December 2009 Blogging Income Update: $34,394.02 from Jan. - Nov. 2009

Well, it's that time again -- thought I'd update readers (and myself) on just how much money writing online at this website and others is bringing in, in terms of moola, that is.

Gotta make sure I've got enough to give Uncle Sam come 4/15/2010 -- and I'm still playing around with the ideas my tax accountant dad is giving me to go use Intuit's Easy Pay Cycle to start paying my LLC's taxes through them, and therefore save on the $9,000 and more plunked down to the IRS in coming years.

When he started trying to explain to me the tax benefits of choosing a fiscal year end for my business that's different from the calendar year end for my personal taxes, my brain began to wander like in Analytics class or something, so I figured I'd picked that studying up again in 2010.

But anyway, thus far I've taken in $34,394.02 from January 1, 2009 - November 30, 2009.

Moving along at a good clip. Writing for has been the biggest online writing blessing-boon God has brought me; they are noted as Clarity Digital Group, LLC, in the breakdown of YTD income below. (People are all over the Tiger Woods' situation with his wife.)

Apply to Write for here now...

So I suggest if you're a voracious writer and reader -- with a hankering for reading shampoo bottles when nothing else is around -- apply to and say Paula Mooney referred you, please to try your hand at some fast-paced news pieces. (That's what's paying off for me.)

Someone commented that I make it seem like making money online is easy. That person probably hasn't read thru my archives of the blood, sweat, tears and time I've put in online.

I'll bet you I work at least 70 hours per week on various websites, many times 7 days a week.

So this is no game. If people really want to work hard and try and make money online they can with the Lord's favor and using their time and talents. Other people just find it not worthwhile because they can make money via other 9 to 5 jobs -- and there's nothing wrong with that. As long as we are where we are supposed to be in life.

Oh yeah -- and the reason I've got a Zhu Zhu Pets pic in this post is because those suckers are selling out the ying-yang on Amazon.

Here's the income breakdown:

Amazon Total $ 9,620.65
Associated Content Total $ 2,296.26
CJ PAYMENT Total $ 673.13
Clarity Digital Group, LLC Total $ 6,727.95
Google Adsense Total $ 10,665.28
Kontera Total $ 2,542.53
Linkshare Total $ 992.88
LinkWorth Total $ 50.00
Niche Blog Media Total $ 11.98
Text Link Ads, Inc Total $ 676.04
$ 34,394.02


Manhattan said…
Meanwhile my blog sits at a proud -$5...

It's pretty incredible that you made that much though. Your blog is worth more than my day job.
I bet you're in the same position as me, finding that there's simply not enough hours in a week. If only the finances weren't restricted to being measured on a monthly basis. However, internet marketing knows no boundaries and runs 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. If you don't update your site, someone else in another timezone will beat you to the top slot on Google!
Martin Lindsey. said…
Good to see the updates. Dad is right about the tax strategy. Separate business taxes from personal taxes in the same way you don't co-mingle funds from your business income and personal income in one bank account.
LexiB said…
Oh my Paula! That is wonderful!
If you're available, I would like to speak to you about affiliates. I'm finding it difficult to find those that fit my niche. (nsfw)

Once again, congratulations! I remember your start in AC so I know you have put in a lot of work to get where you are. ~LexiB.
Jessica Oprah said…
Its great, i believe those amazon products on your site are hot cos i sell them too at
Mesut said…
Thank you very good and a healthy writing. I will definitely keep track of posts and the occasional visit. ;)
Angela said…
Pray, I've been doing way more of that since I started blogging (August 2009)!

I pray anyway, though. Girl, or shall I say, "Sister in Christ," I'm so glad I found your blog. God sure has given you talent and I thank you for sharing it.

I just went and submitted my writing to (I put you down as the person who referred me), and not to long ago, I signed up to write for Associated Content.

I plan on coming to your blog everyday until I have all of that stuff embeded in me as second nature.

I have a blog: He Speaks To Me. It's mostly about the time that God and I share in conversation. I do host blog tours though. It gives me a chance to meet Godly writers and read good books at the same time.

Blessings to you :)
Thanks, Angela -- I'm sure you'll get into Examiner -- and I'll try and write out a huge list of "50 Ways to Get More Hits on Examiner" by month's end.

I see you wrote about Tiger Woods on your site, believe me -- writing about the latest Tiger Woods breaking news updates has been giving me all my tax money and then some! Praise the Lord of love.
Taruhan Bola said…
Wow That is quite a cool earning. I have just started blogging hope I will get an income like that someday
cyco said…
whoa...that's a lot of money!
Werbung Bocholt said…
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Maddie said…
Wow!! That's a lot! How long have you been earning online? My total would be $40 at the most :( But then I just started this year.Anyway, congratz!
madno said…
do you know that zhu zhu pet is a very hot product selling on ebay?