A Blog Breather...

Sometimes, in this millisecond-load-time lightening-fast internet world, it becomes vital to take a breather.

Especially with the New 2008 Year -- "8" representing the biblical number of new beginnings -- it's a wonderful time to pull my head up from plodding away in the sea and ask myself: Where am I?

"I'm asking you, to dream again...and take the limits off of Me..." Israel Houghton sings God's words to him and by proxy, me.

"Reposition yourself," He says.

And thus, the wild ride with Jesus begins.

Working harder and harder and harder does not always make for more money or happiness.

Rediscovering the things that bring me joy -- reading books, connecting face-to-face and looking folks in the eye once again, laughing at silly movies, crying at melancholy ones, marveling at old black-and-white masterpieces -- and of course, creating -- that brings me joy.

Oh yeah, money is still important. It is the answer for everything.

So when and where and what will I come back with?

As my uncle always says when he doesn't know the answer to some future happening:

"We shall know as we are known..."


529 said…
Ha ha, now that's a misuse of Ecclesiastes 10:19.

Money is more like "the root of all sorts of evil"
Thanks for posting the link to Bishop Jakes book, I need to get that. I thoroughly enjoyed Woman Thou Art Loosed and the workbook. I need to reposition myself.
I finally got my everyday Bible reading down- by reading it first thing on the computer before checking anything else... including your blog Paula. Happy New Year.
As my grandmother always corrected, it's the love of money -- not money in and of itself -- money itself is an important tool -- that's the root of all kinds of evil.
Yeah Michelle, that's a great thing to read in the morning, and all the time.

I seriously had to get back to my Bible reading, too.

I've been in the Book of Luke forever, it seems!

And that's the link to the actual DVD that's coming out soon.

I saw the series and it was different and interesting, with mimes acting out our different selves.

Bonnie Calhoun said…
That was a good thougthful post.
This is going to be a spectacular year...I can feel it in the wind!

...but what cracked me up the most was the Google ad inside the post...ROFLOL...it was an advertizement for PayPerPost!
Ironic, hey Bonnie?

Yeah, I'm sure you've had to take some "blog breathers" to write that blockbuster Touched by Fire soon-to-be bestseller!
Meg said…
Its about managing money and not money managing you. The efficiency gains through the use of money could lead to productivity and wealth but beware how you go about these gains. It is after all the root of all evils.
Laura said…
I'll be glad to see your next post. Enjoy your rest Paula!
K. Stone said…
enjoy Paula! Looking forward to your return.
Reposition yourself...wow, I liked that very much. I must say your blog is inspiring.
Vanessa said…
Hey, Paula! Since I'm a subscriber, it's been a minute since I've actually visited your site. Happy New Year. Peace and Blessings to you. Smooches...
Ivy said…
Money might be the root of all evil, but if you have it, then it's definitely worth being evil for! LOL.
Cuban Cigars said…
It's hard to find time to stop in this world! We have a busy 3you boy and I go back to work for a break! Thanks,David
Jason said…

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Thank you,
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val said…
Are you still rediscovering the things that bring you joy? For its been a while since your last post. Waiting....
Nidhi said…

I have been reading your blog quite a bit, and in fact I learnt about John Chow from you. But I don't see your posting any more here. Did you discontinue this one and move onto a new URL like you were thinking earlier?

Thanks, I shall return!

Sometimes I blog a little on PaulaNealMooney.com and WatchFreeEpisodes.com
I haven't seen that yet. I'm gonna look in it. Thanks for the information.
Boudin said…
I've never read Bishop Jakes.

I saw in a comment that you are stuck in the Book of Luke too? Join the club!! lol

I enjoyed this read. Thank you very much.

zaki said…
miss your frequent consistent post Paula...
Thanks, Zaki

I added my rss feed from PaulaNealMooney.com back atop this blog so you can see the more recent posts I've put up.

Take care,
Diety said…
Great post. It's been a almost a month and nothing new. We expect more!
teresa said…
That really got through me. Money is not everything but our investment with God is. Thanks for sharing.
Definitely agree with you..
The Money should managed, not managing... lol...

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