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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Blog Silence Badge Code...Will you add it to your website?

One Day Blog Silenceby Paula Neal Mooney

When I first heard of the One Day Blog Silence badge going around to honor the angels of the Virginia Tech shooting, I thought to myself: Oh boy, here goes another meme designed to go viral off the blood of gun shot victims.

But now that I'm closer to the day that http://onedayblogsilence.com has chosen to honor them -- Monday, April 30, 2007 -- I feel compelled to observe it. It feels less about selfishness and more about honor -- like the bell that tolled 33 times for 33 human beings that I listened to in my car.

"Do not ask for whom the bell tolls...it tolls for thee..."

There might always be a smidgen of the voyeurism set forth in the exposing truth of Don Henley's Dirty Laundry lyrics when writing about stuff like death. There's a reason that song is so popular so many years later.

But it's good to give myself a gut-check daily and ask God to "create in me a clean heart" anew. Receiving forgiveness for any wrong motives, and blessing for those that are pure. After all, that's all that will be left.

And so, to borrow a thought from Nikki Giovanni's excellent "We are Virginia Tech" speech video, let us remember those suffering everywhere as silence reverberates around the blogosphere on Monday.

The little girl with the knife to her throat and her suffering comrades...

Those afflicted with drug addiction...

And those, prayerfully, now sleeping in heavenly peace and Savior-bound...

Lord willing, I'll be back to blogging on Tuesday...

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Automatically Add Technorati Favorites...and Other Ways to Crack Technorati's Top 100 Popular Blogs

by Paula Neal Mooney

Before you read any further, please Add to Technorati Favorites fave me and I'll fave you. Clean blogs only!

I've found out so much good stuff about cracking Technorati's Top 100 Blogs list I'm so excited to post this!

For my new blogging readers, Technorati is a site that tracks 77 million blogs and ranks them. The Top 100 Blogs list is ranked by:

1 - The number of inbound links a blog has
2 - The number of people who've made that blog their favorite

As of this writing, the guy in spot #100 (ranked by the #2 method above) only has 170 members who've made his blog a favorite, while the TV Squad blog in spot #100 (ranked by the #1 method above) has 3,126 inbound links, so you can see that the #2 way is the easiest way to get your blog near the Top 100.

Here's what I've learned from my blogging buddies on how to get closer to cracking Technorati's Top 100:

1 - Do a Technorati favorites exchange

Gary V. Vaughan at azazil.net has an excellent post up called Gaming Technorati Favorites that lists a bunch of blogs willing to do a Technorati favoring exchange -- both listed in the post itself and in the plethora of comments. Dosh Dosh also has a similar post up that has gotten a lot of attention.

2 - Automatically make everyone who has favored you a favorite on Technorati!
Favoring back the people who've favorited you was a time-consuming process -- until today, when //engtech came up with this blessed post about a program that he (or she?) wrote about how to automatically favor those who've favorited you!

Worked like a charm...but run it at your own discretion.

3 - Add the feed of your Technorati favorites to your blog, and watch more folks come visit you!
Andy Beard gave me this idea. See our comments conversation here. (Andy's also got a Technorati Favorites - Is This Evil, Lazy or Just Smart? post up that I've yet to dig into.) But I have copied his advice on adding the Technorati feed of my favorite to my blog.

On Blogger you can do this by first finding out your Technorati favorites feed address by looking at the "posts from favorites" on your Technorati page and right-clicking on the orange subscribe button to the right, then choose "copy link location," for example, mine is:


4 - Add up to 5 feed items to your blog
Then add the feed to your Blogger blog by going to Layout, choose Template tab, then Add a Page Element, Feed and then put your faves link location you just found in there and choosing continue to enter how many items you'd like to display. There's a max of only five.

5 - Add more than 5 feed items to your blog
If you want more than 5 feed items on your blog, read this post from the wonderful Vin at Dummies Guide to Google Beta Blogger who told me about this great site where you can just enter a feed URL (like the one above) and it'll create the JavaScript programming code for you to plop into your blog. (Put it in Blogger the same way described above, but instead of choosing Feed, choose HTML/Javascript and put it there.)

The great thing about adding your Technorati favorites feed to your site is not only can you keep up with all the stuff your favorites are blogging about -- as well as drive some of your traffic to their sites -- is that folks will see you linking to them on Technorati and come-a-visiting to check you out.

This is what happened the other day when popular blogger Jeff Pulver stopped over at my blog.

