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Saturday, December 12, 2009

50+ Ways to Get More Page Views, Hits and Visitors to Your Website, Blog or Articles

50+ Ways to Get More Page Views, Hits and Visitors to Your Website, Blog or Articles

Update: I keep thinking of new tips to add to this list, so I'll keep updating to help people. Let me know how much your traffic increasing by leaving a comment after implementing some of these free traffic-getting tips:

Time to do a lot of giving back -- I've been meaning to write out a major post of all the ways online writers can get more visitors to their websites.

Some of the below tips are specific to writers who write for sites that appear in Google News, like Examiner.com -- but many of them can help all online writers of their own single blogs and the like.

Apply to Write for Examiner.com here now...

Lots of the tips are focused on news writers who write about breaking news topics as opposed to seasonal, evergreen stuff -- but still, the tips can help those who aren't up-to-the-minute entertainment writers.

Take what you need, leave what you don't:

About the Headline Title:

1. Put first things first.
If you’re going for “Tiger Woods updates” as your keyword phrase, try and put those first 3 words in the first 3 word position in your title, not toward the end or later. Don’t waste your first precious spots in your title for words not related to what you’re trying to rank high for.

2. Make sure the URL of your title contains mostly words
, not numbers and symbols. This is a factor of the website you're writing for, but if you control your own website -- like a WordPress.org hosted one, for example, under permalink settings, use a Custom Structure like this: /%postname%/%post_id%/

3. Use stuff that catches the eye
, like a dollar sign, if your subject lends to that fact. (“Tiger Woods allegedly paid $60,000 for hookers” can catch the eye, for example)

4. Putting a website name in your title can help
, like YouTube.com or whatever, especially if you’re in Google News. More people than you could imagine type URLs in the Google search box.

5. Write something new in your title
– something that few people know yet…

6. …and something that interests you, because your passion will shine through. (Like when I wrote my “Save the Bonnie Hunt Show campaign” article. That qualifies as something new and something that interested me.)

7. Use a variety of words – make use of the space given you in the title to sometimes include different words that people may type into Google – like how this article you’ve found called “50 Ways to Get More Page Views, Hits and Visitors to Your Website, Blog or Articles” leaves room to capture all the people who may type in different synonyms of the same idea.

8. Header tags can help (see tip #2 in this post)…

9. …as well as bolding a few words or names or using italics. But don’t go crazy.

10. Write something interestingly clickable, something that you as a reader would click on. Something interesting – a buried point in research you’ve read, for example. In a bunch of articles or one piece, the most fascinating point may be buried in tons of text. Pull it out and make it your title – like when Tiger Woods called himself Blasian. That's what I found to be one of the most interesting things about those text messages. It's the first thing my eye really trained on when The New York Post put up the text messages -- and later I was rewarded with visitors when TMZ featured confusion over that "Blasian" term.

About the Content:

1. Write a lot of content, write a lot of quality...when you can. Of course when you're racing to meet breaking news deadlines, "Into the Wild" style prose ain't always gonna happen. Some people complain that they don't get many hits, but then confess they've only written 3 -5 articles per week on a news site. Whereas studying some of the top traveled writers, we'll see some create at least that many articles per day -- and they SEO the pieces.

2. Keep your keyword phrase in mind. If “get more page views” is the 4-word phrase you’re trying to rank high in Google for, try and sprinkle “get more page views” naturally throughout your article – but not too much. About 5% - 7% may be good for Google – no one but Google really knows for sure.

3. Your first paragraph is important. It’s like Google looks at that with more importance, and studying how your well-ranked articles and pieces appear in Google, you’ll sometimes see those first paragraphs highlighted with the keyword phrase, especially if you have it listed a couple of times in the top paragraph. (It can be bolded in other places as well.)

4. Longer posts can be better, but short can be better than nothing. In terms of having so much quality content, longer posts may help you win more obscure searches just by the probability of them typing in combined search terms and finding words you've used.

5. Make it pretty – and readable. Some stuff I just don’t read online if it ain’t pretty enough. Some of my own posts – I say, “Eh! How did I write that?” – and try to go back at times and make it prettier, adding more white space or structure to make it easier on the eyes.

6. Link liberally…if you’ve got the time to research and back up your facts. This lends credibility and helps other people discover you with backlinks at times. I think I got a great link from Huffington Post (at least 500,000 pageviews a day for that site) that way. And don't forget to link to yourself, your own categories -- but again, don't go crazy. Google banned this blog for my own name in 2007 because I didn't know that I shouldn't have linked "Paula Mooney" back to my homepage in a bunch of posts. Live and blog.

7. Or don’t link at all…if you don’t really have the time. Sometimes it’s more about getting the content online, spelled correctly, correctly researched and published. And sometimes that doesn’t include linking out to folks.

8. Write the next thing, the new thing, the thing that people will be searching for today and tomorrow. For example, as I write this, people are writing about the tragic death of Brittany Murphy. While most people are writing to inform people that she died, I just wrote a piece about the next logical thing people are searching for, chiefly: Will Brittany Murphy's autopsy results confirm or dismiss rumors of drug use and anorexia?

9. Take your time sometimes...because once you know how to SEO stuff well, it's a bonus. I didn't rush writing the Brittany Murphy piece, because I've learned that sometimes a well-SEO'd post can bring more traffic than a fast one that hasn't taken any of these tips in mind. Plus, taking my time allows me to spell check better, actually read the post aloud to myself if I'm so inclined -- and makes for a more credible report, thus more likely is it that folks will pass the thing around.

10. But speed up...if you have to. Sometimes us online writers have only a few minutes to publish stuff before we must attend to other duties, so learning to type fast, think fast, research fast and write fast is of the essence. Thankfully I had a great teacher in high school -- a bearded fellow who taught us how to type without looking at the keys. But I heard about a teen recently who types over 100 words per minute by using a typing game that escapes me right now. It wasn't that SpongeBob typing game, but something else on the PC, methinks. Find a good one and try it out if you're a hunt and peck type of typer. I've been one a little bit this week because of my holiday acrylic nails, and I can tell already how much I've slowed down.

About the Images:

1. Use .jpg – a fact I was surprised to learn from a Google video that said that’s what Google prefers in Google News articles that rank high (I can only find a great summary of that video here, which reminded me of other points like using large photos, and don't break up your text.)

2. Don’t link the images if you want that sweet Google News prime spot – another fact I was surprised to learn in the same video (See the same article till I can find the video)

3. Make full use of ALT Tags, and if your article is about “Tiger Woods’ new mistress” for example, your ALT Tags might look like “Tiger Woods,Tiger Woods wife, Tiger Woods mistress count” and the like, all separated by commas. But don’t go crazy again. Google doesn’t say how many tags are too many, but one can assume 50 would be too many. Are 20 too many? Google knows…

4. Name the images something related to what you want searches to find…

5. …and separate the words with dashes, which are better than underscores or nothing at all. Therefore, a piece about Jamie Jungers might be named http://yoursite.com/Jamie-Jungers-Tiger-Woods-new-mistress-list-count-photos-pics.jpg

6. Get new and fun images, or ones that people haven’t seen before – and try to keep it all legal by either buying them from places like iStockPhoto or AP Images, or getting them for free from PicApp or places like that. (John Chow has a great article here about free photos and here, too.)

