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Google Adsense Payments for March 2009 Not Yet Deposited in April 2009?

If you're a Google Adsense user who gets their Google Adsense money direct-deposited in your checking account -- have you received your Google Adsense March 2009 earnings yet in your bank account today, April 28, 2009?

Google Adsense usually comes like clockwork into our bank accounts, usually with the money being direct-deposited already by the 24th or 25th of the month. So today is April 28, 2009 -- what gives, Google Adsense?

Hopefully, you, Google Adsense, giving soon to our bank accounts!

And prayerfully not one of those Google Adsense "on hold" accidental payment bugs like Jensense wrote about in the past. Show me the money!

People Buy Medical Face Masks Online in Droves, Hoping Surgical Masks Will Prevent Swine Flu

I logged onto my Amazon account yesterday and was delighted to see sales, but then saddened when I realized what people were buying in droves: surgical face masks and medical masks, in hopes of preventing swine flu.

This Cardinal N95 Particulate Respirators Surgical, Dust & Avian & Swine Flu Mask, 20 Box says it's for the swine flu:

Medical Masks Can Only Prevent Swine Flu...
...if you're close to a person who has it -- but the swine flu expert on NBC Nightly News last night (or was it Dr. Oz on The View talking about the medical masks?) said that the medical masks won't really help prevent the spread of swine flu in general.

So I don't know if people buying all these medical masks to try and prevent swine flu will really help or not. I guess it can't hurt, I'm assuming. Dr. Oz talked about how a sneeze can travel 100 miles per hour -- and that some of the swine flu particles can make it past the mask.

And Dr. Oz said people shouldn't rush out and buy Ta…

How Twitter Can Help You Get More Visitors to Your Website, And Tell You What's Going On...

Twitter is changing the way we do business, how we get our news and communicate with one another.

Barbara Walters just signed up for a free Twitter account today and sent her first Tweet online.

But one of the coolest things on Twitter when you log in and go to the home page, on the right-hand side of the page you'll see below the Twiter search box a "Trending Topics" that lists 10 topics that are hot and buzzing on Twitter at the time.

That's how I found out that Stephen Hawking was ill. And I learned about some new Tweetie Mac app that's hot now. So especially if you write about breaking news, Twitter is one more way to find out what's breaking and write about it first possibly.

If you're on Twitter anyway a lot, it's a good way to see what people are Tweeting a lot about -- and I'll bet you a "dollar to a doughnut" as my Mommy used to say -- that Twitter will keep breaking news before the traditional websites do.

Like the time the person s…

Barbara Walters is now on Twitter...Here's Barbara Walters Twitter page

Barbara Walters is now on Twitter, and I just became one of her followers.

Barbara's specific Twitter page is listed at -- and she's got about 17 followers as of this writing. You just know that's going to be up to half a million soon.

It was so funny when Whoopi Goldberg told Barbara not to give out her Twitter page name because everyone would have it -- she sounded like a scared old anti-techie lady.

And Whoopi is pissed at Twitter for letting fakers adopt her persona. But I'll bet you those fake Whoopi Twitter pages will be gone by days' end too.

Come, on Whoopi, don't be afraid of Twitter!

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Does Amazon really pay Amazon Associates for all sales made? Is the Kindle now an excluded product on Amazon for referral fees?

On April 15th or 16th 2009, one of my husband's colleagues was on one of my websites when she purchased a new Kindle 2 and cover for a retiring coworker.

Funny, I later saw the Kindle 2 leather cover coming thru my Amazon Associates account -- but not the $35.99 due me, an Amazon Associate, for the Kindle 2 purchased thru my website.

That led me to wonder:

Does Amazon really pay its Associates for all the sales they make?

Trying to explain the short-fall, I thought of many things: Their Amazon cookie expires in 24 hours, but she purchased it right away, not putting it in her shopping cart first then coming back to it.

Maybe the company's computers strips Amaazon's Associates cookies -- but that doesn't explain why the Kindle 2 leather cover came thru.

I guess the real question is: Is Amazon still paying $35.99 referral fees to Amazon Associates who sell them?
Come to think of it, I haven't seen Kindle sales coming thru my account since February -- and I see two Kindles de…

Make Money on Twitter, Embed Your Widget, Follow and Get Followers and Post Your Affiliate Links in Tweets -- It's a Twitterific World!

Twitter is such an amazing thing, and now that Oprah's onboard, lots of regular people are too.

I finally got on board after realizing I didn't have an account on Twitter. So now I'm all over discovering ways that people are trying to make money on Twitter -- which seems to be the buzz-worthy new affiliate marketing place to pitch products.

But instead of pretending to be a regular person and using Mag Pie pay-per-Tweet type services that have drawn the wrath of people online and inspired "How to Sell Your Soul on Twitter" type of pieces getting lots of hits on Digg, ReadWriteWeb and TechMeme -- I'm more inspired by people who are more up-front about finding the people who might be looking to buy stuff on Twitter.