And it's the same reason I came-a-calling on over to Andy Beard's blog when he first added his Technorati favorites (including moi) feed to his blog.

Work it! We're gonna shake up that Technorati Top 100's list yet!

Don't forget, claim your blog on Technorati, make sure it accepts favorites by favoriting yourself first, then fave me, I'll fave your clean blogs a lot faster than I would've when I was doing it manually. Thanks!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Google's USA Home Page, Democratic Debate Videos....and Becoming Fearless!

by Paula Neal Mooney

Today has been dubbed Fearless Friday by those of us blogging about Arianna Huffington's latest tome, On Becoming Fearless: ...in Love, Work, and Life.

Sure it would be apropos to blog about the debate last night, but seeing as though I haven't watched what I've TiVo'd yet, and have only found this blurb of a democratic debate video, I'll hold off.

I only rolled my eyes as I caught Barack Obama droning on with the same tired "between a woman and her doctor" schtick, a litany shared by others within my earshot, so I vowed to watch it later.

Fearlessly Get Your Posts on the First Page of Google's Search Results
I'll blog instead about fearlessly doing what I love -- writing and consistently driving up my traffic by landing on Google's USA home page, or, more specifically, Google's search-engine results pages (SERPs) -- so I thought I'd pass on my fearless tips to my blogging readers who aim to do the same.

1 - The URL is the main thing
This debate will rage on, but lately webheads have been debating whether or not having keywords in your URL are becoming more important in Google search-results rankings.

I think this is true. For example, my last couple of posts about Robin Thicke have both landed on Google's first search-results page for those folks typing in "Robin Thicke Oprah," or a variation of those words.

2 - Get to the front of Google SERPs on popular topics, too
What about popular topics that already have a gazillion search results pages already? You can still try to get your blog post to the front of the fray!

Take the time to search on popular topics until you see "Blog Posts About" pop up at the bottom of Google's SERPs for that topic, as picture here.

Once you find that topic, post on it and ping Google's Blog Search ping service and voila! Your blog post just might show up there like mine did on my post about our new planet.

That's it!

Try these tips and let me know if your search-engine traffic goes up.

I'm off to go fearlessly build muscles now. I'm lovin' the way the cardio-free diet (also on Google's first SERPs page for "cardio free diet") has inspired me to get my gluteus maximus in the gym three days a week now.

And it's amazing how focusing on strength-training has changed my shape for the better in only a couple of weeks.

I love watching my deltoids tone up in the mirror.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

This man holds a knife to this little girl's face...

by Paula Neal Mooney

Here's how we can stop him:

1 - Mail a letter today.
Yours may be the one letter from one district that can save her!

  • First find your full 9-digit zip code here

  • Plop it here to find your representative

  • Then go here to find their district mailing address

  • Copy and paste the letter below into Word or somewhere and change the address to your state representative and put your address in place of mine and send it snail mail.

    2 - Make free phone calls to your governor until your state divests from Sudan.

    3 - Give money to these people risking their lives.
    Over half of our money will help protect people being slaughtered.

    At first I only gave $2 -- about all I had left in my PayPal account right now.

    Then I realized that my Amazon affiliate earnings and Google Adsense referral fees hit my checking account today, so I went back and gave $25 more.

    Yes, most of us have debt and bills, but whatever we all give will go a long way.

    4 - Buy a "Genocide Olympics" T-shirt and let Olympic officials know you are boycotting the 2008 China Olympics by contacting them here...
    That is not my Cafe Press store, by the way.

    But buy a T-shirt (click the "more products" link under the Genocide Olympics logo to view more selections of other sizes and styles) and show China we don't support their blood money.

    I just bought this pink one.

    China is funding the Sudanese government and giving the "devils on horseback" money to kill the locals. Boycott the Beijing Games in 2008, now known around the world as the Genocide Olympics.

    Yes, we could spend the T-shirt money instead on the above point, but it's also important that we wear our message and tell everyone we know that this torture of human beings must stop. It's been four years!

    5 - Tell our TV companies that we care more Darfur than Dancing With the Stars...
    I love entertainment. But now is the time for me to stop my escapism and do more.

    6 - Applaud Steven Spielberg for his recent letter to Chinese President Hu Jintao and for stating that Spielberg's "role in the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics would be withdrawn" if China does not take action to end their role in the suffering.

    (Watch this video of Mia Farrow on The View for more info.)

    7 - Pray and blog without ceasing
    It may feel hopeless, but it's not.