7. Include caption ID text. That's another thing that Google looks for, caption ID text. Depending on your content management system, this may be found under "CaptionID" based on your WordPress theme -- or vary for Blogger and other sites. Search thru your code for the text, or thru Google to find what I mean so you can add a caption to your images that helps Google find what your image means -- and therefore send searchers to you not only thru Google News (if your site is blessed to be there) but also for those Google Images searches, too. Hopefully.

Where to Find Breaking News:

1. Take advantage of toolbar options, like the ability to add Alexa.com’s “What’s Hot” URLs (http://www.alexa.com/hoturls) to your toolbar (http://www.alexa.com/toolbar) so you need only glance up and see what’s going on any second.

2. Most online news writers know about Google Trends (http://www.google.com/trends), a list now whittled down to 40 20 of the top searches over the last few hours – that generally updates hourly. They’ve also recently added a new list of 10 “Hot Topics” on the left of their main page, giving users a bit more info about what’s hot at the moment.

3. Add feeds that actually update frequently to your iGoogle page -- and put them at the top (http://www.google.com/ig?hl=en) – so that when you’re signed into your free Google Account, you’ll see some of the most recent headlines right there on ONE page together without having to scroll through Google Reader. This can slow down your Google page loading, but whenever I need to get to another Google feature like Gmail or Google Analytics, I just right-click “Gmail” or “My Account” and open that in another tab while some of these websites’ feeds I have on my iGoogle page load up:

a. http://www.radaronline.com/rss

b. http://www.popeater.com/

c. http://technorati.com/

d. http://www.foxnews.com/

e. http://hosted.ap.org/

f. http://showbiz411.blogs.thr.com/

g. http://www.upi.com/

h. http://www.nytimes.com/pages/index.html?partner=rss

i. http://www.youtube.com/profile_videos?user=AssociatedPress

j. http://www.usatoday.com/

4. For feeds that don’t update as often, or ones that aren’t as important to you – but ones that you still want to keep track of, add those to Google Reader – and peruse those for new news and updates as well. I remember reading that Michael Arrington of TechCrunch.com reads 600 or so feeds on a daily basis through Google Reader, so it’s a good way to keep track of things, along with checking out aggregator sites like TechMeme.com

5. Surchur (http://surchur.com/) is another type of aggregator that looks at trending stuff from Bing.com, Technorati.com, Yahoo Buzz and other sites to figure out what’s trending. I don’t use it often, but it is another option.

6. Twitter Trends - Twitter.com keeps track of trending topics on the right-hand side of their page once you're logged in, so it can be good to check it often to find immediate trends.

7. Get Twitter search results on Google by using the Greasemonkey script (http://mt-hacks.com/20090302-realtime-twitter-search-results-on-google.html) – something Google has just duplicated with their real-time-search doohickey that automatically shows during some searches.

8. Focus on the “most viewed” articles and videos on YouTube.com, Hulu.com – as well as news sites like TodayShow.com, CNN.com and the like to see what people are hungry to read at the moment.

9. Add a bunch of cities other than your own to Google News. I just found this feature on Google News that lets you "add a section" via a link with that same name in the top right-hand corner of Google News. I went thru and added a bunch of cities like Miami, DC, New York, Chicago, London, etc. -- and to my delight, now have all those cities news reports in my Google News. Sometimes news bubbles up locally first, then globally.

10. Make full use of Google to find stuff other people haven't. For example, check out how I used Google to find the most recent AP reports:

Or look how I made use of it to find all the "Breaking News" on Twitter:com:

Learn to love all of Google's advanced features -- and how they can help your online business and writing.

11. Pay to play...I just renewed by 12 buck a month subscription to IMDb Pro because I wanted to find out more info about the upcoming "Will You Be My Black Friend?" movie. Sometimes it's worth it as an online writer to get info that not many other SEO-ing journalists may have. Step away from the crowded pack.

About Promoting:

Sometimes promoting your content to other sites is not just about the few visits they can bring, but about the link juice they can provide. In that same Google video about Google preferring .jpg photos and ones that aren’t linked – they talk about their formula paying attention to links coming in to an article, making it rise higher in trust value as an original source of info.

1. So use Twitter, Digg, Facebook, Redditt and other places
to link people to your article, in hopes that they’ll pass it around if they think it worthy and interesting enough – and in hopes the website will pass on some good Google juice to your pieces -- perhaps even if they aren't "dofollow" sites. (One cool way I'm discovering to get more Twitter followers is to use a big ol' "Follow Me on Twitter" pic like I've used at the end of this piece about TMZ.com and Jon Gosselin -- already more followers have come in a couple of days at a greater rate than before.)

2. Build your email list
by encouraging people to subscribe, and using Feedburner or AWeber or whatever email subscription service you prefer if you want email readers.

3. Split off specific content into other sites to encourage specific kinds of email readers. Lately, this blog you're reading I've dedicated to mostly blog-writing type of stuff, so those are the kinds of readers that subscribe.

4. Use Google Adwords and other advertising methods
to lead readers to your work, especially when they send out free coupons and such, like they recently did when they sent some random folks $100 coupons for free advertising. Even if you don't have a coupon, learn how to run a cheap campaign for 5 bucks a day or something to gain new readers that might stay.

5. Download toolbars to make the repetitive promotion easier. For example, I've got the StumbleUpon toolbar and the Delicious toolbar on my Firefox browser so that every time I want to promote a piece, I put it on there easily by clicking buttons right in front of me. Redditt makes it easy to promote stuff, too, since Firefox remembers my passwords.

6. Make it easy for others to promote your writing -- and subscribe themselves. Although I'm not practicing what I preach on this blog, other sites have an easy "email signup" box for readers to drop their email address into, and sites like Examiner.com have the handy-dandy "share this" at the end of articles to help readers share the pieces they want to via their favorite means.

About the Karma

Sometimes gaining popularity online is just about doing the right thing, and the right thing comes back.

1. Let other writers have the spotlight sometimes, and give them their hits. Writing for Examiner.com, I like to peruse those articles when I come across them in Google News, giving my fellow Examiners some pageviews.

2. When I come across a piece that another Examiner has done that already has good ranking that I may have planned on writing, at times I’ll say to myself, “Just let them have that one.” Only when I’ve been busy writing my own pieces and didn’t know other Examiners were covering a subject – or, when I know I can add my own value to a piece – do I go ahead and write what I want about the topic.

3. Giving credit where credit is due. If I’ve watched a video or read a breaking news piece via someone else, sometimes I will link on over and make sure to give that person the credit – and instead of embeding a video I found on their site over to mine, I’ll lead my readers to watch it on their page so that writer’s bounce rate will be better.

