This man holds a knife to this little girl's face...

by Paula Neal Mooney

Here's how we can stop him:

1 - Mail a letter today.
Yours may be the one letter from one district that can save her!

  • First find your full 9-digit zip code here

  • Plop it here to find your representative

  • Then go here to find their district mailing address

  • Copy and paste the letter below into Word or somewhere and change the address to your state representative and put your address in place of mine and send it snail mail.

    2 - Make free phone calls to your governor until your state divests from Sudan.

    3 - Give money to these people risking their lives.
    Over half of our money will help protect people being slaughtered.

    At first I only gave $2 -- about all I had left in my PayPal account right now.

    Then I realized that my Amazon affiliate earnings and Google Adsense referral fees hit my checking account today, so I went back and gave $25 more.

    Yes, most of us have debt and bills, but whatever we all give will go a long way.

    4 - Buy a "Genocide Olympics" T-shirt and let Olympic officials know you are boycotting the 2008 China Olympics by contacting them here...
    That is not my Cafe Press store, by the way.

    But buy a T-shirt (click the "more products" link under the Genocide Olympics logo to view more selections of other sizes and styles) and show China we don't support their blood money.

    I just bought this pink one.

    China is funding the Sudanese government and giving the "devils on horseback" money to kill the locals. Boycott the Beijing Games in 2008, now known around the world as the Genocide Olympics.

    Yes, we could spend the T-shirt money instead on the above point, but it's also important that we wear our message and tell everyone we know that this torture of human beings must stop. It's been four years!

    5 - Tell our TV companies that we care more Darfur than Dancing With the Stars...
    I love entertainment. But now is the time for me to stop my escapism and do more.

    6 - Applaud Steven Spielberg for his recent letter to Chinese President Hu Jintao and for stating that Spielberg's "role in the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics would be withdrawn" if China does not take action to end their role in the suffering.

    (Watch this video of Mia Farrow on The View for more info.)

    7 - Pray and blog without ceasing
    It may feel hopeless, but it's not.

    We must do all we can to save the hurting, because we're saving ourselves in doing so.

    Blogging and praying and marching and organizing and acting on the above points and more can save the Darfuris.

    I look into the faces of tortured and sad and pleading people.

    But for my birthing location, that could be me right now.

    I could be hungry, I could be cut up, I could be killed.

    By the grace of God, it's not.

    And because of that, I will keep fighting for them.

    Watch Mia Farrow on The View talking about her enormous efforts to save Darfur:

    Sample letter to your local representative:

    Thursday, April 26, 2007

    The Honorable Betty Sutton
    United States House of Representatives
    1655 West Market Street, Suite 435
    Akron, OH 44313

    Dear Rep. Sutton:

    The horrendous slaughter and rapes and eye-gougings and torture of the human beings -- men, women, girls and boys just like you and me and our children -- must stop today in Darfur!

    • I am a registered voter in your district

    • I will take note of your involvement and compassion and voting record toward getting the genocide in Darfur to end.

    • Please urge President George W. Bush to enact the points set forth in The Darfur Peace and Accountability Act -- including asset freezes and port-entry denial.
    Thank you for your efforts.

    Paula Neal Mooney
    7777 Damascus Road
    New Jerusalem, OH 44313


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    Thanks and peace,
    Laura said…
    This is great Paula! I hope this will make a difference.
    Bonnie Calhoun said…'re always thinking! I saw Mia on the View...very compelling...I gave!

    Bonnie Writes
    zawadi said…
    I have been talking about this for over 2 years, even snding emails to
    govt officials and the White House. A friend of mine who is pretty well off in Europe and who I am very close to knew how passionate I was and started talking to people there in the United Kingdom also and sending money to Aid these people. I feel like no matter how much we talk and march, nobody is listening :(
    I feel this is a personal attack on me, when I see and read about this Genocide in Sudan. I have been very emotional about this topic and it has only come out in Anger and tears. I made a blog a few weeks ago to start talking about how I felt about this Issue, and I thought It may have been Anti Arab and Anti Islam, o I had to just re think it all...
    I started with this website a few years ago and hope to start back talking to people who really don't know what's going on.
    Kwame said…
    "This man holds a knife to this little girl's face! Is that what he is really doing?? Can you at least show the FULL picture? Show me the complete picture and tell the honest story of what is happening there, or else i'll be forced to conclude it is just superficial, attention-grabbing cheap sensationalism.
    Kwame, you can find the FULL horrific picture of all the horrors going on -- including this little girl being threatened -- on Mia Farrow's website, where she has plenty more photos that she took first hand during her four trips to Darfur.