    We must do all we can to save the hurting, because we're saving ourselves in doing so.

    Blogging and praying and marching and organizing and acting on the above points and more can save the Darfuris.

    I look into the faces of tortured and sad and pleading people.

    But for my birthing location, that could be me right now.

    I could be hungry, I could be cut up, I could be killed.

    By the grace of God, it's not.

    And because of that, I will keep fighting for them.

    Watch Mia Farrow on The View talking about her enormous efforts to save Darfur:

    Sample letter to your local representative:

    Thursday, April 26, 2007

    The Honorable Betty Sutton
    United States House of Representatives
    1655 West Market Street, Suite 435
    Akron, OH 44313

    Dear Rep. Sutton:

    The horrendous slaughter and rapes and eye-gougings and torture of the human beings -- men, women, girls and boys just like you and me and our children -- must stop today in Darfur!

    • I am a registered voter in your district

    • I will take note of your involvement and compassion and voting record toward getting the genocide in Darfur to end.

    • Please urge President George W. Bush to enact the points set forth in The Darfur Peace and Accountability Act -- including asset freezes and port-entry denial.
    Thank you for your efforts.

    Paula Neal Mooney
    7777 Damascus Road
    New Jerusalem, OH 44313

    Wednesday, April 25, 2007

    Our New Planet...Would You Live There?

    by Paula Neal Mooney

    So scientists -- God love 'em! -- have discovered this new planet.

    Our new planet might turn into another space destination, once we're all jetting around like the Jetsons or Tom Cruise in Minority Report -- minus the melee.

    If this new planet holds water, and if we don't all start changing over to energy-efficient light bulbs and such on Earth, the new planet may be our only planet...

    I used to be a software tester. Any bad programs we rolled into production only caused some ruffled feathers, not lost lives. The folks who eventually test out living on this new planet will surely be heroes.

    My question is: Would you be one of the first to test out living on this new planet?

    Tuesday, April 24, 2007

    2nd Alec Baldwin voicemail message is fake...but I'm glad the first one was leaked...

    by Paula Neal Mooney

    The internet mania over Alec Baldwin's ranting voicemail message to his daughter has caused one desperado to claim that there's a second voicemail message making the rounds.

    I listened to the supposed "2nd Alec Baldwin voicemail message" and instantly picked up that it's a fake phone prank.

    In actuality it's Alec Baldwin's famous "coffee is for closers" speech from David Mamet's cult-like (and expletive-filled) Glengarry Glen Ross -- with a voicemail message "beep" added at the end for effect.

    I hate that Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger are fighting in public. I like them both and have followed their careers for years.

    But I'm not sorry that Alec Baldwin's voicemail message to his daughter Ireland has been leaked to the public. Listen to Alec Baldwin's voicemail message to see what all the hubbub is about. After a judge heard the tape, he barred Baldwin from having any contact with Ireland for a short period of time.

    We've all lost our tempers. I've screamed and yelled at my kids like a wild banshee.

    Of course Alec Baldwin should be forgiven for going off, as we all are when we honestly repent. Not arrested, as some folks are calling for today.

    But Kim has made allegations of abuse in the past that must be seriously looked into. If this is a scornful case of a bitter woman trying to keep her daughter away from her father, that is wrong.

    However, if this is an instance of a mom trying to protect her child from being harmed, I'm glad that the voicemail was made public in order to get the courts to take notice.

    Whatever is going on, I pray both Alec and Kim get help and are healed to the point of making a peaceful home for their child.

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    Monday, April 23, 2007

    Was Seung-Hui Cho a Christian? Demon Possessed?

    by Paula Neal Mooney

    Did Seung-Hui Cho have a demon?

    Was he a Christian? Islamic?

    Was the Virginia Tech killer possessed by the devil?

    These are the questions that most intrigue me now, one full week after the tragic events.

    Bible Girl Julie Lyon's take on Cho and his demons is the most interesting I've read all week.

    I don't know for sure what Cho believed, and I felt pangs of sorrow for him upon reading reports that a few of his former classmates teased "Go back to China!" when he read aloud once in class.

    Either way, Cho didn't have to go to the dark side and turn himself over to legions of demonic forces.

    If only he'd known how believers can fight demonic urgings, things would have gone much differently.

    "And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons..." Mark 16:17

    Thursday, April 19, 2007

    Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth...

    by Paula Neal Mooney

    Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth—

    for your love is more delightful than wine.

    Song of Solomon 1:2

    This is the pic of me and my husband that hangs on our bedroom wall.