All these things help, and God has really shown me favor beyond what I’d expected in this online writing game. I know that for a fact. Having that internal "knower" gives me a creativity that's like having an edge.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

December 2009 Blogging Income Update: $34,394.02 from Jan. - Nov. 2009

Well, it's that time again -- thought I'd update readers (and myself) on just how much money writing online at this website and others is bringing in, in terms of moola, that is.

Gotta make sure I've got enough to give Uncle Sam come 4/15/2010 -- and I'm still playing around with the ideas my tax accountant dad is giving me to go use Intuit's Easy Pay Cycle to start paying my LLC's taxes through them, and therefore save on the $9,000 and more plunked down to the IRS in coming years.

When he started trying to explain to me the tax benefits of choosing a fiscal year end for my business that's different from the calendar year end for my personal taxes, my brain began to wander like in Analytics class or something, so I figured I'd picked that studying up again in 2010.

But anyway, thus far I've taken in $34,394.02 from January 1, 2009 - November 30, 2009.

Moving along at a good clip. Writing for Examiner.com has been the biggest online writing blessing-boon God has brought me; they are noted as Clarity Digital Group, LLC, in the breakdown of YTD income below. (People are all over the Tiger Woods' situation with his wife.)

Apply to Write for Examiner.com here now...

So I suggest if you're a voracious writer and reader -- with a hankering for reading shampoo bottles when nothing else is around -- apply to Examiner.com and say Paula Mooney referred you, please to try your hand at some fast-paced news pieces. (That's what's paying off for me.)

Someone commented that I make it seem like making money online is easy. That person probably hasn't read thru my archives of the blood, sweat, tears and time I've put in online.

I'll bet you I work at least 70 hours per week on various websites, many times 7 days a week.

So this is no game. If people really want to work hard and try and make money online they can with the Lord's favor and using their time and talents. Other people just find it not worthwhile because they can make money via other 9 to 5 jobs -- and there's nothing wrong with that. As long as we are where we are supposed to be in life.

Oh yeah -- and the reason I've got a Zhu Zhu Pets pic in this post is because those suckers are selling out the ying-yang on Amazon.

Here's the income breakdown:

Amazon Total $ 9,620.65
Associated Content Total $ 2,296.26
CJ PAYMENT Total $ 673.13
Clarity Digital Group, LLC Total $ 6,727.95
Google Adsense Total $ 10,665.28
Kontera Total $ 2,542.53
Linkshare Total $ 992.88
LinkWorth Total $ 50.00
Niche Blog Media Total $ 11.98
Text Link Ads, Inc Total $ 676.04
$ 34,394.02

Saturday, October 10, 2009

$23,342 online blogging income from 1/1 - 9/30/2009: Here's how I made the money online...

$23,332 online blogging income from 1/1 - 9/30/2009: Here's how I made the money online...

My last income post explained how I was up to nearly $20,000 of blogging income in the first 6 months of 2009.

Apply to Write for Examiner.com here now...

And I felt it was time to get an update 3 months later, and find out how much money has come into my accounts (PayPal and checking) in the first 9 months of 2009.

The grand total of monies brought in (not just earned, more is coming) is $23,342.66, as broken down below. As first I thought I was mistaken, "only" brought in $3,689.22 in the last 3 months since I updated, approximately $1,229 per month.

Note: The $23,342.66 doesn't include the amount of expenses I've spent this year thus far for doing business, including about $900 for web hosting fees, even more for Google Adwords advertising and such. I'll update with more numbers later...

Which is a good thing in terms of the amount of taxes I'll owe next year -- the whole reason I'm trying to estimate how much I need to pay Uncle Sam come April 15, 2010 (and the reason I'm researching filing my Plunder, LLC writing business in ways to make it more tax effective.)

Since I've started writing for Examiner.com and am pulling in more money -- which will start flowing in soon, my next income posts will reflect that kick up in blogging income that I'm so glad the Lord opened the door to, especially after my income fell earlier this year when I got two of my websites banned by Google.

So here's the breakdown in blogging income and how it's shaking out, with links and stuff:

Google Adsense is still the front-runner with $9,375.85 coming in during the first 9 months:

1/26/2009 google adsense paula's earnings for December 2008 $1,538.34
2/27/2009 google adsense paula's earnings for January 2009 $1,634.26
3/27/2009 google adsense paula's earnings for February 2009 $480.95
4/27/2009 google adsense paula's earnings for March 2009 $536.59
5/27/2009 google adsense paula's earnings for April 2009 $499.56
6/27/2009 google adsense paula's earnings for May 2009 $1,537.72
7/27/2009 google adsense paula's earnings for June 2009 $1,225.91
8/27/2009 google adsense paula's earnings for JuLY 2009 $1,015.27
9/27/2009 google adsense august 2009 earnings $907.25

Amazon Associates earnings were next up at $7,942.46 in earnings across the USA and from Germany monies, please note, this doesn't include the money I dropped on Google Adwords advertising the products before Amazon banned that practice:

01/21/09 amazon - november 2008 usa earnings $1,837.70
02/26/09 amazon - DECEMBER 2008 usa earnings IN JESUS' HOLY AND POWERFUL NAME $2,098.31
03/24/09 amazon - JANUARY 2009 usa earnings IN JESUS' HOLY AND POWERFUL NAME $655.80
03/31/09 amazon germany deposit January 2009 monies earned: 66,29 euros AND uk 143.64 gbp $282.37
04/23/09 AMAZON FEBRUARY 2009 EARNINGS USA $1,491.45
05/24/09 amazon MARCH 2009 earnings united states $298.73
06/24/09 amazon APRIL 2009 earnings united states $307.89
07/28/09 amazon MAY 2009 earnings united states $527.84
08/24/09 amazonN JUNE 2009 earnings united states $271.18
09/24/09 amazon july 2009 earnings united states $171.19

Kontera continues to be a steady earner at $2,380.42 for the first 9 months of this year (hot tip: my most popular keywords are "Oprah" and "episode" and such:

01/01/09 kontera november 2008 earnings $391.35
02/01/09 KONTERA DECEMBER 2008 EARNINGS $162.37
03/04/09 KONTERA JANUARY 2009 EARNINGS $285.17
05/04/09 kontera Feb. and March 2009 earnings $237.89
07/01/09 KONTERA APRIL AND MAY 2009 EARNINGS $576.73
08/01/09 KONTERA JUNE 2009 EARNINGS $232.32
09/02/09 KONTERA JUly 2009 EARNINGS $296.62
10/02/09 KONTERA JUly 2009 EARNINGS $197.97

The Associated Content total was $1,224.93 broken down as such:

1/14/2009 Associated Content $124.26
2/11/2009 Associated Content $186.34
3/11/2009 Associated Content $155.73
4/8/2009 Associated Content $135.35
5/13/2009 Associated Content $122.57
6/10/2009 Associated Content $142.80
7/9/2009 Associated Content $122.99
8/12/2009 Associated Content $121.20
9/9/2009 Associated Content $113.69

