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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Tyra to Wear 'Fat' Swimsuit and Slam Critics

by Paula Neal Mooney

TMZ and Juicy-News are reporting Tyra Banks' plan to answer her fat critics by wearing a swimsuit on the Tyra Banks Show tomorrow. Not just any swimsuit, but the self-same swimsuit that paparazzi caught her lolling around the Australian surf wearing looking, as some anorexic-inducing critics claim, so much larger than her Swimsuit Illustrated days.

It's the same one-piece swimsuit that bloggers and writers quickly pounced on and attacked Tyra with headlines like these (and we wonder why supermodels are dying from starving themselves, all the while the new size double-zero is all the rage...just waiting on the minus one, two and three sizes):

"Tyra Banks shows the world why she retired from the runway"

Headlines like that are just rude, crude, and not worth the pixels they are written with. And I for one am glad Tyra is taking a svelte stand to answer her critics. Sure, like every other woman in the world, Tyra might seek to lose a little weight if she chooses, but the goal is to be healthy. And no one deserves to be criticized like that for the size of their thighs!

Watch Tyra take on the "fat" headlines in this clip of Thursday's show...courtesy of TMZ.com... I'd better go set my TiVo...

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Why You Should Read Blog Ads

by Paula Neal Mooney

I love my blog's readers. The ones that don't cuss at me, that is. Like Scott Nance over at Life, The Universe...

My e-conversations with Scott have inspired a couple of posts thus far, including the How to Get People to Read Your Blog one. And now here's another. Yesterday Scott unknowingly got me to thinking about the advantages to reading the ads on other people's blogs -- not your own. (Never, ever, blogging newbies, click on your own Google Adsense ads! This could spell doom.)

It helps prevent ad blindness - I was so used to not clicking on the ads displayed on my own blog that I realized I was letting this fear translate to other websites I read daily. Lo and behold I had almost developed a case of ad blindness, an affliction that content writers try hard to cure their customers of, trying all sorts of tricks like placing topical pics near their Google Adsense link ads. (Which, by the by, the jury is still out on whether this is okay or not under Google rules.)

You learn about ads you want to block - There was one specific Google Adsense ad (which I refuse to give any free publicity to) that kept popping up on my blog that looked questionable, but I couldn't click on it to find out more about it. In cases like this it's good to peruse or play the video ads you see on other sites just in case you want to block them from your own site. Eventually, I used the same methodology I used to block low-paying click ads (oh, if only I could block them all) to block that troublesome ad. It took a few days but I haven't seen it since.

Studying sponsors and affiliate ads gets you more sponsors -- I learned about Text Link Ads and places like AdBrite and Amazon's referral program by reading other blogs, clicking on the stuff they had displayed and signing up under their referrals.

Your own private donation button. You know those "donate" buttons that most people never click on? I think the one of the only times I've actually donated in that manner was the couple of bucks I had left in my PayPal account at the time to the family of James Kim. Reading ads is another way to support those favorite blogs you love, plus...

...reading ads keeps you abreast of the latest happenings. Whether it's new technology, a democratic process, or celebrity gossip, reading ads daily keep bloggers up-to-date on what's going on in the world.

You gain new advertising ideas by studying how successful advertisers pitch their products. We're not just writers, we're purveyors of the written word who can also take advantage of programs like Google Adwords to pitch ebooks and such.

Reading blog ads may provide tons of new blogging ideas, and helps feed the incessant question every blogger asks themselves in the morning: What should I blog about today?

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Clemson's MLK Day Party

by Paula Neal Mooney

ThePhink.com has broken a crazy and sad story that other news organizations are picking up on now too: Clemson University's MLK Day Party -- a "theme" party held by a few students.

While some thoughtful Clemson University students were no doubt reflecting on the uplifting speeches of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., during the most-recent holiday weekend celebrating his life, select students at Clemson University were allegedly throwing an MLK Day Party in his honor...or, dishonor.