    I had it blown up and hung it on the wall to help foster and flame that romantic atmosphere, reminding us both that before we became "mommy and daddy" we first became "husband and wife" -- lovers.

    Marital love can be hot.

    Watching Robin Thicke interact with his beautiful wife in his 'Lost Without U' video reminded me of that fact, after watching it I wept and read the entire Song of Solomon in one bathing, soaking up its intense imagery and wisdom, not only of the Lord's relationship with Israel, but also of a man's changing relationship with his wife.

    Be ye not deceived
    Turn on any Desperate Housewives episode and you'll see women jumping in and out of bed with a new man each week. Those writers would have you believe that plenty-o-sex-with-varying-men is the thing, the way to gain real excitement.

    Research the hot searches on the net any given moment, and you'll find a plethora of men in hot pursuit FHM spreads of the fleeting flavor-of-the-moment in the raw.

    Today's seem to be "Leslie Bibb nude pics," no doubt frantically searched for by men who salivatingly envision how much better she would be in bed than their own wives.

    There is none righteous...
    I fall prey to the enemy's schemes here and there. A longing look from a cute guy gets my vivid writer's imagination wandering.

    But then God brings me back to reality and shows me how the story would really end: the deep hurt that would be hard to forgive, the dividing of assets, the step-moms and step-dads, the sad looks on my children's faces...

    I'm no fool.

    Like the Shulamite woman learned over time, the stomach-flipping initial wedding-night throes of passion may fade and change.

    But they are replaced by a more mature and deeper sensuality of those who know each other intensely, with a lovemaking that's much more than sex, hotter and more fulfilling and God-blessed than any extramarital affair could purport to supply.

    Let my lover come into his garden
    and taste its choice fruits.
    Song of Solomon 4:16

    So...if your bedroom walls are bare, head on over to Wallhogs (sponsor of this post), upload your favorite digital wedding pic and be reminded:

    "What has been joined by God, let no man tear asunder..."

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    Wednesday, April 18, 2007

    Robin Thicke on Oprah: His Video Come to Life...

    by Paula Neal Mooney

    "Robin Thicke on Oprah"

    That's the search term some blessed soul just typed into Google and found my Robin Thicke's Race? Wife? Lyrics? Dad? Hot, hot, hot and still hot! post instead.

    Could it be true? Is Robin Thicke really going to be on Oprah?

    I checked Oprah's site and voila!

    Yes, Robin Thicke will be performing his "Lost Without U" smash hit from Evolution of Robin Thicke on Oprah, April 19th.

    I just screamed and punched both hands straight in the air. Think I'm just a tad excited?

    I'd already called and bugged my hubby to make sure American Idol was TiVoing last week, then I realized Robin Thicke won't appear on American Idol till May 2nd.

    This is a good thing, as ol' Martha would say.

    Tuesday, April 17, 2007

    Oprah's Hip Hop Town Hall Takes Women-Hating Rappers to Task

    by Paula Neal Mooney

    Oprah is conducting two days worth of town hall meetings taking hip-hop to task, asking the oh-so-poignant question:

    Now that Don Imus has been fired for calling black women hos, what should happen to the rappers that do the same thing?

    It's the same question I asked in my recent post about Imus, and I'm gladder than glad that Oprah is bringing it to her show.

    Though parts of Oprah's hip hop town hall weren't shown due to coverage of yesterday's truly tragic Virginia Tech shootings, a good portion of Oprah's show about rap still played.

    I'm praying above all else that these hip hop town hall discussions will lead sponsors to pull the funding from only those rappers who unapologetically call women bitches and hos and objectify naked booty-shaking women in their videos.

    Hip-Hop Hypocrisy?
    I could kiss award-winning newspaper columnist Jason Whitlock, a writer for The Kansas City Star, who noted that we as a people have yet to attack our own use of hateful words in the black community as vehemently and pointedly as we attacked Don Imus.

    "There's been some attention to it but never with the enthusiasm, the tenacity that we just went after Don Imus," Whitlock noted in this video snippet of part one of Oprah's hip hop town hall.

    "White people do something, we go full steam and want to hold them accountable," Jason continued among protests by Rev. Al Sharpton and Asha Bandele, "...we need to hold ourselves accountable."

    Jason said we also need to respect ourselves in this other video of Oprah's town hall hip hop summit.

    Nelly's "Tip Drill" Video Outrage
    Poet, author and former Essence editor Asha Bandele noted that the women of Spellman College successfully protested Nelly's plans to appear at their school.