Linkshare sales brought in $958.73, and that is mostly from iTunes sales:

01/09/09 link share payment $36.92
02/09/09 LINKSHARE NOVEMBER 2008 SALES $177.70
02/09/09 LINKSHARE NOVEMBER 2008 SALES $10.43
02/16/09 LINKSHARE PAYMENTS $18.00
03/11/09 LINKSHARE PAYMENTS $559.99
04/17/09 LINKSHARE $18.00
04/23/09 LINKSHARE $65.04
06/08/09 LINKSHARE $10.68
06/12/09 LINKSHARE $13.79
08/28/09 LINKSHARE PAYMENTS $31.72
10/06/09 linkshare payment $10.28

CJ.com brought in $673.13, mostly from last year's sales of Apple Store Black Friday sales, which I had to email the Apple Store affiliate manager to get the rest of:

02/24/09 CJ JANUARY 2009 EARNINGS $605.63
09/21/09 CJ PAYMENT $67.50

Text Link Ads was next at $589.88, and some ad link sales have fallen off:

1/2/2009 Text Link Ads, Inc $60.70
2/1/2009 Text Link Ads, Inc $101.79
3/1/2009 Text Link Ads, Inc $95.35
4/1/2009 Text Link Ads, Inc $72.70
5/1/2009 Text Link Ads, Inc $55.09
6/1/2009 Text Link Ads, Inc $47.75
7/1/2009 Text Link Ads, Inc $47.75
8/1/2009 Text Link Ads, Inc $53.84
9/1/2009 Text Link Ads, Inc $54.91

Buy.at brought in $134.25 after some TicketMaster sales went thru, but Buy.at is clunky and I can't even login anymore!


EBayPartnerNetwork.com has only brought a little over a buck, but now that they've changed their business model to PPC, check back to see if I make more next month:


Don't even know really how I made the Linkworth -- I think it was thru a referral, but some people like them:

2/10/2009 LinkWorth $50.00

And this sale was due to recommeding a blogger theme sale:

5/8/2009 Niche Blog Media $11.98

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Get more website traffic visitors on Examiner.com, add Google Analytics tracking code and study it

Get more website traffic visitors on Examiner.com, add Google Analytics tracking code and study it

Thanks to my fellow Examiners over at the LinkedIn discussions groups for letting me know that you could put Google Analytics tracking code inside each of your posts to find out which of your particular posts get the most traffics and why -- so I'm writing this post to show other Examiner.com writers how do so, until the time that Examiner.com puts this forthcoming enhancement in place.

Apply to Write for Examiner.com here now...

  • First, go to Google Analytics and set up a new account if you haven't already. It's free.

  • Then go to "Add Website Profile" at the bottom

  • Choose "Add a Profile for a new domain", and add Examiner.com as your website and leave the choose adwords box blank

  • Then you should get "Instructions for adding tracking" and "New Tracking Code ga.js" and under that you'll see "Copy the following code block into every webpage you want to track immediately before the body tag. If your site has dynamic content you can use a common include or a template. Use this tracking code to gain access to a wide range of exciting new features as they become available."

  • Take the code that you see in that box below that text and copy and paste it to a notepad file so that you can use it often.

  • Next, when you're writing your next Examiner.com article (or adding it to the old Examiner.com pieces you've written) copy and paste that Google Analytics code in the same box that you would when you're posting a video to Examiner.com -- the little box that pops up when you add the YouTube code there, the one that looks like a clipboard with a <*> on it.

  • Okay, now that you've got your tracking code installed in your Examiner.com articles, here's how you can use it to figure out what articles are getting the most traffic..and how to duplicate that...

    Google Analytics code gives you its data the day after you install it, and you have to wait till the next day to get the results for the previous 24 hour period, or whatever other prior periods you want to analyze.

    Here's what I found out about my traffic yesterday on Examiner.com -- check my Examiner.com page to see the actual articles:

    So far, I see that Google direct traffic is the main source of my traffic -- and that my Twitter and Digg marketing efforts didn't pay off as much yet, at least not until my followers grow on Twitter - CLICK THE PIC TO ENLARGE:

    And this next Google Analytics page shows me which ones of my posts got the most traffic yesterday (of the pieces that I put the tracking code inside) and today I was surprised to learn that my recent article about AJ Jewell's funeral got the most views. I didn't even know it was ranked that well till I studied the code. So info like that helps me go back and see that the topic obviously has a lot of interest -- plus, it helps me learn how I wrote that post that helped Google rank it well. Maybe it was the amount of times I wrote "AJ Jewell funeral" throughout the post. CLICK TO ENLARGE AND STUDY:

    And finally, getting a view of the keywords -- the actual search terms that people typed into search engines (mostly Google) to find my Examiner.com also helps. Click to enlarge pic:

    Apply to Write for Examiner.com here now...

    Monday, September 28, 2009

    Google Trends 40 Items on Google Trends List Down from 100 -- Is this a new trend?

    Google Trends 40 Items on Google Trends List Down from 100 -- Is this a new trend?

    I just woke up to see only 40 items and popular search terms on Google Trends list today.

    Normally, the Google Trends list has 100 terms instead of 40.

    I wonder why they shortened the list to 40 and if it will stay this way, instead of 100?

    I always wanted the list longer, not shorter.

    Maybe too many people were gaming it, or using it to post automated garbage and virus stuff. I don't know.

    What do you think about Google Trends list being shorter at 40 now?

    C'est la vie...

    Friday, September 04, 2009

    How Much Does Examiner.com Pay Writers? I made $3,674.31 in Sept 2009 from Examiner.com

    How Much Does Examiner.com Pay Writers? I made $3,674.31 in Sept 2009 from Examiner.com

    Update: ▷▷▷▷▷▷▷Examiner.com income update - Examiner still not a scam, my pay is about $1,000 for the month | PAULA NEAL MOONEY

    Apply to Write for Examiner.com here now...

    Also see:

    ▷▷▷▷▷▷▷Get more website traffic visitors on Examiner.com, add Google Analytics tracking code and study it | PAULA NEAL MOONEY

    More updates as of Sunday, September 20, 2009 -- I'm still overjoyed with the money I've been blessed to make with Examiner.com -- over $2,289 in 20 days. Like Examiner says, be prolific and relevant. So to those who apply to Examiner.com, send them your best writing samples -- especially if you have good stuff you've published online that proves you can draw an audience. Here's my most recent earnings:

    I'm so satisfied with Examiner.com thus far that I've got to put up my earnings -- close to $100 earned after only writing 11 articles. My first article went up September 2, 2009 and today is September 4, 2009 -- so that's great money for only 2 days:

    The key is to write topical articles and SEO them very well.

    Apply to Write for Examiner.com here now...

    And it doesn't have to be celebrity stuff.

    As you can see from the growing comment count, my Obama school speech controversy piece is the most popular right now.

    So I'm urging everyone who wants to try and make some money online (and you don't even really need to know how to set up your own website -- but I suggest you read all Examiner.com's SEO tips and video tips, etc.) to apply for Examiner.com.

