Bit Torrent Search Site and TorrentSpy News all the rage - but is this stuff legal?

I finally got a chance to delve into BitTorrent search engine sites that are all the rage these days.

I'd just set up my new black gospel music and lyrics .com, and settled in my mind once and for all, "What is torrent?"

Turns out I'd already been linking to some of the torrent sites, so I unlinked to the ones that had the racy ads on them. Hope I got all of them.

And I'm glad I did, considering all this stuff TorrentSpy is going thru with illegal actions:

MPAA Not Done With TorrentSpy Yet
TorrentFreak - 4 hours ago
Over the past months the TorrentSpy crew has made several drastic changes to their website. They have stopped hosting .torrent files, and even banned US ...
TorrentSpy In More Legal Hot Water
Wired Blogs - 13 hours ago
By Scott Gilbertson October 11, 2007 | 9:00:19 AMCategories: P2P TorrentSpy, which recently started blocking US users, has apparently failed to appease the ...
Movie studios to judge: TorrentSpy defies court order
Webware/Cnet, CA - 13 hours ago
By Greg Sandoval – October 11, 2007, 4:00 AM PDT To avoid having to turn over user information to the motion picture industry, BitTorrent indexing service ...

At least not all torrent stuff is illegal, and some places are getting hip and happily leaking TV shows themselves to the net.

But for the most part, torrent-land is an ever-changing landscape that I hope the movie studios and TV execs get more used to, so more legal torrent stuff can be made available to satisfy the monthly masses searching for these terms fervently:

Overture Suggestions Monthly Search Volume
torrent 792,288
bit torrent 233,671
bit torrent 233,671
spy torrent 182,077
search torrent 134,551
torrent search 134,551
site torrent 92,278
download torrent 84,445
movie torrent 43,845
bit download torrent 41,640
bit download torrent 41,640
bit site torrent 29,414
torrent search engine 24,227
torrent search site 16,671
bit search torrent 8,449
bit torrent search 8,449
free torrent search site 7,007
ext search terms torrent 6,990
bit engine search torrent 6,654
bit torrent search engine 6,654
bit download free torrent 6,426
bit client torrent 4,302
bit free site torrent 3,875
bit movie torrent 3,584
bit free torrent 3,252
torrent file search 3,192
bit file torrent 2,800
bit search site torrent 2,615
bit torrent search site 2,615
bit site top torrent 2,566
best torrent search engine 2,415
bit music torrent 2,293
bit download site torrent 2,244
bit program torrent 2,097
bit software torrent 1,883
bit downloader torrent 1,516
bit spy torrent 1,341
bit download movie torrent 1,302
bit site torrent web 1,285
bit download free movie torrent 991
bit download free site torrent 938


Slevi said…
In case of the TV series the producers or whichever distributes it are simply asking for it to be downloaded to be quite honest.

They make these great hits, time after time, like prison break, heroes, CSI, etcetera. All superb series, but unfortunately unless you don't live in the states you have to wait a damn 6 months or heck even a year or longer in some cases before you get the chance to see it on television.

The fact that it's so popular on torrent sites is something they should be flattered with, apparently there's such a big demand for it even abroad that people take the time to actively walk to their computers and download it.

If they want that to stop they have 2 options:
Make shitty television shows no-1 likes to watch - Personally I think this won't happen though.

Release the episodes in as many countries as possible on the same day, or at least within the same week. Don't go ask your viewers to wait an entire year before they can finally see the latest episode on television.

With movies and music it's a lot of whining if you ask me, a german study last year has shown that there hasn't been an actual decrease on the amount of sales since 10 years ago or so. The fact that torrent sites exist don't mean people stop buying, and those who download 50 movies a month do you really think they'd buy them if the torrent sites weren't there? Of course not, they'd still just buy that one movie every couple of months or so changing absolutely nothing just for the fact of those movies costing quite some bucks.

With more and more music on demand showing up in legal forms already though and video on demand starting to turn up already as well I don't see why the RIAA and MPAA keep making such big deals out of it all, if the time and effort they're sticking in stuff like torrentspy and piratebay would simply be used in helping the legal alternatives be set up then soon the torrent trackers wouldn't even be needing to host those files anymore and people can just stream it on stuff like Joost, and the various other available services.
T. O Donnell said…
Promote or distribute copyright content, and expect trouble. Those great shows you like only exist because of copyright laws.

Sites which complain about being hassled are a bit like a 'working girl' complaining about not being treated like lady. If the cap fits, wear it!
tAnYeTTa said…
i wanted to stop by to say hello :)
Ben said…
actually torrents are not legal but big media producer companies could not stop them and now are trying to figure out ways to monetize torrents and if they do they will legalize it.
Car Audio said…
It is a difficult choice but, one that one must make. I personally would not see if I know for certain that it is illegal. Is it?
I think they are not illegal. P2p Technology is based on its seeders. With that, the seeders shares all their files to the peers and leechers. They just share it. But the big question is, where did they get those files. If its illegal, then it would be illegal. If they got it on legal basis, then its not illegal to share it with others.
ilquer said…
After Megaupload's shutting down, torrent got more famous. I mean it was just Megaupload which was a filehost, the others were on the market, such as: fileserve, filesonic... But nowadays more and more people started using torrent and they will keep on doing that. i love torrent!

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