    "Years ago brilliant young women at Spellman College stopped Nelly from coming to that school after he did that disgusting Tip Drill..." Asha declared about the Spellman women, including one in this video slice of Gayle King's interview on Oprah regarding hip hop.

    She's referring to Nelly's Tip Drill video, which I'd heard about but had never seen – not a frequenter was I of BET's uncut videos -- which, thank the Lord -- has been cancelled due to protests that BET was allowing pornography on television.

    But I just watched Nelly's "Tip Drill" video and must concur with Asha. I can't believe they would ever show that filth on TV.

    How far we've come since the days that they banned Rod Stewart from just singing, "spread your wings and let me come inside," on his Tonight's the Night song!

    Tip Drill is sad. I cannot in good conscience link to, but will tell you that it contains troubled black women shaking their bare butts in front of cameras that focus on their body parts a lot more than their faces.

    Again, I still like Nelly -- I always liked his fast flow and good looks. I love his affection for baseball.

    If only he would drop the bravado BS and focus on the sentiment he displayed in some of the lyrics from "Ride With Me" instead:

    It feel strange now
    Makin a livin' off my brain, instead of 'caine now…
    Running credit checks with no shame now

    Oprah's Challenge to Rev. Al Sharpton
    "Will you now attack the entertainment industry...for its images and depiction of women as vehemently as you did Don Imus?"

    Rev. Sharpton assured Oprah, "We've said all along that we're against this...We will continue...and talk...to artists who've said:

    'I can't get a contract because I won't say ho, I won't say bitch, I won't do violence...' "

    "We're gonna talk about that tomorrow," Oprah said, referring part two of her town hall on hip-hop, where Common and Russell Simmons will get to respond to these charges.

    (Subscribe to receive daily updates from my blog so you won't miss it.)

    Today's Oprah show will have Russell Simmons; record executive Kevin Liles; Dr. Benjamin Chavis, former CEO of the NAACP and current President/CEO of the Hip-Hop Summit Network; and Grammy-winning rapper Common all responding to the criticism.

    A Modern-Day Minstrel Show
    New York Daily News columnist Stanley Crouch also captured my heart when he said that rappers have been authenticated by this kind of dehumanizing content.

    "The white people get scared because they say, 'Oh, I don’t want to say anything against authentic black culture' and the middle class black culture is afraid to stand up against something from the bottom—"

    "Being called a sell-out," Oprah rightly interjected.

    "--yeah, 'You following white values' " Crouch mocked the derision some of us blacks who stand up to this Neanderthalish non-sense are met with.

    "There's no value that's whiter than minstrelsy -- the minstrel performing was created by white people and it's perpetuated by this form."

    Amen! Let's stop the minstrel show.

    Case in point: The Ying Yang Twins, as satirized so eloquently by Dave Chappelle, who is wearing black face in this video.

    We are not laughing with you Ying Yang Twins, we are laughing at you…

    And I'm grateful that Rev. Sharpton chimed in to encourage blacks folks to stop hating on those of us whom they feel "aren't black enough" for "talking white" and such...

    At the same token, us middle class blacks cannot look down our noses at other blacks we don't feel are on our level, but instead encourage with love and stress the value -- not nerdiness or "trying-to-act-whitness" -- that a good education brings.

    Rev. Sharpton proudly declared that he himself came out of poverty.

    Snoop Dogg -- be Delivered!
    Next, former Essence editor Diane Weathers pointed out the sadness of photos that I've seen recently of Snoop Dogg carrying women around on dog leashes.

    Snoop also creates porn movies and nearly got a cameo appearance on The Muppet Show!

    Snoop Dogg currently has an XM radio show irreverently called "Welcome to Da Church" that an Essence magazine writer also criticized.

    Opponents of those artists who blatantly disrespect our mothers, daughters, wives and ourselves as women need to put pressure on their sponsors until this hatred is also removed from the airways as swiftly and assuredly as Don Imus was removed.

    It's up to us as black women to say "no more!" and hit these backers where it hurts -- in their wallets -- to get the women-hating songs off the air!

    Yet and still, I feel there is still plenty of room for Snoop to be saved from the thinking that encourages his sons to date, while he prefers his little girl to remain chaste.

    "That ain't nothing but the devil," Snoop has said of his past marital indiscretions.

    I pray he realizes who is leading him and once again yields to God’s change in his heart, understanding that the women he carts around on dog leashes represent females like his own daughter.