Like if you do a Twitter search on "coupon" you'll find lots of people have set up Twitter accounts focusing on finding good deals, and have gained good followers, targeted and the ones who want to know these deals and have them sent to t…

Fiscal Activity Tax Refund Scam Email

I just got some scam email titled "Fiscal Activity Tax Refund" -- I'm surprised Gmail didn't send it to my SPAM folder -- claiming I'm due some kind of tax refund:

After the last annual calculations of your fiscal activity
we have determined that you are eligible to receive
a tax refund under section 501(c) (3) of the
Internal Revenue Code. Tax refund value is $189.60.
Please submit the tax refund request and allow us 6-9 days
in order to IWP the data received.
If u don't receive your refund within 9 business
days from the original IRS mailing date shown,
you can start a refund trace online.

Yeah, right. I already know I owe the IRS, so nice try.

According to Who.Is, the website link that they want you to click on is from the Netherlands.

Another one for the Internet FBI to track down...

Washington Times Down All Day - When Comes Back Up, Maybe Then They'll Embrace Us Citizen Journalists

The Washington Times website has been down for most of the day -- at least the times I tried to find out about the Washington Times embracing citizen journalists.

I guess it's from all the attention received from a move I applaud -- many sites should follow suit as The Washington Times does and approve well-written and well-researched and well-thought-out citizen journalism.

But alas, even the cache of the story titled "Times embraces 'citizen journalism' - Washington Times" is down or unavailable right now. Guess the Washington Times as got to approach a better website host, too.

I can't talk. I've my share of days when my sites have gone down. And I've done stupid stuff to get them banned from Google.

The Washington Times gets over 100,000 pageviews a day, I see, according to -- and I can't really tell who their web host is by using Who.Is, or rather, I just don't want to out a bad web host. Maybe it's the weather, who knows?


The View Features Women for Hire, Magic Dream Party, Direct Selling 411 and Other Ways to Make Money Online From Home...

The View had a big show today all about how to get a job -- and the last segment featured ways for stay-at-home moms to get jobs from home, working online.

Of course they mentioned trying your hand at selling stuff on eBay -- and I was glad to see they also mentioned selling stuff thru Amazon's Marketplace. Amazon is one of my favorite places to make money -- but I told sell my own stuff thru their Amazon Marketplace (I once did sell some books thru Amazon but it wasn't a good book) -- but now I sell other people's stuff on Amazon. (Look to the link in my sidebar to join their Amazon Associates program if you've got a website.)

They also mentioned making money online thru writing for Associated Content. (Again, that link's in my sidebar, too.)

The View Show On Finding a Job from Home...
...also feature, a site that has job groups and lots of resources it seems to help women stay motivated and find work.

I was happy to see the focus on finding work onlin…

Associated Content on The View! Writing Jobs for Stay-at-Home Moms Show Mentions Associated Content

I felt like a proud momma just now, watching the author of Will Work from Home: Earn the Cash--Without the Commute mention Associated Content as one of her favorite websites for stay-at-home moms to make money online with.

I concur, even though I don't write for them much anymore. Associated Content helped me get my start online writing before the good Lord showed me how to set up my own websites. But back in 2006 when I first looked into making money online, AC was a God-send.

Even now, the $135 per month or so that I get from AC is still so useful in paying my student loan each month. Maybe I'll come back -- especially if AC let's us put affiliate links in our articles! (Maybe they've updated their policy.)

Check out my Associated Content articles that make me some of the most advertising revenue:
Lori McCommas' Photo -- Terrence Howard's Estranged Wife -- and the Picture of a Tumultuous Marriage as the Actor Says No Sex Till He Remarries
LeBron James' New Hou…

Conficker Eye Chart - Here's Conficker EyeChart, Use Conflicker Eye Chart Link Below To See if Conficker i Chart Says You're Infected with Virus...

So I just checked my laptop with the conficker eye chart to see if the conficker eye chart says I have the conflicker virus or not.

Thankfully, according to the conficker chart, I don't have the conflict virus -- which though it didn't wreak much havoc on April 1, 2009, as expected, today on Monday, April 13, 2009, people are saying that those computers infected with the conficker worm virus may be exposed to having their credit card info stolen.

I hope the conficker, conflicker, conflict, configure i eye chart whatever you call it... accurate. Those are just some of the curious searches and names that people are frantically typing into Google right now at a volcanic rate to ensure their PCs are safe.

Hopefully a whole lotta heavenly protection and the multiple anti-virus software I use protected me from conflict, and will keep me safe from worms.

conficker eye chart,conficker eyechart, conflicker eye chart, conficker i chart, conficker chart, configure eye chart

Amazon Rank, Amazon Rank, Amazon Rank -- Amazon can choose to rank its books however it wants to...

