe to his marriage to Tammy -- a sweet and loooonnnnggg-suffering Southern gal who weeps for her drug-addicted husband.

Rick doesn't even turn the camera off as he does crack, but instead gives a grippingly raw portrayal of his own hatred of his drug life.

"This is really weird talking to a camera doing this," Rick says as he does crack cocaine.
Kirkham also films th…

Becoming a Millionaire God's Way: New Book Tells You How to Get Rich Without the Guilt...

I was just standing around Barnes & Noble reading as much as I could of Becoming a Millionaire God's Way by C. Thomas Anderson, the first pastor to invite the Rich Dad, Poor Dad author to speak at his church.

Of course, I didn't get far past the intro -- written by the Rich Dad, Poor Dad author -- but what I read was pretty compelling.

About how Christians can't think it God's will for us to be poor...

...and neither should prosperity preaching be all about what we can get, but how to best use money as the tool it is.

To invest wisely.

To help others.

To not guilt and condemn people with wealth, and accuse them all of "selling their souls" for having money -- like some lady did the Rich Dad, Poor Dad author when his book became a smash success.

He said he didn't like his church in Hawaii because of that attitude.

Hopefully I'll get to read all of this new book some day.

Or at least learn the best tips!

Wigitize Down? What's up with

Just when I found the cool site that lets you pull feed titles into blog posts and blog pages, not just the background code of your site, it apparently has gone down.

Can't get on in the past two days.

In the meantime, does anyone know how to create their own code --- Javascript, if we must, something else is okay, too -- that lets us upload that code to our own servers and not have to rely on some other website?

Feedback is appreciated!

Firefox 3 Beta 4 - Download Firefox's latest free browser version 3 beta 4...

Firefox 3 Beta 4 Version Released - Download Firefox's Latest Browser Free...

Download Firefox 3 Beta 4 with Google Toolbar Free

It's no secret how much I love Firefox as a web browser.

I use Firefox so much more than IE.

So today Firefox has released a new version, Firefox 3 Beta 4.

When you click the above link to download Firefox, they'll tell give you a link to upgrade.

Hopefully this will fix the issue of Firefox not being the best at keeping bookmarks -- but Firefox is so great at remembering all my multitude of passwords, it's all worth it.

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800 Richest Black People Book: The New Our Kind of People...

New Book About Rich Black People: The New Our Kind of People

Thanks to Black News for the story about the new Lawrence Otis Graham book about the modern-day "talented tenth" of rich black folk.

Author of the original Our Kind of People: Inside America's Black Upper Class book, Lawrence Otis Graham's new book should be just as fascinating.

I don't see it listed on Amazon yet, but check here for The New Our Kind of People book soon.