Missing seemed to be reverence for the man and how far we as a nation have come with race relations at this Clemson MLK Day party.

In its place were allegedly some of the other things (like forty ounces of beer taped to hands) seen at earlier parties like this one: backsides stuffed with tissue to emulate the ample behinds of black women, gold grills on teeth and not just a man in black face, but in black body!

"It couldn't have been that bad," said one student interviewed on the radio today after being shown the pictures of the Clemson MLK Day Party. "There are black people there, too."

"That's a white guy in black face," said the reporter.

"Oh..." he answered.

Some Clemson students found the pics appalling, others didn't believe they were true, while others defended the Clemson MLK Day Party, likening it to any other "theme" party, like those given for lingerie.

This is scary. But thank God a black student did show up in business attire, to show the folks who saw nothing wrong with this Clemson MLK Day Party that it's not very loving to paint an entire race with one broad and mean-spirited stroke.

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Monday, January 29, 2007

Toni Braxton Breaks Down and Cries on The View Over Autistic Son

by Paula Neal Mooney

Today was an amazing episode of The View, with the whole show dedicated to issues of autism. Toni Braxton co-hosted with the other women, but she wasn't discussing her latest Las Vegas appearance, nor some scandalous barely-there dress.

Toni Braxton spoke of her youngest son, Diezel, 3, and his recent diagnosis of autism. And like any mother reeling from the shock of an only 4-month-old diagnosis, Toni Braxton broke down and cried when describing the symptoms that clued her in that something was wrong.

"I'm sorry," Toni Braxton wept, dropping her face into her palms. "I get all emotional."

"That's okay," Rosie comforted.

I, too, wept along with Toni Braxton, empathizing with the raw and real pain a parent can feel when coming to the realization that their child might not be "normal" in the eyes of the world.

Thankfully, there were other parents of autistic children on The View that shared how they deal with autistic children, and even provided hope of actually "coming out of autism."

One mom was Karen Stiff Exkorn, author of The Autism Sourcebook: Everything You Need to Know About Diagnosis, Treatment, Coping, and Healing--from a Mother Whose Child Recovered, whose son Jake was given a diagnosis at only 2 years old that he'd never talk again after his speech and activity decreased like a "dimmer switch."

Karen and her husband (and her mother and babysitter) were trained in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) techniques -- which Karen says all parents with autism diagnoses are entitled to for free for children of a certain age -- that helped Jake develop into the gregarious 10-year-old leader of the pack type of boy with plenty of friends that he is today.

Another amazing and always intriguing guest was Temple Grandin, Ph.D., a woman who recovered from autism to write books, her latest one being The Unwritten Rules of Social Relationships.

Dr. Grandin, in her always effervescent and excited manner, described how she constructed a type of "body press" similar to the one that she saw on her farm -- which calmed down the cattle -- to calm down her own mind that used to scatter about like a lion in a room filled with snakes -- always looking for danger.

Once Dr. Grandin began taking medication as well, she felt calm and focused enough to begin learning.

Throughout the show, The View showed clips from the new movie, Autism Every Day, from the Autism Speaks organization, with real parents speaking about what it's like to deal with autistic children. It was quite an amazing show filled with hope, sadness and parents sharing what autism is really like.

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Your Posts with the Highest Pageviews -- What Do They Tell You?

by Paula Neal Mooney

Every once and a while it's good to stop blogging like a madperson, take a breather and analyze your stats to see what's worked in the past so that you can duplicate that effort in order to increase your pageviews in the future.

That's what I did this morning when I took a look at my Google Analytics stats (which though it says 7/1/2006, only reflects the top pageviews since I added the tracking code to my blog 2 or 3 months ago...StatCounter reflects a higher count) to see what story my blog posts with the highest number of pageviews had to tell me.

