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The Black Paris Hilton? Genevieve Jones, Mysterious Girl

The Black Paris Hilton? Genevieve Jones, Mysterious Girl

Who is this (socially) masked woman?

“Who is Genevieve Jones?”

That’s the first question many upper crust New Yorkers began asking when the chestnut-colored waiflike woman began showing up at high-brow parties around Manhattan in recent years, looking super-thin and ultra-fabulous in designer gear.

By 2006, the approximately 5’ 6” tall, 100 pound Genevieve had parlayed her knack for knowledge of all things chic into a multi-photo spread.

The March issue of Vogue even crowned Genevieve its “Girl of the Moment.”


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Laid off? 10 Ways to Get Back on Your Feet

"You're fired."

Those words can be pretty funny when directed at the latest love-to-hate-em reality show contestant, but crushing when they're directed at you. Read more...

40 Things to Do Before You Turn 40

About to place the big 4-0 on your birthday cake?

Read "40 Things to Do Before You Turn 40"

Top Ten Songs by James Blunt...A Modern-Day Bob Dylan to a 'Generation Drenched in Hate'

Will millions more be hypnotized by Blunt's fire after his 'Back to Bedlam' Fall 2006 world tour?

From his smash debut 'Back to Bedlam' to his 'Sugar-Coated' B-sides and live imported follow-up 'Chasing Time: The Bedlam Sessions,' this Brit's musical aptitude and lyrical imagery is indeed the top of the pops.


You Cheated. Should You Confess?

You blew it. Literally. Too much Grey Goose Vodka conspired with your lonely heart and lonelier loins, and before you knew it, you bedded your boss. Now every time your guilty eyes meet your spouse’s sad eyes, you consider spilling your guts. Read more...

Why You Should Watch Grey’s Anatomy’s Season 3 Premiere

Get a sneak peek of the hot “Grey’s Anatomy” Season Three premiere from ABC and show creator Shonda Rhimes. Read more...

Are Smart Stay-at-Home Moms Wasting Their Brains?

Are Smart Stay-at-Home Moms Wasting Their Brains?

There’s been a big debate lately about college-educated housewives, and if we’re wasting our brains and baccalaureates by abandoning good jobs to wipe little noses and butts all day.

It started with Linda Hirshman’s “Homeward Bound” article in The American Prospect, wherein she decried homemaking as a detrimental road leading to a “demonstrable future loss of income, power, and security for the woman who quits.”

Keep Reading, You Smart Girl...