    Send them some of your best writing samples when they ask -- and PRAY, PRAY, PRAY -- and then when you get in, write about popular stuff and SEO it!

    Write for Examiner.com
    Update #2: I've joined Examiner.com as the Cleveland Pop Culture Examiner here

    I am very pleased with writing for Examiner.com -- I've made $31.91 in 24 hours after writing my first few articles...

    ...and I believe that will only increase one hundred fold when I really start giving it the "blitz" of effort like the guy from 20smoney.com is doing.

    I believe the key is asking God to give you favor over your articles -- and it doesn't hurt to write trendy, topical celebrity stuff -- if that's what you're into.

    And make sure to SEO your articles well. Examiner gives you tips on how to do this once you get approved. Plus, their publishing tool is so easy and they like you to link out a lot (a great thing for affiliate marketers) and they even already pay for Associated Press photos, so they show you how to use those, too. I'm lovin' Examiner!

    Thanks Clifford Bryan at Examiner.com for encouraging me to join!

    Apply to Write for Examiner.com here now...

    So when you apply, please click "Find Your Examiner" at the bottom of the application page and search for Examiner #22153 or Paula Mooney -- I hope that works.

    I'll update everyone on how much money I make writing for Examiner.com

    Update: One guy left me a comment below saying he made $500 writing for Examiner.com in the past two days -- so I just applied to write for Examiner. We'll see how much a I make when I get in. But in the meantime, I joined Examiner.com's affiliate program, where they pay $5 a pop for every person who applies (update: they closed that one down) under your link and gets accepted -- or valid application or something they said...I don't know...we'll see.

    Everywhere you look around the web for news stories, you'll see Examiner.com -- and since I love studying other websites and just how they got so successful and are able to get nearly 900,000 hits per day and get over 10,000 pages indexed by Google in one 24 hour period, I learned that Examiner.com is paying writers to write all those articles.

    So just how much does Examiner.com pay writers?

    That's what I wondered when checking out Examiner.com's claim of having over 8,000 "examiners" writing for them -- and their online application, which bespeaks of no hard dollars.

    So I Googled around asking the Big G: How much does Examiner.com pay its writers and found this great article answering the question after it got a myriad of responses from actual Examiner.com writers.

    Seems like it runs the gamut based on how much you write and / maybe or how popular the article is? I don't know if I saw anywhere a deal based on pageviews, like they give us over at AssociatedContent.com

    Basically, I usually advise any aspiring writer to at least give it a go at setting up your own free blog on Blogger.com and adding free Google Adsense ads and learn about SEO and stuff like that and see what you can make on your own.

    But sites like Examiner.com may be a good starting ground to whet your online writing appetite -- but don't think you're going to get rich off of it.

    I've been blogging since December 2005 and thru highs and lows my websites have brought me $44,000 salary last year -- and it's a lot of work, but fun work to me, most days.

    Anyway, Google around, try your hand at some things and see what lasts.

    Apply to Write for Examiner.com here now...

    ▼▼▼ Get more people to visit your blog by using these free SEO tips...

    ▼▼▼ Get more people to visit your blog by using these free SEO tips...

    I recently got into an email chat with Kevin from 20sMoney.com about strategies for getting more people to visit our blogs -- and though he's more into building a readership (which is great) than fast, newsy, SEO traffic -- I thought I'd post up the tips I gave him in an email, since I was just comment chatting with Jodi over at Values, Reviews, Business about learning SEO to drive more traffic to her site.

    Anyway, here are the tips I gave Kevin in the email, which I'm hoping will help my other readers:

    I generally check Google Trends daily when I want a lot of traffic. (Also, don't forget to check Twitter's trending topics.) Then I pick a topic to post about, and post about a lot of them. Google Trends updates every hour.

    For example, my 2nd-most popular post at that moment was about WormShield recall.

    I hadn't even heard of WormShield nor the recall until I saw "wormshield recall" was a hotly-searched for term on Google Trends yesterday. So I wrote a quick post about it.

    Notice that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques dictate these kinds of things I did that seem to get you higher Google rankings:

    1 - I put "WormShield Recall" as the first words in my post title -- that's the term I'm trying to get ranking for, so I put it FIRST in the post title, and try to repeat it in the post title for good measure. I wouldn't want to say "Did you hear about the WormShield Recall?" because that puts "wormshield recall" all the way down in the 6th and 7th position in my title and that's not as good as up front. And I definitely wouldn't want to say "Guess what heart med for dogs was recalled?" or something cute and pithy that we learned in journalism class. That stuff doesn't work for Google -- not if you really want the eyeballs and dollars seeking you.

    2 - Generally, since I've got my Google ads after my post title, I'll repeat that same post title below and wrap it in header tags. Do you know about header tags? H1 tags tell Google what's most important on the page, H2 next most important, h3 and so on. So my post titles are always wrapped in header 1 tags in my theme and then I'll wrap the second post title in h2 tags like such in the HTML side of my post.

    Sometimes I'll put my labels in h3 tags or subheads to break up long posts. (Just right-click on the white space of the page of the post and choose "View Source" to see what I'm talking about with the h3 or h2 tags wrapped in greater and less than signs.

    3 - I repeat whatever term I'm trying to rank on several times throughout the post. At least a couple of times in the first paragraph. But generally you want the search terms to appear about 5% of the whole text of the post.

    4 - Include misspellings and stuff you've just heard about on TV:
    My most popular post right now is one I saw on TV about Zhu Zhu Pets, which I knew people would type in as "Zoo Zoo Pets" so I wrote one post with both spellings, and one with the correct spelling only:


    Just like when I saw the Sketchers Shape Up shoes commercial on TV, it piqued my interest, so I immediately wrote a post about it. Sometimes the stuff that's getting lots of pub on TV hasn't hit the net as much yet, so you can get good rankings for it.

    Anyway, you'll notice that many of my posts have Amazon products all over them -- and for popular products like those, people are buying them like crazy. So you can suppliment your Adsense income with Amazon Associates income.

    Try a few SEO tips on your blog and see what works.

    Sunday, August 30, 2009

    How to Get Approved for Some Commission Junction Advertisers When You Keep Getting Denied for Affiliate Program Advertisers...

    How to Get Approved for Some Commission Junction Advertisers When You Keep Getting Denied for Affiliate Program Advertisers...

    See How Lenders See Your FICO Score
    One thing that's frustrating after signing up with lots of hope with the advertisers making the most money for their affiliates in Commission Junction and other affiliate programs -- you know, the ones with the longest green bars of network earnings with high $s in their 3-Month and 7-Day EPC (USD) columns, whatever that means, but I remember it's about who's making money -- the most frustrating thing is when we go thru and apply to lots of these programs, wait for days and then find out we're denied.

    How I got approved to some Commission Junction advertisers after getting denied...

    Get more authority with an LLC or other corporation...

    I incorporated my writing business with The Company Corporation earlier this year in hopes of saving on my tax bill next year (all fingers crossed in the prayer position) and then I proceeded to...

