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$120,000 Per Year in Google Adsense Income...

Want to know how this guy makes $120,000 per year mainly from Google ads?
Or find out about the woman who makes almost $90,000 annually from mostly Google ads -- $30,000 of that all from Google during December 2006 alone?
And the man who makes $25,000 per year (equal to his retirement pay) from Google ads?
Read about the Gray Googlers...

Can I Sing About my Maker? ... Building up

Google penalizing the URL (for whatever unknown reason), has compelled me to build up the URL I've owned for several months now.

So I've switched from redirecting to this blog, and loaded up WordPress on it, and have started blogging separately over there.

Since has been linked to and is already being crawled regularly by Google, I figured I might as well build that puppy up and SEO that mug -- since most of my SEO efforts on this penalized blog are for naught.

I'm not ditching the URL -- it still has a great Alexa rank and PR of 3 from Google, so it's still good for blogging tips and paid postings -- but not SEO'd posts.

The "big Googe" ranks them too low in the SERPs.

The will be a hodgepodge of stuff like my complete infatuation with the song "Fence Riders" by Jimmy Needham I heard last night and keep playing over and o…

Tupac Noose Statue - The Picture of Hate to Be Overcome...

A noose around a statue of Tupac has caused uproar in Stone Mountain, and a man has reportedly been arrested for hanging the noose around the Tupac statue.

I pray this ridiculous noose-hanging trend (around Tupac's statue, on teacher's doorknobs, around trees in Jena ends.) Read more here:

Vandalism investigated at Tupac Shakur site
Atlanta Journal Constitution, USA -12 hours ago
By TIM EBERLY Something was placed around the neck of the bronze statue of Tupac Shakur at the Stone Mountain center dedicated to the slain rapper. ...
Shakur Statue Targeted in Possible Noose Incident
ABC News -19 hours ago
Georgia authorities are investigating incidents on Saturday and Monday that targeted a bronze likeness of slain rapper Tupac Shakur. ...
Tupac’s Statue Victim Of Vandalism & Alleged “Noose” -2 hours ago
A man has been arrested as a possible suspect in two recent attacks on the statue of late rap legend Tupac Shakur. The attacks have been described by the ...
Tupac Memo…

PageRank Dropped Again - Google Dropped my PR to 3, ProBlogger and John Chow to 4 ... Have you dropped again too?

Google drops PageRanks again!

My pagerank already went from a 5 to a 4, now it's a 3 -- but Google already penalized this site so that I no longer rank for "Paula Mooney" or "blogger salaries" or other stuff.

Oh well, it just gives me more time and inclination to reposition myself and focus on my other websites.

But it turns out I'm far from alone in Google's latest PageRank dropping nightmare. Maybe it's not really about paid links at all -- or more precisely, maybe it ALL about paid links and text-link-ads and PPP and more.

Maybe Google thought they gave too much power to sites with higher PRs, and all the advertising revenue that garners them, so this might be a day of equalizing.

How'd I Find Out About Google's Latest PageRank Drop?

Daniel over at Daily Blog Tips wrote another great post about all these major sites that Google has dropped their PageRanks again (I told him he could add John Chow to his list, who has dropped from PR 6 to 5 to 4…

I Am Legend Movie Trailer 2 Releases to Much Buzz...

Everyone's all buzzed-up about the I Am Legend 2 movie trailer that's hit the net overnight. (Just click the Will Smith pic to view it.)

And what an amazing movie "I Am Legend" appears to be. Just imagine being the last person on earth -- or at least thinking you are the last person on earth, and dealing with your grief and fear and horniness without killing yourself.

The release date of "I Am Legend" is December 14th, so that means the "I Am Legend" DVD will probably emerge around mid-Spring 2008 or so, maybe earlier or later.

And just imagine if you could watch that movie in a comfy viewing room with home theater seating and surround-sound and such.

How awesome would that be? Of course, it'd be fun with friends and food around.

Guys especially like that sort of stuff. The noise that makes you believe you're actually experiencing the crazy, daring adventures the people in the movie are going thru.