    Focus on the Good Rap -- Because It Does Exist!
    In all this cleaning up the airways, I want to make clear that all rap is not bad and hateful.

    There are good artists doing positive things in the rap genre, all whom should receive more attention and more funding, and not get lost in the shuffle.

    Here are EXCELLENT rap artists that deserve their days in the sun:

    L.G. Wise - Greatest Hits

    LaDelle Walker, whose Deja Vu song is so wonderfully replete with lyrical images of a person dreaming of being harmed, but wakes up and realizes he needs to change.

    "Mama you were right," LaDelle sings with painful understanding, "I'm gonna get my life together..."

    Big City, a holy hip-hopper -- whose "Christ is All I Need" rap video is being released soon!

    Da Minista – I love his rushed and beautiful cadence on his smooth "Don't You Wanna Be Saved" song. Watch the video here. Slamming!

    Gospel Ganstaz

    And last but never least, Knowledge MC, whose "Bring It In" lyrics are a call to arms to the women shaking their stuff atop bars and the men promoting this mess:

    Players, pimps, hustlers, thugs...
    ...shorties that strip for a living and cats that sling drug
    Raise up!
    Come as you are
    Right where you are, hop off that bar
    Ma, in God’s eyes ain’t no love lost
    Carry your cross

    There is hope for hip hop.

    There is redemption.

    There is love.

    Monday, April 16, 2007

    Virginia Tech Shooting Video Shows Cops Outside of Norris Hall as Shots Ring Out

    by Paula Neal Mooney

    At about 7:15 this morning a 911 call came in regarding a shooting in West AJ Hall -- a Virginia Tech dorm -- that caused one confirmed fatality.

    About 2 hours later, more shooting occurred in Norris Hall, the engineering building at Virginia Tech.

    Police have confirmed that the shooter in Norris Hall is deceased...at this time the authorities are still determining how he died and if he was indeed the lone shooter. However, authorities say the Virginia Tech campus is secured.

    The number of fatalities has been reported as at least 22 dead at this time, including the gunman, who has been described by a student as "an Asian kid" who was "unloading rounds" from a handgun.

    The shooter was reportedly wearing many clips on his black vest as he fired. Students barricaded themselves inside rooms and fled when they were able.

    Watch the video of the Virginia Tech shooting as cops running outside of Norris Hall here as shot after shot rings out.

    The event is tragic and has been called chilling, comparable to both Columbine as well as the gunman in the tower shooting on a college campus years ago.

    My sincere thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families regarding this tragedy.

    Friday, April 13, 2007

    Don Imus should not have been fired...


    Don Imus should not have been fired…at least before these men who call black women a lot worse things than hos are taken off the airways and lose their sponsors, too!

    I just watched every single one of their videos and read their words. (Be warned, cussin’ and lewdness abounds.)

    I admit, I don’t watch a lot of hip-hop videos any more since they turned so hateful and sex-filled. But checking out the top six videos has me pondering why some folks are so outraged by what Don Imus has said, but not enough to take real action against our own “brothas.”

    Compared to them, I really wasn’t outraged by what Don Imus said. I don’t care about Imus.

    Like I wrote Manchild (the epitome of a man who respects his wife, KWiz), I’m more outraged by our black men who call black women bitches and hos -- because they -- of all people -- are the ones who should have our backs.

    Essence ran a great campaign to fight against this sexist music, and there was that hip-hop summit.

    But where is the complete moral outrage that gets this "ho"-spewing music pulled off the air?

    Looking within, here’s why I haven’t protested loud enough against the misogynistic rap lyrics out there:

    The songs are bumping…
    Something in my nature just responds to that deep bumping base, like an ancient African drum rhythm. I like the beat, I just get so disappointed by the words…

    Like why I couldn’t get with the Cash Money Millionaires nor Biggie any more…

    Nor Akon.

    I was jamming along with his beautiful voice till I got to these lyrics in Show Out:

    Some freaks need to be dealt with
    Spread 'em and smack 'em backwards
    With a stick
    I guarantee she'll do what you say
    Yeah daddy, no daddy, ok

    What a waste of a gorgeous God-given voice…

    Some rappers are like our embarrassing cousins…
    …that we run into at reunions and funerals, wearing the full yellow suit and matching shoes regalia – and think they’re styling!

