Google Unpenalized my Blog... and Google is still punishing John Chow - but he's gonna be in Entrepreneur magazine!

Just when I had all but given up on this Blogger blog for several reasons -- one of which is that is loads so slowly, hopefully my dropping it down to the normal Google crawl rate will fix that -- Google has encouraged me to not give up!

Yesterday I noticed my waning hits on this blog were growing again, and I figured out it was because Google unpenalized me!

See -- if you do a Google search for "Paula Mooney," this blog shows up as #1 again.

Was John Chow Unpenalized Too?
I see that John Chow is still penalized by Google, because a Google search on "John Chow" only turns up the "John COW" parody site, and not his own.

Not that this is hurting him, with all that moola he's making.

(And wow, catching up with his posts, I see the Chow-man is going to be featured in an upcoming issue of Entrepreneur magazine!)

Speaking of the evil genius, I was wondering who his private advertisers are -- and how he got $11,888.79 in private ad sales.

I wonder if those are more secure or less secure than Google Adsense?

Why Did Google Penalize Then Unpenalize Me?

I don't really know why Google penalized me in the first place, but I'm glad it was only temporary.

It actually helped me change my focus off this blog and onto my niche sites -- which God has used amazingly to open up the heavens unto me. (Just wait till you see the income numbers I post up this Saturday.)

Anyway, so I'm saying all this to say that if you're one of the ones that Google dropped the PageRank down to zero because of PayPerPost (for one or all of your websites,) or if they've penalized you -- don't despair, they could reverse their decision.

And though people may get frustrated with the Big G's rules and hand-slapping, I'm still lovin' Google Adsense right now -- heck, they just helped me pay my entire American Express bill this month.

Buy the 90 DVD United Artists' set collection seen on Oprah.


Busy Mom said…

I have a blog that was penalized for a couple of link sales, but, another one was slapped back to zero for reasons I can't figure out.

Maybe there's hope.
lilian said…
Great news, Paula. Very uplifting. I am hoping for some turnaround too cos I recently cleaned up my two blogs and hope to gain back the PR I lost. I leave it to Him. "Give us our daily bread..."
Bonnie Calhoun said…
I'm glad you got "unpenalized"! You page loads slow because there's a lot of third party links that have to load.

Wow...I see you enabled moderation! Have you been having problems?
Bedrooms said…
I am glad that Google 'unpenalized' you Paula. I am quite a regular visitor to your blog and i quite enjoy it here. May you go from strength to strength.
Michael Woo said…
Ah glad to hear that Google unpenalize your site :)
Thanks Busy Mom - Yeah, a lot of people are scratching their heads about that Google slap to zero thing...

Lilian - I hope your PR comes back too. How's the Link Worth going? Did the PR affect that? I'll come over to your blog and see.

Bonnie - Thanks for always helping a sistah out! I'll go thru and see which 3rd party links I can get rid of.

And yeah, I liked people being able to comment immediately, but on one of my other blogs, somebody spammed me with links to what I assume were nude photos -- and I was traveling and didn't get to them for a couple of days.

I felt bad that some people might've followed those links -- after that, I said enough is enough!

So I've made it harder for the spammers to comment on all my blogs.

And I love that Askimet thingee for WordPress. It catches so much spam over there.

Hey Bedrooms Thanks for the kind words; so glad you still read me.

Hi Michael
Yeah, I'm glad Google unpenalized me too. It was a pleasant shock to me...

Happy Hump Day All!
Car Audio said…
I am happy for you. Congratulations.
Glen said…
honestly I stopped paying attention to page rank a long time ago and concentrated on the content of my blog. Considering the increase in Adsense, text link and private ad sales on my plus size fashion blog I am not worried about page rank at all.
maurizio said…
Gratz Paula..
still the 90DVD set is astonishing.
In negative. How much does it cost?
Do you think someone bought it? :/
Gratz to you, too, Maurizio -

I'm learning lots of different languages.

Yeah, that DVD thing is amazing, and bless the Lord of Hosts for opening up so many windows of heaven as of late.

The total sale price works out to about 7 bucks per DVD, so not bad at all for movie buffs like me.

And yeah, I've already got pre-orders and it isn't even released yet.

Giorno meraviglioso,
Adam_Y said…
It seems to me that you've turned what could have been a bit of a disaster into a bit of a bonus... well done for not letting them get you down.
Action said…
Hi pal,

That piece of information was very much timely. My page rank dropped to 2. Is there anything that I could do about it? I am not sure as to what steps I should take to revive my page rank.

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