People want to Google bomb a certain post with Amazon rank to protest Amazon not ranking certain books as high as they would like to.

But Amazon can rank the books however it wants. (I particularly just like looking at Amazon's best-selling rank lists anyway.)

And can choose to only allow man seeking woman or woman seeking man if they want -- it's their company!

And Google can sell out and not put any creative pic today of the Savior that saved this world by dying a horrible death once and for us all.

"I set before you life and death. Choose life."

Sound of Music Train Station Improv Everywhere YouTube Video Nearly 1 Million Views...

The below Sound of Music improv everywhere YouTube video is up to more than 900,000 views right now on YouTube -- and growing by the minute. The Sound of Music Train Station video was hot on Google Trends, that's how I found out about it.

At first I heard the "Do Re Mi" music playing and I thought everyone was going to join in and sing. But then I saw the massive Improv Everywhere -- is that what they're called? -- troupe come out and dance and sing and bring so much joy to just regular old train station patrons.

Of course, since we did the Sound of Music for our 8th-grade operetta (I was the nun Sister Sophia, yes a stretch) I'm infinitely familiar with the song sung in train station.

Watch the Sound of Music Train Station YouTube Video:

PageRank Go Down in April 2009? My Google PageRank Didn't Increase, but Decreased to a 2 -- Was it the Text Link Ads, or something else?

If you search Google for "pagerank dropped" in the last week or so, you'll get nearly 2,000 search engine results.

True, while all of those Google serps may not be of people bitchin' and moaning about their own pagerank dropping, many of the ones on pages 1 and 2 are.

That's because Google just updated pageranks in April 2009 (people are saying that Google is updating pageranks pretty regularly -- quarterly now) and many sites got hit with pagerank drops.

Two of my Pageranked 3 blogs (this one you're reading, and the one about online shopping) went down to a 2.

Since a couple of my other, previously most popular WordPress sites had already gotten totally Google slapped and removed from their index, both of those have a N/A pagerank (meaning you're hosed and gotten pray for them to return if they've ever seen a rank and then switched down to N/A).

But I'm looking at what I still have, and at least those are a couple of pagerank 2 sites -- you'll se…

Amazon Associates Bans Google Adwords Paid Search Advertising for Referral of their Amazon Products...

Well, it's a good thing I decided to stop promoting Amazon Associates products via Google Adwords -- because today I just read on the Amazon Associates blog that Amazon has decided to stop allowing paid search advertising for its USA and Canada programs.

I still gotta look at Amazon France, Germany and UK to see if they're following suit.

Heck, like I told Amazon, I sent them a bunch of free advertising anyway, because I didn't make a huge amount of sales that way.

Nope, many of my Amazon sales came from God answering prayers, fasting and for bringing so much traffic to some of my posts about the Kindle when Oprah introduced it on her show.

The new no-paid-advertising to Amazon via Google Adwords and other paid search advertisers takes effect May 1, 2009.

Guess that "googhydr-20" Amazon Associates affiliate who seems to have every keyword in the world almost tagged and running to Amazon right now might be kicking himself.

Or, if the mysterious googhydr-20 is Google the…

New Blogger Template - Free Blogger-Blogspot Templates, Custom SEO Blogger Skins to Make Your HTML Blogspot Blog Look Better in 2009 and Get More Hits


For those of you who've visited my Blogger/Blogpost blog before, you'll notice I just downloaded a new template from the eBlog Templates website, who has a bunch of free Blogger / Blogspot templates under their Blogger tab (I found this Ads Theme template for Blogger I'm currently using under the most-downloaded section.)

The new Blogger/Blogspot template is pretty neat, but I did a few custom hacks... I made sure to wrap the post titles in header 1 tags.

And I'm glad the Blogspot theme creator was smart enough to put the post title first, and then the blog title -- this is great for SEO click-thru rates in Google's search engine results pages, because the readers see your titles first.

I noti…

Google Blocks Another One of My Websites, And Here's my Amazon Associates Earnings...

So last month, March 2009, I spent $366.90 in Google Adwords promoting Amazon and a few other products, and so far the March earnings on Amazon come in at $299.49 -- but about 20 more items need to ship, so thank God I hope I'll at least be in the black and well beyond when they do.

As for the other tallies, at least Adsense hit $500 for the month -- in spite of two sites now totally removed from their index.

But yesterday I was half-surprised to find out that the other website I was building up of the best-selling products online was, just like, totally removed from Google's index.

So what do you do when Google blocks your website and totally removes it from their index?
Well, first you rant and rave a little bit -- second time around, I guess it's less shocking.

You want to ask Google:

Was the feed list plugin? Maybe but, lots of people use that.

Was it all the labels? Maybe...but Goog, could you give us an exactly limit please?

Are you just trying to force…