    Open a new affiliate account on Commission Junction
    My old CJ.com account has several URLs affiliated with it, and is listed as an Individual/Sole Proprietor under Tax Information section of the Account - Administrative Settings on CJ -- so I opened a new fresh CJ.com account with my new Tax Classification LLC/LLP.

    Try new website settings under the CJ.com account tab...
    Another benefit, I believe, in opening the fresh new CJ.com account was being able to get rid of this blogger blog you're reading now from under the website settings, even though I'd deleted it, it felt like it was still there lurking in the background.

    Under my new CJ.com account I entered only one website: PaulaNealMooney.com -- and maybe that website has just grown in traffic and pagerank enough for me to have finally gotten approved, or maybe it was the switch to a fresh account with LLC status and no blogger blogs or other multiple blogs listed in my account, but either way...

    I got approved for advertisers that had previously denied me on CJ.com...

    ...like MyFico.com -- which I specifically checked was in my "denied applications" tab under my old CJ account, and is now in my "active advertisers" list.

    I don't know if MyFico.com was one of those ones who turned inactive because of my lack of sales, but hopefully it was due to some of the steps above that will open us up to getting approved for lots more advertisers and at least given the chance to sell something for them.

    Oh my goodness! I just tried it again for Equifax.com -- a site I didn't even SEE when I searched under my old Commission Junction account -- and immediately got approved under my new CJ.com account for Equifax!

    But I still got declined for some other advertisers on Commission Junction like...

    PRWeb »
    Verizon Broadband Services »
    eharmony.com »
    HUDforeclosed »
    ESPN Insider »
    AT&T »
    HP Home & Home Office Store »
    Elizabeth Arden »
    Rosetta Stone Language Software »
    DisneyStore »

    So I'm not sure what requirements those CJ advertisers want, but try the above tips ALWAYS AT YOUR OWN RISK AND GUT CHECK and let me know if you get approved for more advertisers.

    Happy Selling Online!

    Friday, August 28, 2009

    500 Hats, $5,000 to Save a Home from Foreclosure...

    500 Hats, $5,000 to Save a Home from Foreclosure...

    Update: The 500 Hats selling idea has been able to keep the "home foreclosure wolves at bay" for another 30 days...let's keep praying for her house to be saved and paid off -- along with all of our homes!

    Something told me to check the Squiddo lens of the day email that popped up in my AOL mail today.

    Glad I did.

    That's how I found out about the woman knitting hats and selling them for $10 a pop -- working toward selling 500 of them to get the $5,000 her financial institution requires to keep her home out of foreclosure.

    The hats look warm and toasty from the pics on her Squiddo page -- and I really love that Bette Holleman gives people the option of donating their hat to the homeless at Modesto Gospel Mission

    I love these stories.

    Just like the woman who started cooking "Mortgage Apple Cakes" and sold tons of them a $40 a pop to save her home from foreclosure that got picked up by the news:

    ▷▷▷▷▷▷▷ Mortgage Apple Cake – Here's Mortgage Apple Cakes ...

    Jul 28, 2009 ... Mortage Apple Cakes, Mortgage Apple Cakes I love this story of Angela Lawson, a Teaneck, New Jersey, woman who bakes tons of mortgage apple ...

    I just love to read stories of people taking the initiative and using their heaven-given gifts to prosper and overcome hard times.

    It'll be good to read Bette Holleman's success story of saving her home on the news soon...

    Sunday, August 23, 2009

    Starting a New Website? Here's a Checklist on Getting Traffic and More Visitors to Your New Website

    I've gotten a hankering to start another website -- detailing the best, top-selling products online in 2009 and beyond -- and I thought it would be great to finally build up a post and detail the process I go thru to start a new website and get traffic to it.

    #1 Choose an excellent domain na
    by doing a bulk domain name search on GoDaddy.com against well-searched for terms. I love using GoDaddy's bulk domain name registration that lets you dump in up to 500 domain name possibilities, then strips out the ones that are taken and leaves you with the ones that are free. Get long lists of popular search terms to dump in there by extracting csv file lists of search terms based on a word you type into Seo Book Keyword Suggestion Tool, like I did here with "sell" 0r Google Adwords Keyword Tool or WordTracker or whatever your favorite keyword tool place is.

    #2 Buy the domain name...
    ...once you've done your domain-name research, and chosen something kinda pithy that works well with your gut, isn't full of Google stop words, and hopeful contains some great keywords that automatically gets you some searches naturally -- like my domain name WatchFreeEpisodes.com did before I got it banned from Google.

    Since I already use DreamHost.com for my web hosting, I buy my domain names thru them -- because I like using Go Daddy for research, but then giving my money to Dream Host.

    #3 Install the Content Manageme
    nt Software...
    I love using DreamHost.com for this purpose the most, because their one-click installs makes it so easy to install WordPress.org -- my preferred CMS, and the only one I've used beside blogger -- on my new domains.

    DreamHost.com also offers easy installation of other stuff called Gallery, ZenCart, PhpGedView, OpenX, Pligg, dotProject, Moodle, Joomla, phpbb, MediaWiki, WebCalendar, Advanced Poll,Trac --but I've never used anything other than WordPress.org.

    #4 Choose your website layout/theme...
    The website layout or theme is more than just a pretty design -- though some of those professional themes you can buy are really pretty, I've yet to purchase one yet. The WordPress website themes also play into how much traffic your website could ultimately based on how SEO'd they are.

    Since I like free themes, my latest favorite is Corpvox WordPress Theme by Daily Blog Tips, and that's been working well for me. Once I make the move and buy a professional theme, I let you know which one of those is my favorite.

    #5 Before your first post... get the right post url settings and SEO plugin...
    by making sure your post urls will contain the words of your post titles and not just crazy numbers that mean nothing to Google. In WordPress.org sites, you can do this by going under Settings, Permalinks, selecting Custom Structure and putting /%postname%/%post_id%/ in the blank field.

    And a great plugin to immediately install is All-in-One SEO Pack which you can enable and put little characters in front of like I have in the above pic -- just click to enlarge -- so that your posts will stand out in Google Serps (use this tip at your own risk).

    #6 Write your first posts...
    ...and try to SEO them off the bat -- that's if you're not going to purchase SEM ads like via Google Adwords or have some other brilliant plan to get your website noticed like Stuff White People Like by just creating kind of content that eventually gets noticed, you've gotta rely on SEO to bring some people to you.

    Write nice, long, content-rich posts about whatever you want -- and hopefully they include the search terms you're focusing on throughout the post title and article.

