Sound of Music Train Station Improv Everywhere YouTube Video Nearly 1 Million Views...

The below Sound of Music improv everywhere YouTube video is up to more than 900,000 views right now on YouTube -- and growing by the minute. The Sound of Music Train Station video was hot on Google Trends, that's how I found out about it.

At first I heard the "Do Re Mi" music playing and I thought everyone was going to join in and sing. But then I saw the massive Improv Everywhere -- is that what they're called? -- troupe come out and dance and sing and bring so much joy to just regular old train station patrons.

Of course, since we did the Sound of Music for our 8th-grade operetta (I was the nun Sister Sophia, yes a stretch) I'm infinitely familiar with the song sung in train station.

Watch the Sound of Music Train Station YouTube Video:


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