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50+ Ways to Get More Page Views, Hits and Visitors to Your Website, Blog or Articles

50+ Ways to Get More Page Views, Hits and Visitors to Your Website, Blog or Articles

Update: I keep thinking of new tips to add to this list, so I'll keep updating to help people. Let me know how much your traffic increasing by leaving a comment after implementing some of these free traffic-getting tips:

Time to do a lot of giving back -- I've been meaning to write out a major post of all the ways online writers can get more visitors to their websites.

Some of the below tips are specific to writers who write for sites that appear in Google News, like -- but many of them can help all online writers of their own single blogs and the like.

Apply to Write for here now...

Lots of the tips are focused on news writers who write about breaking news topics as opposed to seasonal, evergreen stuff -- but still, the tips can help those who aren't up-to-the-minute entertainment writers.

Take what you need, leave what you don't:

About the Headline Title:

1. Put…

December 2009 Blogging Income Update: $34,394.02 from Jan. - Nov. 2009

Well, it's that time again -- thought I'd update readers (and myself) on just how much money writing online at this website and others is bringing in, in terms of moola, that is.

Gotta make sure I've got enough to give Uncle Sam come 4/15/2010 -- and I'm still playing around with the ideas my tax accountant dad is giving me to go use Intuit's Easy Pay Cycle to start paying my LLC's taxes through them, and therefore save on the $9,000 and more plunked down to the IRS in coming years.

When he started trying to explain to me the tax benefits of choosing a fiscal year end for my business that's different from the calendar year end for my personal taxes, my brain began to wander like in Analytics class or something, so I figured I'd picked that studying up again in 2010.

But anyway, thus far I've taken in $34,394.02 from January 1, 2009 - November 30, 2009.

Moving along at a good clip. Writing for has been the biggest online writing blessin…