So here's a quick screenshot (big ups to that site that showed me how to hit PrintScreen then paste the screenshot into Microsoft's Paint -- under Accessories -- then save as pic file) and analysis of my top blog posts and what I've learned about getting high pageviews:

1 - Lil Wayne and Baby Kissing Photo…Rapper Admits it is Real - Ah...the infamous Lil Wayne and Baby kissing photo. I didn't even know who "Baby" was initially when I found out about this melee on Yahoo's Buzz log. This was a basic lesson of high demand (lots of frantically searching "ya heard me" type hip-hop heads) and little supply (not exactly CNN type of material).

Lesson Learned: Find yourself a topic that you do have some experience with (so you can offer an authentic and interesting opinion and perspective) that folks are seeking out -- one that not many other news orgs or blogs have covered and you'll have a good "pillar article" in your stable that'll keep getting high pageviews months and months after you've written it.

2 - Beyonce’s Master Cleanser Diet Fast – Is it Safe? - I caught Beyonce the first time she appeared on Oprah talking about how she dropped weight for Dreamgirls. As soon as she mumbled the words "Master Cleanser," I could hear the fingers Googling 'round the world...

Lesson Learned: Don't always look for blog post ideas from the net. If you hear something interesting on TV or the radio -- Eureka! Those mediums still exist! -- and it's compelling, try to get a good search-engine-optimized blog post out there about it before other blogs and news folks pick up on it.

Also, make sure to think ahead. The next logical question folks would ask about this fast would be: Is it safe? Always think beyond the bland titles that state facts folks already know.

3 - Carmen Bryan’s It’s No Secret - Again, I had no idea who Carmen Bryan was till I saw her name show up in the top ten search items on Technorati one night, only briefly. Once I discovered more about her efforts to raise her daughter alone that she had with popular rapper Nas, whom she had to drag into court to get child support out of, I became more intrigued with her story.

Lesson Learned: Check Technorati.com's popular search term list pretty often, then Google that search term to see what the competition looks like. That's the only place I saw that search term appear initially, but obviously lots of folks were interested in Carmen Bryan.

4 - http://paulamooney.blogspot.com/ - My home page. This is a crap shoot. You can't always know how people have found your home page, but there are a few tools to help you on StatCounter.com -- once you install the code, StatCounter has this cool "Recent Keyword Activity" and other logs that'll tell you where folks came from to find you. They even give their geographical location and ISP address. (Google Analytics probably does the same thing but I haven't dug into it yet.)

Lesson Learned: Keep leaving your blog's URL everywhere you can: at the end of your emails, in comment sections and especially in HTML form any and everywhere that people can click on it. People are lazy. They like to click on pretty blue things more than cutting and pasting URLs.

5 - Ellen Pompeo Playboy Pics Reveal… This little diddy of a post was created after I read (in my local newspaper!) that Ellen Pompeo had posed for playboy, but didn't get naked. I knew a lot about Ellen already so it was a good topic for me.

Lesson Learned: It's okay to trick people. You can always count on horn dogs to search for the latest flavor-of-the-month's naked pics, but you don't have to give them that. (Can you believe they're coming up with a new XXX domain? Lord help us all!) Sure, I might've angered a few guys searching for Ellen Pompeo in the raw, but I believe others stuck around. I can tell some read the whole post because I saw the links they clicked on therein.

There's my analysis of my top five posts. Subscribe to Paula Mooney by Email to be one of the first to get my analysis of my other blog posts with the high pageviews. Right now I'd better go actually write some news reports...

Paula Mooney's Musings

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Sunday, January 28, 2007

How Do I Sell My Blog? Getting Cold Hard Cash from Blogging...

by Paula Neal Mooney

Now that my blessed friend Bonnie Calhoun over at Bonnie Writes showed me that my blog value is in fact increasing -- and not stuck on the $24k I thought it was worth -- by encouraging me to click on the "How Much is Your Blog Worth?" doohickey over there to the left in my sidebar, I've been wondering: How do you sell a blog?

(By the way, I had to type in www.paulamooney.blogspot.com to get the highest value, so try different variations of your correct URL with and without the "http:" in front to get your highest blog value.)

