Tyra to Wear 'Fat' Swimsuit and Slam Critics

by Paula Neal Mooney

TMZ and Juicy-News are reporting Tyra Banks' plan to answer her fat critics by wearing a swimsuit on the Tyra Banks Show tomorrow. Not just any swimsuit, but the self-same swimsuit that paparazzi caught her lolling around the Australian surf wearing looking, as some anorexic-inducing critics claim, so much larger than her Swimsuit Illustrated days.

It's the same one-piece swimsuit that bloggers and writers quickly pounced on and attacked Tyra with headlines like these (and we wonder why supermodels are dying from starving themselves, all the while the new size double-zero is all the rage...just waiting on the minus one, two and three sizes):

"Tyra Banks shows the world why she retired from the runway"

Headlines like that are just rude, crude, and not worth the pixels they are written with. And I for one am glad Tyra is taking a svelte stand to answer her critics. Sure, like every other woman in the world, Tyra might seek to lose a little weight if she chooses, but the goal is to be healthy. And no one deserves to be criticized like that for the size of their thighs!

Watch Tyra take on the "fat" headlines in this clip of Thursday's show...courtesy of TMZ.com... I'd better go set my TiVo...

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Tisha! said…
haters how sad

i have always loved her look and think she's such a big success, id you hear about hoz naomi campbell was super mean to her as well cause she was taking attention away from her?

James said…
Tyra is fine and the essence of beauty, brains and a proud black woman. I got her back, she is what a woman should be proud to look like. Paula, you and Tisha, both give something to aspire to. keep up the great effort
Thanks James and Tisha! -- You guys should see Tyra crying she got so angry over this fat talk:

She's good. Though her thigh really looks big, it doesn't change the fact that she's a good looking woman. And a host too.
The information you shared is really helpful for us.
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