Soren Jordansen Scam? Anyone Making Money with Clickbank Pirate Besides Cindy Battye and Soren Jordansen?

Soren Jordansen Scam? Anyone Making Money with Clickbank Pirate?

At this point, I'm just about done with all the get-rich-quick schemes and programs out there. I was checking out some of the best-selling products on ClickBank -- the ones with the highest gravity -- and that how I found out about ClickBank Pirate and started researching whether Soren Jordansen was a scam artist or not. Actually, I didn't think Soren Jordansen looked like a scammer, it's just Google suggested "Soren Jordansen scam" when I typed in his name, only because so many people must type in Soren Jordansen scam when deciding whether or not to buy his product.

And I didn't see scam associated at all with Cindy Battye -- only her great cancer butt-kicking testimony. She's Soren Jordansen's partner in the CB Pirate thing.

I really want to know the real deal about how much people are making after using the cb pirate -- and if any, are they just making money selling false hopes and dreams to other people who are trying to make money online?

That's what a lot of these products feel like.


Anonymous said…
Nice blog post! Keep it up!

Tai Zejan

Joe Foster said…
I've been promoting cbpirate for some months now and while I've been steadily making conversions (people signing up for the free reports), I've yet to see someone buy the damn thing. Starting to think it's a rip off myself.
Gabriel said…
Seriously, I'm starting to wonder.

Article on first page of google, 300 visitors 0 opt-ins? Are you kidding me?

SERIOUSLY starting to wonder.