    Be blessed,
    Kwame said…
    Thanks, Paula. i followed your link and found the snapshot of the 'threatened' little girl. But it leaves more questions than answers! The photographer writes: "As I was meeting with the people who emerged from the bush, this little girl was thrust forward by a man who held a knife at her throat. I had no translator, so I do not know what the man said, only that this girl's life was being threatened. I am doing everything in my power to locate this child and it it my most fervent hope that she is still alive."

    i could write a whole essay on the contradictions embedded in the preceding text, starting with the admission "i do not know what the main said." Did she even exercise her brain a little and ask herself "why would a man threatening to kill a little girl want to be photographed doing so in full view of the whole world?? The position of the knife looks accidental to me. The man may have been engaged in some sort of domestic activity with it when he heard that a white woman was in the neighborhood, taking pictures of children to show to the world...There are sorts of alternative scenarios that she ought to have considered, before jumping to the conclusion that yet another African 'animal' is threatening to kill a little girl (especially since she did not understand what he was saying!). Unfortunately i don't have time to prove that what we have here is yet another hypocritical attention-seeker from a 'developed' country at work. We know too well how far that kind will go to falsify and exaggerate reality, in order to enrich themselves on donations and advertising dollars.
    Kwame, dude, Mia Farrow, "the photographer," has been to Darfur four times now and is championing the causes of the suffering Darfur people whilst we sit in our comfortable homes eating and drinking and intelligently debating the merits of photos of people watching their children get burned alive.

    God help us to help them all, in Jesus Name. Forgive us for our apathy.
    Kwame said…
    Dear Paula, unfortunately, the number of times people go on these sight-seeing visits to Africa does not equal success in solving our problems. And, please stop trying (subtly) to change what is going on in this here little debate of ours: it is not about "the merits of photos." It is about a distortion of reality; the production and reproduction of falsehoods and myths that, shockingly, are used to justify the misallocation of millions of dollars to the wrong causes and persons. i hope that those who are really on the scene--not just visitors but true witnesses--but those who live and breath poverty, disease and violence on a daily basis will find the right channels to communicate what is really happening to the world...

    By the way, you seem to be well-intentioned so do your reputation a favor and don't degenerate into the same practice of distorting facts. For instance, what started this debate off was my reaction to a picture of a girl being "threatened" with a knife, so why are you now talking about children being burned? You are the one who sits and blogs about some things you know nothing about from the comfort of your home, always using quotations from scripture to make yourself feel good. If you really want to do good, then sell all your possessions, go and live in Dafur and work from within to help them. Stop throwing stones at me.
    Kwame said…
    OK, i got a bit carried away, so i take back the following statement from the last comment: "You are the one who sits and blogs about some things you know nothing about from the comfort of your home, always using quotations from scripture to make yourself feel good. If you really want to do good, then sell all your possessions, go and live in Dafur and work from within to help them." i am a Christian too, and i realize those statements were a bit too harsh. Please accept my apologies. This is my last comment on this issue.
    Cheers, Kwame.
    Wow, Kwame...that is amazing.

    Thank you and God bless you for your insight and honesty and even for coming back to post another comment.

    You've give me food for thought...
    Villager said…
    Paula, this is a powerful post. I will link to it when I get back to my home office. You provide some actionable items that all of us can use and I appreciate it very much.

    The timing of this information is good because of the Blog Blast for Peace that is taking place on 6/6/2007.

    We can't wait for famous people like Mia Farrow (who is doing all she can) or LeBron James (who isn't) when it comes to issues such as this one. We need to use our influence as bloggers and citizens to make a difference ourselves.

    Thank you for your courage.

    peace, Villager

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