Those chairs remind me of Joey and Chandler fro…


I was amazed to read this article about the TV links UK website that has been shut down, and its owner arrested.

(Mahalo also has TV links UK 2007 down and website owner arrested news.)

Thank GOD above for warning me to not link to TV links UK before they even shut down, because I figured what he was doing was probably not legal.

TV links UK being shut down will be a good warning to people who run the illegal websites, and hopefully a wake up call to movie studios and TV people to offer their stuff online so that people can pay for them legitimately.

Field Negro LA Times Attorney Wayne Bennett Article - Agnostic? Don't count on it, my blogging brotha man...

"Field Negro" Attorney Wayne Bennett has made the LA Times!

Well blow me over with a bushel of cotton. (All respect to folks like my Daddy Elmer (late grandfather) and GranRuby (late grandmother) who actually worked those fields from "cain't see to cain't see" (before dawn till after dawn) -- and women like my grandmother who actually went into labor with one of her four kids in those fields, its soil richly tilled by their rugged hands -- labor that blest me with a college education at the HBCU Florida A & M University decades later...)

Thanks to for hipping me to the Field Negro LA Times piece, who points out an interesting take on Wayne Bennett's viewpoint, leading me to ask myself:

Does the self-described Field Negro thinketh me a field negro, too?
A patio negro?
Or the much-derided house negro?

It matters not. I know in Whose vineyard I toil...

And you know I'm praying in Jesus' Name alone for a serious Damascus Road experience

Starbucks Healthcare Insurance Benefits Plan, Policy for Part-time Employees a Hot Search Item...

...or at least I'm hoping Starbucks health insurance benefits will be a hot search item after just watching today's Oprah.

There was a couple deep in debt, and Suze Orman prescribed the woman get a job at Starbucks, because Orman said that Starbucks' health insurance benefits are available to even part-time employees who work at least 90 days at the coffee giant.

In this article with Starbucks' CEO about their health insurance benefits, it states:

"Starbucks provides health insurance for all employees working 20 hours a week and up."

But Starbucks' employees speak here of having a hard time getting 20 hours per week to get their health benefits, in some instances.

Either way, any company that pays its employees full health benefits for part-time status is good in my book.

Now, about that Black Gold movie...

Fried Coke Recipe -- Has the official recipe for deep fried Coke balls finally been revealed?

The Fried Coke recipe balls have been revealed here. (Is that the official recipe?)

I wrote about searching for the Fried Coke recipe balls (that's another version)nearly a year ago, and now today Fried Coke is all the rage again for some reason.

As if we haven't battered and deep-fried enough stuff under the sun, now comes deep Fried coke. But how on earth do you deep fry a liquid?

Turns out you don't, according an original article published in 2006 that only alluded to the deep fried Coke recipe without giving too many particulars, calling them "gooey Coke-battered nuggets topped with cola syrup."

Now the deep fried phenomenon has spread and Yahoo is abuzz with searches for "deep fried coke recipe" or just plain ol' "deep fried coke."Read more about Fried Coke balls here...


Working With You is Killing Me

Working With You is Killing Me: Freeing Yourself from Emotional Traps at Work
I guess this is the best part of being an isolated blogger -- at least for a couple of hours out of each day.

I don't have to buy books like this new one by Katherine Crowley and Kathi Elster, titled Working With You is Killing Me: Freeing Yourself from Emotional Traps at Workto help me deal with some annoying coworker that gets on my nerves that I can't escape, like the high-pitched voiced, rotund woman on Office Space that answered her phone extremely happily every few seconds.

But I do remember what it was like back in gray cube land, dealing with a few folks who got on my nerves. During days when I wasn't the one getting on other folks' nerves, I pretty much treated every one equally.
'cept the red-faced guy with the Napolean complex who wanted to rule us all. Or the witchy woman who was rough around the edges. Or the...Never mind! Just read an excerpt here...

It looks fantastic.


Blog or Work Out?

by Paula Neal Mooney

Blog or workout.

That was my choice this morning, a Thursday.