    A nice understated Hugo Boss suit is lost on them. They are the kind of peeps who pronounce “ask” as “ax” and think we’re all uppity for “talking white.” But we love them anyway 'cause they're family…

    Some of these hardcore rappers carry glocks…
    …or, they like to perpetrate the myth that they all have a “nina” or AK-47 at the ready. Trying to create an atmosphere of fear is their modus operandi…

    It’s part of the code: I can beat down my own mama – you can’t!
    Or so goes the misguided theory. Anybody remember Anita Hill against Clarence Thomas? Or the woman who accused Mike Tyson of rape? If any black woman dare diss another black man – especially publicly – look out!

    Reasons why we’re total hypocrites if we don’t go after these women-haters with as much fervency as we went after Don Imus:

    Because I saw some 8- and 9-year-old black girls in the park shaking it and rolling their little bodies like strippers in broad daylight. That’s when I knew the videos had gone too far.

    Of course parents are the front line and can’t let our kids watch that stuff, but “just turn the TV or radio channel if you don’t like it” excuse didn’t hold water for Imus, and it doesn’t hold water for the bad rappers.

    When I first heard the “I’m in Love With a Stripper” song I thought it was a joke.

    At least groups like Dead Prez offer hope, from what I’ve heard of their lyrics. And they seem to be better spokesmen than Snoop. But there's no excuse.

    Because God is stronger than any weapon…
    And He is not mocked. How long will He put up with our tomfoolery?

    Still, I'm pulling for R. Kelly -- I went to high school with him. I can relate to the demons of lust that dog him. But his time of "flirting" might be up -- or just transitioned to doing it in prison.

    And I really like T.I.

    But there comes a time to stand up and fight them in Jesus’ Name alone and say:

    "No more of this sexist racism against your own sistahs -- the women you derisively call 'hood rats,' the women God calls blessed!"

    Let’s all stop the name games and hypocrisy and admit what’s right: Nobody -- Imus nor rappers -- should call anybody else another hurtful name.

    What would these men who call a woman a “ho” so readily do if someone called their mother or daughter that?

    They could all use a lesson on how to treat a black woman from Robin Thicke.

    Till I figure out how to get an easy way to subscribe to my follow-up comments on this blog, go ahead and subscribe to my email posts if you haven't already!

    Thursday, April 12, 2007

    Jack's Big Music Show Violinists? Nuttin' But Stringz Escobar Brothers

    by Paula Neal Mooney

    Last week I stopped frozen in my tracks at the sight of two black violin players on Jack’s Big Music Show. (You gotta roll thru the pics to the right till you see their faces and click on them.)

    Now -- I love that "Jack’s Big Music Show" is already good at featuring diverse types of music.

    But something about seeing black men exquisitely playing violins in a hip-hop style (though they don’t like to be labeled hip-hop) was so foreign to me.

    At first I wondered if it was one man in a split-screen display on the "Jack’s Big Oops!" episode.

    Turns out they were in fact two men -- Damien and Tourie Escobar – who make up the group known as Nuttin’ But Stringz, or NBS.

    They were so stunningly good, I became obsessed and vowed to find out more about Nuttin' But Stringz. Here’s what I’ve found:

    You can listen to sample songs from their CD here on Amazon, or their Jack's Big Music Show appearance while it's here, which is the best quality and sound.

    If it's gone from the Noggin site, check out Nuttin' But Stringz' Jack's Big Music Show video on YouTube.


    Give these kids their own show, please!

    Nuttin’ but favor is more like it. Anyway, I’m just glad they are showing little kids everywhere – black and white – that it’s cool to pick up a violin and play the glory out of it.

    Did you see the way one of those Escobar brothers leans all the way back while playing?

    Did you see the fine finger work of the other? Or was it same? Just which one is Damien and which one is Tourie?

    I want to see them in concert.

    Wednesday, April 11, 2007

    Onsite Advertiser Sign-up: Add Google's "Advertise on this site" link to your blog...

    by Paula Neal Mooney

    Google's Inside AdSense team just sent out an email the other day describing how to use their Onsite Advertiser Sign-up to add an Advertise on this site link to your blog.

    Since the 'Advertise on this site' link was removed from the Google Adsense ads during their recent ad format change, the Goog team (specifically a guy named Etienne Jambou, freaky 'cause I was just talking to my hubby about the name Etienne...) sent instructions on breaking the link out.

    So here are their detailed instructions on getting that cool 'Advertise on this site' link on your site, which here's hoping some gazillionaire will click on and pay us handsomely to buy real estate on our blogs.