Googling stuff like "sell my blog," "blogs for sale," "sell your blog," and "blog for sale" will get you enough good tips. But I think these BloggerTalk guidelines in this thread is a good start:

1. This forum is for the listing of blogs which are for sale. Not domain names and not normal web sites (with the exception of domains which have the word "blog" in them and sites which include an active blog).

2. The blog sales in this thread are between the seller and buyer only. BloggerTalk is simply acting as a channel for the sale of the blog.

3. No BlogSpot (blogger) blogs shall be posted in this thread. It is against PyraLabs rules to sell Blogspot blogs (guess this negates me till I switch to a new domain name -- I'm not ready to sell now anyway, if ever.)

4. No links to eBay or blogs sold on auction sites. This is the blog marketplace for the selling of these blogs

5. The following blog details must be listed when selling:
* Blog URL and Link
* Date blog was established
* Monthly traffic and link to stats if available
* Earnings made from the blog if any
* How often you blog
* Blog platform (blogger -- hey, didn't they just say no blogspot blogs? -- wordpress, typepad ..etc.)
* Starting price (for bidding, this set up is like an auction)
* Buy Now Price (flat fee the buyer can offer which you will sell for on the spot)
* End date : When the last bid is taken and highest bidder is awarded chance to buy the blog.
* Preferred form of payment

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Saturday, January 27, 2007

How to Get the 2000 Bloggers on Your Blog

by Paula Neal Mooney

If you've been hanging around the blogosphere lately you already know about a project begun by called the 2000 Bloggers project. Heck, your face may already be pictured below as of the 2000 bloggers!

Mine is. (Bless you, Tino, for the attention!)

Anyhoo, I'd been wondering how to get all these 2000 bloggers on my blog, and thank the Lord I finally figured it out tonight. Since other less technically astute folks might be wondering too, "How do I get the 2000 Bloggers on my blog?", I thought I'd type up this handy-dandy post, after monkeying around and cutting and pasting, here's what I did. Hope it's legal.

Go to (I love how that reminds me of Aslan in Chronicles of Narnia), right click somewhere not on a pic and choose "View Source."

Search for the "Fancy anyone here? Just click on the face and zoom away!" line and select all that HTML code down to the last "http://i118.photobucket.com/albums/o108/2000bloggers/missy.jpg" plus the slash and p and greater-than sign ending part.

Paste that HTML code in your blogging platform's new post in order to get the 2000 Bloggers (or however many are there now, I'm not counting...it's 1:11 a.m., people!) on your blog and wait for the love to roll in...