I'd just hit the health club on Tuesday, so it's not like it's been forever since I worked out -- but after watching Oprah talk about her sluggish thyroid and that New-Agey but wonderful author Dr. Christine Northrup talk about how important it is for us giving-it-all-to-our-families-women to exercise, I thought about being a gym rat today.

But alas, all my website children were calling me louder than the treadmill today. I could feel the Bill Cosby's appearance on Oprah story needing tending.

There was more time and desire to update my blog in these wee mid-morning hours, and chat with a workout buddy on the phone.

Tomorrow is a different story.

My flab-threatening deltoids will get more attention than the blogs.

I've promised myself I will hit a store or website and buy some great Sporting goods and workout gear that compels me to get back on a stairmaster or the weight room till I start l…

Blog Money-Making-Makers Online - $1,111.04 in 31 Days from these website money makers...


by Paula Neal Mooney

My blog's money-making-money-makers are better this month at a total of $1,111.04 -- thank You, Father -- than the previous month's take of $736.02 in blog money making.

So I need to really read up on LinkWorth money making, because other bloggers have made money thru them, but I haven't taken the time to really get on there and research them yet.

How this money-making blog make money on the internet?

Mostly from my niche TV site -- so that's my money-making blog advice in a nutshell:

Find a niche topic that's in high demand, pray, pray, pray and write well and often that provides a service to folks (especially a FREE service), load it up with ads, and they'll come-a-clickin'!

Paula's Online Income
as of October 17, 2007
Click on the links where appropriate that float your boat, sign up if you want:

#Program / WebsiteCUMULATIVE EARNINGS AS OF 10/17/07Increase Since Last Income Post on 9/17…

Light-Skinned Women Party Pic Flier Forces DJ to Cancel Event

by Paula Neal Mooney

You may have already heard from Media Takeout the uproar this flier caused, soliciting light-skinned women to come to a party in Detroit for free.

With a pic of a light-skinned black woman on the flier, and "light skinned women & all Libra's free entry all night" on the bottom of the image, this "light skin" bash harkens back to the days when we used to give each other the brown-paper bag test.

That's during the era when blacks stood humiliating at the door of a party and had to pass either one or all of three tests I've heard of:

Stick your arm in a brown paper bag -- if you were lighter than the bag, you were in.If your veins showed thru your skin -- you were in.If a fine-toothed comb could pass easily thru your hair -- you were in.Did I miss any inane tests?

The Light-Skinned, Dark-Skinned Thing...
...has been around for ages, ever since there were house vs. field folks. Of course the politically correct thing to say here is that w…

ShoppingAds .com Reviews, Invitation Code, Earnings - Beta CPC Program Spells the Death of AuctionAds CPA Program?

Try ShoppingAds thru my affiliate link if you're in the mood to try a new experiment with me, then let me know your ShoppingAds reviews.

ShoppingAds is a new Cost Per Click the techies are writing reviews about, and I want to see if these ads that people only have to click on will make us more money than AuctionAds did.

This guy, in his ShoppingAds review thinks it may spell the death of AuctionAds, which is fine by me, because you'll see that I made nearly nothing with the cost-per-action model of AuctionAds when I post up my monthly income later today -- Lord willing. Reviews? Beta Invitation Code?

If you were already an user, you should already have an email with the ShoppingAds invitation code to their beta program in your email inbox. So sign up and write up those reviews and let me know how much money you're making -- or not!

Here's the email I received this morning containing the ShoppingAds invitation code below:


Chocolate Rain Ringtone Free Download -- Verizon Commercial, Lynn From Girlfriends CWTV Show Make Ring Tone Hot to Want to Buy, But Do We Get It?

Last night I was watching Girlfriends, and Lynn had the Chocolate Rain ringtone (download free here) go off on her phone after she bedded some young college student.

How old was that college student by the by?
And how old is Persia White's character?

Anyway, I don't agree with that -- even though he showed her his ID before they got busy -- today I kept thinking of R. Kelly's lyrics "Show me some ID before I get knee-deep...I don't see nothing wrong with a little Bump 'n' Grind" -- I'll bet you my former Kenwood Academy High School alum sees something wrong with it now!
But I still hope the best for R. Kelly, and that he's learned his lesson as we all do. I used to blast that Trade in My Life song in my old apartment -- he was taking me to church thru music.

