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A Blog Breather...

Sometimes, in this millisecond-load-time lightening-fast internet world, it becomes vital to take a breather.

Especially with the New 2008 Year -- "8" representing the biblical number of new beginnings -- it's a wonderful time to pull my head up from plodding away in the sea and ask myself: Where am I?

"I'm asking you, to dream again...and take the limits off of Me..." Israel Houghton sings God's words to him and by proxy, me.

"Reposition yourself," He says.

And thus, the wild ride with Jesus begins.

Working harder and harder and harder does not always make for more money or happiness.

Rediscovering the things that bring me joy -- reading books, connecting face-to-face and looking folks in the eye once again, laughing at silly movies, crying at melancholy ones, marveling at old black-and-white masterpieces -- and of course, creating -- that brings me joy.

Oh yeah, money is still important. It is the answer for everything.

So when and where and what w…