What Is This???Tino BunticHeather ArmstrongKyle MacDonaldMichael PriceChris KnightAndrew WeeLarry HnetkaDanah BoydKloudiiaRoss MayfieldPhil PlaitPhil GerbyshakThingamyRoss RebagliatiSteven D. LevittJeremy SchoemakerBenjamin FittsThat Dude JeffAmber MacAlister CameronFrank GruberCharles SterlingAndy NulmanChristine KaneJanet MeinersJesse SkinnerBen YoskovitzJordanBen McConnellBrian GardnerLarry LyonsLefeverLee HopkinsVisconde Carlo VergaraZach KatkinChaseMarshmallowTom AsackerDustin StaigerRosie O'DonnellDonald TrumpHoward LindzonBrooke The Med StudentChris RichardsonBrad VanAukenKris JonesJim KukralLady AzurtTom EllisMike SansoneJonathan NailSandyAnthony BaggettStefanie SigurdsonRaphael GilmasKelly MonneySean HowardZoli ErdosSara NoelEmagisKristen KingPhilippe CherelIan SeffermanRonald LewisShane NickersonMichele CoreyAlex PapaKristal KraftMattKintan BrahmbhattBryan CovingtonAditya KothadiyaTony TeegardenSarah E EndlineJoshua DziabakGerard RasochaCurt RosengrenD-NiceHannahRajesh SettyLow Hang WeiJoyce WycoffAngie BrennanStephanie SmythJenniferLamillingerBlog BlokeChris CactusJanet TokerudKirsten HarrelH Webb JrGlen AllemanTanya LocaJim CahillTaniaJeff BarrDaria Radota RasmussenWillem KarssenbergJonathanSteve MillerRoger L. SimonJay BarnesR HaileyLoïc Le MeurVinnie MirchandaniDon ParkDan BricklinJay CrossGrigorRamana RaoWard CunninghamJeremy JacobsJoe DunbarHenri KaufmanBo GilbertJamie LouiseGordon ChoiAmitTishaThomas CliffordBenjamin GautheyDoc SearlsZach LynchElizabeth Lane LawleyPierre OmidyarDenham GreyThis ChickStewart ButterfieldTricia WangScott MaceAnil DashEdward VielmettiMark CubanNeville MedhoraRick SpenceTrishOliviaYaro StarakRobert ScobleDan MarquesDane CarlsonVirginia PostrelRon AmelnMargaret ChoSonia BlancoMatt CuttsJeremiah OwyangMike LopezChris PirilloDouglas KarrMikeLeaJennMaggie LienRobWilliam SlawskiCristian MezeiOmisscoJeremy ZawodnyPaul BruemmerDevil in disguiseTinaJake McKeeBarbara CorcoranKarl LongLucyJeff WissKaren SamsMichelle MalkinRyan ChuaMayor's MotherKarenDoggyS MullisEric AshfordDorothy WaltersHelen SmithNeo-NeoconCriminally VulgarJeff KogaElayne RiggsJay - The Real Estate GuyChris HouchensNatalie BennettChris SandbergKwangDarren RowseScott ClarkClaudia EcoganClaudia RosettClaudiaShawn WaiteAJHidden PersuaderDino RizzoMiss CellaniaPeterKen FergusonGazzaCC ChapmanAngeliskaToddTommy SpoonBob ParsonsBilly CalderwoodVernon SingletonDavidLisa AlexanderRikki ArundelBen LynchJames RayKelvin ChoDan-DanAndrewAntonia AzerbicSimon PhippsJenny RyanAka MontyJaneneMary BrownEnrique DansWendy MaynardTom PalmerGreg MillerLizzaRen KatFilipBill NadraszkyNataliaJohn ChowFrank PatrickARDELL DellaLoggiaAlex StenbackJason UngosGuy KawasakiDave BriggsJenLoTeenaRandy ThomasRaymi LaurenSaskBoyDarren McEwanRose DesrochersGillian GunsonIrisBlaine KendallAlynnaChief Happiness OfficerNeuro PhilosopherStephanie ChandlerSeth GodinYvonne PerrySummer HoganShawn hoganDaxAlex KingMelvin RiveraJohn MaedaShin'ichi KonomiNeil KramerChristinaKaitZelmarqShane GibsonCourtney ElizabethBrian CarrollJackie Huba Stephanie WeaverDan McCombSteven NovakYolieEdgar