    #7 Verify and submit your new website to these places -- AND SET YOUR CRAWL RATE HIGHER ON GOOGLE:
    The next step is to start verifying your website with Google and Yahoo, and submitting it to different places online to tell the Internet world it's there:

    • Add the site to Google Webmaster Tools and verify easily by adding the meta tag they give you to your new website's header file (and while you're in there, set your crawl rate higher than Google recommends. Click on your website name, Site Configuration, Settings -- and when Google lets you, move that switch higher so the bots can crawl your site more often once it gets indexed. This doesn't work for Blogger blogs.)
    • Add your URL to Google
    • Add your new URL to Yahoo and make sure your website shows a green checked mark after you authenticate the website with Yahoo by putting the meta tag they give you in your website's header file
    • Submit your site to Bing
    • Go to Digg.com and submit a post or two on there -- I've gotten new websites indexed in Google in less than 12 hours this way
    #8 To get more website traffic...
    Keep writing lots and lots of SEO'd content. Follow Google Trends if your website is more news-based and topical.

    If it's a more product-based website, you can follow Amazon's best-seller lists to find out what the hot trends are, including their movers and shakers lists and newly released hot-selling lists to see what people are buying.

    Or do both -- products, hot news -- and whatever you like, whatever floats your web boat that you want to keep writing for a long time. And lots of it.

    #9 Build links to your website to get better ranking...but don't get banned by Google

    This is one tip I could do better at myself: Getting links backs to your own new website to try and get better ranking for a term you want. For example, if your website is all about the new PS3 Slim, try and get links with that or varying anchor texts back to your website. But don't overdo it all in one day, says Onlinearnings.com, because you don't want Google to bomb you for Google bombing a certain term, like they did John Chow when he had all those people link to him with the term "make money online".

    Try submitting free press releases
    Write articles for AssociatedContent.com and link back to your site
    Try American Chronicle
    Try Examiner.com
    Try all the article directories you can find.

    #10 Monetize

    If your goal is to make money off all your hard work, monetize your new website. Click on the link above with my latest online earnings posted to see which program I use to make money off my websites.

    #11 Add Tracking Code to Study How You Get Your Hits -- and Learn How to Get More...
    Don't forget to add tracking code to your new website's footer file -- both real-time tracking like StatCounter.com that I love, and tracking that lets you know over the long haul what your most popular posts are, like Google Analytics.

    Thursday, August 20, 2009

    ^ ¢ £ ¤ ¥ § ¬ ° ± º ø þ Get More Blog Visitors with Symbols in Your Blog Post Titles - Which ones show up in Google serps?

    ^ ¢ £ ¤ ¥ § ¬ ° ± º ø þ Get More Blog Visitors with Symbols in Your Blog Post Titles - Which ones show up in Google serps?

    I'm always on the lookout for ways to get more traffic to my websites -- and I still use the tip of putting symbols in my blog post titles that I learned from Blue Hat SEO years ago.

    Since then, I've experimented with what symbols Google strips out of their serps and which ones they leave in.

    Symbols like this, they leave in, thereby increasing the click-thru rate when people see the posts in Google's serps:

    ▷▷▷▷▷▷▷ Danny Gans Cause of Death Finally Found to be Acute ...

    Symbols like the cute heart, I used get stripped out:
    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Tyra Banks Real Hair, No Weave on September 8, 2009 Tyra Show…

    The solid bars get stripped out of the post title, too, but I also put them within the post in header 2 tags and they show up in the Google search-engine results pages like this:

    ▷▷▷▷▷▷▷ Octomom Documentary: Watch Octomom Fox Documentary ...

    ▌▌▌▌▌▌▌Octomom Documentary: Watch Octomom Fox Documentary Full Reality Show From Fox and RadarOnline.com Below… ...
    www.paulanealmooney.com/▌▌▌▌▌▌▌octomom-documentary...octomom-fox-documentary...fox.../1683/ - 17 hours ago - Similar -

    So that can draw some eyes, too.


    On my WordPress.org websites, I use the All in One SEO plugin and put the ▷▷▷▷▷▷▷ symbols in front of the "post title format" and other formats listed so they'll automatically put those symbols in front of every post people see in Google. (Other search engines strip them out, like Bing and Yahoo and Ask and such.)

    You'll know they are working right when you click on your own post and look above at the post title and you see the symbols in your top left-hand window.

    On Blogger.com I put the ▷▷▷▷▷▷▷ code that translates into those symbols after the code that says title in the greater and less than symbols, but not WITHIN the greater and less than symbols, but the space in between.

    And I put ▷▷▷▷▷▷▷ again before the blog page title code. In the space between, a shown in the above pic.

    Make sure to save your template on Blogger before you go monkeying around so you'll have a good copy to go back to if you need it.

    I'm playing around with more symbols to see which ones still work on Google. I'll update you on which ones do. I believe these help my ctr because the eye naturally falls on stuff that sticks out in the serps.

    Wednesday, August 19, 2009

    ♥ ♥ ♥ eBay PPC - New eBay Pay Per Click Affililate Program Announced - Good, I'll make more than $1.03 earnings out of eBay's referral program now...

    ♥ ♥ ♥ eBay PPC - New eBay Pay Per Click Affililate Program Announced - Good, maybe I'll make more than $1.03 out of eBay's referral program now...

    I got a Gmail email about eBay's new "Quality Click Pricing" or program or something or 'nother and I didn't even know what the freak they were talking about until I moved on and wrote this post about "♥ ♥ ♥ How to Find the Most Recent 2009 Affiliate and Referral Programs and News..." and only THEN did I realize by reading other people's reports that eBay was announcing a new PPC pay-per-click instead of just pay-per-action PPA program.

    This is good news.

    Because I've made a total of $1.03 out of eBay's partner network (click the pic in this post to get to it) this year -- thus far totally!

    I just figured out that the $1.03 was earned when someone bought U2 tickets thru one of my posts leading them to u2 tics on eBay -- and that person got the winning bid -- and the revenue earned off of that winning bid was $2.09 or so -- I still gotta figure out how that "revenue earned" is calculated. Is it eBay's fee off the transaction, like PayPal's fees? (Which, by the way, Darren Rowse said PayPal is raising...)

    But I'm off on a rabbit trail again. Back to eBay's new Pay Per Click PPC announcement today.

    This is good if most eBay Partners were like me -- blogging our hearts out about eBay stuff and not making much money out of them:
    1. ▷▷▷▷▷▷▷ Homes for Sale on eBay – From Most Expensive to the ...

      One fun thing to do is to check around on eBay for expensive stuff people are selling, and this morning I played around finding out what some of the most ...
      www.paulanealmooney.com/...ebay...ebay/1335/ - Cached - Similar -
    2. ▷▷▷▷▷▷▷ Most Popular, Top Selling eBay Items in 2009 ...

      Aug 9, 2009 ... For example, as of this writing in 2009, the top ten overall searched for items on eBay are these listed below, which we can reasonably ...
      www.paulanealmooney.com/...ebay...ebay/1495/ - Cached - Similar -
    3. ▷▷▷▷▷▷▷ Heidi Klum Silk Dress on eBay – Here's Heidi Klum's ...