While hunting around for the free Chocolate Rain ringtone that you can listen to here, I came across this tripped out unaired Verizon commercial of some thugged-out portrayal of black guys with…

YBF Blog - Young Black Fabulous Blogspot .Com Gossip Website Hard to Find, But Still Breaking the News Like Rhymes With Snitch, Who Makes No Money is not the Young Black and Fabulous blog that used to be on a address.

No, the real Young, Black and Fabulous .com can be found at -- that's because cyber-squatters realize the importance of all the Young, Black and Fabulous traffic that that site gets.

Even -- TMZ!!!! -- linked to YBF's piece about Lauryn Hill being pregnant with her 5th child by a Marley man (hope it's true -- care for me, care for me, said you'd care for me...)

At least the crazy-popular site Young, Black and Fabulous is monetized.

Rhymes With Snitch (who has a Google PageRank of 6 -- and also got a link from when he or she -- I think it's a she -- broke the El Debarge story) is one of those webmasters that works hard but makes no money off their site from what I can see!

I've emailed the Rhymes With Snitch lady to tell her to enable her post pages so that at least she'd have individual URLs, but she hasn't.

It's not that I think the webm…

Someone worked hard on this website...

by Paula Neal Mooney

Whenever I visit a website, I check out the design and everything thru my webmaster's eyes. I can't help it.

So the first time I visited, with its tons and tons of celebrity hairstyle pics of stars like Halle Berry -- organized by year, no less -- I thought to myself: Somebody worked hard on this website...

That's because I know just how long it takes to upload that many pics and tag them correctly by year and such.

Everything has done, I want to figure out how to do:

Create options that let people log in after signing up with either a free registration (which is what I did, but they also offer paid registrations for 3-month and longer options.)Allow people to upload their picsCreate product reviews posted by their usersHave a great website design that's clean and easy to followSo has put a fire in me to make over my own thinking as a webmaster.

I plan to "make over" my website c…

Why Did I Get Married - Watch free online? Tyler Perry says please pay to watch the whole movie!

Why Did I Get Married [watch free] torrent.

That's what people are searching for.

I know how tempting and frustrating it is that the movie studios haven't yet caught up with the desire to watch movies like "Why Did I Get Married?" online thru torrents.

I've sinned. I watched parts of Sicko online free. I shouldn't have done that. And Why Did I Get Married is one movie I feel compelled to agree with Tyler Perry's reasons below to go and dig out our coins and pay to see the movie this weekend, and not bootleg it.

I saw Why Did I Get Married (with that great soundtrack) last night and really enjoyed the movie.

Yes, a bit melodramatic and over the top, but still Tyler Perry's best movie.

Excellent location -- those Colorado mountains and cabin make me want to go there.

But anyway, back to the email sent by Tyler Perry two days ago, asking people not to watch "Why Did I Get Married?" free online:

Hey there!

I woke up this morning knowing that I needed to…

Bit Torrent Search Site and TorrentSpy News all the rage - but is this stuff legal?

I finally got a chance to delve into BitTorrent search engine sites that are all the rage these days.

I'd just set up my new black gospel music and lyrics .com, and settled in my mind once and for all, "What is torrent?"

Turns out I'd already been linking to some of the torrent sites, so I unlinked to the ones that had the racy ads on them. Hope I got all of them.

And I'm glad I did, considering all this stuff TorrentSpy is going thru with illegal actions:

MPAA Not Done With TorrentSpy Yet
TorrentFreak -4 hours ago
Over the past months the TorrentSpy crew has made several drastic changes to their website. They have stopped hosting .torrent files, and even banned US ...
TorrentSpy In More Legal Hot Water
Wired Blogs -13 hours ago
By Scott Gilbertson October 11, 2007 | 9:00:19 AMCategories: P2P TorrentSpy, which recently started blocking US users, has apparently failed to appease the ...
Movie studios to judge: TorrentSpy defies court order
Webware/Cnet, CA -13 hours ago
By Gr…

The inner city is not what you think...

by Paula Neal Mooney

Whenever someone asks me what suburb of Chicago I grew up in, I can almost see the look of consternation break thru on their face when I answer, "I'm from the south side of Chicago."