    And I didn't evek know an Onsite Advertiser Sign-up page was available on Google Adsense, so check it out and customize your page following those good instructions.

    Then we won't be a broke as Jennifer Aniston in Friends With Money. Good reference point, heh?

    Monday, April 09, 2007

    Please Help Actress Maia Campbell Get Off Crack Cocaine: Blog to Save Her Life...

    by Paula Neal Mooney

    A little while ago I blogged about the sad condition of actress Maia Campbell in the post called Maia Campbell Internet Video Shows a Sad Display of a World Gone Wrong.

    Readers responded with open hearts -- wanting to desperately help the beautiful Maia.

    She has gone from a working TV actress to a woman famous now for a sick internet video that many presume was only created in exchange for drugs.

    One reader recently took this new picture of Maia Campbell and has written me pleading email messages titled: "Please help Maia..."

    "Maia is in Philly right now having sex for drugs... please help her," the reader wrote.

    "Can she be arrested?" I wrote back.

    I thought of what Bebe Moore Campbell, Maia's deceased mother -- whose Spirit I hear crying out like only a mother's can right now for her daughter -- might have done, getting clues from the title of her last novel, 72 Hour Hold .

    "I tried calling the cops today. They came but did nothing. She is still there at the house..."

    So the Philadelphia police have apparently done nothing.

    I believe if Maia's predicament gets national attention, they will do more. Here's what we can do:

    1. Pray and fast. As soon as you read this, please pray in Jesus' Name with me that the demons of drug abuse dogging Maia Campbell are immediately bound and that Maia be brought to a safe place to heal.

    2. Blog about her. Spread the word about Maia's state of being and the police's lack of follow-through. Email this post to people, blog about her on your own site if you desire. Let's go viral for Maia in a good way...

    3. Contact the media. Email or call any and every media outlet you know of to bring attention to Maia Campbell's story. I'm going to email reporters I know, and contact TV shows and producers and any and everybody till Maia gets help.

    Your Blues Ain't Like Mine, wrote Maia's mother -- and I can hear that sadness and pleading calling. Let's do what we can. There is still hope for her baby girl in Christ.

    Today former crack-addict Rick Kirkham will be featured on Oprah, along with new drug treatments that may be effective.

    Rick has gone from a cocaine-addicted person to one that has been clean and sober now nearly a decade.

    Rick emailed me recently, saying he's working again in Dallas.

    God how in my heart of hearts do I pray the same for Maia. The Lord can bring her out of this. Let's all try to help her, please...

    Saturday, April 07, 2007

    Robin Thicke's Race? Wife? Lyrics? Dad? Hot, hot, hot and still hot!

    by Paula Neal Mooney

    I feel like the last person on Earth to finally figure out who Robin Thicke is.

    His 'Lost Without U' song from his 'Evolution of Robin Thicke' CD drew me away from my gospel channel, compelling me to absorb the falsetto lyrics with wonder:

    Baby you're the perfect shape
    Baby you're the perfect weight

    Is that a man singing?

    I asked myself, before feeling like a fool falling in love yet again.

    You don't want this guy
    You don't want that guy

    Okay, Robin Thicke is a brotha, I naturally assumed. One harkening back to the height of Maxwell, shouting out an ode to D'Angelo with his "how does it feel?" hook.

    Treat me like it's my birthday
    I want it this way, I want it that way

    Then I caught the tail end of Robin Thicke's Today Show performance, actually just the interview seen in this video.


    Something finally clicked in my brain, after all these months of making a mental note to "Google Robin Thicke" every time I saw the 30-year-old's name displayed on my minivan's panel.

    Robin Thicke is a white boy!

    And not just any white boy, but the son of Alan Thicke -- hence the familiar spelling of the last name.

    So my gut is still reeling after finally watching the hot video of Lost Without U, which I wasn't even going to link to until I discovered that the woman in the Lost Without U video is none other than Robin Thicke's wife, the enviably gorgeous black actress Paula Patton.

    Watch for Paula in upcoming This Wednesday movie trailers.

    I'm so jealous. They're so gorgeous together.

    And how the heck did Alan Thicke's son get so much soul?

    Anyway, he's beautiful, she's beautiful, his dad's beautiful, Robin's music is beautiful -- he and my namesake will make beautiful babies.

    In case you're like me, the small percentage of the populous who's not already hot for this guy, just check out all the stuff people wanted to know about Robin Thicke months ago.

    Just imagine how much bigger Robin Thicke will get now...

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    Paula Neal Mooney