HDanDavid MaisterJackie DanickiJackie KesslerCraig MurrayAlberto PrechtAbiFrank RumbauskasDavid FriedmanAndrea LearnedSchawoTara PakostaMs MartiDan RubinDavid BeachTammy Breigh CanavanJazz ManEthan KaplanEthan PersoffTony MacdonellLaurent-GloaguenEva GregoryStephan SpencerColine NiessMelinda WennerSiapa KamiShel HoltzNate KartchnerChris GarrettDaniel Franklin GomezReviewerBergieSara CantorAndy PiperSunny DurbzFauziahGreg MearesLiz HenryGreg LindenMariannaBanzai BillChris RoseKatie FleckB. RoxLatin TeacherTimPaul DavidsonEl CowboyMike VillarJoe DuckSassy SarahJoel PeetGreg ShortBrett Laffin A. Fatih SyuhudDr. Neill NeillDave ToCarolyn ShelbyJaimie SirovichJonathanQuinn's MomMaggie MasonHelen JaneGabriel SerafiniKristin Joy Pratt-SerafiniChris HayesGeorgina WilsonColleenDrewSRSteve SherlockKatieGonzagueStephanie West AllenStephanie West AllenDerrick DayeMichelle GoldenKammieDr. Lorianne DiSabatoJessica ClaireRexMatthew YglesiasDennis The PeasantJodee BockMelvin LuzardoDaveRoberto ArancibiaAmber SkolnickPhil GomesDustin SacksDonald CrowdisHeather HamiltonRachael ParentaSvetlana PetrovnaJackieJamie OliverVoyageurKatie Allison GranjuGlenn FullerSusan A. KitchensHollee DazeinkFleaFast LadEricAndrew MauryJeff KerrAngelaJack YoestBill WhittleBobbyAnnJonathan AquinoBuzz BruggemanJen CollinsJuan ColeBrett LambChristine ForgioneJonathan Dalton & TobyJazzMike ParsonsTom PetersVince FirpoKerry WooJoseph ZittRon FSunil ShibadRichard A. CookCynthia McKennaEd BottEd LeeJeff WeintraubKatherineKatherineKatieFred ZeldersMuhammad AladdinChristoph C. CemperDaniel LindbergBugJeremiahMelanieKenny SiaDmitry & MaureenSandraDaveBob GlazaLethaTim DraayerGadgetsGuyPudJosephinaRick BarronBorn 2 BlogRenny Bakke AmundsenJosePreeti PSteve HarperKarlynJeremiah GrossmanJenny RyanShelagh WatkinsShelagh WatkinsNickAndyJohn A. MacDonaldJamesKumikoHartRobynKnitting MamaJeremiah OwyangRealtorFran & RowenaDavidBecky TrouttKaren RaniJoseph FerraraC. B. WhittemoreTodd AndScott HendisonSteve PolandDanny SullivanNik CubrilovicSteve MatthewsGeorge AthannassovAkwasi AdjeiJohn WagnerMary SchmidtRobertaHee-HawRobTerris McMahanChristopherEveryday GoddessMichael KleefBernard ChanFrank GumolaTish GrierSean AlexanderGreg NichollsG. Cornelius HarrisKimCourtneyBruce SchneierBruce EckelDr Frank GerhardtRachel BarenblatCarla RolfeRon McDanielNadineLisa DunnColleenShawn AnthonyCC ChapmanHans BastiaanMike Van HoenselaarElizabethJackieRon AresKaroliKrishna KumarLarry KragunHans MestrumBill KinnonRichard BallJay BryantClaudia CastroJames McGovernJT ChandlerLizLeanneBrian BradyCliffordMuhammad SaleemJimmyRob BushwayDamon PaceStephanieRachelJesBecciSandyDebbieMr AlthouseCarmi LevyTishaKris KraftThom SingerBarbaraJessica HughesDenise WakemanAbehapBad IvyMikeTodd BiskeCord SilversteinSchmutzieUrban MotivatorLeonard ChenRory SullivanClaire Rachael PittMohd Sham SaimanGabriellePaikiaJeremy JacobsElkeBillDTLester SeahChateauJim DuncanIpanemaChris BrownAnn CummingsStormy SleepJP ShermanChris KastenChristian BuschPearlPinskySteve DaltonLex LuthorGattinaGena RiedeMike PerryMaureen McCabeBrad NixErno HanninkFleur de