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Make Money on the Internet: Refresh your money-making posts...

One good way to keep making money on the internet is to tend to your most popular posts.

Whether it's a popular post that makes you Adsense money from the traffic, or affiliate money from the product pitched within, take advantage of all the eyeballs by giving them what they want.

Take time to go back to posts and update them with new data -- I did that a lot today on my TV site.

Or, if you're rushing to go pick up your kid from school -- hint, hint -- just take enough time to pretty up your money-making post and republish with a current date.

That way, readers don't feel like their reading old news...

Google Unpenalized my Blog... and Google is still punishing John Chow - but he's gonna be in Entrepreneur magazine!

Just when I had all but given up on this Blogger blog for several reasons -- one of which is that is loads so slowly, hopefully my dropping it down to the normal Google crawl rate will fix that -- Google has encouraged me to not give up!

Yesterday I noticed my waning hits on this blog were growing again, and I figured out it was because Google unpenalized me!

See -- if you do a Google search for "Paula Mooney," this blog shows up as #1 again.

Was John Chow Unpenalized Too?
I see that John Chow is still penalized by Google, because a Google search on "John Chow" only turns up the "John COW" parody site, and not his own.

Not that this is hurting him, with all that moola he's making.

(And wow, catching up with his posts, I see the Chow-man is going to be featured in an upcoming issue of Entrepreneur magazine!)

Speaking of the evil genius, I was wondering who his private advertisers are -- and how he got $11,888.79 in private ad sales.

I wonder if those are more …

Beyonce's Master Cleanser Diet Fast...Is it Safe?

I would be remiss not to first mention a great new book I just finished reading called The Overfed Head: What If Everything You Know About Weight Loss Is Wrong?.

I believe The Overfed Head: What If Everything You Know About Weight Loss Is Wrong? is a better philosophy than The Master Cleanser.

While I have fasted here and there to try and get closer to God, if you're fasting for weight loss reasons, I'd recommend first buying and trying The Overfed Head theory.

The guy lost 160 lbs. and has kept it off since 1998.

Plus, he writes about how dramatic weight loss from some diets is harmful because you regain it all back and then some.

Please read The Overfed Head first if you're considering other things.

It makes sense.

by Paula Neal Mooney

Beautiful Beyonce appeared on a recent Oprah show telling the world how Beyonce lost 20 pounds with a "Master Cleanser" diet fast.

Beyonce went on this 14-day fast -- a liquid diet, I guess, that includes vegetables -- in order to slim do…

How Much Money Did Paula Make This Month?

Thanks for all your great guesses.

I'm going to get back on a normal monthly schedule of reporting my income, so check for my month-end report at the end of November -- soon after most of us return from traveling and eating turkey.

In the meantime here are some tips to hopefully help increase your income like mine is:

1 - Start a niche site pitching hot Amazon products.
Much of my income increase will be due to Amazon affiliate sales from niche sites. I've left a BIG hint in this post as to which one is earning the most.

2 - Don't limit yourself with just
One big thing God spoke to me like in Israel Houghton's "No Limits" song is to remove the boundaries I placed on myself.

Join Amazon German ( and Amazon France ( and Amazon Canda ( and Amazon UK ( and all the others you can get the Babel translation tool to work for and pitch those products too!

I'm so happy that I've already made sales in Germany and Fra…

Why Are Other Bloggers Making So Much More Money Than I Am?

I know it's a question you may have thought of, because it's one I've asked myself.

After all, seeing...

...John Chow post up $23,448.59 last month...

...and Shoe Money post $30,000 per month...

...and the Connected Internet guy post $15,179 per month...

...and Randy post $7,378 last month...

(thanks, Shane)

...and Lilian post $5,628.01 last month...

...I can't help but ask God -- Why am I working so hard and not seeing the same results?

Then He led me to the passage where Peter was fishing all night and caught nothing, but then Jesus came along and said, "Push out into the deep for a haul..."

And Peter said they'd been fishing all night long and caught nothing, but that on his Lord's word alone he'd try it again.

He did, and that's when so many fish came, they had to call their friends to help.

Peter left to become the "fisher of men" that Christ talked about after that.

So, my lesson learned was that I can work my butt off -- and when it's …

Make Money Selling Amazon Products -- And Don't Buy Your Own Products Thru Your Own Affiliate Link! Widgets

I recently wrote a post called "Increase your Amazon affiliate income and earnings..." and now I thought I'd expand on that to include a few more tips on how to make money online with Amazon.

Especially since Amazon sales pick up around the holidays, why not try your hand at making money thru Amazon by joining their free affiliates program and blogging about some stuff?

So here are my tips for blogging about Amazon products on your product (or everything-but-the-kitchen-sink) blog or niche site:

1 - Subscribe to the Amazon Associates Blog

I just found it! But subscribe to Amazon's associate blog to learn money-making tips with them.

2 - Write up specific product reviews, or lead people to the ones already written.

I have a Vizio TV, so it was easy to write up a short honest review of Vizio TVs. I don't yet own a dehumidifier, but I led people to the dehumidifier reviews and ratings on the product pages.

3 - Jump on hot products right away and blog abou…