Thanks to the nightly news and too many rappers preaching the same litany of woes that they may not have even experienced themselves, visions of trips to the "inner city" of large places like Chicago or daring adventures of New Orleans Tours become synonymous with a trip into a danger zone.

Okay, so yeah, there was the time my mom got her purse snatched. And I do caution people hot-footing it over to my "sweet home Chicago" to not flash their jewelry and be aware of their handbags, but more than that, Chicago holds so many more precious memories to me than of bad stuff.

Like the guy above from the vantage point of my childhood home, whom we snapped a photo of as he peddled his old-time ice-delivering, milk-delivering or knife-sharpening services -- whatev…

Watch The View Online -- Sharpton Letter to Whoopi

Watch The View online, video of Al Sharpton's letter to Whoopi in response of her calling on the preacher to apologize to the Duke 3.

Al Sharpton said he didn't need to apologize to the Duke 3, because he said he took no position on the Duke 3 rape case, as Whoopi said.

But this guy says that Al Sharpton was more involved in persecuting the Duke 3 than he's stating now.

Who's right?

Whoopi: "Al Sharpton, Duke 3 Apology, Please!"

Yesterday on The View, Whoopi gained my vote when she said that Al Sharpton should apologize to the Duke 3.

The rant was that Al Sharpton wants Isaiah Thomas to apologize to us black women by this Friday, or else he will spearhead a boycott of the Knickerbockers.

"She loves the Knicks," my husband chimed in about Whoopi, as I agreed that Sharpton should be just as willing to apologize to the wrongly-accused-of-rape Duke 3.

How do we save the polar bears from drowning?

That was the next question posed on The View yesterday, during Anderson Cooper's segment about helping to save the environment.

Joy Behar got all verklempt -- okay, not really choked up, but I just like using Yiddish whenever I can -- and was her usual lovable, spastic self.

"Whenever I see these types of films, even like Al Gore’s film, which was brilliant...I never know, what am I supposed to do? I mean, besides vote for people who are pro-environment, and who don’t vote against, you know, environmental l…

Adsense Video Units Link Missing -- When will the YouTube video units option be enabled by Google?

by Paula Neal Mooney

My new Adsense YouTube Video link / option is missing, unlike those guys who have a cool YouTube video up (hope y'all are making Google Adsense money off it!) displaying how to enable the new Adsense YouTube video option -- once you select the video units link in your Google Adsense account.

Problem that me and many others are experiencing is that when we log into our Google Adsense accounts, the YouTube video units link / option is missing. It's not there!

I've checked the Google Adsense help for info about the YouTube video link units option missing, but didn't see much info off-hand.

I'm going to work out.

Hopefully they'll add the Google Adsense YouTube video link option for everyone when I get back.

It's a good idea. Blog about a viral YouTube video and you could really up your Google Adsense money if it gets beau coup traffic.

Do you all have the Google Adsense YouTube video link option in your Adsense accounts?

Or is it missing like mine…

PageRank Dropped from 5 to 4 ... Thank God it didn't drop to zero!

by Paula Neal Mooney

So big brother Google is doing the ol' PageRank update, and as you can see, my pagerank dropped from 5 to 4.

Yikes! (What's up with that future pagerank of zero? I'm cursing that in Jesus' Name!)

Anway, I'm glad my Google pagerank didn't drop down to zero, as you can see some of the people listed below have experienced recently.

Turns out it's all probably related to PayPerPost stuff, or do-follow stuff to people taking advantage of the whole no-no-follow thing, or my blogger salary backlinks or something.

PayPerPost Still Thinks I'm a Google PageRank 5...

I was monkeying around on PayPerPost today -- finally got a PPP direct offer for my TV site! (Thank You, Lord -- You're bringing in more money since I paused that thing to hear from You than when I was dripping blood, sweat and tears over it.)

Anyway, PPP still thinks I've got a Google PageRank of 5 on this blog. I was as tempted as Christ probably was to turn that stone into a h…