      So I guess Heidi Klum was on The Ellen Show yesterday talking about Klum's silk dress on eBay — probably to benefit some kind of charity hopefully. ...
      www.paulanealmooney.com/heidi...on-ebay.../346/ - Cached - Similar -
    4. ▷▷▷▷▷▷▷ Hawks Cavs Ebay | Paula Neal Mooney

      Cleveland Cavs Game #1 for Tuesday, May 5, 2009, so I went hunting around on eBay and TicketMaster for available tickets. I see lots of Hawks vs. ...
      www.paulanealmooney.com/tag/hawks-cavs-ebay/ - Cached - Similar -
    5. Ebay Deals Today | Paula Neal Mooney

      eBay Daily Deal - Here are eBay Daily Deals today… From 20% to 90% off ... The four daily deals are backed by major eBay Power Sellers and retailers such as ...
      www.paulanealmooney.com/tag/ebay-deals-today/ - Similar -
    6. ▷▷▷▷▷▷▷ Frederic Malle Perfume & Price – Here's Frederic ...

      ... Malle perfumes — why is Frederic Malle so popular? — and people are selling Frederic Malle perfumes on eBay as well, hopefully they're all legit: ...
      www.paulanealmooney.com/frederic-malle.../1078/ - Cached - Similar -
    7. ▷▷▷▷▷▷▷ Michelle Obama's Purse: VBH V. Bruce Hoeksema ...

      Jul 9, 2009 ... VBH clutches used to be available for sale at Bergdorf Goodmans, but lately, the only place I see the VBH clutches are for sale on eBay:

    So hopefully now with the eBay PPC strategy starting -- not until October 1, 2009, for those of us already in the eBay Partner Network, but earlier at September 1, 2009, for those just entering (by the by, where's the loyalty in that eBay? Makes me want to go open a new eBay partner account just to get in on the eBay PPC program earlier than the noobs...) -- I can make some better money out of eBay.

    At least they deposited that eBay monies for a whopping $1.03 in my account lickety-split.

    And for people who get in on the eBay Motors dealie with GM soon pimping their cars thru the resell giant, watch out! That's a bonus tip you, my eBay ppc friend, get for getting all the way to the end of this post.

    Let's pray and prosper -- and pay house notes! Onward...

    Monday, August 17, 2009

    $80 a Day Online Earnings Tips from Onlinearnings.com

    $80 a Day Online Earnings Tips from Onlinearnings.com

    I found an interesting website today called Onlinearnings.com -- and I found most fascinating (her?) blog post called "$50/Daily Clickbank, $30/Daily AdSense Method For Beginners", wherein she details starting a website 4 weeks ago that's already paying her at least 80 bucks a day.

    Of course, she doesn't give away her keywords -- but I found most interesting how she took the time to have articles written and submitted to various directories, and got backlinks and stuff in order to get a #1 Google Ranking for the mysterious terms for a keyword that has 15 million SERPs.

    I'm seriously thinking of undertaking that route (and writing all the stuff myself for free) of creating articles, submitting to articles directories and slowly but surely gaining backlinks to rank for a good term.

    I refuse to sell scammy stuff I see on ClickBank -- but I'm going to focus on positive topics that can help people and pay well.

    Of course, look forward to my income reports coming...

    Sunday, August 16, 2009

    Soren Jordansen Scam? Anyone Making Money with Clickbank Pirate Besides Cindy Battye and Soren Jordansen?

    Soren Jordansen Scam? Anyone Making Money with Clickbank Pirate?

    At this point, I'm just about done with all the get-rich-quick schemes and programs out there. I was checking out some of the best-selling products on ClickBank -- the ones with the highest gravity -- and that how I found out about ClickBank Pirate and started researching whether Soren Jordansen was a scam artist or not. Actually, I didn't think Soren Jordansen looked like a scammer, it's just Google suggested "Soren Jordansen scam" when I typed in his name, only because so many people must type in Soren Jordansen scam when deciding whether or not to buy his product.

    And I didn't see scam associated at all with Cindy Battye -- only her great cancer butt-kicking testimony. She's Soren Jordansen's partner in the CB Pirate thing.

    I really want to know the real deal about how much people are making after using the cb pirate -- and if any, are they just making money selling false hopes and dreams to other people who are trying to make money online?

    That's what a lot of these products feel like.

    Tuesday, August 04, 2009

    † Tissa Godavitarne - Scam? Hoax? Or Internet Marketing Genius? Read these reviews...

    UPDATE - I can't do it. Just as soon as I signed up with Tissa's people search engine, I cancelled. I just don't feel right about helping people find other people's addresses and phone numbers. AND THIS PRIVACY ISSUE IS GAINING STEAM. CHECK OUT THE CONTROVERSY BREWING OVER THE MYLIFE.COM PRIVACY SELLING ISSUES THAT TISSA USES TO PROVIDE THE PEOPLE SEARCH ENGINE INFO. I know I could probably make money with it, but it's just not sitting right with my soul. Back to the drawing board. I know better things await...

    I kept trying to rationalize that many people could use the people search engines for good purposes, like reconnecting with old classmates and finding deadbeat dads and such -- but the reality is that if just one person uses them for nefarious purposes, I just don't want to be a part of that.

    I wonder if Tissa would care if people found out the address of his fabulous home, and came a' knocking on his door?

    How I Bought a Brand New $1.2 Million Dollar Dream Home on Two Rolling Acres Using ONLY Affiliate Commissions Earned While I Was Unemployed

    When you see a Google Ad with that title, you just gotta click it.

    That's what I did, and that's how I found out about Tissa Godavitarne, a guy who has gotta be a great marketing genius, scam artist, brilliant or greedy!

    After all, if Tissa Godavitame isn't a scam artist and is really making $2.2 million per year -- why would he need to make more, I wondered.

    Anyway, here's the pic of what Tissa says is his actual home -- ambitiously called the "TissaPlex" like Google's "GooglePlex" -- I love it!

    So is Tissa Godavitarne a Scam Artist or Brilliant Man?

    That's what I'm trying to figure out.

    Today, feeling totally beat down by DreamHost's bad performance on keeping my dot coms up lately, even after moving to two private servers -- and not as hopeful about my Amazon Associates revenue, I'm blogging in bed about what I've researched about Tissa Godavitarne.

    I lingered over the email entry box on his Acme-People-Search.com website, not having the gumption right now to try it.

    So is it a scam?

    Seems like the jury is still out on that one, but follow this thread on people debating back and forth whether Tissa's a scam or not.

    Those are folks who actually purport to have tried his people search engine pyramid seeming thingee.

    And maybe I'll get the gumption to try it soon.

    At least Tissa Godavitame has got his 1099 online...

    ...but at this point I'm so jaded with "online experts," I wondered if that was Photoshopped.

    Tissa does say he will show it to you in person.

    And at least he shows what he says is his real pic, real phone number and such.

    You don't see that every day.

    Right now I'm sticking with money made via Google Adsense, Amazon Associates and Kontera and Others...

    I made $20,000 online in the first 6 months of 2009, so stay tuned for my progress...

    And feel free to leave me your comments on your actual great or bad experiences with Tissa Godavitarne's ACME People Search Engine.

    I like to keep abreast of the money-makers online.

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    Paula Neal Mooney