LisaJenniferTeresa BoardmanChip GriffinMichael ParekhNanczeIan HealyKateClo WillaertsMelissa ShannonBrendaNikinposEddie DarozaDanilo BogdanovicCraig SchillerNick YoungAmanda BritBonnie EricksonBored DadMike HelmsKarin HoghLindseyMike McBrideTonNetDrew MeyersChristopher SmithStephen CollinsJack YanJeff RisleyJanie Hickok Siess, Esq.Leon RobinsonMargaret FeinbergLeon BrooksBill NadraszkyMatildakaySusannah ARob HumphreysKim CavanaughDave BarryOscar CorralRhonda PorterConnie GreenLuis SuarezRex DixonAmy GahranPainter GirlKarlaColinSlice Of PinkRebeccaJ David MacorRandy DrisgillMarlow HarrisMarlow HarrisRobJoerg WeisnerMustangSam MooneyMichael BuckleyTasra DawsonOutiRed Dirt RoadDariana DonovanOurielWorking GirlSerraShariMartin StallJim CroninAsian TomNavilynBill WilliamsAnnKathleen GageKris BarkwayMrs. Mary AtkinsGay CampbellWendy PhillisAlison NancyeLissa MaloneySteve RoeslerDavid CantonAdam SchultzLaShawnVictor de la FuenteDaniel ScoccoLisa RisagerHeidiPhoenixDawud MiracleHugoDKTrine-MariaJames HaftTabathaUseless ManMelissa AnthonyAmit AgarwalAndy MachtPaulaConnie ReeceIlan AbehasseraSpace decoratorNorm FisherRyan VeltingTonyTricia JumonvilleLarry CragunIgnacio ChehadeBeatrice TarkaRocioDena Stevens, Ecobroker, CSPDeezeeAndrei RoscaDanetteBob RankinNick O'NeillMin Jung KimRandy CassinghamCristian EslavaTony ArkoRonni BennettHeiress of NinKikiChantelSuzanneSionaGeordie RomerLeo NotenboomDon Fabrizio-GarciaTamar WeinbergCatalinDianaAndre SugaiIbrahim CesarJoergElena ThurstonChristianDeborah BurnsFilip LepusiascorpEd ReifKonnieMónica OizumiLinda DavisLeeBake TownPaula Neal MooneyLiam BaldwinNettie HartstockKeelyStuart HughesEarl MardleKen BrandKev GibbonsVictor Vahe KevorkianNickiNickie SnyderAnn HandleyRon ChaliceScott FishDaniel RNorma NewgentAlmoro Las CondesShashIan-Ivy du BoisAllison ReynoldsAlka AzucarPat KitanoWhimspirationMikeJonathan FarringtonKrishna DeLucky SnapJim LeeUnique Gifts OnlineJohn Novak - A Guy From Las Vegas... We Just Had To Include A Guy From Vegas!!!Gala DarlingKelvin ChoGjoleJasmine CheeAndrésHoney MeowKammeretColleenJas ChocolateMaria PastoraSteveAmandaInahinuTomas BradanovicHanan CohenKami HuyseAlvaroYoshiMaggie KnowlesDudibobJ SchulpDeborah NgTiger PrrKatieKrzysztof OsinskiBogdan LebuRodríguezTravis WissinkHollyMohd Safri SaimanAlpha BitchTonyaGrumpy MattBondJeff TurnerMielus AlexandruKim PriestapMichael J StammerDebi BraulikJim GustafsonChuck SmithLaurie MannyFranciovGordonPage ManPeter AndreasRomainJE AyalaPaul MaiorMelGabe Mirkin, M.D.LadonnaPatrickElvinRamón CañasAlvinEast CoastMarthaKristynDesert SongbirdJaniceJustin TadlockJeff HerringKim ElmoseJoachimJessica SolerDavid LawrenceMarius MuscaluDavid CarlsonEvanThomas, AKA The BossKristian KristensenTom RafteryElanaBert Van WassenhoveChristoffer GrannsCikgu AzleenEmily GoodwinThomas HolmesbeologenTurnbabyPaul BrowneNils KoenigVeronChrisWalter LimAzlan KasimThe LilyGina DoughertyCindyMopaLorena SáezGrapplicaWeb Stuff ScanEdSam JacksonSamChristian Buch IversenIlker YodasJuhaMatt KeeganUros HohkravtPeter MullisonMissy Caulk

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